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RE: I never received an email from this address… Military photos of the Twin Towers


This email account of yours is not familiar. I was using a different computer at the time and will try and check later.


I wanted to get as much detail as possible on the trip you just did to Italy as I want to make plans to go early October.


I would also like to see what you are doing with your website and to possibly incorporate some of your ideas in to the program Marie purchased recently that may not have much flexibility.


On a totally different subject, it may be of interest to you a seminar-workshop I am about to begin putting on with my one American programmer Adam Tucker, dealing with the subject, THE HISTORY OF MONEY CREATION AND ITS FUTURE! which is also the title of my forthcoming book that has been “in the works” a lifetime.


A little background.


Over the course of the past 8 years beginning with this One Perspective that I sent my father, a well above average Allied fighter-bomber-pilot during WWII, I have been “educating” people on certain “unknown truths” about the highly lucrative “business of war” beginning with the “nexus” between “money creation” and the very first Diamond Drilling bit Oil War more commonly known as World War I.


This Educational Light Journey that I have been taking increasing numbers of people on is “designed” to leave it up to each of us to decide how each one of us can play a role in “changing the status quo” bearing again in mind that “peace” is “war” to those who profiteer from war beginning with any anyone who makes or who has made a living from real estate development dependant on an ever expanding human population that inevitably lead to real estate inflationary bidding wars.


It is obviously not enough to simply tell people to “open their eyes” especially when one considers how the “Money Power” is concentrated in the hands of those who “make war” very specifically the weapon systems and the such, forget for the moment the poor who cant afford to own their own real estate who are forced to join the world’s military to keep their “heads above water” although the real “expense” in “waging war” is the cost of oil including maintaining the oil supply lines.


Not to mention that when the cracking of rifle shots show any signs of going quiet then returns the question of water which once one’s oil supply lines are secured becomes the difference between winning and losing a battle given how unlike “intelligence” can shared by “friend” and “foe” alike on the battlefield there is no way possible to electronic transfer water to troops on the “front lines” let alone those Special Forces commandos “paving the way” for the main forces operating in “enemy lines” having to gain the trust of the locals.


Last evening I sent out this 324 word heavily broadcasted email to a “nothing” journalist at the San Diego Union Tribune who mostly if not exclusively deals in very non-controversial “feel good” type stories and the last thing Diane Bell wants to be “bothered with” is having her head ringing with yet one more “conspiracy story-theory”.


Diane who I have not met, does however, understand PERFECTLY WELL that the story I am painstakingly, methodically and every so patiently telling again over the past 8 years beginning on October 18th 2000 is much more than a “conspiracy theory”; moreover it is a totally factual story of the conspiracy of conspiracies about the mafia of mafia that so extraordinarily few people have heard about and those that have heard the name DeBeers normally have this “warm fuzzy” feeling given the DeBeers-Anglo American Cartel’s “unbridled” mastering of propaganda-advertising.


Now I would know all this, first and foremost because I am an “aware” individual who was raised to question intelligently and to never let someone’s perceived wealth or lack thereof get in the way of finding out the truth.


Not to mention that I was back in 1980 in perfect position to take over from my father’s first cousin, David Gevisser as the American head of the DAAC when I joined Codiam Inc. headquartered on 47th Street, New York City, the world’s money laundering and intelligence gathering capital.


Assisting me greatly was the fact that both my parents while very different did not “burden” me with the “possibility” that I would inherit anything but my good name and consequently all I saw them as was a great source of knowledge and to then get off my “backside” as quickly as possible and “make it happen”, and in the course knowing nothing other than being an “independent thinker” to focus on first becoming “financially independent” never thinking for a moment of getting a “hand out” apart from a slap on my bottom if I were to ever be rude to either of my parents both raised by “independent thinkers”.


The same cannot be said for most kids raised in a “money, money, money, me, me, me” society who of course perfectly understand that the reason one or both parents don’t want to educate them on the business of “money creation” let alone be curious to find out how exactly they have made their wealth is because such moron kids are co-opted-corrupted by one or both parents to “expect” at some point “down the line” to inherit the wealth that they are told repeatedly,


I worked hard for my money and the least respect you can give me is not to question me because remember I can at any time change my will allowing me with a carefully crafted will to rule from the grave”.


It can be so much fun if you have nothing better to do with your time such as surfing as I did this morning but only for an hour or like right now looking out of the windows of our studio cliff home which I have promised Marie I will wash before she gets back this afternoon, to watch both “Poverty of Thought” kids and their parents squirm in their seats, better yet when standing when they have more limbs to twitch, as you ask them to explain their wills bearing in mind that with someone such as myself who didn’t get off a boat just yesterday listening in and of course allowed to comment beginning if necessary, by letting them know that I am rather well schooled in the subject of Deceased and Insolvent Estates they cannot even say,


Well, I don’t really know exactly what it all says because I had my lawyer throw in a whole bunch of legalize!”


The key, of course, is to let those who just love to talk explain not only what they know but how they know it which of course has them shutting up very quickly as one “nails down” what these co-opted-corrupted humans know about their parents’ will and equally important when they knew it.


And then what they did about it when finding out that one or both parents are dishonest.


In 10 out of 10 cases such a poorly bred kid then very quickly “concludes” that they have “nothing to lose” by simply making the infantile argument,


I might as well take the money because I can take the money and there is nothing you or anyone else can say that will change my mind because I know I can take the money!”


It is, however, a very different world today then it was just 24 hours ago given a number of things that are happening that of course I don’t control.


There are, however, a number of things that I do control and that is the extraordinary “footprint” I have on the internet, the result of explaining what is really going on in the “real world” following the financing of DeBeers back in the late 1800s early 1900s by American bankers such as J.P. Morgan.


Gold has now broken through the US$700 mark which is not something I am celebrating despite the fact that most of my liquid wealth is in gold and has been that way since when I suggested to Marie on December 31st 2002 that she send out an email to a group of Gold traders that began,


 It seems that Mr. Gevisser might in fact be on to something…


Not to mention that gold closed 2002 below US$350.


My concern is that once my Knowledge-Information-Light reaches “critical mass” the price of gold will skyrocket resulting in mayhem not so much in the rest of the world but here in the U.S.


The DAAC right now are in fact nothing short of “paralyzed” unsure about my increasing influence over this very important market given how I have so very strategically placed my not exactly inconsequential “assets” throughout the world, in the hands of very smart traders who don’t need my “approval” to execute trades all designed to keep the DAAC who are not omnipotent constantly second guessing themselves not knowing who is on their “team” while ABSOLUTELY CERTAIN that with each tick of the clock I am successfully exposing their “Achilles Heal”.

It is today a very different world to that which existed back in 1980 when beginning January 21st 1980 when gold hit its all time high of US$850, the DAAC immediately began, knowing that the next American Administration would be “Diamond Currency Friendly”, to crash the gold market.


But it is a very different world today then it was back then beginning not only because of the Internet with information flowing so very rapidly in “real time” but the fact that I am alive to explain all that I know about this very dark organization who count on poorly bred parents and their children to maintain the “status quo” of the “filthy rich” trickling down the costs of getting richer on to the backs of the poor who are financially poor but not stupid, simply very intentionally misinformed.


There are in fact “converging forces” that are helping me tremendously and of course I am fortunately smart enough to “know” versus “believe” there are Supernatural Forces, “playing their part”.


Putting aside the “Supernatural” there is the fact that a country like Israel whose citizens are not all stupid recognizing that it is just a question of time before a big bomb goes off in Jerusalem and in the next instant Israel’s response will send all of its neighbors as well as what remains of Israel back to the Stone age.


Not to mention that not all South Africans were stupid when realizing that the top dogs of the South African Apartheid Government were a bunch of “clowns” and most kids will tell you that they find clowns rather scary.


Remember as well that Einstein who was very close to the founders of Israel beginning with David Ben Gurion didn’t just simply talk to talk when he said the war after World War III would be fought with sticks and stones but “saw fit” not to talk about the things he and people like his friend Ben Gurion “saw fit” not to talk about including how Israel would be in a position to respond militarily to a “devastating attack” that would result in the next instant in worldwide Armageddon.


Just so that you know that while I am not nor have I have been an official or unofficial member of any military or intelligence gathering organization like the Mossad I was in fact “trained” from a very early age by Israeli Special Forces Commanding Officers all the way in to my mid-20s both in terms of “intelligence gathering” as well as physical training in the use of weapons and of course how best to defend myself outside of a suicide bomber or a sniper coming up behind me and simply deciding to use a blunt ax to the back of my head.


BTW since those photos above were taken more than 4 years ago the “highlights” you see have of course grown out but quite surprisingly I still have pretty much the same “head of hair” which doesn’t prevent Marie from pointing out my receding hair line, worst of all when making love commenting, “Ok I won’t look!” which has me quickly resorting to “playing Picasso face”.


My decision not “sign up” as a member of Israel’s Defense forces did not mean that I was either “shut out” or “disrespected”; on the contrary given my “logical reasoning” for choosing my “own path” to “give peace a better chance” I was in fact held in the “highest regard”.


Not to mention that being a pretty decent chess player I recognized early when figuring there was no fun computing all the possible permutations to simply find ways to distract my opponent, the game of chess like the game of life getting your opponent to play to your advantage; again something it didn’t take me all that long to conclude given my knowledge of God having the ability to work wonders with each of our minds to have also figured that one out.


Suffice to say that for a couple of weeks now I have been “broadcasting” a Top Secret Israeli Military Intelligence Report that states the following:


Al Quaida will launch of series of attacks on the oil fields of Qatar, Kuwait and Saudi Arabia immediately following the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games that in the next instant will totally paralyze the United States economy.”


You might argue that the reason you have not heard this report in the “mainstream media” is because


“it is so obvious; moreover, it is hard to believe that Al Quaida haven’t already done exactly that and if not then why haven’t they at least tried to sink a sitting duck oil supertanker which would pretty much have the same impact”.


Now let’s talk about Marie’s duck painting.


She has priced it at US$600. Assuming she agrees to have lunch with me today I plan to increase the price to US$1200 which you may agree is still significantly too low especially after you have read Chapter 9, DIAMONDS FOR HITLER, subtitle, THE SECRET WAR REPORT OF THE OSS/CIA, the most important of all the chapters of Edward Jay Epstein’s non-fiction most fascinating novel, THE DIAMOND INVENTION.


Once you consider that the DAAC, the mafia of mafia, price fixers of price fixers have had now for more than a century the exclusive right to price fix their own currency that has never been inventoried that is therefore untraceable as well as being lightweight at more than the price of a barrel of oil so in the next instant you realize the price mechanism does not apply to anything beginning with the cost of an education.


So I am answering at least one question you may have, “How do we change things beyond educating people?” as well as “What are we telling people to do besides open their eyes?


I think you would agree that anyone’s art no matter how pitiful is more valuable than either paper or digital money that is only worth at best the paper it is written on especially if the world gets tired of war.


Ps – Marie said just prior to leaving the house this morning, “I will invite you for lunch if you wash the windows [of our studio cliff house]” and as she heard me typing away, making a note to insert it in this response, “And of course he has to write about it!


It is now 12:44 and 3 Black Hawk helicopters heading north just this instant passed by the cliff house at eye level at about the same distance as these 3 Black Hatters who visited with us not all that long ago which Marie caught on camera.


Ps I – As I mentioned to you when we met at the Village Gallery yesterday before you went off to golf at Torrey Pines “Gold” [sic] Course with Sebastian and his friends who treat you, a scratch golfer, as their “glorified ball boy” I had earlier visited with Sebastian in his studio in La Jolla where of course this extraordinary 80 year young very strong athlete of athletes was working on yet another large masterpiece portrait, this one of a member of the Miller family who Sebastian first lived with when arriving in the States back in the mid-1960s alone from Margarita and their 3 girls for some 14 months when Margarita would write him a letter every day encouraging Sebastian who was “homesick” to stay and make a “better life” for himself and their family.


In the course of our many subject conversation Sebastian who is much more “up to speed” than you on my “endless” and “over the edge


writings told me a story that a Spanish Jewish friend had told him of how Hitler wanted General Franco to come to Germany and forge a “stronger alliance” but Franco was willing to travel as far as north Africa and the Pyrenees which is where Hitler finally agreed to meet and their conversation began and ended when Franco told Hitler that before there could be any discussion Hitler would have to return all the property stolen from the Jews of Germany.


There is of course much that I know about the greatness of both the Spanish and French people who are mostly Roman Catholic that most Roman Catholics let alone Jewish people don’t have the first clue about for the simple reason they see no “advantage” in “searching for the truth” since these imbecile heathens are not convinced they can benefit financially right now, this very moment, in using such historical knowledge to benefit themselves, again most of all “monetarily”.


I wondered to myself how many people Sebastian had told this story and concluded without asking that it was doubtful there were that many, very possible not all of his 5 children were aware of these “facts” but I was quite certain his very quiet but extraordinarily observant wife Margarita was aware of this most important truthful story which of course would be really hard to prove even if someone was in the room taking notes because we could then question the authenticity of such a document and come up with a book as well as of course a movie and then there are all the residuals from the sequels that would have to spread amongst the DAAC’s Hollywood elite.


Why even bother talking about the weather when it is so very difficult to get even your own students who pay a lot of money and give up their time to attend your art classes to listen to his “poor English” and of course there is nothing in the least bit “poor” about either Sebastian or Margarita who are both very rich financially and most of all are rich in their knowledge of human stupidity, preferring simply to paint on canvas the awesome beauty of this world.


Not to mention that if you dare start a bidding war on that landscape that Sebastian is currently working on tucked away in the back of the studio I will be furious!


But even a quick read of Franco on the Wikipedia website reveals,


During the entire war [World War II], especially after 1942, the Spanish borders were more or less kept open for Jewish refugees from Vichy France and Nazi-occupied territories in Europe. Franco's diplomats extended their diplomatic protection over Sephardic Jews in Hungary, Slovakia and the Balkans. Spain was a safe haven for all Jewish refugees and antisemitism was not official policy under the Franco regime.


As horrific has been the Roman Catholic church to not only Jewish people but Christian Protestants and the such, Roman Catholics along with Muslims have always been my immediate family who are orthodox Jewish, closest and most trusted friends which at first obviously came as a bit of surprise considering my knowledge of Jewish history that of course like everyone’s knowledge of history was “faulty”.


Figuring out the “faults” becomes not only easy but “playful” once you are able to stay focused recognizing constantly that there is in fact “The Hand of God” in everything, every moment of the day and night, and when never forgetting that “fact of life” in the next instant one can better understand not only this awesomely “interesting” game of life but how we are each being constantly “tested” to keep and never stop until we take our last breath searching for the “truth”, that which does not change, that requires an ability to stay focused on who exactly is the “story teller” given how the mind, the first indicator of the supernatural, the mind all chemistry, all science, all math, all making sense that a Supernatural being would first and foremost have the wherewithal to “take over” those minds of the mindless beginning with the story tellers who talk nonsense.


Not to mention that English is a language ripped out of the Latin one of the spiritual languages like Hebrew, Aramaic, Arabic, Greek and French by politicians hell bent on confusing the masses but of course English while nowhere near as precise as math which is of course God’s primary language, does still contain vestiges of “spirituality” to guide “lost souls”


It is worth examining Spielberg’s movie MUNich and one of the things you should find interesting is how a very skilled and experienced Mossad hit squad would trust a French Roman Catholic family, remnants of the French Resistance who during World War II found their greatest sanctuary in the Pyrenees bordering France and Spain, for both their intelligence as well as weapons and of course “safe houses” rather than the Mossad itself, to the point that the leader of this one hit squad made from the very start to look like a bunch of “clowns” picked up off the streets of Tel-Aviv, is shown very clearly in this rather confusing movie about a very real event in relatively recent history, unwilling to tell his Mossad “field officer” the names of this most trusted-reliable family.


The fact that Spielberg is mostly “selling tickets” and if of course allowed “poetic license” should have any “independent thinker”, the few that there are, ready to “spit blood” especially as one digs further and further in to this very important movie-documentary about a subject matter that I happen to be intimately familiar with.


So very important that SPIelberg who comes across as this so very caring Jewish family man who makes such “sensitive” movies such as Schindler’s List hasn’t found the time in his busy, busy, busy, money making, me, me, me schedule to Produce-Direct an epic non-fiction movie-documentary of The Diamond Invention using as a reference Hollywood blockbuster author Edward Jay Epstein’s Internet only book and of course me as a consultant to fill in each and every one of the gaps.


I am someone who given my common sense-quantitative skills could be living very quietly on a remote tropical island with my beautiful wife not having to bother engaging in small talk with all the imbeciles let alone willing to confront each and every imbecile and crook who “crosses my path” but then I would be “playing God” as well as not doing everything I can to “give peace a better chance”.


It is doubtful more than a handful of people will drop by during the 4 hours MDG will be at the Village Gallery despite my “Herculean efforts” yesterday dropping off flyers made so much easier by using her scooter, but she will be standing and painting; no doubt invigorated by your “commendations” and “instruction” for her to keep painting.


Now I must redouble my efforts to get out the “message of hope” but only for those doing everything they possibly can to “give peace a better chance” given how again, I “know” versus “believe” it makes absolutely no difference to our Superior Being maintaining the universe constantly in perfect balance if people who live their lives “playing ostrich” are perfectly comfortable in returning the next time round as ostriches or worse.


Now realizing when looking at my computer clock that says, 1:19 PM PST that today is Friday and all the gold markets are now closed, gold last trading at US$700.10 that has me thinking of this very beautiful Muslim young lady Sana who I met on a flight from London to the US back in April 2004, and who later sent me, knowing my fascination with numbers, a “Food for thought!”. Click on this hyperlink.


Everything is rather well spelled out in the Hebrew Bible but first one has to master the language of mathematics which so very few can and then have both the stamina as well as courage when of course checking one’s ego at the door to see how in fact the 5 Books of Moses including Numbers all make perfect sense without, however, a fatso corrupt priest, rabbi or Mullah providing any commentary.


Most Americans even the most logical thinkers amongst us still have difficulty with young Muslim Arabs being allowed by their parents to strap bombs to their bodies to become suicide bombers killing not only themselves but “innocent” people who we refer to as “soft targets”.


Consequently, we label all such peoples, of course suiting us to, “paint with a broad brush” as “Barbarians” before then reprimanding so self-righteously such peoples, “You people kill your own!” followed immediately with the repeat, “You are barbarians!


Whereas we send our kids to war in the name of FREEDOM!


Once, however, sufficient numbers of kids who DO NOT have Trust Funds who cannot just “take” their parents ill-gotten gains because of the fact that their parents don’t have, for good reason little if any savings given how rigged are all the major markets beginning with oil, the DAAC controlling the world’s drilling industry from its very start, figure out for themselves when reading in Chapter 18, THE AMERICAN CONSPIRACY how a NON-UNITED STATES CITIZEN such as Anglo South African Harry Oppenheimer, the co-head of the DAAC, the mafia of mafia, the special interest of special interest group, the money counterfeiters of money counterfeiters, can get a meeting with a “so loved”, so very “handsum” [sic], so “family manPresident John F. Kennedy immediately before being sworn in as President and Commander In Chief of all U.S. Armed Forces and to top it off not a single journalist or politicians anywhere in the world during the past 47 odd years has thought it important to at least have one Congressional Hearing to investigate this most bizarre of bizarre meetings, all taking place on US soil at the Carlyle Hotel in “Madhattan” [sic], so in the next instant will selfish brat BUT WELL INFORMED Trust Funders have nowhere to hide as those with less, helped of course by people such as me, get their arms around such a very easy to understand situation of situations.


Then in the next instant if able to follow a simple logical thought will have increasing numbers of non-Trust Fund kids wondering about all those Top Secret meetings that take place in the Situation Room of the White House where the DAAC do not even have to bother attending in person, their extraordinary “Money Power” presence PERFECTLY UNDERSTOOD by the 3 Branches of the United State Government well before that so carefully orchestrated meeting at the Carlyle Hotel.


I know you won’t be at the reception this evening but will be thinking of you.




By deception we wage war!” - Mossad


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still hard to believe


Military photos of the Twin Towers


Had not seen these before...Pretty intense...., and we should NEVER forget!