Wholesale price for a D [very clear] IF [Internally Flawless] 1 carat diamond according to the Martin Rappaport Report



December 20th, 20048:40 AM PT - $17,800[1]

[1] The word “dif” [sic] in Afrikaans means “thief.”


Afrikaans is one of the official languages of South Africa and the language which the Apartheid Government of South Africa, the diamond studded iron fist enforcers of the DeBeers-Anglo American Diamond Cartel were forcing on the black youths as opposed to being taught in English which would allow them to compete on more level international playing field, such a thoughtful policy of making the next generation of blacks increasingly more dependant on Lilly White Wheaty Eating Boys and Girls’ handouts, ultimately led to the Soweto riots of 1976.