From: Gary S. Gevisser

Sent: Monday, September 02, 2002 7:57 PM
To: Patti. Smith, secretary to South Africa’s Minister of Finance, and a member of the “
cNA” [sic].
Subject: Call to arms, leading with our wh--r-ites.



Attention: Mr. Trevor Manuel.


Dear Mr. Manuel,


I’m glad that you at least made it back from your trip back east…“sum yen” [sic] although I am not sure what currency they use in Singapore…


I am also interested in seeing the flurry of electronic wire transfers that emanate from those shores both prior to and immediately following a large currency move, different and apart from the “vowel movements”…you might experience when listening to Eminem. Do you like M & Ms? There are these chocolates with peanut butter on the inside with the outside shaped like the shell of a peanut that I used to love. They were called Knuts and were made by Beacon, a South African company. Despite its success with folks like myself it never, however, caught on with the American public. Some blamed the name. What’s in a name … Never judge a book by its cover unless you have radar vision.


Do you know what the going rate is on “slotting fees” in South African supermarkets these days? Mr. Minister this is important stuff, certainly as important as getting your assistant to help you make it to the train on time.


I don’t know who is preparing your briefs these days... You know the expression “horses for courses” although you realize that it is the jockeys who hold most of the cards, who are the ones more likely to play it “fast and loose” and yet when a horse goes down most of our concern is with the jockey who at a minimum had to understand somewhat of the odds, wouldn’t you agree?


I’m assuming and then I promise not to assume anything any more in this email that you asked the authorities who manage the affairs of South Africa’s trading partners to provide you with the “before” and “after” pictures, i.e. the balance sheets of those companies doing business with South Africa at the time of the “run” on the South African Rand.


…Where would someone with your qualifications even begin to know who to ask let alone come up with the right wording? By the way my Dad isn’t going anywhere right now. He is recovering from heart surgery. This picture was taken soon after he underwent bypass surgery+++. Also don’t even think of arresting my father for exchange control violations for it is unlikely you will find a more honest white South African. I have no idea where he got those orange “py-j-amas” [sic], certainly not even my dog Pypeetoe would have approved…


I would always kid my dad about his color coordination often mixing his colors to mention in passing the importance of shape, value and color in every painting


Clearly my father had good “jeans” [sic] and unless someone stops the flow of oxygen to his brain…


Mr. Minister as you may recall I am someone that can kid around a lot but when I mean business I mean business. I am taking you on this rather long journey in order to get you acclimatized…?


Twice I “se-condored” the guy second from the left in that 50 mile-s event which once had me going down a 20 ft embankment after I fell asleep on my motorcycle. My task on these two “miracle missions” were quite different to the operations my father flew as back up to perhaps the greatest South African fighter-bomber pilot during WW II. Certainly, few Jewish pilots who flew alongside Sid Cohen…”


My father was never one to use superlatives in his praise of anyone and it was very rare that he would ever criticize anyone. Trust me though when I tell you that my father was “DNA well and above average fighter-bomber” [sic] pilot although he did not fly in 1948. After his 71st mission on April 15th 1945 he was recalled back to South Africa for his mother was now dying. He was only 21 at the time, the same age he granted me my “wings” to travel to America, the land of the free and not so brave. He did, however, accompany me to Chicago staying with me just long enough that there would be no time for tears, leaving me though with his logbooks and his wings.


Later we found out that taking too much salt while running can create problems of their own… his mother on-c-e could say has already paid with her life. A few years back she was eaten by a lion while vacationing...


How many well-to-do whites do you know vacation in Natal of all places? Again, I doubt you visit Mr. Buthelezi’s neck..


We know from Einstein’s theory for every action there is light at the end of the rainbow and those sitting their waiting for it to happen generally have a heads up, i.e. for action there is an equal and opposite reaction. In other words, how did “you-r” [sic] elite board members know how to balance…?


I didn’t notice any analysis along these lines in the commission you folks set up to investigate those who played pong recently with the few remaining assets “let… cancel all forward contracts of precious metals?


Okay, I promise, that will be the last assumption I hope to make with you ever unless you tell me otherwise. If I break my rule you have my permission to hit the delete button. Before you do so may I suggest though, you do a “find and search” on the word “Gevisser” and then have my uncle, David Gevisser, fill in any of your blanks. I think Patti is terrific but she is no match for the strikes I am about to throw your way….


On the other hand, David Gevisser’s son, Mark Gevisser, although president Mbeki’s storyteller has a ways to go before measuring up to his father’s ability to remain, just like many of the other whites, still standing. In other words, I would value Patti’s interpretation of what I am writing before “cow-towing” [sic] to my father’s cousin’s son who I have only squared off once before and I knocked him out cold….


Our more recent points of intersection… The question that raced through my mind as you rushed to the airport the other morning was whether you were in a position to give of your “best efforts” given the sharks circling your hindquarters. This last hyperlink requires not only imagination but some good “Jew diligence” [sic] on your part. Suffice to say though that this not-altogether-little project caused me to run afoul of my luk. It is my experience that people who are constantly rushing not only make mistakes as in “rush to judgment” butt they are normally dancing to someone else’s tune. ..


Back in the summer of 1999 about 4 years after we first met and no doubt after the South African government under your “tutor ledge” had gone overboard and wasted away millions of dollars trying to set South Africa up as “An investment destination” I was beginning my own little crusade to bring balance in to the marketplace taking on one of the biggest if not the biggest crooks on Wall Street. Please correct me if anything I have stated above is incorrect. My source here was…


The Revlon Make Up chess game began with a very straightforward posting on the Internet back on June 10th 1999 and ended on November 4th, 1999 with a letter to a Ms. Grant one of the “Group of 9” analysts who were covering Revlon which was by this time a rather overdone Make Up company. The cartoon, however, said it best, wouldn’t you agree?


Mr. Minister you could say that I spearheaded this little effort that resulted in my being the first to announce to the world that justice was finally going to be served and make no mistake I have been dishing it out to Ronald “The Pig Head Finagle King of the World” Perelman ever since. He has a middle initial “O” which stands for “O Ring.”


Ms. Grant and her ailing analysts at first ignored me butt…Butt I have a way of “brining things around” [sic], you just have to be a little patient. In the interests of making things straightforward you can simply click on to what I refer to as my bio-graph. Since I am a little young to be writing my own autobiography it hasn’t stopped me however, from at least getting on the right path as opposed to folks like your boss who need others like my cousin to make sense of his idiocy.


By the way I subscribe to the "notation" [sic] that Black people are superior to whites pound for pound including being superior in the brain category. I will at sum later point get into why “on average” Black folks don’t score that well on “Bell Shaped Curve” IQ tests which in part has to do with who is in fact delivering the shots, i.e. bigger guns. What I have, however, yet to figure out is why the masses of Blacks keep electing leaders who have to be sum of the dumbest folks to have walked this planet. Whenever I see a Black leader starting to speak I am constantly looking to see if there is any dead give aways like Matza Ball soup on their tie and shirt.


I remember growing up there was this Zulman family from Durban that used to have Buthelezi, the Zulu tribe leader often to their home for dinner. Now I have this from a rather reliable source. First, my stepfather is related to this family. He happens to be their first cousin and his last name coincidentally is Zulman. Second, I happened to be friendly with the kids and they are terrific kids…,Remember they tTOo may provide you with a “safe harbor provision” [sic] provided of course you give them a free pass.


That card I am told was “quiet meaningful” [sic] at one time although God knows how many of us ran copies of it and sold them to our buddies who still have pretty much the same cleaning staff who do the dishes while rubbing your faces in with the dog feces, well if not literally you got the figuring, “write” [sic]? I had in one of my earlier emails made reference to this one buddy of ours that could be responsible for the entire recent collapse in shareholder confidence in publicly traded companies the result of him having run a rather “dna” [sic] unsophisticated scheme of bribing the printing staff at the University which I attended to print off an extra copy for him. At least he used a local tearoom to run off multiple copies, ipsofacto trickle down economics, i.e. “Laughing Curve” [sic]. [To help with the DNA stuff the following equation should be useful: EmanANDdog=GodDNAname.]


For all I know he could have expanded his business into every other discipline although I don’t think he had thought it would have much export potential, at least here in the States. For one thing I was already here and more importantly I had figured out a much more “effiscient” [sic] way to get the exam papers, i.e. I simply offered the professors an “advisory board” position in my “offshore e-stor” group of companies with payments “off balance sh-one-eet.”


By the way Mr. Minister, the kids here in the States also lie, steal and cheat including those who attend the University of Virginia Law School… Look the English have their Etons which supply their Oxfords who then give it to the black masses in Africa in the shorts after making a deposit for their despot leaders in Switzerland and of course I am sure the folks in Singapore have the same nominee bank account system that has worked for “ions”… I even read something about European prostitutes having made their way to Johannesburg.


By the way, I have yet to set up or own an offshore company. In fact I have only operated as a sole proprietor, been a “sol” [sic] provider since age 17 and for the past decade while being “unEm-Pl-a-yable” the sole coffee maker. I am now though looking for work…


Is it not possible that Buthelezi wasn’t the only African leader fed unadulterated nonsense which combined with chicken soup stuff with the hard kinadle matzah balls is tantamount to having a fist thrown down one’s throat while the rest of the group seated around the table did their Friday night service paying homage to their “dog-s” [sic] as kitchen servants fed the animals food fit for a king which had been carefully separated from the courses being served to everyone seated next to King Buthelezi which had been meticulously spat on, held above their farts, spiked with pork mixed, however, with “moc crayfish” [sic]?


Jewish people who “keep kosher” love this “pink stuff” that makes them think “dirty” all while being so incredibly dull and boring, hypocrites to boot. Then after dinner they go and make love through the sheets. In our home we used to watch “blue movies” like Midnight Cowboy, To Sir with love on white sheets pinned on to the curtains. My eldest brother once lit the curtains in my other cousins’ house in Lusaka, Zambia which later the Chinese bought for a song. Today he is a poet, a song writer and a recording artist. Life was great growing up with not a care in the world other than getting caught by “tTOo byte cops” [sic].


Were it not so tragic it was incredibly hilarious seeing the mixture of art, human nature constantly at odds with broken light bulbs the only record of events, and of course in you believe in God then he might have downloaded the data in real time having already figured out that the speed of light speeds up in a vaccum, tubes to boot, Love that Pink Lipstick Mr. “Finagle King” Perelman?…


Mr. Minister, may I suggest that you stay tuned to this Perfect Storm III. During the month of September multiple depositions are calendared to access in greater detail Revlon Corporation’s relation with and the providing of free goods to various mass merchandisers. A point of light, is that it appears at first blush that Wal-Mart had the courage to say no to this illegal practice that has been apparently common pace for these happy go lucky “good news” folks that run the evil empire I now call the “Fluff House.”



Now of course if you happen to be over in the English countryside and want to stop over at the Ccrest café that would also be great. In fact we might even have room for you. And if you have your favorite dish then the staff might have a shot at it..


As a kid I just use to lap it all up waiting for the fireworks to begin. Watching as the conversations moved back and forth between the sublime, subliminal to eventually when all hell would break loose when folks who are used to having it all their way suddenly run out of things to say. I cannot remember once there being a quintet time during any meal I had at home or at any one of my friends where there was silence simply enjoying the moment and giving thanks quietly. The distractions were all so important in terms of everyone putting up a front knowing full well that there were no logical rationale-s for tolerating the situation other than that of “survival” i.e. survival of the fittest, those with might, with nothing whatsoever to do with that which was right.


As the folks got older they would start opening their mouths more and more, slurping, nostrils flaring, and there was always the spitting, the salt over the shoulder, the 3 spits, when saying something even slightly disdain.


I bided my time to start spitting. Just page down slowly, 32 frames per second.


One buddy of mine who later went to work for Mark Rich in Zug, Switzerland once stole a bottle of juice and when he got caught he got quite a smack from his father who was understandably very upset. Now although this family are related to the “Zulman-Boothalazy” [sic] clan I don’t know that my friend’s father would be in a position to claim damages for losing it with son based on what he might have been fed. My mother told me if it had been me she would have left it to the “authorities… and if that meant going to jail so be it.”


Growing up in South Africa things were very clear. It was either Black or white unless it was your child who got caught.


Not included in this bio… is a deal I hammered out back in 1998 during the World Cup in France after dinner at one of Paris’ better restaurants when negotiations began in earnest with one of Rupert Murdoch’s finest. To make sure I didn’t miss anything I had our lawyer in northern California vet the deal since it was only late afternoon her time…


I was “spearheading” the deal on behalf of the folks who not only understood the game and politics of soccer but more importantly how the “game” is one and lost. It is all about what is occurring in negative space. Naturally if you header the ball “you” [sic] wrong, you end up with splattered egg for a brain, wouldn’t you agree? So did you play rugby or soccer growing up, certainly it seems you learnt NextTOo nothing on the streets. I never really liked that term “spearheading” just like I have a problem with anyone who spears fishes. It just doesn’t seem to be very sporting. Basically, it is all a con game, a shell game mind you but instead of the dexterity of the hand you simply maneuver your prey in to trusting you so that you can get up close and then be ever so manly and pull the trigger.


I believe in telegraphing my punches and more importantly putting all my cards on the table.


Fortunately, the wine was good, perhaps though not as good as the wine we had tasted the previous day at the adidas suite where I impressed “Murdoch’s finest” with the things that were important to me, “ok posters” to bring back to “my knockout Jonathan” who was the star performer on his Del Mar soccer league team who eventually got fed up when the coach started to act more than him like a clown. Murdoch’s non-family heir apparent was not only a lawyer butt his father was also a lawyer whose close ties with Murdoch went back to the year dot. There was very little joking in my hotel room although someone was looking over my should… I was dealt more than my share of jokers which I could have used with “dive stating” [sic] effect had my partners not been so enlightened and overruled my gut instincts.


At the time of our negotiations Murdoch was having a few problems getting even the English conservatives to go along with his plans to own the world and of course he who doesn’t have a hand in soccer is simply playing pong. Naturally, you now know having crisscrossed the globe a far cry from Cato manor although had you known those parts as well as me you would know how to have better dealt with me, i.e. “he who controls water… steals the money.” So who has been stealing the treasury on your watch?


During a couple of hours of back and forth, ying, yanging, “zigging and zagging” and winging my way through a rather elaborate joint venture agreement that included a rather technical technology development agreement with provisions up the kazoo for what was expected of each of the parties I began to focus on just one provision that would kick in should Murdoch’s team which had clearly proven itself technically competent failed to perform; a provision which contained the words “best efforts” which comprised the extent of my personal contribution to this rather elaborate agreement.


As I am sure you are aware Mr. Manuel, JVs are quite difficult to pull off given the fact that one has to be clear upfront how and under what circumstances the JV would be dissolved. It is one thing to divorce a wife, even more difficult to break up a business partnership but a joint venture involving corporate entities let alone foreign corporate entities requires the wisdom of Solomon and the patience of Job. “Best efforts” seemed to me a standard anyone in the world would understand and so I drew my line in the sand.


Once I am done with this email I will be sending another email to a bunch of lawyers in Los Angeles who are yanking the chain of the widow of one of my former clients who recently passed away. He was an entrepreneur’s entrepreneur always willing to step up to the plate especially if it involved a “David and Goliath” battle….


Have you ever visited “Moei River” [sic] where the breeze says it all? I somehow doubt you have done much surfing in your time although I hope you will prove me wrong on all counts and that you are not only sporting but more importantly you have the intestinal fortitude to shape up.


“Murdoch’s finest”, however, had the last word and “best efforts” was taken out of the final agreement, “because Gary ‘best efforts’ have been interpreted by American courts to be ‘anything short of bankrupting the company.’” I was not aware of this at the time and thought to myself prior to being enlightened that finally the American justice system had got it right; that if it could be proven that a party had failed to provide its ‘best efforts’ then it should be forced to give up everything including their first born.


Why should a child, especially a first born, be subjected to parents who are hypocrites who haven’t yet first worked out who they are all about before replicating themselves like they were Mrs. Fields cookies? Are you aware of where you-r kids visit the so-called “negative spaces” on the Internet? What about the negativity you pick up each day as you go about your ridiculous routines?


Murdoch’s finest had in fact lost a child and it may have been his first-born and so I backed down. Later we found out through a series of serendipitous connections that our JV partners were trying to do develop a competing technology... This was only the second time I can recall ever advocating a lawsuit having managed to line up the very best of lawyers in the land ready to take on the Fox boys on a full contingency deal. To his credit my one partner, an athlete par excellence with a great mind to boot read me the “riot act” without ever raising his voice, “Gary, what goes around comes around.”


Recently I entered into an agreement with another partner of mine to purchase a judgment he received in the only other lawsuit I have ever advocated. Only twice have I ever been a plaintiff in a lawsuit and on both occasions it was simply to prove a point or tTOo. [Became a defendant for the first time in a lawsuit filed September 11th 2002. I have never been more than 5’ 8 ½” and never have I weighed above 150 pounds.] The numbers involved are quite inconsequential, certainly to me even though I have given away the vast majority of my world wide earnings going back to the year dot. I really only started making a living when I came to America back in 1978. In fact I forgave a rather “relatively” fair sized debt to “crazy David” that stemmed from the work I did for him and his partners when you and I first met back in 1995.


Mr. Manuel click on below to get a picture of the gift I received …making certain that everything stacks up right from the start, white lies to boot all the way back to “Tim-pucktu” [sic]. To Mr. Vidal’s credit he has the best team ever assembled by man, mostly they have “wonder woman” that keeps them focused not simply on the straight and narrow but how to line up ducks, as in 123, simple and Oh so smart.


Mr. Manuel, I have observed very keenly recent events in South Africa, particularly the slide of the Rand; its modest recovery nothing butt a smoke screen. I have spent most of my career ferreting out corporate fraud and more recently in the public arena, specifically in the area commonly known in the United States as Shareholder Class Action Litigation which I term SCAL.


One is always better off sniffing out foul air by starting at the lower of ground level or wherever the toilets are located. One can learn everything there is to know about the culture of company by how well the janitor is appreciated, the hot air rising being met by the cold so much so that one doesn’t necessarily need to reach the top executive suites to find out where the rot begins and how severe the storm clouds. There is the Greek expression that the Fish Rots From the Head Down; it all comes out in the bottom.


There is a term of art in the accounting world that says one should value assets at the lower of cost or market. The stock markets around the world are in a state of collapse and this will continue indefinitely until one of two things occur. The first is that publicly traded companies are valued at no more than private companies where there are better controls or second, if there is simply a worldwide revolution which causes the masses to stay home, when Chaos Theory goes topsy turvy, eventually though the curves all flatten out just like what happens at the end of a storm; those on land not as safe as those who have managed to paddle out to sea.


I believe that to avoid a whacking it is important that the decline in the stock markets be controlled so as not to create unnecessary panic. The “smart money” is in fact “staying home.” Just like if you were to find out that Starbucks have not only rigged the world coffee markets but had bought up their competitors across the street just keeping the same names you might decide to make your own cappuccino grande saving yourself close to $3 after taking into account the cost of raw materials and depreciation “Jew to wear and tear” [sic]. And considering how long one waits in line even if one were to value one’s time at say $63,000 per hour you might still be better off doing it yourself to mention in passing all the germs that get passed from one customer to the other as coins are exchanged. On the other hand the passing of germs may in fact build up each of our immune systems.


In other words when a person holds up a say a 7 Eleven which is a popular strip center convenient store chain that person should perhaps be given sum leniency for at least leaving a germ or tTOo behind versus the folks who steal billions at the switch of a button, most often though they have someone else pulling that trigger. Justice as you may have guessed being all cooped up in your high class digs is in the eye of the beholder, getting the folks with the votes to stick it to the folks who are already myopic, shell shocked from having to deal with the piddly stuff such as doing the household chores, the errands etc. 


The point is that whichever way you slice it a world wide recession of epic proportions has already begun and again, the “smart money” knows it. Only the institutions like CALPERS [California’s pension fund for retirees] which are simply extensions of political action committees commonly known as PACS where one hand scratches the other, are staying busy right now not knowing what else to do butt to play pong.


SCALLYs, by the way is an acronym I coined for Shareholder Class Action Lawsuits Litigators who look first to the sharp angle of decline in a company’s stock price before deciding to make a “run at it” the storms that is, or whether to run away from it. Just like Tornado trackers these folks like to get up close where there is the possibility of picking up scraps as the tornado whips up “whets left” [sic] of the carnage and if the storm is tTOo out of control then they simply duck for cover under a bridge which in the Perfect Storm will offer little “safe heaven” [sic] for anyone.


At the end of the day the biggest crooks get away with much more than “murder” for they steal the spirit of the people, their imagination. It is perhaps those who have had the most “selective memory” over the years who become the most susceptible to degenerative diseases although this one might be more difficult right now for me to prove than what Professors Kelly and Price are now digesting.


Not even the 1000 pound gorilla law firm of “Milberg Weiss Bershad Hynes and Leroach” [sic] with Bill Lerach being the “Chief Whip” would touch the Revlon “model baby” given Mr. Perelman’s strong alliances within the Democratic Party and you will remember no doubt that Mr. Clinton was their “Chief Whipping boy.”


Who exactly Mr. Clinton was working for is really a question I will be posing to him and others in the course of the next several weeks but it is very much the same sort of question that the South African masses may soon ask of you, i.e. Mr. Manuel what did you know and when did you know it?


When I left South Africa in 1978 approximately 4 companies controlled something like 85% of the value of the Johannesburg Stock Exchange and in all likelihood were responsible for about the same percentage of Gross Domestic Product, pretty much what I would have expected the numbers to be when you folks took over in and around 1993. Today though it is a much blurrier picture, wouldn’t you agree?


In late December of 1993 I did an assignment for a rather unique couple. Each party came into the marriage rather wealthy. The gentleman was unquestionably a multi-billionaire but in fact his wife may have been richer. Certainly, its very possible that she had more liquid assets under her belt having made her way from South America where she was at one time married to … And yes did she have a mouth perhaps as big a mouth as Linda Wachner who took over Warnaco in 1986 a decade before Ms. M. Stewart, Martha that is, not to be confused with my travel companion who is also a “Ms. M. Stewart” joined the board of Revlon….out Linda Wachner was something about her “thighs-bones” [sic].


In time you will see Mr. Manuel that I do a pretty good job of connecting up the dots but right now you will simply have to continue to bear with me. Of course you could hit the delete button; butt then again I doubt you will...


Please understand that I see nothing wrong with marriages of convenience. In fact it is my goal to make things more convenient for everyone including yourself. God knows you still want a home to come to after the wee hours of the morning. And even if you don’t have aspirations for the top spot certainly you wouldn’t want to deprive your children to be the best that they can be. Certainly you would agree that by you having a good self image it will enable them to stand taller, less ridiculing at school and whathaveyou.


Quite frankly based on some of my own experiences with Jewish people… It just so happens that my experiences with Jewish people are no different to my experiences with any group of people who are allowed to play things fast and loose.


It is all in the parenting, knowing how to address the wrongs of the past, more importantly not to make a big deal about how kids dress since not only is fashion in the eye of the beholder butt if past generations got it right how come the world is in more chaos today than at any time in history; certainly the risks of us all being contaminated by one bomb burst is greater than it has ever been to mention just in passing how the Nile is beginning to spread its banks, dams one of the most stupid inventions of man.


On the other hand it was the dams that were built in the United States that powered the industrial machine which helped defeat Hitler to mention little of their contributions to heavy water, heavy metal, though, a better way to forge ties, notes to keep us afloat, better yet that we should choose our words very carefully so much so that we find our balance.


Band-Aid solutions are not going to cut it. Fresh sea water our only hope to combat the ills of the past. Our future will soon be in the hands of the youth, those who surf as well as those who “serf the Internet” [sic].


My assignment with this rather interesting couple was to try and make sense of the media frenzy that had gripped the publishing world in their quest to make the most of their assets as the “last quarter mile of the superhighway” got connected. The numbers, however, simply didn’t add up and back then I wasn’t even thinking “wireless connections” which is what I am using today to send you this email. My analysis included in part, “… Management in their efforts to obfuscate their own non-stellar performance oftentimes engage in mergers-divestitures in such a way that within a matter of quarters comparative analysis is all butt impossible and the more synergistic the units the more amorphous the comparative analysis…” [sic]


One didn’t need to use flowery language with either member of this partnership and both were above average in intelligence, although at times I had my doubts about the wife who used “bandids” [sic] on her face to keep the wrinkles from spreading. The husband though was the first to get it right though especially when he said, “The only thing people want in entertainment is tits and ass.”


No one Mr. Manuel wants to be seen as being an ass although for some reason many have a thing about shows like Jerry Springer who simply “kick ass” while the executives “kiss ass” of those that control the media. And it is not the Jews who control the purse strings although every so often you come across a name like Tisch although I have no idea even if he was barmitvahed but who cares what religion someone wears on their lapels since they can be so easily removed at will which is really where the “rubber meats the toad” [sic], wouldn’t you agree? [I just got a mountain rock cabin where a particular toad is endangered.]


Most of “the” [sic] goyim, the anti-Semites like Ted Turner are smart enough to hire Jews who are dumb enough to take it “up the ass” i.e. folks like Larry “Bird brain” King. Now how do I know for certain Ted Turner is an “anti-Semite” well for starters I know one of his girlfriends of many years and second what the hell does “anti-Semite” mean anyway? I have been called that and worse.


Over the years, however, I have developed unique tools and strategies to give folks a leg up on all these “kiss and kick ass” folks, working from the bottom up and right to left with a few jabs thrown in here and there for good measure. Those of us with large noses should know better than others the benefits of keeping our noses clean; for one thing it allows one to breath in the aromas of the flowery things as well as sniff out the rot.


By early June of 1999 when I realized that I couldn’t move the mountain where the 1000-pound gorilla lay perched I decided to create enough of a magnetic field that would attract other SCALLYs who were a little hungrier and no doubt at least equally competent. Fortunately, I happened to find one firm that also had integrity. On October 1st 1999 with less than 2 hours to go before the statue of limitations was to run out the lawsuit against Revlon and its finaglers got filed. Happiness is...


Earlier in the afternoon, at 3:26pm Eastern Standard Time [EST], I picked up the pace of the drum beat, “…."The great masses of people will more easily fall victim to a big lie than a small lie." - Adolf Hitler.


Late the day before I started the drum beat. You can page back all the way to June 10th 1999 when I first started my little crusade to bring about a paradigm shift in the way business is conducted within the hallways of the corporate world and dirty politics. Ten days prior to the filing of the lawsuit I posted Bear with us.


When you have folks who have been pigs at the trough for so long without being caught they just don’t know any other way to go at it other than to keep coming back for more and more; they are never quite satisfied and moreover, they cannot keep their mouths shut, gloating over their bloat.


The executor of my estate, Devin Standard who is married to a Danish lady recently told me this story about a wealthy pig farmer in Finland who was out in the back of his house with his toddler feeding the pigs when the phone rang and he went inside the house to answer it. When he returned he found the pigs eating his son. The son was already dead. The farmer then went back into the house, grabbed hold of his gun and then shot the pigs before killing himself.


This is supposedly a true story. The only story I know that comes somewhat close but no where near as horrific is the one… shoes. God knows why white folk especially in South Africa are so fixated on bronzing themselves. Her husband concerned when she failed to return went looking for her and found lions which had recently been transported into the area having a feast. As traumatic as this must have been for the family it is not quite the same as losing a child, a husband and one’s prized possessions all in an afternoon.


I have today received a number of well wishes for the up coming New Year and Yom Kippur when US Jewish people are supposed to fast and reflect back on the things we did wrong. One well wisher ended their email with the words, “Chag Sam-each.” There are about as many ways to interpret the Hebrew as there are the English. Certainly, the Jewish people are aching right now, mostly in my opinion for the wrong reasons. They blame the indifference of the rest of the world for their “unconscionable actions” in failing to respond time and again to a people who gave the world the Ten Commandments who have been at the front of all the revolutions aimed at bringing peace and equality to mankind; yet most if not all the Jewish people I know seem at this time of the year especially to forget their role in failing to hold accountable those within their ranks who are the most “outragious…shampoo”  [sic] the most rapacious, no not those who run McDonalds who lie steal and cheat in their attempts to hook youngsters and their already “phat” [sic] and certainly not very cool parents on more sugar and fat, butt to eradicate the “Pearlmans” [sic] the very sick who wreck havoc on those least able to defend themselves, the widows, the orphans, the pensioners, who are so trusting of the institutions that have been hijacked, no different to the actions of the terrorists who flew those planes in to the “Word Trade Centers” [sic], the Pentagon, and those very brave Americans who sent their plane into a tailspin in the fields of Pennsylvania making it safer for each one of us to now travel free, knowing full well that we are all united should any would be hijacker ever decide to chance his luck. [Deep Breath.]


It is, however, time we all got in tune because the means of the terrorists are only going to get meaner and meaner as the time frame between cities get shorter and shorter. I chose back in February a “pitching wedge” as my symbol, a leash that is needed for man more so than any dog I have known. Short range missiles are not only becoming available to those who see no way out, who are indoctrinated by their corrupt leadership to risk it all since “not even the Jews who were supposed to live up to the Commandments, who consider themselves the chosen people, have any shame, worse yet they let one of their own rot away in a United States jail for giving the United States strongest ally nothing more than a “heads up.” Moreover, they allow the criminals within their midst the ones who have stolen blind from their own people as well as others a free pass, to live wherever they choose, fly wherever they want, vacation in all the hot spots around the world and when they die if they have given enough money to Israel they get a spot on “Mt. Olivier” [sic].


Yes Minister Manuel I have thing about Jewish people who play it fast and loose butt I don’t discriminate against only Jewish people who wreck havoc with the minds of those most impoverished and you don’t have to be poor to have your mind wrecked with. All it is takes is constant distraction and even the most intelligent, those who eat right, who exercise regularly can have their brains turned to mush. Yes, those in power know only tTOo well the game of life, the game to stay ahead of the curve is to get your opponent to act like ants. As in the game of chess it is all about getting your opponent to play to your advantage, the same in politics. The sad part is that for “ions” [sic] this has been going on day in and day out and few have been willing to call it for what it is afraid that they might be a labeled a “revolutionary” and thrown to the wolves. Today, however, with the Internet the masses have the opportunity to rise up but they had better be very careful before going about repeating the same mistakes of those who have come before with great ideas of feeding everyone, destroying the thing which separates us most from the other species, i.e. our art.


Some would argue that Elephants and other animals can produce “great art” but then again few people, in fact I can count on my one hand the number of people I know who really understand what constitutes a “great painting” despite their impressive schooling  credentials and their mostly pathetic art collection. I am not suggesting that if something is pleasing to the eye one shouldn’t want to enjoy it in peace and quiet without having someone like me, someone who has no credentials to speak of, commenting about what they decide to hang over their toilets, just don’t ask me my opinion.


Now, it is true that I don’t get asked out all that often, certainly I go to some of the best parties thrown around town but most of the parties I go to where I have the most fun is where no one knows anything about me. I am in fact most happy just hanging out with my “travel partners” and being amongst folks who are well grounded who understand that art takes many shapes and forms and despite what most men’s magazines say about it all being about “size” the truth is in the pudding. It would be quite a “str-I-tch” [sic] although it was just one inch that prevented my Pypeetoe from being a “show dog.” Now what most men would do just for an inch is one has got them all hung up. Just as in surfing it is not the size of the board… that matters most… one starts out learning with a big board and then as one gets better balance one begins to focus more on shape and thickness and at some point it all comes together and the Nexthing you are doing is aerials and back and forth and up and down and backwards and forwards and by the time you are done, who cares about sex? More important who has the time for sex.


My eldest brother…



4am play


Now where were we Mr. Minister? Oh yes the serfers as in another one of my brother’s “black verses” [sic].



The serfs up!


It was only recent that I met the famous Willis Brothers. ..I first ran into Milton who had me take a photo of the “Surfing Only” sign for an article that is going to appear in this week’s Del Mar Times. They have a column that is getting more and more attention especially since I started broadcasting it to the 360 odd names on my email list. Interesting wouldn’t you agree Mr. Minister that I have had close to 100,000 hits on my one website even though we have yet to go beyond those 360 persons/organizations. Make no mistake sum of these folks include members of the media. I have, though, yet to speak to any reporter. Word though does seem to travel fast when folks begin to pay attention.


Make no mistake Mr. Minister you are not going to be the only person reading this email either. If you look carefully at the photo you will see Pypeetoe in the foreground rummaging for sumthing to eat or perhaps just another leg to pee on. Actually he is very good when it comes to doing both his business #1 and business #2 where he will it seems try and find a bush off the sidewalk before doing his thing. He seems to look at me before hand as if asking first for approval. My travel companion who knows that I am pretty good when it comes to picking up after the dog although she still calls me “Nanny boy” around the house even though we don’t live together… “domiciled.”


Such terms are not the average lingo used in most of the American households I know. Folks here know about things like being “resident aliens”, “green card holders” that are more pink than they are green, at least the legitimate ones I have scene have this “love that pink” touch to them. It is all about how we touch one another that is most important to me rather than finding a way to skirt the tax laws of the countries that are only designed to stop the "have knuts" [sic] from getting at the haves. At sum point I will go into why no one blinks an eyelid when using terms like “off balance sheet” accounting or “off shore bank accounts” yet if only they were to squint their eyes we would all see pretty much the same thing. It is all in the “values” the whites, the grays and of course you are getting it, yes the non-color black.


There are leash rules in effect butt you can see that Pypeetoe has not yet mastered how to read butt he could join the circus, wouldn’t you at least agree on that? As you scroll down the page you will see the infinity sign floating above Pypeetoe’s head, pretty impressive wouldn’t you agree. You should know that none of the photos I use are “doctored.” At one point I had a photo of a nude woman with chocolate covering her private parts but I had airbrushed out her head. Now I have simply cut off her head. Now you have heard of the expression that made its mark I am told at around the time of the French Revolution although it could have been during the reign of one of the gay English Kings/Queens who said, “Let them eat kuk!” [sic].


I remember sending you an email soon after we first met where I used that same expression in trying to get you to “listen up.” Obviously I failed to impress you with my English literary skills. The truth is I know very little about English Literature and the other night while seeing the play Travesties this point was driven home loud and clear. The audience who “were most-lee” [sic] geriatrics seemed to laugh a whole lot more than my travel companion and I. She, however, is French Canadian and cares about the English as much as she does for my cooking to mention little of the fact that I have yet to hear her say a good word about the body of any English person including me. Actually, she is very much like my Dad and rarely says a bad word about anyone.


Michael Willis, though thought I was in pretty good shape for a person in his 46th year. On the other hand I mostly keep my clothes on when parading around town especially if I am with a guy. Mostly my travel companion gets to hear me talk about my exploits as a kid and how I was a “good” rugby player. Just about every time, however, I play touch rugby on the beach I come away with something broken.


The bottom line is that she is tired of my whining. AND more importantly she is constantly being hit up on by guys half my age who not only talk about the stuff that interests her most they have the bodies although she probably wouldn’t agree with me on this point either. We probably only agree on things more than 50 percent of the time these days; at one point, however, it was only 50% and she is very good at math and she can also keep count. What about you? What would your wife or is it ex-wife have to say about you and your ability to make ends meet?


I did, however, manage to get my travel companion into the game of cricket. Mostly though she liked the pace of the fast bowlers. She is quite the athlete. Michael Willis believes there is “strong correlations” [sic] between having a good mind and having a good body. As I have pointed out a few times in some of my communications, hyperlinks et al, she is in pretty good shape compared to most women “twice-half” [sic] her age divided by 2. It is always outside of the curves that we should be paying the most attention. Those in power hope that the majority of players will be focused on what is happening around the ball and not pay attention to the negative space. It is though in the negative space where the games are really played, the deals within deals the deals behind closed doors, wouldn’t you agree?


The Del Mar Times’ email system was down so later I went with Michael Willis with my laptop in hand over to their offices where we downloaded that picture. I also picked up a “rough draft” of the article, “… divided we fall” [sic]. I may have to spell a whole more things out to someone like yourself than I would prefer. Most of my thinking involves mathematical equations. I have tremendous difficulty putting my thoughts in to words. Lately though I have been doing better. Perhaps it is because I have been around more and more artists. So the question is who is an “art-i.t” [sic]?


It pretty much speaks for itself. The Willis brothers like good painters, like any great photographers leave sumthing to the imagination. It is all in the imagination.


Today, there is nothing left to the imagination in terms of what has left the country. There hasn’t simply been a “brain drain” those with any common sense have got the hell out. Only those who have no where to go or who believe in miracles that things will just take care of themselves or who are completely nuts or who are simply like anyone who has been a glutton hoping that they will get just one more scoop of ice-cream without having to pay their “Jews” [sic]. I am in fact copying on this email a whole bunch of Jewish South Africans who remain in South Africa. Many of these people are good people. Many have not sucked the bone dry but have done a lot of good trying to make the most of an impossible situation. It is a fight that they cannot win for they missed the boat when they had the opportunity to get rid of the former regime and allow you people to shorten your stay in the desert.


Today, it seems you are simply brain dead. There is not, however, anything to be gained in crying over spilt milk. By the way we offer sheep’s milk ice-cream as the Ccrest Café in Minehead England for those white milk intolerant. I wonder if sheep’s milk attracts as many ants as cow milk? So what do you think Mr. Minister about my letter to the smart professors Kelly and Price? Why do you think they have failed to respond to my emails? How much of a knut do you think I am considering the beautiful women I could be spending my time with to mention little about the fact that I am now missing a barbeque on the beach with the Willis Brothers?


With that said, I am heading out in 15 minutes and I don’t plan to check a thing I have written, not even to spell check. You may be able to check me out by looking at the del mar webcam.


In South Africa over the course of the past ten years another decade has been lost; another generation is well on its way to falling into the same trap that you folks have created. Another generation will very likely be lost to the desert. And in the end there won’t even be dessert because all the assets will have left the country, sand traps to boot. I hate golf for it is such a waste of time and does little for the mind although it seems to give a lot folks a break mostly though it seems just another excuse to get away from hearing the chirping of the spouse although being out with the birds can be inspiring, then again though you need to be in tune and not racking up a storm to keep score. Perhaps if they alternated each hole, replacing the round hole on the green with a square it would allow more thinking outside of the box allowing me to keep better track of the squares amongst us which sum up to one big grandsum of 360 degrees.


Please don’t assume that all the 360 folks on my email list are a bunch of squares…


I heard that you folks have now taken some steps to protect what remains through sum fukukta “Minerals Preservation Act.” Mr. Manuel this is tTOo little and far tTOo late for grandstanding. On your watch the time has ticked by and you have simply been fiddled. You need what the Americans call a “Hail Marie” and I have just what the doctor ordered and then sum.


When I met with you in 1995 you were the Minister of Trade and Industry and I knew then that you were over your head; the fact that you would allow the vestiges of the Broderbund, SAITEX to acquire an organization that if properly run would have resulted in the right "tip toe-ING" [sic] of foreign capital coming into the country says it all. [Around and around the marberry bush, i.e. Perfect Storm VI.] It is not like you were born on another planet that you needed x-ray vision to see what the former Nationalist Nazi Government were capable of, more to the point you didn’t need to be a rocket scientist to know that they were simply set up from the start without a prayer of staying a true course even if in fact your mother convinced you that your were a rocket scientist and could reach the stars. My mother did pretty much the same thing. I, however, stopped listening, when I started to see my girlfriends developing breasts and going to synagogue where they started to emulate their mothers, i.e. sins of the mothers.


Most of the folks I grew up were so brain dead that they were incapable of putting a peg into a round hole but they certainly knew how to “stur the pot” [sic]; “add a byte of horseradish, to a lefty Jew with a right wing Christian protesting, ‘let them eat cake’, followed up with a think tank group like the Rand Corporation.” Mr. Manuel ordinarily I would hyperlink to a photo or tTOo but with the light starting to fade, that will have to wait for anther day. I for one, do not take for granted that the earth will continue to do a complete revolution every 24 hours, what for example would happen if the speed of the earth would decrease to say 333.3333… the U.S. needs to get with the metric system if it has a hope AND a prayer of staying ahead of the curve where the brightest minds are being forested, i.e. those folks getting the full spectrum of the sun while taking all the necessary precautions from being abused or pitting the neighbor against one another which could end up dawning a whole new era.


Now I happen to know a few folks that came out of the Rand group which is based in Santa Monica California and one person in particular knows a thing or tTOo about water when mixed with dirty politics and land to boot with a piece of the Salton Sea thrown in for good measure. He is the water strategist of water strategists and…. We can all only hope he stays that way as well as staying out of harms way.


The problems that have been stacking up in time ad-museum are now coming home to roost, accumulating in each of our backyards. Without a clean supply of water we are all doomed. Few folks are focusing on the problems of South Africa for they can only see as far as the edge of their noses. I make it my business to always fly high and just like our bird “Happy” I like to stay above it all.


We are all rather happy people, those of us that stick to our knitting minding our own business. The business though of the world is all our businesses, just like the earth convention going on in South African right now that is being watered down with each passing moment.


A couple of weeks back my travel companion and I had dinner at a French restaurant called Azur in La Jolla. The food was great and the view spectacular. We arrived at sunset and caught the changing sky. A couple I had dinner with in Los Angeles a few weeks back with a great bear of guy, would have enjoyed everything but the tacky décor; each to their own. This one very good friend is known to give “bear hugs” that require I be in somewhat in shape, at least I try not to play rugby a few weeks before he arrives in town. I live in what we refer to as The Cave. At one point it had quite an art collection but due to the changing tides the art is now in “safe storage” and if necessary to be sold in the event of a rainy day. Who knows I might even buy an ark and then set sail over and beyond the stormy seas. Recently there was a castle like home that was based in San Diego bay. According to an article in the local newspaper it was for sale but no one returned my call.


Most people who know what I am about very rarely avoid my calls. I have now spoken twice with Mr. Tony Leon to apprise him of what’s in store. Mr. Leon is in fact a hero in my book. He could have made it anywhere in the world. Most South Africans I know have done pretty well for themselves living outside of South Africa, many today having what would be considered a “small fortune” butt Mr. Leon decided to stick it out giving up an opportunity that would have taken him high up in the clouds where few folks ever get to see. It is, however, on the ground where the real battles are fought. Mr. Leon is not alone for there are many white South Africans including my cousin Jonny Gevisser who have fought tooth and nail to help balance things out but it is Mr. Leon who I suspect has seen the best and the worst of the white folk and of course he sees clearly what the current South African government is all about, certainly better than my other cousin Mark Gevisser who “brown toeses” [sic] your leader Mr. Mbeki who when he gets wind of this email may decide to shoot my cousin.


So please be gentile with how you deliver this message to your boss. I don’t even have my cousin’s email to give him a heads up. I will leave it to one of my other cousins to serve him the honors and “audivers” to boot. I just love this last picture. There is actually the sound of the scooter that comes with it but I have yet to work out how to make that happen.


I have yet to see a draft of the autobiography my cousin who I have yet to meet is co-writing which for one thing would help me with an assignment I may consider to ghost write the autobiography of an American businessman extraordinaire who although starting out with quite some backing decided to do it on his own and has given back time and again and who may in fact be as lucky as me.


I have been a rather lucky person butt it helps to keep ones nose always clean, trimming the hairs a must though, especially for those of us a little hairier than the rest.


What I have to say in “Jew course” [sic] is going to be a little “hairy” [sic] for most of those who I grew up with but hopefully it will serve as an inspiration for them as well as other to finally stand tall. [I believe that last picture is taken in front of the home of the first governor of the Cape, Simon van der Stel. He may have been a member of the Free Masons but I doubt he practiced all the good things they preached. There was bell in the back of the house that was used to call the “slaves” to work.


Most South Africans I know who left South Africa and today have a “small fortune” started out with a “big fortune” behind them, compliments of the previous regime who simply played pong, knowing who to go to when they needed to balance the books during the week as well as on the weekends when they were out playing golf. Those in power, however, were smart enough to know who to go to in order to play with the minds of the youth, keeping them off balance getting others to do their bidding. I never did, however, let my formal education interfere with my learning, economic models not worth the paper they are written on when tablets are all made up, feet of clay our leaders, wouldn’t you agree?  


The former government despite its Nazi ties was not some efficient industrial machine; they simply knew how to grease the wheels while having others telegraph their punches. The well heeled produced the wheels who simply paid the gatekeepers to play while keeping the masses at bay, soon though they are all going to have to pay the piper.


The Nationalist Government were no different to Milberg Weiss who require that all other SCALLYs pay a toll in order to play. Click on below to see Peter Elkind of Fortune Magazine and his not-so-kind take “off Bill Lerach” [sic].


Right now, however, there is no one else to protect the common shareholders from crooked management and SCALLYs sometimes play it as fast and loose as the crooks they are going after; however, not all SCALLYs are crooks but you nor anyone else I know would be able to tell friend from foe. You have heard the expression it takes a thief to catch a thief. I once worked for a man who had upscale fashion stores around the United States with the flagship store in Beverly Hills with the goods manufactured in Europe. I never got the hang of the telex machines; tTOo much number crunching for me knowing full well that it made no difference to the bottom line whatever I said or did.


Like with real estate, the fashion business is all about location location location. Where you buy your goods is where the profit is made and where it usually remains, for just another rainy day.


One of the customers was a famous husband and wife team and the husband just loved to come into the store to watch his equally famous actor wife try on the different outfits. I am just the same way with my travel companion who at 40+ is still the perfect clotheshorse and we do still horse around a lot and she tTOo knows how to cook up a storm especially in the kitchen where she is quite the star. Today though she has quite the helping hand, a young French Canadian man who also comes from Montreal. He is the tri-athlete wing-eye-ING it in the photo gallery.


Most of those photos were taken during the opening of an art exhibition recently in honor of our friend and her art teacher Sebastian Capella who appeared later on the Fox Network early morning show. One of those photos shows “my Jonathan” and a friend immediately after the launch of their rather large paper airplane which earlier in the day almost resulted in “Happy” being eaten alive by my Pypeetoe, an Italian Greyhound with a zest for anything that moves right. He seems to have a problem though with young girls going through puberty. My travel companion thinks he is gay.


I have always made it my business to try and avoid mixing business with pleasure butt it has been difficult when one falls in love with women who are not only beautiful but also very bright. My travel companion of 8 years + happens to be quite the mathematician as well as well as being one of Sebastian Capella’s better students. My previous relationship lasted sum ten amazing years and then sum.


Every so often I have made the mistake of mixing the tTOo but in the end I have always paid the price doing my level best to make up for my mistakes including any time that may have been lost. I have, however, never stolen a dime from anyone other than when I was a 15-year-old kid and then went back to the Arab Market in Jerusalem later and had the Arab jeweler make me a silver necklace with my initial G, tipping the man triple the value of the item I had stolen. You can see the G by clicking on G. I did not, however, own up to my misdeed. My failure to look the gentleman in the eye may have though been rather telling.


So, Mr. Manuel, whose neck do you think the black masses of South Africa are going to want to embrace? Do you think they will show any form of discrimination between folks like you and the whites? And remember it is not all the whites that have continued to plunder and in fact it was not all the whites that plundered during the Apartheid regime nor was it only blacks who suffered terribly; many whites have suffered, just look at my buddy who I refer to as Bruce Lee. Just like not all American corporate executives are crooks, just like not all SCALLYS are like Bill Lerach and Melvyn Weiss. Butt in the end when you have an outraged mass, the more tightly that unit is assembled the bigger the explosion.


As I write this email to you, there has been another 45 minutes taken off the clock while you travel about doing your thing and people like Tony Leon run around with their tails chopped off trying to hold you in check. Today I am able to type at pretty much any speed and once I get going I can keep up with the very best of typesetters, but mostly I like to be out and about. I actually hate sitting in front of a computer butt it is today a very necessary tool to holding the evildoers in check. In fact there is no other way out of the mess we have today short of bombing out each and every cave, going neighborhood by neighborhood looking for Taliban because it seems anyone can do evil and again,


I believe the evil begins in each of our own backyards. We need to know more about our neighbors. Soon my neighbors may decide things are heating up a little tTOo much for comfort in which case you might find yourself a real good buy here in Del Mar, this assumes of course you like the rest of the South Africans I know who travel tip their foreign bankers well. AND around and around we go.


That tail is what gives the animals their balance and we have a chocolate lab that actually uses her tail to propel herself like a windmill and then to stop she manages to change the direction but she is starting to get older. Certainly she cannot keep with our Pypeetoe who is the fastest animal I have seen in the wild unless of course he is day dreaming that he is sum sort of Egyptian God. My experience with caged animals includes the staged animals I came across at Mala Mala soon after visiting with you. Pypeetoe’s tail stays pretty straight as he runs circles around all of us. Click on below to see him doing his stuff. Mostly though he likes to run on the beach and every so often I take him out bodysurfing. And then I have to make up, to rebuild the trust, i.e. things will not necessarily go on for infinity despite what the movies depict otherwise.


I have pondered many questions about why we are what we are and how come we never seem to break away from the old tried traditions that keep repeating themselves time and again. If we simply paid more attention to nature we would all pick up a lot, it seems to me.


The lawyers I have the most issue with are estate lawyers, those who don’t rely on renewal business who pry on the elderly who don’t have a hope and prayer let alone wings to fly free; most having been clipped by spouses who are now dead. 


I have spent most of my career deep in the trenches, seeing the inhumanity of men behaving badly and realizing that there has to be some positive, sum good that comes out of all those now billions who have been slaughtered. Even McDonalds have stopped counted at 99 billion. In fact in many locations they say only “billions and billions” mad cow disease to boot.


Over time we have all become shell-shocked. Now though is our opportunity to learn from the past and apply the lessons that have wrecked havoc with our psyches and apply ingenious ways to attack those who wish us harm and there are really just a handful of madmen out there like Saddam Hussein and rapacious folks like Ronald “The Finagle King” Perelman who by stealing billions and billions have the masses not knowing whether they are coming or going. All they know is that they are in the poor house, floods have a way of leveling out the playing field, i.e. capital flows to its own level, depending on how one defines level, certainly up until now I think you would have a hard time proving yourself to level headed, wouldn’t you agree, or are you simply right now growling?


Back in late December of 1993 although it may have been early the next year I happened to be in the same elevator as The “Kinadle King” who is about to take a big fall. Kinadles are a Jewish delicacy to stunt Jewish growth particularly in the upper hemisphere, at a minimum they keep the cardiologist in the family making a healthy living.


Mr. Perelman was attempting to be accepted into this upscale building as a “tenant” although he would have paid millions, probably well north of 10 bundles for his unit. We greeted each other although he didn’t know who I was but I was well aware of what he was all about, more importantly what the rest of the “well to do” at the corner of 64th and 5th Avenue had in store for him.


I said to him, “I haven’t seen you here before, do you live here?


He answered, “No but I hope to. Do you live here?”


I replied, “No just visiting an elderly couple who pretty much like to keep to themselves. They don’t really take kindly to strangers, rarely go out alone. The quietness of this building suits them.” 


He responded, “Yes, I am looking forward to it. So what else do you do?”


I replied, “I’m a problem solver. I stick to knitting, ferreting out corporate fraud and whathaveyou.”


I cant remember who got out of the elevator first but had he paid attention to where I was going then he would most likely have taken quite a dump. He was later rejected or as it is commonly known “diesed” [sic] by the governing board.


I did run into him a second time in the same elevator butt this time I was the only once smiling.


A few years before I had done an assignment for a South African group who had the most of the international rights to the Epilady. They were one of the first to market a teeth whitener known as Epi-smile the same folks that introduced skin lighteners in to South Africa. The Krok family of Twin Pharmaceuticals rank, however, amongst the best of those white families who have a sense of “white from wrong” [sic].


The best form of attack is one that comes with lightening speed and today with the Internet we have the weapons to make bad folks think they under an immanent attack; the key, however, is to distract. Again, the game of chess is all about getting your opponent to play to your advantage by distracting them into thinking an attack is coming from outside when in fact you are using your opponents men to your advantage. Each and every move he-she makes is an opportunity to wreck havoc with the defense making certain, however, that your opponent never dents your game plan.


Just like the United States is now doing with Saddam Hussein, you want your opponent to think you are mad that you would be dumb enough to throw hundreds of thousands in to a firestorm, the same dumb ass tactics the Clinton Administration encouraged to put out fires knowing full well that by simply clearing the underbrush you would be able to employ more folks to be out in the wild as opposed to breathing in gaseous fumes when all hell breaks loose. It is in fact the folks on the far left who are the ones who want the masses to remain gassed, certainly out of gas, for it keeps them coming back time and again to the poll booths, paying their pennies, getting their comeuppance, a pound of butter, a gallon of water, some coco beans and yes, “where would you be without us big daddy benefactors.”


And of course the answer should be, “We would have more rain forests, Mr. Clinton.” The masses are so confused today in terms of what politicians serve their best interests. In the end though just like with the devaluation of the Rand one has to look at what took place immediately before and right after the fall. Clinton and his “bigg butt … took everything and for all we know they may have taken the copper plumbing under the kitchen sink assuming they couldn’t get the sink itself into their Starving Students truck rental. What really is in a name? Today it is all about what you can get away with so that you have enough in safe storage to pull out on a rainy day.


That day is fast approaching and trust me there are few athletes out there who are going to outrun our storms.


There is no way the United States is going to place even as many as 80,000 troops in harms way let alone 250,000 knowing that more soldiers will die and get injured from “friendly fire.” You don’t need to be a rocket scientist to know that just by landing properly equipped special forces units, better yet, Israeli special forces, Saddam Hussein could be snuffed out, certainly enough of his military command to the point that an “inside outside” move would prove the most effective. And then where to next? Of course the smart move is to take out the Saudi regime and then start heading west, doing a right bank at the left bank of the “Sane” [sic] where the biggest state sponsored terrorist regime has operated going back almost to the beginning of time, i.e. Vivendi and Suez. Read my take on the “knotty Jews” and know full well that I don’t consider every Jewish person I know to be anti-Semitic only the hypocrites. And then there is my “One Perspecitve” [sic] and Perspective tTOo may one day follow.


The only reason the United States would choose to go the other route of applying the Vietnam doctrine of “superior overwhelming force” is that today there is the political will of the people to do it. If however, the citizens of the United States were to fully appreciate the craziness of such a move, that at a minimum, this crazy step will result in significant numbers of Americans, young boys and girls being subjected to many more gases that entered the lungs than during the Persian Gulf War then they would not be so keen to give Mr. Bush the green light.


Today the conventional wisdom in the hallways of power and corporate corruption is that “military offense” [sic] spending will keep the world economy hopping while hoping for a miracle, which isn’t going to happen, certainly there is no evidence of that; on the contrary the storm clouds which loom large right now suggest quite the reverse, that we are headed for one of the biggest “dun kings” [sic] in recorded history.


No doubt some sane folks within the United States military hope that Saddam will simply go mad guessing how the attack will first hit or that someone not as shell shocked like you folks who are running South Africa in to the ground, will step up to the plate and take out Saddam thus allowing American kids to do what they do best which is help feed the world.


America is the most generous nation on earth and were it not for the generosity of Christians, since it is a predominantly Christian society the rest of the world would be starving much more than it is. No doubt though America has made mistakes in the past butt they are trying to play catch up; certainly they were not responsible for the advent of the 2nd World War while the folks of Europe played pong with "Hilter" [sic] and his infantile legions of Brown Shirts to mention little of who bailed out the Europeans after the second world war. America though is unquestionably the largest exporter of pollutants none nothing however comes as close as to the nonsense that comes out of mouths of folks like Larry “light head” King who give the rest of us Jewish people all sorts of complexes.


In my opinion, though, the biggest risks are in fact in South Africa, more so than in the Middle East, North Korea and China. I believe you have very limited time to act to stop this train before you have a train smash of epic proportions. It is unlikely the Americans will step in to save you because unlike in Iraq where we know the population live in fear of the despot, in South Africa once the uprising begins it will be so quick that the new folks in charge will in fact have the masses support. They will stand up and shout saying stuff like, “We the people…” and they will mean it and yes they will be mean.


AND who will have access to all the weaponry you have been so crazy enough to have bought these past few years fighting exactly who? While your leader hypothesized the inextricable linkage between HIV and AIDS or whether this was just more of the same “white bread” which may in fact affect the brain, although when our youngster misfires we now put it down to the tide. So, Mr. Minister what exactly do you think your “handlers” have been doing?


And you really think the masses are going to stand for your kindergarten methods of putting the horse back in the stable. You no doubt heard about the nut who bolted after screwing off with everything including the bathtub and the kitchen sink? Today Mr. Clinton is in bed with a group of guys that I am already engaged in battle with on another front. This front is called Perfect Storm III. Please Mr. Minister don’t wait around for sum else to come to your aid, i.e. my enemy’s enemy is my friend. Remember you don’t have the slightest, not the foggiest idea of whether the American Democrats are your friends and that is why you suck up to folks like Gadfly, wouldn’t you agree?


Tell me Mr. Minister when you sit down with Omar do you worry if he may have spiked the food? One of the things that I never seemed to understand about Jessie Jackson is why he would bother spitting into white peoples’ dinner when he used to work in a restaurant. Why not simply fart on the food or better yet take the rim of the plate into the bathroom and you know do the same old thing that one can do with fine crystal.


The fingers are an amazing extension of ourselves. On the one hand they can be used to perform miraculous twists while in surgery, and the same hand can also wipe the butt that then can be used to spread all sorts of infectious diseases that ultimately come full circle when the patients line up to have their thyroids removed. Here we have scientists all over the world since the beginning of time looking for a “Perpetual Motion Machine” and each one of us have that power to the magnitude of 10 in the palm of our hands. No go figure that on the “Moses scale” [sic] and then don’t forget to put out the match after you have finished smoking your Durban Poison.


Mr. Manuel you have very few choices. They are in fact slim and none, other than starting to get with the program which means taking a some very radical measures including going after the folks who have been the greatest beneficiaries of the governments handouts going back to the year dot. You have to move at lightning speed to get the folks like the “Oppenwhiemers, the Anton Rapacious et al” [sic] and yes there are quite a few Jewish families as well that now have to face up to their sins and begin to pay the piper. I am copying sum of these folks on this email. My suggestion is that you have your troops immediately positioned at the airports checking everyone coming and going and have them produce a financial statement “DNA then ask for a charitable contribution” [sic].


Now don’t wait for tomorrow to get moving on this, don’t think taking two aspirin is going to make it all go away. If need be I will take out an ad in the coming Sunday Times to get this message across. You have exactly 24 hours in which to respond.


In my quest to bring balance into the markets I have developed “laser guided” tools aimed at hitting folks where they hurt most, their pride and the fear of being exposed for what they are. I am not the first to have had success with this measure. The person that was perhaps the first in modern history to do it was Ida Tarbell a journalist at the turn of the 20th Century who went after John D. Rockefeller. I though may have more credibility than Ms. Tarbell especially once folks start to see my work product over the past quarter of a century.


I have kept a pretty low profile listening carefully to some of the things that my mother Zena Gevisser imparted to me. Unlike my mother who never once had a bad hair day to mention little about never having had a negative article written about her I know how to reach the masses in a competitive media environment. My mother was very smart but she also taught us not to idolize anyone, at least those basics tenets of Judaism that I stuck to me.


Anyone schooled in South Africa is essentially dead meat. The system clogged up the brain to mention little of our "artileries" [sic]. Yes we had a few smart folks like Barnard who were mostly fixated on good-looking women but few South Africans I know have the brainpower to really call it straight, certainly not any of the white folks I knew.


Some may do okay on IQ tests but they are essentially brain dead. Anyone who did his, not her, military service who did so much as salute one Nazi South African commander will have suffered in sum form or another. The only people I know who may have managed to deal in some way with this incredible psychological trauma are those who surf, where the forces of the waves act as a washing machine, turning things inside out, blasting away all notions of time and space. Butt they have to have been in tune from the very start. I never said a word until I was 3, recognizing early on the motion of the waves, that God gave us two ears and one mouth that we should listen twice as hard as we speak.


Again, for the umpteenth time I never let my formal education interfere with my learning. Today, I have at my side a core group of very talented individuals including the executor of my estate Devin Standard. Check out some of the things he is doing in one area that will very likely revolutionalize the way in which we move over water.


Devin’s picture doesn’t appear to come out when you click onto my website, but there are a number of things about my next website that are not all that apparent “byte it will be very transparent” [sic]. For one thing we have not properly launched but make no mistake we have a game plan that has been tried, proven and there is no doubt it will reach the masses. I believe all it is going to take is one large truth. AND the truth is there are no choices that anyone under age 22 would believe today, certainly nothing coming out of the mouths of politicians like yourself.


I have several stories to tell and word is already beginning to leak out that I am the guy that has the goods. Some of the “goods” which I will share with the world is making some folks very nervous including members of my own family. If you don’t follow everything I am saying have my cousin Mark translate and then have him email his thoughts if he is so bold as to disagree. I once played pong with my cousin a decade or so again and I made him eat his hat then. Today I will feed him live to my Pypeetoe although Pypeetoe might very well go for him. Pypeetoe is very non-discriminating when it comes to guys. He seems to have a real problem though with girls going through puberty.


Mr. Manuel, I am simply doing what I think is the right thing and in time hopefully those family members who disagree will be around to voice their disagreements. So far not one family member has yet to disagree, certainly not in writing.


This is not a time to pussy foot around, going from one meeting to the next trying to stay ahead of the curve. Unless you begin immediately to address the problems in a forthright manner you are going to be done. And you will suffer the consequences of being “bought and paid for” even if you have in fact done nothing wrong other than being very stupid.


In America you cannot go after management even if what they have done is moronic. You have to prove “scienter” i.e. culpable state of mind. In South African the black masses will say, “Say what? Hey mother…give me your brother… now give me your arm. Here I’ll just use a knife and for good measure I will leave you brother with a necklace that will sparkle from here to Timpucktu.” I might be repeating myself butt what the heck, these are only words, right?


Mr. Manuel, get off your high horse. You have been quite arrogant and perhaps you have kept yourself in decent shape but you are not in good enough shape to run this one out, certainly you wont get away from my ridicule. If need be I will buy a newspaper in South Africa and if you take issue with that, well then all bets are off and I will simply go right to the my time tested way of reaching the masses digitally.


It is all in the digits. Each one of us is connected to the other through our fingers. Our fingerprints say it all. The beginning of time can all be found on the hand and the watches are simply a modern day convenience. Those properly in tune, however, know there is more to our lives that there is a meaning out there but first we have to come together in order that we have an endless ride, summer is just around the corner in South Africa. Now is the time to get smart and yes perhaps act a little crazy without losing it altogether. It is a difficult balancing act; but I have been there, done it.


I am also copying Tony Leon who I have known a while but even Tony is only now starting to get a sense of what I am about to do. Back in 1995 Tony showed my folks and I around the houses of parliament in Cape Town and what I remember most was walking over the rocks in to President Mandela’s offices which had been collected from Robin Island. I remembered reading about how our former President had damaged his eyesight while chiseling limestone. Today it seems you are all mostly blinded by that which glitters.


You should know that I mean well; more important perhaps is the fact that I also believe in “free markets.” I intend to help you folks out of this delirium by acting as a conduit. We can work out a fee arrangement later. I don’t come cheap but I am willing to operate on the basis of “shareware.” If you think I am helping you turn the ship around then I expect the people of South Africa will show their gratitude so that we can help out other brothers in need.


I am not doing this to enrich myself; God knows I still have more than I need right now. Much of what I gave away over the years was to those in need but mostly it was to folks who know how to make things happen, who can turn a buck into sumthing more than sweeping stuff under the carpet and then making out like “bandids” [sic]. Moreover, I have a strong self-image to go along with my resources which remain still pretty substantial. AND yes if need be I can sell myself.


The “collection fee” that I will be proposing will be less than anything you would imagine, certainly a king’s ransom less than what investment bankers would charge even those who are soon to be out of business. Moreover they don’t have the credibility or the means to deliver the “lefts and the writes” [sic] in combination with knockout punches.


Right now I run my business as a sole proprietor although I have designated about 25% of the profit sharing to others who have helped me along the way. In time my plan is to set up a charitable foundation which will be eventually be owned by “the people.”


While I have been writing this email I have received several calls from folks who know me better than most including my own family members. These folks have been reading some of my emails; more importantly they are familiar with my “work product” that only few have seen and even less have understood up until more recently. Butt I do have an uncanny ability to ferret out stuff often coming up with conclusions and then working backwards to get the solutions as well as gathering the evidence.


The evidence against you folks is crystal clear and should the noise of the masses reach the right crescendo it will disintegrate, water and all. I saw an exhibition of seahorses recently and besides for these magnification creatures that grabs the attention of kids like nothing else I have seen there was also an equation that caught my eye;




In sum other email I have expanded on this using “what ifs” as in “what if the wind is small particles of sun much like a fart is small particles of your parents farts which have yet to escape into outer space?”


To understand the behavior [of] light one has to understand all the elements that go into understanding “artificial light” which include-s negative numbers which in turn include-s obscure numbers like the square root of negative one. The sun itself “in fact be both” [sic] a negative and a positive what some might refer to as “bi-polar.”


Some folks have placed that definition on me. Given what I understand of the sun and the oceans including what I believe to be the “draining” of the greenery within the oceans, perhaps being called “bi-polar” [sic] isn’t all that bad, certainly I understand the markets better than most and what forces provide the most flexibility. And right now there isn’t much elasticity left in this market place and perhaps this is what others including the “Son” [sic] have been trying to tell us since the beginning of time. Without light we are all done and we includes you and me. I bet though I can hold my breath longer than you, wouldn’t you agree or has the cat bitten you yet, what about your “god” [sic]? 


Again, I consider the risks in South Africa today to be greater than anywhere else on the planet, perhaps more so than in the Middle East, china and North Korea all combined. For one thing the despots that rule most of these countries have nowhere else to go and they don’t really believe that there are 72 virgins waiting for them in heaven. Folks like you who travel about, a chick here, an egg or two for breakfast, perhaps even a waffle to mention little of the French wines, and “phat French fires” [sic] although it is possible you get to chew on South African vintage vines. At times I have to wonder whether Mr. Mbeki has had more than his fair share and perhaps you tTOo, compliments of the Oppenwhiemers and Co and Co and Co.


Don’t you see the absurdity of the situation, that here these folks who were instrumental in wrecking havoc on your peoples are able to come and go as “the-y” [sic] please within the borders of South Africa and yet they cannot even land legally at JFK airport in New York. Of course they have their minions on 47th Street writing up a storm, moving parcel after parcel of diamonds oh so ever carefully controlled; helping their masters keep up the feverish pace as they go about matching up the hard assets moved offshore with the sunk assets that remain in the ground.


These folks have not only skinned your peoples alive, they have taken all the meat off the bones and they are still not satisfied and until they have eaten up all your nerve cells to boot. I do get combative when folks ignore me. All DARK MATTER concerns me.


It is time for you to get with the program or you and many innocent South Africans and perhaps the rest of world is going to end up in smoke, ashes to boot.


I want to give you every option I can without you trying to find wiggle room that will simply waste time. But if you decide to ignore me, if you decide to continue to play it fast and loose you can kiss your tochas goodbye and with it any hope of reaching a peaceful solution.


I simply will not stand by and see you continue to be an “uncle Tom.” For all I know you could be just as brain dead as Dr. Verwoed to mention little of that doctor that got away with murder.


According to Jewish law to destroy someone’s reputation without just cause is amount to murder. To allow those who commit heinous crimes a free pass is tantamount to being an accomplice.


It is time for you to graduate from being in a rut because if you don’t we will all end up as rat food. There are many things I have on my plate right now butt nothing more important than this. Because if South African goes down the tubes so goes the rest of the world, i.e. Footsak not to be confused with those who spend most of their time tooting, shooting the breeze, raining on other peoples’ parades.


NextraTerrestrial gives you a better sense from where I am coming And where I intend to go is before of course ending up amongst the fishes. Professor Klein just happened to be first on the list and you see this “war front” displaying the course of events starting at the beginning. All other war fronts will start with the most current first and then workings backwards.


I figured that if land mammals found a way to survive in the oceans so will I.


Again, we need to start from the bottom up and it doesn't take me very long to gauge to what extent the fish rots from the head down. My success rate is quite remarkable. I have in fact a 100% success rate in uncovering "SCAL fraud" where the requirements of proving scienter are higher than your average blue-collar crime. The better the evidence the better the proof.


This is not the time to drown one’s sorrows by going on the binge certainly you are not going to be able to spend your way out of this problem. The first thing you need to do is to button down the hatches. Butt to do that you need to stop wearing so many different hats and focus on the truth. There is no time to play political musical chairs because if one person gets left out that one person could dislodge more than just one other person.


Dirty bombs is a dirty business and no doubt you will have received an offer or tTOo on one of your many travels overseas although I don’t suspect an Iraqi government official would be allowed in through the front door, red carpet treatment et al. And I am sure they would also enjoy watching a game of rugby from one the many boxes for the ruling elite. Again, this is not the time to sweep stuff under the rug.


I can give you many references in South Africa of folks who are very familiar with some of work product. One individual who I did sum work for back in the late 1980s and early 90s used to refer to me as “The ferret.” He wasn’t always happy with my “work product” because when I find abuse I stop at nothing, not even the folks who pay me can be assured that I wont take them down if need be.


So should you decide to remain silent I will simply assume you are deaf, dumb and blind butt make no mistake the thunder will come down, raining and pissing on your parade as you get marched out of town.


I am extending my reach both to you and Tony Leon; that includes my left hand that I write with butt make no mistake I know how to use my “write” [sic]. I have references here in the United States that will provide you with all the assurances that I mean business. Just to let you know despite “Crazy David’s” sincere email thanking me for taking him off the hook, he is not one of my references although he is someone who somehow who also manages to surround himself with beautiful women, the same with our mutual buddy Trevor, one of my failed students from the University of Natal. I don’t think you know Trevor Goldberg but lately I have been mentioning his name quite a bit. He was one of my “failed students” from university who picked up more bad habits than what I had hoped for. He is quite a storyteller but doesn’t always check things out before opening his mouth.


My cousin, Mark Gevisser is also a good storyteller who has at least on one accession that I know of also got his facts wrong. Perhaps Mark Gevisser, despite saying words to the effect that the "Jewish community could have done more" is simply too close to the wood to see the fire that is burning bright. In other words there are enough bright folks outside of South Africa who want to help but it requires those on the ground to be ready to stand tall to welcome them home.


Mark Gevisser’s father who I believe still heads up one of the quasi government organizations involved with what remains of the timber industry after folks like Charles Engelhard came calling, once referred to me as “naïve.” I was not there at the time but had I been there I might have sent him packing to Timbuktu as well. My mother and stepfather who were there at the dinner said he had been drinking quite a lot. David Gevisser was playing pong while my father and great men like Syd Cohen and Dwight Kroesch gave the jerries hell and then sum for they also got the best looking women although my father has yet to acknowledge that tTOo.


Dwight Kroesch who may have been the very first pilot to have dropped troops into France on D-Day calls my father the “miracle man” and of course Mr. Minister I miss my father terribly. Hopefully you and others will make certain he get-s taken good care of. I will be out there in due course. My father understands that I have other pressing matters to attend to.


And yes sum Jewish people can also make love and when they are united there a few around who can deliver the shots and they can make okay doctors tTOo. That profession, though, is also about to get a realty check but just like everything out there it is not our intention to destroy, not even a terrorist cell, unless we know for certain that we can do things better.


One thing about Jewish people is that they don’t seem to have the same problems with alcohol abuse as other groups, butt they seem to find other ways to compensate. They “whine a lot tTOo to mention in passing their bigger butts and Christ those stomachs, Head up, shoulders back, stomach in and buttocks tightened” is what my mother used to tell her models. [She had few Jewish models.]


Soon as the worlds population mix more together we will all stop with this stereotypes. The sooner we all begin to think as being part of a new tribe the better off will those who belonged to the lost tribe feel. Rest assured those folks are long since gone assuming they had yiddisha kops to begin with. Why would anyone smart want to hang out with a bunch of losers and whiners, and I am not simply talking about the Jews. Anyone who is not part of the solution is part of the problem and that is what we should all be focused on right now.


This, Mr. Manuel is your final heads up.


If one listens carefully to the white South African conversation today you will hear,


"This government is worse than the previous government; they have picked up the worst habits and thrown out the bathrooms along with the kitchen sink replacing tubs with SUVs, SUBS, tanks, missiles to know where but to their bedfellows Saddam, Gadfly to boot, elected officials who are not simply pigs at the trough but worse don't even know how to cover their tracks; such feasts of fools only know from playing pong" [sic].


Ping is for golfers. This is not the time to be a gopher. The world is watching right now as the Muppets show their strut hers. Now is not the time to dilly-dally but to come out striking with your lefts and WRITES.


My eldest brother may have had published in South Africa the first ever anti-apartheid book. He said it best,



The boxer

is about

to hit you

with his write!


Butt, I got the math down and I understand physics better than I have ever let on butt with that said nothing turns me on more still than a woman with a great a figure, the “write woman who can draw tTOo” [sic] that is, so go figure that one out.


The second step Mr. Manuel is to offer a significant reward that leads to the arrest and conviction of the ringleaders that profited from the collapse of the South African Rand.


Once you have that ring, once you get to see the interconnecting circles then you will understand even more how I can help you attain the brass ring. Butt it is your call.


I look forward to hearing from you… NEXT.




Gary S. Gevisser


ps. The shame Mr. Manuel will be on you should you fail to respond in a timely manner and certainly I wont be "consecratly" attending your funeral nor can you rely on me to carry your “Hurst” [sic].