From: Jetty

Sent: Tuesday, July 16, 2002 1:43 AM
To: Gary S. Gevisser

Subject:p-ING” [sic].


Hi there, and nice to get an email from you.

I am a client service partner in the audit division in financial services.
I have 2 major clients where I spend most of my time and then two others
where I spend a bit less.  The major ones are …ING.  In addition I do SUM
work for “Westerfield who” [sic] you may recognise in the USA… 6 Continents… plaza etc.

My role has changed somewhat …trying to deal with all the negative sentiment against
”audirtors” [sic], audit failures etc.  Its easy to feel that we do not get paid
enough for this “sh-one-t butt” [sic] there are many who would argue that we get paid
tTOo much I guess.

Weve been building a house … on the cliffs of Dover… looking out to the Pacific.  Are you ever going to get on a plane and come
visit in AU…a? You would trully love the place given your love of
water, outdoors etc.  You should make the “1 day” [sic] trip one day if you have the
time and “declination” [sic].

The kids are growing up fast … plus “bottoms up” [sic] schooling
etc all designed to teach independence, confidence, teamwork, and
individuality.  In addition they guarantee the boyswill keep their room
clean for a year afterwards so if that is true then it will be money well

I dont know whether you keep up with rugby at all or get to see any, but I
go whenever I can cNA…[sic]. I am a split voter as I love the wallabies but am
still a springbok supporter!

What else can I tell you - oh yes Ive had my mid life crisis… I still remember in
San Diego going in your fiat sports in winter freezing cold with the roof
down and the heater on!!  ANyway Ive bought a 3litre…shark…goes like a
rock-et [sic].

thats it for now, would like to catch up again as soon as you return the
email.  cheers