From: Gary S. Gevisser
Sent: Thursday, June 14, 2007 3:05 PM
To: Adam Tucker
Cc: rest; Neil Gould; Tony Leon MP - Leader of the Democratic Alliance - Republic of South Africa; South China Morning Post;; Augusto Benito Vargis; artbell-coast;; ''; ''; Heidi Kleedtke - Personal Assistant - Professor Jeffrey David Sachs - Columbia Univeristy; Amir Attaran - Scientist and lawyer -Canada Research Chair in Law, Population Health and Global Development at the University of Ottawa; Dr. Jonathan "Trouble Bubble" Beare; Solly Krok; ''; Trevor Manuel - South Africa's Minister of Finance; Mark Gevisser - The Nation's southern African correspondant; Thabo Mvuyelwa Mbeki - President of South Africa; Stephen Cohen - Codiam Inc.; Nicholas Oppenheimer - DeBeers-Anglo American Cartel [DAAC]; Joe Ash; King Golden Jr. Esq.; Roger W. Robinson; Mary Valder - Trilateral Commission; Molly H. Hubbard - Director of Development James A. Baker III Institute for Public Policy; Valerie Schulte Esq. - National Association of Broadcasters; Michael Lombardi - FBI; NO LONGER PRACTICING, thank G-d, Dr. John Ben Stewart MD - aka The Sperm Donor aka The It; George Hurst Esq. - Lawyer-liar for Dr. John Ben Stewart aka Sperm Donor; Gerard Arpey - American Airlines - President and Chief Operating Officer ; Steve Terry - General Manager American Eagle - San Diego; Sargent Jensen - San Diego Police Harbor Department; Louise Rosen - Columbia University; Michael Berlin Esq. - Office of Attorney General; Michael Strauss Esq. - International Monetary Fund; Mr. Gonzales - Attorney General of the United States Justice Department; Mossad; President Rosenberg of the Screen Actors Guild; Oprah;
Subject: YOU THINK YOU ARE MAKING MONEY.... Let me know...


Awesome the new “long” glass railings that now provide an uninterrupted horizontal view; in my opinion some 20 times more spectacular than our new next door neighbor with the whiny dog who spent some $6 million about a year ago, improvements still ongoing but none to improve the view, while at the same time managing, again in my estimation to have taken over public property, restricting public access to the beach, worth some $1.2 million and then “sum” [sic], but not yet appearing to have any impact on the young kids smoking pot and rock cocaine and then of course there is the cheap heroin.


Naturally, the stealing of land isn’t new whether by gun or lawyerly language such as “encroachment permit” but that does not mean it should be allowed to continue or how about reversed?


Not to mention that of course as corrupt government officials give you what you want you can also be so very civil and of course polite, once you have stolen enough.


Bear in mind how strong an advocate I am for the right to private ownership of land given how successful the DAAC have been to steal the peoples of the worlds’ lands and then hand it out to those who support the big government spenders.


How familiar are you with the DeBeers-Anglo American Cartel’s so brilliantly engineered Soweto Riots-Uprisings of 1976 that resulted in the Black kids of South Africa being taught in “sly English” allowing the DAAC Cecil Rhodes Scholar types to keep better track of future leaders to start fires in each of our backyards.


Right now there are 3 kids, all boys ages 14-15 “hanging” here at the Carriage-Cliff house, Jesse making note of the “long glass”; all with the exception of Jake who is riding his bicycle to be soon dropped off by Marie at the Del Mar Fair which is held annually at the Del Mar Race Track which serves amongst a number of things as a “drop off” point for drug traffickers which of course includes members of law enforcement increasingly understanding how The Diamond Invention has them, so low down on the DAAC totem pole, serving as principally the DAAC’s policemen.


Earlier, I surfed for several of hours on my wave ski alongside Shu, a Japanese man in his mid-twenties; Sh and I having the entire ocean in front of what he calls the “Dream House” all to ourselves, not once having to worry about surfers dropping in.


I don’t have your telephone number.


You may want to think more about the AGENDA OF THE DAAC since even though your Crohn’s disease may be in remission you still don’t know when you will take your last breath and then what excuse will you give to either God/G-d, assuming you are as certain as I am that our Superior Being watches each and every action as well as thought, and/or those you leave behind possibly even more disconnected but who will understand your “procrastination” given how simply I explain the AGENDA of the DeBeers-Anglo American Cartel which is to corrupt the intelligence of all “independent thinkers” by terminating their “dreams”, imagination more important than knowledge.


You don’t need to be Albert Einstein to understand this important basic principal that has resulted in this mafia of mafia being the supreme commander in charge of allocating the world’s precious resources using their unlimited supply of untraceable, lightweight and never inventoried DIAMOND CURRENCY ANYWHERE or at ANY TIME for just a century now, but a rather important 100 years.


Their no-nonsense message begins with:




Adam, go ahead and examine the look on your face right this instant and then immediately think of Tefo whose mother you recall was imprisoned for one night during the DAAC engineered Soweto Riots.


Take your time, don’t pull any muscle when racing in to the bathroom and then come back and describe the look.


Their next message is equally straightforward:




Let me know if you have the time to look at the draft of my next most important broadcasted communiqué that I plan to send out within 48 hours before going “deafeningly silent” to compose my much anticipated forthcoming book.


Do you think given the genius mind of my highly literate and mathematically minded, most gorgeous, over the top sexy French Canadian wife that I would need you or Neil Gould or Oprah or any of the remaining 7 odd billion of us humans on Planet Earth to tell me when writing my forthcoming best seller book, THE HISTORY OF MONEY CREATION AND ITS FUTURE!, subtitle A Message For The President that first I need to place the DAAC in perspective”; i.e. write it first for those who already have the “BIG PICTURE”, in other words, Marie Dion Gevisser and me and then with each successive draft write it increasingly in detail, small picture, big picture, small picture, just like painting a master oil painting?


Then I have to inform the reader to read increasingly edgy Edward Jay Epstein’s THE DIAMOND INVENTION.


It’s an odd way to start a book to suggest you read another book.


Everything about THE HISTORY OF MONEY CREATION AND ITS FUTURE! stems from understanding the viewpoint of this DAAC author, that is where my book starts.


“Sum” [sic] people cannot read THE DIAMOND INVENTION so I would like you prior to sunset here on the west coast to write a synopsis of who the DAAC are.


Then I would like you to email it to Stacy in Kunming, China where it is very hot today.


Your actions without interfering with my busy day that of course includes making love 24/7 to the “dream woman” in the Dream House with of course the shades down, will benefit the people who can’t read or are simply too lazy to understand that the DAAC want a human population of imbeciles breeding dumber imbeciles.


Remember to include Hitler since his arrival on the scene is a major event that pretty much everyone can relate to.


Then if you have the time explain all the characters, the events, the timeline.


It is really not all that complicated.


You can email me with Stacy’s comments-edits, better yet email Marie,


BTW both of us have forgotten her password to access this email account so it may be a while before she responds and besides to many in denial Marie is a figment of my imagination so how in the world can they expect her to respond?


I think you would agree that my forthcoming book, THE HISTORY OF MONEY CREATION AND ITS FUTURE! cannot be a booklet like my Royal Mater’s, THE IMPORTANCE OF BEING A WOMAN.


Most likely a 500 page book and so easy on the Internet but please leave out all the fluff.


I still have the same problems with my desktop and Marie has problems with her laptop that I am quite certain you could fix within a matter of minutes but you would need to be in possession of both but I will leave that decision up to both you and G-d.


Logically you know that I have solved all the problems of the world but emotionally you are not equipped to deal with it but because of the fact that you are not despite once being almost perfectly logically, now resulting in the “The Mind of God” increasingly taking over your mind to serve as a “Light bulb” to those remaining independent thinkers who see clearly depending upon of course how much of an independent thinker they are, everyone else’s transparency whose space between their ears reflects more of a deep vacuum of space from which no sound but only “light” can be emitted, keeping you still in touch with me.


Bear in mind that you are not the only person communicating with me.


I have very good and very quiet friends in places like China, Peru, Israel, England as well as South Africa and go ahead and name every spot on this planet and don’t forget Timbuktu where increasing numbers of people reside, so invigorated by those feeling the need either to be “deafeningly silent” or to talk just to talk and none quite like Neil Gould doing the most awesome job of increasing the circle of those dependant upon my unique insight and analysis of the important events of the day, just enjoying the brain damage the likes of Neil Gould are experiencing, yet to figure out exactly who is blind copied on my communications and who are also not necessarily interacting verbally with Mr. Gould and of course like most on this awesome planet not corrupted by the DAAC, at least not yet.


And as logic would dictate much more and at the same time much less “in touch” than you who, all a matter of INDIVIDUAL perspective.


Only each of us do not know for certain how disconnected we are from those more brainwashed by much more slimeball parents than our own and in your case of course your parents are disgusting for having allowed your corrupt Roman Catholic uncle to so easily blacken all your Jewish hands who given our history should be much more sensitive.


But then again the Jewish as well as non-Jewish people going back to the time of Christ are all about money to the point that how many people can you name and at the same time share their email addresses with me who still cannot see beyond someone like Hitler having “ideas” that could have only been put into action with the right type of financing.


Just because I catch someone with blackened hands does not make me the “bad” guy.


Would it be too much to ask of you prior to sunrise tomorrow to provide a synopsis of Chapter 9, DIAMONDS FOR HITLER, subtitle THE SECRET WAR REPORT OF THE OSS/CIA.


Don’t forget to figure in why the author Edward Jay Epstein brought up the OSS/CIA’s knowledge of the DAAC having infiltrated the British War Ministry.


Let me know by the time we next break bread how I might be able to convince you how extraordinarily superficial are the ways you are thinking that will be “beneficial” to the world which are different to mine; i.e. sticking religiously to expose the AGENDA OF THE DAAC and each and every person aligned with them including VERY POSSIBLY each and every member of your entire family as well as of course my family going back to Jesus Christ.






[Word count 1772]


From: Adam Tucker []
Sent: Wednesday, June 13, 2007 5:38 PM
To: 'Gary S. Gevisser'
Subject: RE: Let me know when you are next online.


Although I realize nothing is more important than the state of the world, but I’m not in the position to be involved right now.


I nearly lost my business because of my health an inability to service my customers as I should. Ironically, as of last month my Crohn’s disease has officially gone into remission. The doctors don’t understand what triggers the disease or what causes it to go into remission but I am now able to get things back on track and hopefully free up some time for me to devote energy into something more selfless.


I read your emails when I am able, but I am pretty removed from things. I assumed that if you had something that was urgent you would call…


I plan on devoting a lot of time in the near future to help the world in ways that I think will beneficial in addition to being involved with your pursuits, I am just not ready yet…





From: Gary S. Gevisser []
Sent: Saturday, June 09, 2007 5:12 PM
To: Adam Tucker
Subject: Let me know when you are next online.




From: Gary S. Gevisser
Sent: Saturday, June 09, 2007 4:51 PM
To: Erin Trowbridge
Cc: rest; Heidi Kleedtke
Subject: RE: Out of Office AutoReply: I am trying to get a copy of an email I sent DeBeers in to the hands of Professor Jeffrey Sachs. Can you assist?


Thank you.


I appreciate your patience. I just got back from a longer than usual mid-afternoon walk with our two dogs and a friend.


In thinking more about getting this rather important communiqué in to your hands, nothing to do with trust but rather "timing" since I would prefer no delay in Professor Sachs reading what I have to say and a communication I plan to send to President Bush, bearing in mind I am intimately familiar with the very top echelons of DeBeers given how I had twice the opportunity to be its head, I would like to suggest you try and get Professor Sachs online but first have him read Wall Street Journal editorialist and author Edward Jay Epstein's, The Diamond Invention which you can access over the internet by clicking on this hyperlink that takes you directly to Chapter 9, DIAMONDS FOR HITLER, subtitle THE SECRET WAR REPORT OF THE OSS/CIA.


The first question I would assume Professor Sachs would ask other than of course wanting to know why the “urgency”, is what happened to those diamonds?


Even if I was a “nobody” you would agree when reading just this one chapter that is an important question given how Diamonds, one “means of exchange” are unlimited in supply, untraceable, lightweight and never been inventoried by any government body-regulator anywhere as well as at any time.


In a short while I will be going for a 45 minute mountain bike ride on the rather treacherous Nobel Canyon trails here in the Cleveland National Forest where my wife and I have a stone and glass home although our main residence is in Del Mar, California about an hour’s drive west.


I could be leaving the country in the next 24 hours heading to either China or Peru, it all depends, but I think Professor Sachs could help me make up my mind.




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From: Erin Trowbridge []
Sent: Saturday, June 09, 2007 2:08 PM
Cc: Heidi Kleedtke
Subject: Re: Out of Office AutoReply: I am trying to get a copy of an email I sent DeBeers in to the hands of Professor Jeffrey Sachs. Can you assist?


Jeff's assistant is copied here, you can send to her by replying to us both






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From: Gary S. Gevisser


Sent: Sat Jun 09 15:30:17 2007

Subject: FW: Out of Office AutoReply: I am trying to get a copy of an email I sent DeBeers in to the hands of Professor Jeffrey Sachs. Can you assist?


I am trying to get a copy of an email I sent DeBeers in to the hands of

Professor Jeffrey Sachs. Can you assist?


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From: Clare Oh []

Sent: Saturday, June 09, 2007 12:29 PM

To: Gary S. Gevisser

Subject: Out of Office AutoReply: I am trying to get a copy of an email I

sent DeBeers in to the hands of Professor Jeffrey Sachs. Can you assist?


Hello and thanks for your e-mail.


I'm out of the office from Monday, May 28 to Monday, June 11.


I will be able to respond to e-mails, but there may be some lag time due to

a time difference; however, I'll make sure to get back to you.


If this is a request for an interview with Jeffrey Sachs, please e-mail Erin

Trowbridge at or Margo Buchanan at


If you are in need of urgent assistance, you can call me on my cell phone at



Thanks and take care,

Clare Oh