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From: Gary S. Gevisser
Sent: Saturday, September 15, 2007 6:03 PM PT
To: Professor Jay O. Light - Dean Harvard Business School
Cc: rest; Pat Wright; 'mrothsch@princeton.edu'; 'Arlene_Keizer@brown.edu'; 'campbell@haas.berkeley.edu'; 'Kerry_Coppin@brown.edu'; 'buchinsky@econ.ucla.edu'; 'See-Chen_Ying@brown.edu'; 'glenn@econ.berkeley.edu'; 'Gang_Xiao@brown.edu'; 'MAW@brown.edu'; 'anaumann@lifespan.org'; 'train@econ.berkeley.edu'; 'Francoise_Hamlin@brown.edu'; 'michael.darby@anderson.ucla.edu'; 'Olakunle_George@brown.edu'; Barrymore_Bogues@Brown.EDU; 'yellen@haas.berkeley.edu'; 'rabin@econ.berkeley.edu'; 'Tamar_Katz@brown.edu'; 'ulrike@econ.berkeley.edu'; 'sedwards@agsm.ucla.edu'; 'Nancy_Jacobs@brown.edu'; 'botond@econ.berkeley.edu'; 'ygorodni@econ.berkeley.edu'; 'Rhett_Jones@brown.edu'; 'matzkin@econ.ucla.edu'; 'Ruth_Simmons@Brown.EDU'; 'pog@econ.berkeley.edu'; 'Barbara_H_Smith@brown.edu'; 'lamoreaux@econ.ucla.edu'; 'kenchay@econ.berkeley.edu'; 'Alonzo_Jones@Brown.EDU'; 'timg@polisci.ucla.edu'; 'James_T_Campbell@brown.edu'; 'Dawn_Jackson@brown.edu'; 'chetty@econ.berkeley.edu'; 'iobara@econ.ucla.edu'; 'Clarice_Thompson@brown.edu'; 'Charles_Cobb@brown.edu'; Dr. John K. Pollard - JKPJKP@alum.mit.edu; John Loftus Esq. - Not Disgraced Enough Justice Department Nazi prosecutor; David Berman - son-in-law of Michael Steinhardt - Berman Capital; Newell Starks - Chairman of the Board - Sterling Holding Company - A Citicorp Venture Corporation fronting corporation; Eliot Spitzer - Governor of New York State - Former Attorney General of New York State ; Hilary-Bill DeBeers-Rhodes Scholar Clinton; Senator@kennedy.senate.gov; Edward Jay Epstein - Author of The Diamond Invention; Nicholas Oppenheimer - DeBeers-Anglo American Cartel [DAAC]; Stephen Cohen - Codiam Inc.; Sherri Hendricks - Rapaport Report; editorial@sps.com; bluenileir@bluenile.com; Joseph Steinberg - President of Luecadia National Corporation; Solly Krok; Dr. Jonathan "Trouble Bubble" Beare; Tony Leon MP - Leader of the Democratic Alliance - Republic of South Africa; Mossad; United States Justice Department; jimandjoe@ussliberty.com; South China Morning Post; Diana Henriques - journalist New York Times - Big Jury Award in Injury Case Over Keyboards - December 10, 1996; artbell-coast; Deborah "Aggressive" Sturman Esq.; Fred Deluca - Founder-co-owner Subway; FREEDOM ROAD SOCIALIST ORGANIZATION; Howard Schultz - Founder, Chairman and Global Strategist for Starbucks; James A Mackay - LORDS-LLOYDS OF LONDON; Molly H. Hubbard - Director of Development James A. Baker III Institute for Public Policy - JAB's law firm representing the House of Saud; Kenneth Standard Esq. -Immediate Past President of the New State Bar Association; Zena Rosland Ash Gevisser Zulman; liat@jpost.com; drudge@drudgereport.com; nikkifinke@deadlinehollywood.com; JRK@class-action-law.com; Randall Kaplan. co-founder of AKAMAI with Daniel Lewin - 911 victim - Member of Sayeret Matkal - Elite Israeli Special Forces unit; Ray McCormack - co-Producer Crude Awakening; Simon Wiesenthal Center; Steven Lee Parkinson - Mothercare - Middleast; Thabo Mvuyelwa Mbeki - President of South Africa; Adam Tucker; President@whitehouse.gov
Subject: The Pursuit of Human Perfection


Professor Light,


You have ALWAYS understood perfectly the “deafening silence” of academia not just now but for the past century, watching shamelessly as the 3 Branches of the United States Government supported, using the U.S.’ brute military strength, the DeBeers crime syndicate.


Apart from what you read below, think from this moment until you get to the end, taking as much time as you want, not only about your deficit needs in this already arrived epic depression for you and your “kind” but my personal dealings with American Martin Rappaport that got not just this one Black Hatter of Black Hatter’s assistants to go quiet.


Without exception everyone, once understanding the importance of Mr. Rappaport’s role in the DeBeers-Anglo American Cartel’s ability to stay one step ahead of the laws that this mafia of mafia write, beginning with those most important Anti-Trust laws all aimed at dismantling cartels whose “weapon” of being able to “price fix” makes a mockery of every “free trade agreement” as well as all those who participate in such farces, will want, with or without “blackened hands”, to attend my next seminar-workshop.


Not to mention the 209 odd word knuckleball communication I sent Ms. Hendricks back on Tuesday, September 4th, the 35th anniversary of DAAC financed PLO terrorists beginning to brutally murder 11 defenseless Israeli athletes at the 1972 Munich summer Olympic Games, you would think explains pretty much everything, leaving me with nothing further to say apart from what follows below that the reason us Americans allow for every one American service person who gets killed or permanently injured in Iraq-Afghanistan, our service people who allow you to afford fueling your motor-vehicle to travel this weekend, commit on average 50 atrocities on totally innocent “slaves”, and for you to better appreciate the word “atrocity” have you and/or the person you know with bigger tits take right now a razor blade to the left tit but no need to draw blood!


To mention little of my awesome scooter riding

so perfect body

French-Canadian wife’s 15-year old son who only knows to play, called me a little earlier after spending the day surfing with his buddies further north of Del Mar, “challenging

me to a game of table tennis-ping pong; JoNathan who of course will eventually “get it”, feeling the need to give me a “heads up” that I should “warm up” which means I will most likely not wait for Adam to get back to me with his suggested edits.


To mention in passing the “fart filled” email I got yesterday at 5:03 PM from Pat Wright - info@ferretsanon.com – in response to the last email I sent the President, BOX CUTTER BUSINESS FALLING APART AT THE SEAMS:


I am 93 emails away from suing you.


Pat Wright


Professor, it is my observation that you were not the only person in the world kept awake last night by that 834 word email I sent Adam Tucker, my one American programmer beginning with the 190 word section:


And when the Arabs and the Jews are happy, the Arabs pump the oil, the Jews protect Arabs pumping the oil, the Jews and Arabs take their breaks – I am back at the cliff house and Maggie just farted – the Arabs marry Jews, the Jewish Arabs marry the Jewish Chinese and we leave it to the Chinese to decide in the end when we are all intermixed but mostly Chinese what all the fuss was about apart from what jobs remain for US Homeland Security personnel apart from transporting wide screen plasma TVs and the such which don’t pay very much here but over where the oil is that is a whole different story.


Americans are losing their jobs, their homes, their sense of community, their self-respect, their lack of trust in government, their lack of trust in the In God We Trust Almighty Dollar despite all the jobs created because of box cutters.


What if there were only fists, arms, legs and the occasional head butt used on 911?


80% of the cost of the war in Iraq and Afghanistan is oil which the Saudis charge us what exactly?


Not to mention I needed just earlier to remind Adam Tucker, my one American programmer who emailed me at 3:27 PM PST “I have to get ready for a wedding that we are attending. I know... more distractions. But Julia tells me that one of the people attending is a political cartoonist which could prove to be an interesting conversation” that whoever this “political cartoonist” is, unless he provides certain proof of being God, Adam should make it his business to arrive “fashionably late

and of course let his wife Julia do all the talking.


To mention little of I was more than half asleep when I wrote it, just having enough energy remaining to dental floss and brush.


The Meek WITH TEETH Shall Inherit The Earth.

You might know even if not “tapped into” the dialogue that had been going between myself and Adam Tucker since rather early this morning that hasn’t interfered with me first making love to my wife at the crack of dawn before she went off to motorcycle riding school, walking our Maggie or taking a quick swim in the Pacific Ocean in front of our studio cliff house here in perfect climate Del Mar that Jews all over the world are in the midst of a 10-day period called the High Holy Days.


It starts with Rosh Hashanah, a celebration of a new year, and ends with Yom Kippur, a solemn day of atonement.


The overriding theme is the pursuit of human perfection and the obligation of each person to continually assess and improve his or her character, or as Mordecai Kaplan put it, "to seek reconstruction of our personalities in accordance with the highest ethical possibilities of human nature."


It’s more than making New Year’s resolutions. The idea is to pause from our daily lives and sit in objective judgment of ourselves, to examine the state of our souls, to hold ourselves accountable, and to acknowledge any gaps between our conscience and our conduct, between the standards we profess and the actions we perform.


We may not always have the moral strength to bridge the gap between our ideals and our actions, but we have the moral duty to try. Our sins and shortcomings are compounded when we ignore or accept them.


Jews are given four specific tasks: 1) reflect, 2) repent, 3) seek forgiveness, and 4) forgive those who ask forgiveness. Although the process is clothed in religious ritual, these concepts are equally powerful in a purely secular context.


Religionists and secularists agree that humanity is unique among living creatures in its capacity to understand good and evil and to choose between them.


Whether we call it morality or ethics, whether we think in terms of our souls or our character, all who have pondered the purpose and potential of human life conclude that a virtuous life is the best life.


The words starting, “Jews all over the world..” and ending “best life” come from a Michael Josephson who ended those rather hollow words falling on mostly hypocritical ears, “reminding you that character counts.”

You have also no doubt read the email I sent the President last night and like the overwhelming majority of western educated people educated under the DeBeers-Anglo American Cartel’s bs Bell Shaped Curve educational system breeding mediocrity, the “most average” rising to the top, realized your misunderstanding of Roosevelt and the SS St. Louis was because you, as I think most "everyday" people, didn’t at first realize until you got co-opted-corrupted, the potential of power to corrupt.


We read and hear the words but we don't get it. We grow complacent but don't know why; while those who do, foster it, wouldn’t you agree?


You are either incompetent or culpable or both, take your pick!


First go back and look at those who are carbon copied who like those blind copied and who receive partial listings of those also carbon copied don’t know exactly who is getting a copy of this communiqué but know that their name is being shared with others who like everyone copied is getting the picture loud and clear that it is inevitable each and every one of us will inevitably know not only who is “playing ostrich” but when they began to do so.


I guestimate that this communiqué is the first email approximately 150,000 individuals will have received with my name within the next 24 hours and after that it is anyone’s guess.


I thought you might find “interesting” the photo of Adam Tucker standing in front of the White House

probably in between the ages of 8 and 12, my first guess was 6 and then “sum” [sic] but his to-be-seen-to-be-believed psychological profile must have you wondering mostly about his divorced Jewish parents who would understand their kid suffering from Absent Parenting Disease kept the medical profession from turning that much more violent, God forbid they would have to send their kids to school with peanut butter and jelly sandwiches rather than gravlox.


Not to mention why it is that Americans, the most prescribed drug addicts in the world, are in far worse health than the Brits who are not close to being in good health and to top it off our medical doctors are of course filthy rich to afford Trust Funds to buy their kids’ silence because brain dead Americans are too drugged to figure out the most important connection.


Israel has been getting anywhere between US$3 billion and US$5 billion in aid from the United States going back to the year dot.


Let’s see now.


Well because we want to be totally objective and of course find common ground lets assume the aid began being wire transferred in to my Royal Mater-Mother’s bank account at Bank Leumi 148 days before she married my father on October 10th, 1948, the same day, May 15th 1948 when Israel was granted Statehood and this fledging Jewish State was thrust in to its War of Independence that not one Allied Nation including of course the entire United Nations thought would last no more than a matter of hours given not only what they believed were insufficient weapons and a military that was plagued with dissention but the enemy were not only being armed to the hilt but the strongest enemy Egypt were being escorted in to battle against Israeli fighter pilots by Allied Fighter pilots many who flew side-by-side during World Oil War II with the likes of Dr. Syd Cohen MD who you recall took over as Commander of Israel’s first and only squadron when Modi Alon was killed; and of course uncle Syd had no problem with my “miracle” Fighter-Bomber-Pilot father Bernie Gevisser serving as his “wingman” on my dad’s 4th mission during World War II on December 10th 1944; their mission




Not to mention my father’s 2 five hundred pound bombs “scoring 2 VNM [Very Near Misses]”


In the event you don’t have your reading glasses handy and/or are having trouble reading the scanned in page above, the entire entry in Bernie’s second logbook of this 1 hour and 55 minute mission that began at 10:10 AM reads as follows:


Syd Led. Was his No. 2. Bombed line north of     scoring 2 VNM. Went down with Ray to straff car but it managed to hide. Saw what I thought to be car – wend down but turned out to be HDV. ME’s reported but saw none. No A.A. at all.


By way of deception we wage war! – Mossad


Zena Rosland Ash Gevisser Zulman you will remember within 3 months of marrying my father whose father owned priceless properties in Haifa harbor, Israel began while still age 19, “From the earliest days of 1949 visiting Israel two and three times a year writing reports for different publications.”


Lets go with the 5 billion and multiply it by 58.75 since the calendar year 2007 is not quite over although it is possible that when Israel and the U.S .“close-balance out the books” they operate on a fiscal year which could make the number closer to 58.5, give or take between 10 and 37.5 years since we know the United States didn’t start delivering Black Hawk helicopters and F-16 fighter jets along with neutron bombs on May 15th 1948, nor for that matter oil.


So for argument sake lets argue that the number is US$500 billion or trillion, again whatever your preference, in aid the State of Israel has received as of the end of today.


Such a number is about the cost the Pentagon has said this current war in Iraq alone has been sucked out of the hide of U.S. taxpayers forget the war in Afghanistan net of course of opium sales and the first Gulf War as well as all the monies not reflected on the books such as Diamond Currency used smartly and without a trace to invest in alternative energy sources for the non-replenishable oil that is used when fueling all the fighter jets including Israeli fighter jets observing American fighter jets observing Israeli fighter jets who are just playing.


Now get up off your chair.


Bend down.


Try touching your toes.


Lay down on your back.


Stretch everything apart from your penis.


Now read verbatim Chapter 9, DIAMONDS FOR HITLER, subtitle THE SECRET WAR REPORT OF THE OSS/CIA.


There is no need for you to seek legal counsel at this time to understand perfectly well what you need to do first thing, not Monday morning but immediately following reading this very heavily broadcasted communiqué.


Notify all Harvard University faculty members their legal fiduciary responsibility to inform all students as well as their parents of the main thrust of this very important chapter of a very important book written by Hollywood blockbuster author Edward Jay Epstein who also writes editorials for the Wall Street Journal.


Take my word for it that this communiqué is being shared in real time with more than the Mossad and Israeli Special Forces units currently operating “in enemy lines” who know better than to be tapped in to unsecured networks such as those used by the Pentagon.


There is only one thing of importance that each and every human alive today needs to understand about this most important and of course totally factual chapter that talks to the extraordinary “Money Power” of the DAAC, the mafia of mafia bankers who could get the President of the United States of America who also carries the title, Commander In Chief of All United States Armed Forces to “STAND DOWN”.


The fact that it makes sense of why Roosevelt would send nearly a 1,000 Jewish passengers on board the SS “Storm Trooper” St. Louis to their certain deaths in DAAC financed Nazi Concentration-Death Camps does not make it “right”; but it does help explain the strategies and tactics of the “brain trust” of the Mossad who are watched ever so closely by the very deep underground Jewish Underground whose potency comes from knowing they are not omnipotent, answerable only to One most smart and vengeful God.


It does not take a rocket scientist to figure out that if the President of the United States of America during a time of World War when for the very first time nuclear weapons are going to be used on innocent civilians cannot DEMAND that the mafia of mafia, special interest of special interest group DO EXACTLY AS HE, the Commander In Chief says, then this mafia of mafia must in fact be the special interest of special interest group the world’s masses have always suspected existed but were never quite able to place their “fingers on it”.


It does not take a rocket scientist to figure out that if the President of the United States of America is bought and then so MUST BE the entire United States Congress who didn’t “bat an eyelid”.


Wink wink, nod nod.


It is not only Americans who understand that the media is all corrupt but what about you slimeball, disgusting academics?


And remember I am a pretty good academic; in all likelihood I have a significantly higher IQ than any member of the Harvard faculty which I only “pride on God” given how the mind is not only the “first indicator” of the “Supernatural” it is very strong evidence and as your lawyers will tell you, proof is a function of evidence, the better the evidence the better proof.


Moreover, given my “knowledge” versus “belief” which I leave to intellectual midgets such as yourself, I never allowed my formal education to interfere with my learning.


Corrupt politicians corrupted of course by corrupt business people have increasingly relied, following the so transparent farce of the corrupt clergy of all the religions, on academia, the new corrupt church, to do their bidding as I am patiently, painstakingly and most vigorously all the while deriving great satisfaction, pointing out your blatant hypocrisy one step at a time, one academic after one academic in each and all of the disciplines including of course each and every so-called “scientist” who can take as long as they want before deciding to join the United States Congress in being contrite.


Every single law that has been passed by the United States Congress following the financing of DeBeers by American bankers led by J.P. Morgan is not only suspect it is as bloodied as the hands that voted “Yes” as in “All in Favor”.


The United States Congress must now be immediately disbanded and each and every one of members placed on trial for treason.


I didn’t get off a boat just yesterday and I thank no one but the “Grace of God go I” for being in a position to assist the Lord bring everlasting peace which of course requires the most extraordinary show of military force leaving not one single military commander in doubt that to go war with the “Forces of Light” is pure folly.


The money trail moves very rapidly to the systemically corrupt United States Congress approving the formation of the DAAC’s Federal Reserve in 1913 one year prior to the outbreak of the first Diamond Drilling bit oil World War I.


The money trail moves forward to each and every law passed by the systemically corrupt United States Congress that went along with the DAAC and their “filthy rich” supporters trickling down the cost of the filthy rich getting richer on the backs of the poor who are simply misinformed, not in the least bit stupid.


Professor Light, you, your family, your colleagues and your friends now pulling out all stops to distance themselves from you all are not simply invited to my forthcoming combined Educational Light Journey-One Tribe of Achievers seminar-workshop, you will be attending whether you like it or not.


Consider yourselves Elijah at the Passover-Seder table.


Do you recall how many Americans service people have died in the defense of Israel these past 59 odd years apart from those 34 sailors on board the USS Liberty who were brutally slaughtered as their totally defensive spy ship was brutally attacked by Israel’s brutal Air Force and brutal Navy on June 8th 1967 when the 6 Day Arab-Israeli War was for all intent and purposes over apart from the fact that it is only TV and drug addicted Americans who have this need for a beginning and end to every football, baseball and basketball game that allows them to become coach potatoes to feed their suicide that supports the corrupt medical profession that breeds co-dependency not to mention why there is so a lack of personal responsibility so well observed in our fatsos?


Not one person should be talking at this time apart from Ami Ayalon and me given how there really isn’t much to talk about once you figure out all the utter nonsense of “funding”.


There is not a single member of the US Congress who can explain why President Franklin D. Roosevelt allowed DeBeers any “breathing room” following their decision not to comply with a request from a superpower nation very much at war to stockpile the much needed diamonds in order to play catch up to Hitler’s Nazi Germany that “out of nowhere” built a second to none military so very soon after the Weimer Republic had collapsed and a barrelful of Deutche Marks couldn’t afford a loaf of bread.


David Ben Gurion and Afrikaner Jan Smuts did not attend Harvard Business School but you could bet your bottom worthless dollar that they understood the game that was being played by the world’s ruling elite to get rid of trouble maker Jewish people who were not going along with the “status quo” that demanded a total solution to the Jewish problem that had Jewish people like my great maternal grandmother Nechie Badash breeding independent thinkers who could follow the money trail that led right to the House of Saud under the command and control of DeBeers.


Try peeing in to the sands of Saudi Arabia in search of oil and see how far you get.


Go ahead and needle stitch a diamond drilling bit on to the tip of your penis and see how much further you get, well at least use your imagination.


The State of Israel has sought accommodations of course with the Devil in order to exist and be in a position as it is today to say “FUCK YOU” to all those in favor of that TOTAL SOLUTION.


Explain clearly your position on the State of Israel and remember it is not only me enthusiastically waiting your response but others including other fighter pilots from World War II who when looking at my father’s logbooks as did Mr. Dwight Kroesch

credited today with being the first American pilot to drop Paratroopers in to harms way on D-Day June 5th-6th 1944 unaware at the time that all the intelligence had already been shared with the DAAC Nazis commented with tears swelling in his eyes when reading patiently through each of my Dad’s 71 missions, each time turning the page, “He is the miracle man!



Assume for the moment, while you ponder this very important question realizing that the State of Israel has, not only in Israel but throughout the Diaspora, a pretty good “think tank” that is not in the least bit representative of intellectual midgets such as bought and paid for Harvard University Professors of Law Alan Dershowitz and Lawrence Tribe, the following:


1.     I, Gary S. Gevisser am nothing more than a figment of your wild imagination.

2.     Not only am I “once born” and you would know not to argue with the “once born”, I have yet to be born let alone ever once visited the State of Israel based on your own knowledge that never, not once have any of the many passports I have owned including this one below

that was never used, shows me

again never once entering or leaving Israel on the more than 25 odd

 times I have visited since the first trip with my family in July 1966

age 6; and that number, while including several stays when I have never left the airport do not include those many occasions I have swam in places like the Dead Sea, Tel-Aviv and Netanya, the heart of the DAAC’s diamond industry in Israel where my Royal Mater maintains an antique cluttered apartment overlooking Europe’s toilet (The Mediterranean Sea).

The photo above taken in the two chandelier living room shows my middle brother Melvin who is today 52, Irwin Strous, his friend from high school who I used to “second” using my 50cc Suzuki motorcycle when he would run the 50 mile Comrades Marathon between Durban and Pietermaritzburg, not to mention that Irwin’s mother was killed and eaten by a lion when she and her husband, a non-kosher butcher, were vacationing a decade or so ago at a game reserve in Natal-Kwazulu, Irwin’s oncologist wife to his right, my stepfather Alan “Mr. S.A. Clothing” Zulman, my Royal Mater, my sister Kathy-Louise Gevisser Danziger and Lance Zulman, Alan’s Black Hatter one son who works for Israel’s equivalent of the IRS.

3.     The photos of my holding an Israeli Uzi submachine gun at age 9 and one of me kneeling awkwardly aiming rather poorly an Israeli semi-automatic rifle at age 10, are doctored.

4.     The 98% score I achieved in my academic studies, top of the class, on Ulpan back in 1972 at Kibbutz Sde Boker where just prior to the final examination I had been told by a very close aid to David Ben Gurion who the Mossad reported to every day until he died December 1st, 1973 and who came from the same tiny village of Plonsk, White Russia-Poland as my great maternal grandmother whose immediate family were wiped out in a pogrom and who raised my highly secretive Royal Mater-Mother, that he would like to see me who had my Royal Mater write all my English essays including those at University, at least put in a little effort and spend time before the exams at the Kibbutz’s library, were as a result of the Mossad having shared with me both the questions and the right answers and because of my poor script simply tossed my answers in to the rubbish bin and gave me the highest result just to please my Royal Mater who never even once commented on my rather stellar achievement.

5.     The precise shooting I scored at the Israeli military base at Sde Boker prior to the final academic exams were as a result of me being allowed after firing all my bullets to search through the Negev desert all the way down to Eilat and whatever bullet heads I found along the way so long as they were buried no less than a mile underground and imbedded in someone’s skull could then be placed on the targets wherever I preferred.

6.     The decision in my final year at high school in Durban, South Africa to change schools not once but twice was because just moments after I was elected by the student body captain of Samson one of Carmel College’s 3 sports group the student body was divided into equally, my Royal Mater-Mother laced my Gipsy Coffee

with Aspartame before then leading me by my long nose to have the first of many frontal lobotomies.


Time to fly,


Gary S. Gevisser


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From: Adam Tucker
Sent: Friday, September 14, 2007 10:06 PM
To: Gary Gevisser


My dad was in temple today... so no response.

My visit with my father yesterday was so that I could pick up some photos and paperwork, some of the more interesting are attached.