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Dear Mr. President,


As the price of gold not only holds its own but continues to soar, defying the insidious workings of the DAAC controlled western central banks led by the Federal Reserve, gold the best reflector of the peoples’ lack of trust not in a Superior Force but in corrupt human leadership, again so well articulated in former Federal Reserve Chairman Alan Greenspan’s crystal clear essay GOLD AND ECONOMIC FREEDOM written some 3 decades ago as the Johnson Administration plowed ahead with out-of-control military spending in an effort to stamp out ANYTHING BUT the spread of communism from ever reaching our shores, all I can think of and the same I suggest for many if not most on my email list, pretty much everyone apart from Kimberly “This Dog don’t hunt” Hunt who I believe I last heard from on April 1st 2003, going deafening silent, knowing that I am not only “credible” and will give a precise prophecy, much more meaningful that Warren Buffet’s 2002 Doomsday prediction of exactly when the capital and financial markets will collapse but only in my forthcoming book dealing with the outrageous and never taught business of “money creation”, is the left, fully exposed nipple of this young Lily White Wheaty Eater whose owner repeatedly & might I add in the word, religiously revealed the other evening over at the Plaza in downtown Del Mar as I tried my very best to concentrate on what a Japanese man visiting, for the first time since graduating from UCSD 15 years ago, with his wife and two young children from Tokyo had to say about a Japanese atrocity committed against the people of Korea for a period he said of “15 maybe as much as 20 years” when after arriving in Korea the so “fearful” small invaders suffering as well from “Island Fever”, fearful it seems mostly of western influence, not forgetting the 8 Allied countries who invaded China in 1900, refused to allow the Koreans to speak their native tongue.


The 6 muscles of the mouth belonging to this masters graduate’s male suitor were perfectly synchronized with the 4 muscles surrounding his eyes which reflected a number of things that he probably thought he had masked from only a casual observer given how on top he was of telling this highly sexed but very insecure young lady how great she must feel about having recently received her masters but for the life of me I couldn’t figure out what apart from an “Act of G-d” prevented him from sticking his foot in his salivating mouth, repeating ad-nausea the great difficulty his so exposed potential sex partner was having getting a job, his slobbering eventually causing this one time very happy drunk woman to compose herself, tone down without biting off her erect nipple and disappear back into the crowd.


I have yet to meet a single person other than men who can remain sexually excited even if they don’t have as much as “a pot to pee in” and then again with the distinction between men and women especially here in the western world becoming increasingly difficult to differentiate.


Let me stop right now and give you my keen observations of the significance of my pal Arthur Carter, owner of the New York Observer deciding to be so very public about his decision to sell his last remaining mouthpiece that gives young people a false sense that not only is there a future in journalism one of the few service jobs that hasn’t been subcontracted out to India but more importantly as there are increasingly few good hard working paying jobs in honorable professions apart from of course prostitution there is “open debate” in this country that continues to be ruled by the “money power” elite who contribute nothing but misery to the overall good, again all old news but not exactly once understanding the extent of their nervousness.


Increasingly the superrich, so boring and so utterly lazy are “heading for the hills” knowing versus believing that a revolution to top all over revolutions including the French Revolution is already fully underway.


The fact that Arthur could be so incredibly arrogant to even entertain selling this newspaper that caters to mostly left wing elitists to the 25-year-old student whose father has not only been convicted but admitted to rather serious crimes such as witness tampering and electioneering goes to the heart of how out of touch are our bleeding heart liberals, again not exactly old news.


It is, however, old news that wolves clothe themselves to look and smell like sheep but what is very different today besides for me, a very credible person explaining all these rather important machinations in simple English in “real time” is the fact that it is increasingly difficult for these scoundrels who exist only because of the controversy they create that allows them to live the good life without ever having to break a sweat, to distract the increasingly aware masses from the truth.


Selling the family’s silver is also something that has been written about since possibly before the Bible but I wouldn’t know for certain.


Arthur Carter knows that he has to now begin disappearing and no better way than to make a “splash[1] , counting on the rest of the media to have something else to talk about such as,


“Let’s not make Arthur the ‘central character’.


Rather, let’s focus on what we all understand is the need we tell our children to not ‘paint with a broad brush’


And why not throw in clique after clique such as, ‘The apple doesn’t fall from the tree’ as us so honorable and highly literate know better than to crucify the son for the ‘sins of the father’.


We are a civilized people.


We judge the individual.”


We know about how bad things can get if we dare talk about ‘Collective Guilt’”.


G-d forbid we remind Arthur and his anything but competitive competitors of the World Wide Web.


Or of the DAAC’s [DeBeers-Anglo American Cartel] role following their pivotal position playing both sides in World War II.


Or of the very dark “rulings” that took place at the Bretton Woods Conference in July 1944.


Sickening when just thinking these days of the words, “We are a nation of laws”.


All this very possibly more revolting than thinking about the atrocities committed in wars where it is “ruled” that the poor of the world should “face off”.


I first met Arthur “Goose Step” Carter when I was doing a series of “sensitive” assignments for both Mr. Hearst, the former and now deceased, Chairman of Hearst Corporation and his wife Veronica.


Arthur, who I met through my eldest brother who was his masseur and then “sum” [sic][2] thought rather highly of my “talents” and cared less about who else amongst the “movers and shakers” of the world I was “holding their hands” preventing them collapsing in to a heap of tears all at once as I am now “executing to perfection”.


Never once did this so involved in the arts Wall Street “pencil pusher” banker ever once ask me to divulge the “true natureof my clients’ “intentions” not just because it would show weakness on his part but because like you Mr. Carter is a very busy person and has no time for “small talk” especially when he knows the answer.


But Arthur did make a point of letting me know that the Hearsts were “leading the charge” to make certain Ronald O. Perelman of Revlon Corporation who I once met in late December 1993 in the elevator of the Hearsts over-the-top great art filled residence on the upper east side of Manhattan overlooking Central Park, would never be accepted by the board of the co-op.


I suspect that Arthur Carter is Muslim when praying, Jewish when not lying down getting a blow job, Roman Catholic when impressing upon his Jewish wife the need he feels to procreate so long as she takes precautions, predominantly, however, Christian when being tossed to the lions but like with most rogues religion is only something he pulls out either to incite others to violence or when caught with his pants down to find a rabbi like Professor Abner Weiss to grant “absolution.”


It is important that one stays in very good shape as time ticks on and Israelis grow weary not simply as its economy grinds to a halt with the large number of its reservists being called up, the weak nations of the west understanding the SIGNFICANCE of Israel telegraphing its Achilles Heel , for the first time inviting Peacekeepers not providing much if any interference for Israel’s very “overtaxed” Special Forces Commandos who have served admirably as the backbone of this increasingly beleaguered nation BUT in burying their dead soldiers whose live friends are increasingly aware that they are not fighting for the right of Jewish people to have a safe homeland but mostly for Americans so out of touch with the “real world” of history-economics-politics all coming “to-get-her” [sic],  living well beyond their means, the result of not just the disaster of the laughable Bretton Woods Conference that started the trend of the United States becoming the greatest welfare and military dependant state of all time that will soon have trouble feeding its battle weary soldiers whose families back home can barely make ends meet, not to mention the ongoing SIGNIFICANT devaluation of their monies BUT the State of Israel being the United States and its allies’ front line of defense in propping up the totally worthless and fictitious DeBeers-Dollars.


A couple of days ago soon after the 3 of us had all woken in our studio house with the most unimaginable view of the great Pacific Ocean here in Del Mar, California I felt the time was right to spell out for my wife’s almost 14-year-old son JoNathan who I have helped raise since he was 18 months, mostly in the area of “reconditioning” given the incredibly poor conditioning of his Sperm Donor, the connecting dots between the article in this past Saturday’s New York Times talking about the sale of the New York Observer and other stuff being reported in the so distracting news as well as stuff that is not being talked about openly, that when reading the articles including the editorial page, going back and forth, one is able, while constantly aware of the advertisements, to read rather easily in between lines to see quite clearly how extraordinarily nervous are the editors as they try their best to camouflage the pending collapse of their and their pimps’ entire world.


JoNathan’s mother, Marie Dion Gevisser who doesn’t particularly like the photo of her in the previous hyperlink because it shows her squinting, not revealing her beautiful hazel-green eyes, like JoNathan stayed very quiet as I proceeded to explain in a rather short monologue the desperation of the “Captains of Industry” who don’t have someone like J.P. Morgan to band them all “to-get-her” [sic] in a last ditch effort to hold off the inevitable collapse of the capital and financial markets as he did in 1907.


More importantly than anything else, the crook J.P. Morgan was willing to be the “point man” at a time when the Digital Age was inconceivable.


It is also old news that when the collapse eventually came in 1929 the fundamentals of the U.S. as well as the world economy were really not all that bad considering the DAAC’s already significant influence on our banking sector, pretty much everything including the marketing of diamonds via Hollywood significantly better than in 1907 but it wasn’t just the fact that J.P. Morgan wasn’t around that resulted in mayhem, but not to the point that a single Wall Street Banker actually jumped out of a building.


A lot took place between 1907 and 1929 but first one has to see what went on in the world between 1902, the end of the Anglo-Boer-Farmer War and 1907 when terrorists exploded bombs on Wall Street, the scars remaining on the masonry buildings.


Mr. President, I could go on to reveal all the rest of information I shared with JoNathan and MDG who happens to be very well schooled in business as well as doing the most incredible job of mother and father to her “tTOo” [sic] children, but I choose not to, not because it will affect my book sales and my mission to beat MDG to die the richest person in the grave, but for a whole lot of other reasons none more important than the fact that I am already late in taking Pypeetoe, my Super Intelligent Italian Greyhound on his morning long run and the sun is already out; moreover, JoNathan is just now returning with his friend Patrick from surfing, no doubt deciding they could have more fun out of the water than sitting around for the surf to pick up, like editing this email, not to mention his former piano teacher who I ran into last evening on the cliffs of Del Mar, is expected to join me for tea here at the cliff house following her birthday lunch with a fellow teacher.


And of course I will be checking in later with the folks from the 5 Star Lodge manning the 10 cabanas that are apparently available to the hotel guests as well as those members of the general public daring to break through the perfectly raked sand so long as there are cabanas that haven’t already been reserved for hotel guests and at the same time able to fork out $200 for each of the billboard cabanas that amounts to quite considerable “free cash flow” to The Lodge over a 3 month period putting aside the ridiculous fee charged by the State and City officials of some $15,000 that doesn’t include all the ancillary income such as the exorbitantly priced food and drinks and I doubt if one of the good looking men doing all the raking were to entertain blow jobs whether that would be considered a positive or negative on the balance sheet of Evans Hotels, the parent corporation, when figuring out all the positive PR the Lodge had been counting on until such time I arrived back from China, stimulated, rejuvenated and so awesomely invigorated to wind up the next generation of independent thinkers.


As I now end, possibly signing off until such time as I have written the first draft of my forthcoming book with the subtitle, “A message for the President” I feel the need to share with you how amazingly tranquil is the ocean in front, so very smooth, not a single surfable wave, no surfers in sight, just a tiny bird in the far distant, lots of clouds providing good air cover were any terrorist nation to be so stupid as to invade for any other reason than to steal the best climate in the entire world, not to mention our RENTed cliff house which has the designated name Carriage House given to it by its owners, that sits perched between two magnificent Monterey Cyprus trees on top of what few would argue is the most beautifully kept and valuable piece of real estate in the world, certainly in all of extraordinarily expensive and heavily corrupt Del Mar.


Mr. President, it all comes down to being both “credible” as well asentertaining”,  rather difficult without having MDG at my side, and why there is such a deafening silence amongst the rather large number of people intimately familiar with my “work product” that talks mostly to my prescient timing” who all understand perfectly well what exactly it means for someone such as myself who could and HAS so easy fitted in, working very quietly “behind the scenes” making “untold fortunes, to now be “speaking my mind”, about to come up with a prophesy of exactly when the capital and financial markets made of the stock market, real estate and insurance industry WILL collapse.


No one including me knows exactly when I will make such an announcement but those who know me well such as very “skilled and experienced” litigator Jeffrey R. Krinsk while disagreeing with me on so few things if anything, will most certainly admit I am not only “credible” but once I put my “mind to doing something, apart from an “Act of G-D” or evil people making stupid decisions to interfere I will do what needs to be done.


At the same time just my announcing my intentions is already “triggeringSIGNIFICANT events around the world and while increasing the degree of accuracy of my prediction that will spell the end of the road for DAACfreeloaders” and new beginnings for all the hard working and enslaved peoples of the world who have never got close to their fair share of the “spoils of war” where anyone who was to object to DAAC money disappears very quickly in a hail of “friendly fire” and the such, my delay also giving the rapacious the opportunity to step up to the plate to do the right thing and the smart thing which is also the right thing and join me in “giving peace a better chance”, if for no other reason than for the sake of the children.


Be well,


Gary S. Gevisser

A Name From Here, You Can Trust Over There


[Word count 2900]



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PLEASE STOP E-MAILING ME NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!




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From: Gary S. Gevisser

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Sharon – Print this out for Jeff as well as Howard and feel free to bill me.





It’s been almost 16 months since I last heard from you - Sharon’s timing perfect….





[1] The photo in the previous hyperlink is the last check I received from the now criminally indicted law firm of Milberg Weiss-Lerach after I decided it was in the “best interests” of the “good” to “blow up” their class action lawsuit against the public corporation Splash Technology after partners of MW-L decided to break their word and unnecessarily reveal the name of an informer in an updated complaint; such recklessness demonstrating both their evil and stupidity that go “hand in hand” over time, the more one is allowed to build in to one’s “cost of sales” the “cost of getting caught” so it is inevitable one’s stupidity and evil will converge.

[2] Bear in mind Neil Graham Gevisser has cufflinks given to him by your father when Vice President George Bush had the pleasure of being massaged by what few would argue is possibly the best masseur in the world.