Subject: Risk Assessment





While “sum” [sic] may suggest that I should simply worry about the world's problems and let the Del Mar City Council do as they see fit it would mean given the fact that we have come up with a solution for solving all the problems of the world to make a whole lot of sense, agree?


But then that would have me playing the role of an Almighty SMART G-D who I think has the infinite wisdom to simply stop me in my tracks if I were to interfere with his plan to empower each of us so that we don’t feel the need to have rulers who make it their business to usurp their limited authority, instead to use rulers to simply draw straight lines, agree?


To repeat, in a nutshell, I detest those who derive great satisfaction in exceeding the limits of their small authority, i.e. evil does not come in the form of a pointed tail




Pitched fork.


Quite the decision at the 1999 “Business Weak” [sic] Chief Financial Officer [CFO] Conference in Phoenix, Arizona by SCAL [Shareholder Class Action Litigator] Bill Lerach Esq. to “go public” with something those of us in the “risk assessment” business have known a lifetime about the magnitude of corruption in the corporate world,


“Astonishingly, 67% of the Chief Executive Officers [CEO] of America’s largest corporations have acted on the larceny in their hearts while the remaining one third are very likely either in the denial




Resignation stage grabbing like me as much as they can out of the insurance carriers who play quite the game with keeping their combined ratios in the 100% range - by shifting reserves to offset income - playing the spread between in-coming premiums and out-going loss payouts - to effect the greatest tax benefit - until that is - the market turns with investment income out the window - big players like Reliance - Atlantic Mutual – Royal - Kemper etc – getting caught with their pants down incapable of writing enough premium to offset the wave of losses burgeoning in areas like medical malpractice, Workers compensation, malicious bedroom fraud, Directors and Offices [D&O] Liability, Asbestos and Pollution which they never truly contemplated for in their rates or policy wording, agree?


Furthermore, as a result of conditions here in the United States many of them went barreling overseas to capture the Euro-market just as the social systems there - which were previously offsetting the type of litigious liabilities we have here - were collapsing - causing loss ratios to escalate over 150% for previously profitable business like EL [Employees Liability] in places like the United Kingdom [check with Zena Rosland Ash Gevisser Zulman 011-44-1-984-6-24088], the Netherlands never to forget the Baltic States - which had traditionally been free money - and the greedy s o b's got burned big time, agree?


And of course 911 may not have helped the top three re-insurers who got initially hurt, taxpayer bailouts up the kazoo followed by the consolidation in the marketplace well illustrated in the “combined ratios” hyperlink helped up their rates taking a big chunk of premium out of the front line insurers - while the alternative market - off-shore captives etc - got a boost from the new Republican administration allowing them, thank G-D, more flexibility in holding premiums - investment income and loss reserves off shore with reduced tax liability - so more premium left the main stream insurers named above, agree?


Naturally this is all just my opinion, quite difficult to prove in a court of law how underwater the United States of America would be at this time were it not for the incredible delicate touch of our GREAT GREAT President the most honorable George W. Bush, agree?


But I bet Warren Buffet an advisor California’s Governor, a Kennedy clan insider, could with far more lucidity than a guy like me with a gorilla hairdo, agree?


But like me Warren “BO” Buffet is well equipped to talk out of both sides of his mouth, hampered somewhat these days by The Rattlesnake my using the likes of Mr. JRK of Finkelstein & Krinsk to do my bidding while Body Odor Buffet chooses to only talk to equally dumb audiences courtesy of our media puppets such as Michael Kinsman, Robert Lenzner, Christopher Byron et al” [sic]


So in many ways Lerach’s, “shot across the bow” some 5 odd years ago to the CEOs of public corporations was momentous at least to me a, “risk assessment” specialist, as Daren Krok who I have also never met calling me 3 times yesterday, first questioning my “mashuganah” [crazy] behavior towards his family, I am told rather well expressed in my broadcasted missive to my landlord, Jeff “Simple” Smith later in the day to mention little of the E-mail to a Norman Lazarus in September of last year that first stirred Darren’s juices, the 2 of us today seeing “eye to eye” which is not to suggest Rabbi Abner Weiss along with other religious leaders, Jewish, Christian, Roman Catholic, Muslim, agnostic, the most dangerous of course the communists who have failed to do their duty in standing up to evil each and every step of the way would be altogether opposed to the likes of Norman Lazarus pulling together another crusade going after anyone who supports my point of view, agree?


Lerach’s primarily target audience, however, is the insurance carriers who not only have the means to move cash in ways that would make someone like TU’s head spin in so many directions the carriers as well as TU so already overwhelmed that it makes sense for both the CEOs as well as the top dogs at the insurance carriers accountable pretty much only to themselves and the politicians who see the “writing on the wall” granting them tax loopholes ad-infinitum to sign up to this rather ingenious “green mail” approach i.e. pay me now however u choose, cash is king, just ask our buddy Ronald “The Finagle King” Perelman




Wait for the lawsuits to start flying out of control having your D&O reserving requirements push your combined ratios into the stratosphere, not that funny to c so many implode and why my buddy Bill Lerach Esq. had to be so incredibly convincing choosing ever so carefully a word like “astonishingly” to express his “horror”, agree?


Responses such as Jeff “Simple” Smith pitiful pleas for guidance helping me make sense to the world’s masses who ultimately foot the bill as more and more of our youth who r all our futures hit the pavements looking for exactly who sold them down the drain, poor excuses a thing of the past, agree?


Perhaps the colorful masses not willing to put up with the slowness of even the “fast track” justice system so overburdened by the distracting “chess games” of the ruling elite, agree?


Such rather devious tactics of the likes of highly sophisticated 1,000 pound gorillas such as Bill Lerach Esq. who at that annual Business Week get together of some 100 CFOs made the most of the dummying of not only Americans but the entire world by the “bought and paid 4” [sic] media leading to how it comes to pass that the Del Mar City Council in their infinite wisdom representing some of the most sophisticated worldly investors I know of other than my extraordinary mother Zena Rosland Ash Gevisser Zulman and my not altogether idiot of an uncle David Gevisser thought they could get away with railroading thru a property transfer tax without any consideration whatsoever given to the critical area of “risk assessment”, agree?


To mention little of uncle David, the executor of the estate of Charles Englehard and his piddly $6 million “initial down payment” in the early 1970s while the “media” promoted Mrs. “Took Over” Englehard as now running the business of the wealthiest individual on the planet who died possibly of an addiction to Coca Cola not exactly lost on me so well “home schooled” by Zena Gevisser playing her hand as the media had a field day with newspaper headlines such as “Zena flies to Jackie”, my rather tight lipped mother making off like a “band-id” [sic] after spending a week with Jackie O in Greece when the former first lady of the United States and Aristotle Onassis were married which is not to suggest that my mother had anything to do with Aristotle Onassis “agreeing” to Jacqueline Kennedy keeping his not exactly good name on her tombstone located next to John Kennedy in Arlington Cemetery, agree?


Not a single word, apparently, was spoken by either woman who on one occasion were in the same room during a rather intimate gathering to mention in passing as a number of people I know pass gas uncontrollably of Mr. Onassis while soon after the matrimony ceremonies “dispensed” with Jackie O for reasons mater feels r not worth repeating, agree?


Mr. Onassis’ friends seeing fit, however, blaming his lunacy in marrying Jackie Kennedy, providing protection as well as a measly $1 million in trust for each of her children while “in love” with Maria Callas on the unfortunate death of his son in a plane crash, to be ever so trusting of my extraordinary mother who equipped me from the earliest of age to most of all “stand up for your rights”, agree?


What goes around comes around but with a vengeance, never to forget Maurice Templeton the stooge of the South African Oppenheimer family filling up the coffers of the kids of President John and Jacqueline Kennedy so that in the event they were to recall events they would remain mute, to mention little of John and Jacqueline Kennedy being rather intimate with Charles Engelhard the rather significant American partner in The Diamond Invention, agree?


So when exactly will the Del Mar City Council also call for our citizens to rethink either removing the white cross of Robert F. Kennedy the former Attorney General of the United States that stands so prominently in our most cherished military cemetery in Arlington, Virginia




Simply call for demolishing the wall behind that has words engraved suggesting this “sell out” of “sell outs” stood “soldier to shoulder” [sic] with the downtrodden Black peoples of South Africa as the likes of J. Edgar Hoover the head of FBI “cashed in their chips”, the Kennedy clan so indebted to “special interests” as the Black peoples of South Africa had to “grin and bear” while keeping The Diamond Invention not only alive and very profitable but in their shame for having been conned all this time the weight of the large monkey on their backs increasing with time, time slowing down as those in touch with the heartbeat of the universe speed things up a little, agree?


Thanks to the Digital Age, a G-D-Send, the next generation of Blacks within moments in the space of time, time only relative to mankind, so incredibly unkind to Mother Earth, G-D-Nature, of going thru a “reversal”, Manager Minute One being spread throughout the planet at light speed leaving the next generation of blacks, whites, pinks, reds, yellows, blues, indigoes, etcetera etcetera not so “accommodating to Lilly White Wheaty Eaters and their stooges who have a habit of “turning a blind eye” to evil when it affects the lining of their pocket books, agree?


The content of a human being’s character when combined with the colorful array of peoples congregating all over the world sick to death of religious leaders so in bed with stinky politicians to mention little of how the accumulation of all different colored monies from all over the world, so threatening to the ruling elite, agree?


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