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mo skikne
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Subject: MOSSAD....---....RE: SAVE ZENA...---... What happened.... FYI


What about you showing respect, courtesy and putting in some effort to respond to my communication that had you go so deafeningly silent bearing in mind up until that time you were so talkative.


Do you own diamonds and are now trying to offload them?


Are you first checking with the Rappaport Report?


If not why not?


Did you receive the email I forwarded to you a few minutes ago from my website to Dr. Terry Lawton?


Please provide both your edits as well as input so that when your friends, family and colleagues read it they will understand why you are so looking forward to returning as an ostrich, although if you care to give me your choice, bearing in mind dont expect anything much above ground, I will relay telepathically your request to our Omnipotent Power but even then I doubt I will have much influence but you never know unless you try.


BTW, since I believe you now live in Israel although I could have you confused with that nonsense talking South African scooter rider, do you have any idea what steps David Ben Gurion took with regard to the Mossad following the Altalena Affair debacle?


I suspect if you cared one iota about the next generation of children beginning with Israeli children increasingly not as enthusiastic as they once were for compulsory military service, you would not need me to provide you with the answer!


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Please remove me from your e-mail list!

I do  not have the time or  interest to read your newsletter

I have to thank you for your courtesy and effort

Mo Skikne