From: Gary S. Gevisser
Sent: Friday, September 14, 2007 9:21 AM PT
To: John K. Pollard Jr.
Cc: rest; Randall Kaplan. co-founder of AKAMAI with Daniel Lewin - 911 victim - Member of Sayeret Matkal - Elite Israeli Special Forces unit; Richard W. Hughes; Mossad; United States Justice Department; Ron Bellows Senior - Risk Management specialist - AIG; Zena Rosland Ash Gevisser Zulman; Dad; Dr. Leizer "SAVE ZENA" Molk MD; melvin gevisser; Neil Gevisser; Peggy Anderson; Kathy-Louse-Gevisser-Danziger; Roy Essakow - Executive Marc Rich Holdings; Joseph Steinberg - President of Luecadia National Corporation; King Golden Jr. Esq.; Roger W. Robinson; Valerie Schulte Esq. - National Association of Broadcasters; Molly H. Hubbard - Director of Development James A. Baker III Institute for Public Policy - JAB's law firm representing the House of Saud; mallorca agent; Jeffrey Scott Flier, M.D. - Dean Harvard School of Medicine; Margarite Woods; Roberto Quinones - Public Defender - Jose Eddie Pollard; Jane Pollard Kelley; Jay McMichael - CNN photojournalist; NO LONGER PRACTICING, thank G-d, Dr. John BIG BEN Stewart MD of Sharp Memorial Hospital - aka The Sperm Donor aka The It; George Hurst Esq. - Lawyer-liar for Dr. John Ben Stewart aka Sperm Donor; Michael Strauss Esq. - International Monetary Fund; Michael Lombardi - FBI; Neil Gevisser; Deborah "Aggressive" Sturman Esq.; Professor Rabbi Dennis Prager - TV-Radio Talk Show Host; Professor Rabbi Abner Weiss; Dr. Jonathan "Trouble Bubble" Beare; Dr. Barry Molk MD;; Glen Shapiro (; Gerard Arpey - American Airlines - President and Chief Operating Officer ; Guy De Chazal - Partner Morgan Stanley; President Rosenberg of the Screen Actors Guild; Drew Faust - President of Harvard University; Alan M. Dershowitz - Harvard University Law School;; M.A. Sanjayan, Ph.D. - Lead Scientist, The Nature Conservancy - Planet Earth BBC commentator; Sargent Jensen - San Diego Police Harbor Department; Dr. Laura Family; Dave Duree Esq.; Fred Deluca - Founder-co-owner Subway; Dr. Jonathan "Trouble Bubble" Beare; Sherri Hendricks - Rapaport Report; Sidney Abelski Esq.; Simon Wiesenthal Center; David Berman - son-in-law of Michael Steinhardt - Berman Capital;; Bernard Lazarus - Open Supporter of The South African Apartheid Regime and brother of Gunter "The Pig" Lazarus; Solly Krok; Oprah;; Seymour M. Hersh c/o The New Yorker; John Loftus Esq. - Not Disgraced Enough Justice Department Nazi prosecutor; Adam Tucker; Diane Bell - Union Tribune;; Edward Jay Epstein - Author of The Diamond Invention; Eliot Spitzer - Governor of New York State - Former Attorney General of New York State ; Howard Schultz - Founder, Chairman and Global Strategist for Starbucks; Jay McMichael - CNN photojournalist;; Professor Joe Grundfest - Stanford University - former member of the SEC; Karen Richardson - Wall Street Journal; Kenneth Standard Esq. -Immediate Past President of the New State Bar Association; Larry King Live; Tony Leon MP - Leader of the Democratic Alliance - Republic of South Africa; Melanie Gurvits Esq. - Steven Spielberg's lawyer; Trevor Manuel - South Africa's Minister of Finance; Robert H. Frank - Profefessor of Economics - Cornell University ;; Steven Lee Parkinson - Mothercare - Middleast; Thabo Mvuyelwa Mbeki - President of South Africa; John Ziegler - KFI 640 AM "More Stimulating Talk Sh*t Radio" [sic]; Hilary-Bill DeBeers-Rhodes Scholar Clinton;; Kathleen McCartney - Dean Harvard Graduate School of Education; Jay O. Light - Dean Harvard Business School; Professor Joe Grundfest - Stanford University - former member of the SEC
Subject: "Never Forget", what? - Lessons Not Learned... pasting fodder


Have you finally told all your friends, family including grandson Eddie, not to forget AG Edwards’ customers that it still might not be too late to cash in their IRAs, 401Ks etc etc and at the same time seek out the services of Ron Bellows of AIG to help review their “Errors and Omissions” insurance policies.


Not to mention that increasingly they are going to worth at best the paper they are written on bearing in mind that the fees charged by city dumps continues to rise and always remember to figure in the cost of fuel when AG Edwards has you assist in traveling to their customers homes and bank safety deposit boxes to pick up their worthless share and bond certificates in public corporations.


To mention little of how many people will you be bringing along to my and Adam Tucker’s first combined Educational Light Journey-One Tribe of Achievers seminar-workshop where we will be providing concrete suggestions on how best to weather the fully underway meltdown in the DAAC’s House of Cards more commonly referred to as the capital and financial markets but in time if there is going to be a “history” exclusively known as DAAC’s House of Saud House of Cards.


So have you figured what you would have been doing the past 6 years apart from standing in soup kitchen lines if the 911 Saudi hijackers had simply dumped their box cutters, invited Israeli Special Forces trained Daniel Lewin before they all got on board American Airlines flight 11 for a Starbucks coffee, engaged in a friendly conversation and came up with a plan on how best to prop up the U.S. economy dependant on the House of Saud not offloading their Petro Dollars amongst their impoverished masses preventing them from affording wide screen plasma TVs as well as of course jobs to transport the TVs, cars, Starbucks’ milk, newspapers and the such from the docks to all their well kept neighborhoods so that no one would be in the least bit agitated let alone willing to commit suicide just so that the Saudi masses would remain impoverished, indoctrinated, mad at the world, not even willing before committing suicide to engage in a friendly discussion with billionaire Sayeret Matkal Daniel Lewin who even if he wasn’t able to talk them out of flying the flying bomb in to the Twin Towers might have shown them in less than a minute how to snap someone’s neck and while not having to worry about being discovered going through airport security to that much more effectively “paralyze” the rest of the passengers versus using nonsense box cutters that have even those not knowing the first thing about self-defense-offense “seeing red

and more likely to “act out”.


I know you wouldn’t be surprised to hear that you are not the first person receiving my communiqués to bring this very old news to my attention.


Despite a profound fear that I might educate your 18-year old in good physical shape gang-banger grandson Eddie Pollard to become an “independent thinker” that is no doubt creating for you so unnecessary but profound short-circuits in your brain which of course you still argue is large enough to withstand any other “Force of God” you will recall that I didn’t just get off a boat before joining the DAAC on 47th-Wall Street, New York City in 1980.


You also wouldn’t be all that surprised to hear that I did more than simply place a pencil in my left, hold down a piece of paper in my right hand and think about stuff like why my Royal Mater-Mother would fly all the way to Chicago

just days before I would join Codiam Inc in Manhattan, New York City, the DAAC’s intelligence gathering and money laundering capital, just to have me get Ernest Slotar who Codiam Inc. played a principal role in financing, cash in one of her real diamonds that she carried around as “loose change”, when “booking” the commodity trades of Joseph Seigal of Seigal Trading whose trades some 3 decades ago still dwarf today’s biggest commodity traders.


Bear in mind as you think how much my Royal Mater got paid to wear the diamond broach you see in this photo of her below

that Seigal Trading located on La Salle Avenue in downtown Chicago, Illinois, my first stop in the U.S. since emigrating from Durban, South Africa on March 17th, 1978 was second only to the DeBeers-Anglo American Cartel in commodity trades controlling the entire shipment of precious minerals stolen from the mostly Black South African peoples in to the United States given the support given to the DAAC’s South African Apartheid Regime by all 3 Branches of the United States Government including the Supreme Court.


And the DAAC of course owned Seigal Trading just as they do most west financial institutions beginning of course with the DAAC’s Lloyds of London.


You would also know that the Mossad were not in the least bit distracted by the Yalta Conference beginning two days after the Soviet Red Army liberated Auschwitz which itself was of course a distraction for the atrocity of the Yalta Conference which as atrocities go was a “drop in the bucket” when compared to the entire atrocity of World Oil War II which was simply a continuation of the atrocity of World Oil War I.


Again such facts you are hell bent in preventing being shared with your grandson until of course he has been totally bought off, you acting of course no different to BIG BEN.


There is a time and place to be stern with all you miserable bastards who contribute at best to global warming with all your hot air.


Again, at best that is.


The Mossad of course expected immediately following the Yalta Conference where Roosevelt, Churchill and Stalin agreed to lay the ground work for the Bosnian ethnic cleansing civil war that DAAC President Bill “DeBeers-Rhodes Scholar” Clinton played his part just perfectly, for Roosevelt to meet with the DAAC’s Ibn Saud on board a US battleship.

Israel has never experienced a shortage of oil to fuel either its superior equipped fighter jets or navy battle ships or tanks beginning to mass on all of Israel’s borders.


The Mossad did not need to wait for the movie Crude Awakening before realizing that Israel did not need to own a single oil well in order to ensure that it will not be the last nation on earth to run out of fuel for its fighter jets or nuclear powered submarines helping prevent another Cole disaster although you would agree that an oil supertanker, a sitting duck, going down would be the equivalent of Al Quaida or Israel launching an attack on the oil fields of Saudi Arabia that in the next instant will paralyze the U.S. economy which would have zero negative impact on the economy of either Israel or any of its neighbors.


The Mossad know that Israel does not need for its “regular” military made up mostly of civilians to get “up to speed” given how its Special Forces don’t ever take a day off not even on the Sabbath Day.


The Mossad did not need to read Chapter 9, DIAMONDS FOR HITLER, subtitle THE SECRET WAR REPORT OF THE OSS/CIA to know that President Franklin D. Roosevelt needed permission from the DAAC on everything he did besides for perhaps when deciding which leg to place first in his trousers.


So here you are once again trying to waste my time on extraneous so very outdated material one day before September 14, 2007, the 5th anniversary of the monster BIG BEN sending me this “error email that inevitable backfired big time in his so ugly growl face forcing this so evil, so lying son-of-a-bitch of ugly bitches some 6 weeks later to declare loudly in Superior Court Courtroom 25 before Judge Hendrix that the “culprit” was his 13-year old daughter Danielle who had somehow sat down at his computer, placed my email address in the “send” box and so carefully “worded” the letters “Re:  RE:” in the subject line without anything in the text and of course no follow up to let me know of the inadvertent mistake coming some 3 days after BIG BEN had perjured himself when filing “under oath” a baseless criminal complaint against me highly suggestive of rape.


And of course Danielle may still think there was nothing wrong with BIG BEN now paying for her college schooling “using” her name to cover up.


You of course also recall that BIG BEN was back on September 14th, 2002 desperately pulling out all stops to get me to “overreact” given how by this time with his X wife, my wife Marie Dion Gevisser not going along with his demand, “You either become my co-dependant or lose both children” but because he had already spent a lifetime too busy keeping track of his lies from day one and had not been caught, thought nothing following sending me that “error” email which was in violation of the fraudulently obtained Temporary Restraining Order he had received to get both the FBI and Detective Richard Steele of the San Diego Police Department to visit with me with the single purpose to further intimidate.


You of course also recall that I didn’t get off a boat just yesterday and had the presence of mind to show both gentleman who showed up unannounced at the front door of the Cave located at 357 Parish Lane, Del Mar, California 92014 that “error” communiqué that caused them both to take a very deep breath and without any one of us saying a single word, each one of us knew exactly what the other was thinking.


It is not a pleasant feeling when you are an officer of the law tasked with “maintaining law and order” – you remember how much we still pride ourselves on being “a nation of laws” - and not being paid very much to do a mostly thankless job to find that someone, just because they have money and a medical doctor’s license to PRACTICE medicine, can think it mighty fine to usurp their limited authority.


Neither the FBI agent whose name I don’t recall nor Detective Steele would ever have figured that BIG BEN would stoop so low in court to blame his 13 year old daughter who he built for her a second bedroom out of his master bedroom that wasn’t all that big to begin with in his big 3 level house kitty-corner across from Mr. King Golden Jr. Esq.bosom buddy” of DAAC master spy Roger W. Robinson whose name BIG BEN had blurted out for the first time just 3 days prior to filing that baseless criminal complaint on the first anniversary of 911.


Both Officers of the Law did, however, have no difficulty figuring that there was very obviously much more to this story that would allow someone as deranged as BIG BEN the extraordinary political clout to summon both an FBI Agent and a senior San Diego Police Detective to my front door for the purpose to intimidate.


You of course can also still work through any distraction I throw at you to perfectly understand that a physically weak lawyer-liar like President Franklin D. Roosevelt could also feel intimidated by the extraordinary political clout of the DAAC, the mafia of mafia, the special interest of special interest group who once deciding when vacationing 24/7 who to kill either literally or simply bankrupt using their unlimited supply of untraceable lightweight and never inventoried Diamond Currency then immediately proceed to fund their opposition granting this cartel of cartels who oversee the OPEC oil cartel immediate and absolute control of everyone and everything including you.


Apart from very trusted Israelis I have known a lifetime there are just 2 living things with a heartbeat that I trust empathically beginning with my wife, MDG and our dog Maggie.


Adam Tucker is getting “real close” given how he has so very brilliantly “taken on” his own miserable father who you remember fought in the Sinai during the 1973 Yom Kippur War where he was with an artillery unit simply protecting oil supply lines coming from Egypt feeding the Israeli army.


From: Adam Tucker <>
To: Mike Tucker <Dad>
Sent: Thursday, September 13, 2007 7:47:36 PM
Subject: Never Forget


I appreciate why you were saying that I should focus on putting money in my pocket instead of distracting myself with something that you don't believe is important because you don't think that it will change anything in our life time.

As a Hebrew school dropout, I still managed to learn the emphasis on the words "never forget", especially as it relates to the holocaust; but what I did fail to learn was why it happened. All I was shown was the end result of mans capacity to kill one another, but no one ever explained "WHY" the Holocaust was allowed to happen. Which parallels the thinking that I applied when I was suggesting that you explain "why" to Jeremy when possible. Just like you always use to tell me, "I can't fix your problem unless you tell me what's wrong?" How can someone learn from someone else's mistakes if the real lessons are never taught. You understood today, for the first time, what Roosevelt was telling those listening, when he sent the S.S. Louis and its 937 Jewish passengers back to be slaughtered. Why should an ex-Israeli soldier and learned Jew not know why his government let him down. What saddens me most is that you were not surprised why Roosevelt did what he did considering the climate of the world at that time... and at this time... and during your great grand children's time. Unless we learn what we should "Never Forget".

The old saying, "hindsight is 20/20" is founded on the principle that the passage of time allows for perspective. You were born at time too close, relative to WWII, for any lessons to be learned; just as you learned an important "why" today, which is an example of why it is never too late to learn.

The weight of the holocaust, for me, was the feeling of solitude; to have a whole world turn its back on the slaughtering of other human beings, and for what you agree is/was for Oil and diamonds? We are not teaching our children what we learned and how to avoid allowing this from happening. We are teaching them that we have learned nothing.

We are at the first period in time, which we can communicate with someone across the world in an instant and was never before possible. Communication is going to be impossible to sequester because the internet is ever changing and recreating itself as a self sustaining infrastructure which cannot at this point be stopped without really shocking/waking people.

The following is the last paragraph of "The Diamond Invention"; (

        The diamond invention is neither eternal nor self-perpetuating. It survived for the past half century because two critical         conditions were satisfied: the production of diamonds from the world's mines was kept in balance with world                         consumption; and the public refrained from attempting to sell its inventory back onto the market. De Beers satisfied the         first of these conditions by owning and controlling the major sources of diamonds and the second of these conditions by         fostering the illusion in the publics' mind that diamonds are forever. Both achievements may prove to be temporary                 phenomena. The diamond craze of the twentieth century could end as abruptly as the tulip mania of the eighteenth                 century. Under these circumstances, the diamond invention will disintegrate and be remembered only as a historical                 curiosity, as brilliant in its way as the glittering, brittle, little stones it once made so valuable.

Everything starts with a single idea and a first step.

Thanks to the Hoffmans, I don't have a fire in my gut to conquer the world. I am content with living and learning about myself and the world. Since my family has proven that money doesn't equal happiness, I am happy for the opportunity to take the "$" out of my definition of $ucce$$, and redefine it based upon my ability to leave the world better than when I arrived.

Julia says that this email sounds aggressive, so I want to make a point of saying that I am just trying to have an honest dialogue about something that is important to me.


I was not born yesterday and I also know that my time remaining is less than the 50 years I have been around, considerably so.


Unlike you and most miserable selfish bastards doing a wonderful job in preparing yourselves to replenish animal life in the oceans starting out of course returning as shellfish, I look forward to once again meeting up with both my Mutik Pypeetoe and G-d/God whose vengeance you are already feeling.


Not to mention Gold last trading at  US$714.00, the epic non-reversible collapse of the DAAC’s House of Saud capital and financial markets fully underway and why President George W. Bush may need for me following a walk with Maggie to suggest to him that he convene a meeting of his cabinet in the Situation Room of the White House to examine carefully the transcripts of the phone communications between President Roosevelt and Churchill prior to Roosevelt announcing to the world that the DAAC were not “playing ball”.


Also remembering how very well briefed has Ami Ayalon been his entire most stellar military career, only assumes his “Minister without portfolio” power-position in Israel’s military high-command “following the High Holy days


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From: John K. Pollard Jr. []
Sent: Thursday, September 13, 2007 11:02 PM
To: Gary S. Gevisser
Subject: pasting fodder










A Secret Time Bomb Made of Gold

THE VOLATILITY SEEN THIS QUARTER IN the stock and credit markets may be new to younger investors. But there is something lurking out there that can make things really dicey.

A little-known fountain of free money called the "gold carry trade" is in danger of drying up. And if it does, then markets from gold to bonds and even stocks can be in for a wild ride.

Before even explaining what the gold carry trade entails, let me first say that its demise has been forecast for nearly a decade. In researching this topic, I found articles as far back as 1998 looking for an explosion in gold prices and commensurate damage to other markets, if not the economy. In other words, this is a story that is as old as Methuselah.

But with a sinking dollar, soaring commodities, and several diverse technical conditions on the charts, the dynamics are coming together to make the end of the gold carry trade a lot closer to reality than ever before.

The gold carry trade is similar to the yen carry trade, which has been a hot topic in the markets this year. Basically, money is borrowed from one source at a low interest rate and invested elsewhere at a higher rate. As long as relevant exchange rates and asset prices remain stable, a profit is made with little effort.

Central banks are sitting on huge supplies of gold that earn them no interest and cost them money just to store securely. To earn a little revenue on these static assets, they loan their gold to banks, called buillon banks, at a ridiculously low interest rate on the order of 1%.

The banks turn around and sell the gold in the market, typically in the London bullion market, and invest the proceeds in a higher-paying asset, such as long-term Treasury bonds. If bonds pay 4.6% then the banks earn an easy 3.6%.

The problem is that if the gold price starts to rise, profits can be wiped out or turned to losses. And in today's market, a falling dollar not only boosts gold prices but it also makes Treasury bonds less attractive to foreign investors. That reduces demand and weakens prices to create a potential double-edged sword for carry traders.

The banks, of course, realize this and hedge their gold sales by buying gold futures. According to Kevin Schweitzer, senior vice president with Hudson Securities, a firm that makes markets in gold stocks, the hedge is not perfect. If central banks call in their gold loans, the banks cannot wait for contract expiration to take delivery on the gold they purchased via their futures contracts. They have to pay back their loans right away and if gold prices are stable, there is no problem for the banks going into the physical market to buy back their gold.

However, if gold starts to rise quickly, the added demand from the banks to buy gold can exacerbate the rally causing what amounts to a mad dash for the metal. The market will respond with steeply higher prices, and Schweitzer sees this pushing gold to $850 by the end of the year.

All of this is fundamental in nature so let's examine the technicals a bit more. As the chart shows, gold peaked in May 2006 in what some labeled a speculative bubble. However, rather than falling quickly as burst bubbles portend, the market moved sideways for the next 15 months (see Chart 1).

Chart 1


Last month, gold broke out from that range to resume its bull market, moving quickly from 670 to 721 in just eight trading days. A 7.6% move in such a short period is a wake-up call for the carry traders.

Schweitzer also points out that open interest in gold futures, which measures the current size of bets made by futures traders, is 34% lower than it was last year at the presumed speculative price peak. In other words, the speculation present today is lower than it was the last time prices went up like they are now, and Schweitzer thinks that this gives the market a lot of room to the upside. Traders who buy momentum markets -- think Nasdaq in 1999 -- have not yet piled on.

Seasonally, gold is also entering one of the stronger parts of the year. Commercial players in the gold industry, the so-called smart money, are still buying and otherwise acting as if they expect prices to continue to rise (see Getting Technical, "Gold Stocks Are Precious Again," Sept. 10). Put it all together and the technicals support higher prices, short-term corrections excepted, and that will continue to pressure the gold carry trade.

What is the price that breaks the bank, so to speak? It is hard to say. But with so many factors conspiring to keep the rally going, it does look as if the carry trade is finally about to unwind. Banks that hold big short positions in gold are going to be very vulnerable. Investors sitting on a stash of Krugerrands or Maple Leafs will be a lot happier.

Also read Getting Technical, Sector