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Subject: KOWTOW...co-dependant...warren buffett clown


Explain what prevents you from commenting on Chapter 9,The Diamond Invention?


Also what do you know about “co-dependency” and how this has everything to do with you battling to explain what prevents you from commenting on the Diamond Invention?


Do you ever get angry when you know you are being used and abused and then even angrier when trying tirelessly but in an effort in futility to make the person pointing out your co-dependency, your co-dependant?


Would you be interested in “moonlighting” as my editor?


Isn’t it interesting how people, beginning with freeloading-bloodsucking politicians are quick to hand out their email addresses thinking they are going to “sumhow” [sic] get something for free and then when you “flush them out” they get all so uppity?


Does the hypocrisy of my Jewish brothers and sisters failing to speak out against Jewish American Howard Schultz of Starbucks kowtowing to his partner in the Kuwaiti Royal Family who has threatened to destroy the share price of Starbucks if they open just one shop in Israel and here you, most likely a Gentile, helping sending our poor kids who are mostly Gentile to fight wars in the Middle East that you are not sure whether or not US-Israel promotes such wars by allowing people like Howard Schultz to kowtow to our Kuwaiti oil tyrants?


Things are really not in the least bit confusing once you simply put your mind to examining the chronology of events beginning with The Diamond Invention.


Then again you have to have the “will” to want to “make a difference” that so few of us “living the good life”, especially those of us living beyond “our means”, are willing to do.


You understand perfectly well that it is the most “mean spirited” humans who are the one most unwilling to let go of their ill-gotten gains, seeing that there is more to gain from co-opting-corrupting those around them rather than sharing.


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What does it take to get you to take my name off your e-mail list?