From: pacbell []
Sent: Friday, August 09, 2002 1:43 PM
To: Price
Subject: Perfect Storm XV



Professor Dr. D. Price

Johns Hopkins

Maryland, USA.


Dear Dr. Price,


Back on July 15th I sent an email to Professor Kelly of Scripps Research in La Jolla, California. It was titled Dark Matter. I have since left several messages with his secretaries as well as on his own voicemail.


In a nutshell, I detest those who derive great enjoyment in exceeding the limits of their small authority, i.e. evil doesn't come with a pointed tail and a pitched fork.


Every so often I get called in by class action attorneys to help "problem solve." I also have my hand in several other projects around the world. My main focus these days, though, is to launch a series of websites aimed at empowering young people to help parent their parents who need the parenting skills and knowledge that previous generations have forgotten in their quest to be first across the finish line, not realizing the anguish of those left behind especially those who don't get an adequate serving right at the start to mention just in passing how the kids get bamed and blamed for the bad choices their parents’ made. And soon their voices reach a feverish pitch and the kids then get banged about, wham, bang, comic books their only refuge and then of course there is the refrigerator and once they get a little older it becomes, “wham, bang, thank you mam” [sic] and then “blah blah blah” and the cycle goes on “adds-infinitum” [sic] around and around the world, day in and day out, 80 odd days "recounting" [sic] before the Revolution begins in earnest.


I have a knack for problem solving especially when numbers are involved. Moreover, if I am given "sumthing of the nature of the beast" [sic] so I am pretty quick to pounce on the problem maker, often first coming up with a conclusion and then working back to find a solution.


Just like in academia, most folks in "bearocratic businesses" [sic] keep their seats warm by starting fires, then running off to the water fountain where they cook up a storm and then return cup in hand, asking their bosses, "Please Sir can I have sum more" [sic] and then spitting what water remains in their mouths in the direction of the fire, mostly though breathing hot air in to the flames and then they wander off eating "a hero or tTOo" [sic] for good measure. What if nature had children born with mace that evaporates with time along with the their tears? Get a taste of “whets in store” [sic] for the sick, naive and elderly whose bells are beginning to ring "half-has-id-deli" [sic].


At lunch on July 3rd after visiting with one of my lawyer-colleagues I begin celebrating the 4th of July a little early with my pal and executor of my estate Devin Standard. Our party spilled over into a cigar shop across from the Greek restaurant where we cooked up quite a storm where I purchased a Prometheus cigar lighter that is just terrific. We have yet to lose a match although I came pretty close to losing it with a black San Diego police officer who turned out to be doing the thing, two white teenagers clearly not properly schooled who failed to disclose to me all of the facts. Later that day I came across a rather interesting website about Prometheus put out by a pathologist which included a graphic display of how an autopsy is performed. Unfortunately the site appears to be down butt I am hopeful it will resurrect itself.


I prefer mostly to just surf the waves and to help around the house with the quite-odd-décor. I like flowers and rocks tTOo of the things I have in common with my travel companion who likes to shop tTOo “butt we have yet to travel to TimbutTOo” [sic].


In order to show the kids and youth of today, who are our future, that we mean business, that we are serious about cleaning up the mess we have made I will be launching a series of “wars to end all wars.” The so-called generation gap is really a credibility gap and we are the ones who lack the most in that department. These “wars to end all wars” will be like a series of chess games. So far I have lined up about 15 “word series” [sic] and the number continues to grow AND I suspect they will increase at a rather feverish pace before we all get in to the eye of the storm where we will have to depend on each other or hell may break loose. Since we are so interlocked with each or will soon be, if one gets flung out so they will take the rest of us out with them.


I began covering sum of these points in an email I sent earlier this week to a Nextel trainer who earlier in the day asked me to "Please remove me from your distrobution list" [sic]. You can check out my response to her request along with all my communications with the Nextel folks from the beginning by clicking on Nextel tTOo fall.


The odds are against our species surviving especially if one were to listen to supposedly the greatest "free market” investor of our times, Mr. Warren “Bail us out” Buffet. AND it is going to take an odd lot of folks tTOo “set things write byte I remain very optimistic" [sic].


Time, though, to stop looking over our shoulders and sit straight and most of all stand tall. Maybe if we adjusted the legs of the chairs around the dining room table as we do camera stands we may listen more to the children who are more than our equal in many departments, certainly they suffer less from diminished capacity; and in so doing enabling us all to end up with a picture perfect smile without anyone having to say "cheese" and to hell with crying over spilt milk, glass to boot, tears a thing of the past.


This past Saturday we had our New Beginnings Party #2 that began at Gorgios in Cardiff before sunset, moved over to the Sparrow Gallery in Solana Beach and ended the next day with “my Jonathan” testing his wings. You can see his oversized paper weight in the bottom row, third from the right. He is a natural… There were a few little incidents before including an extra clipping of Happy’s wings. There were lots of other photos shoots but no blood was spilled. You can see the new addition to family in the picture on the top row far left.


We have been trying to impress upon the kids that sticks and stones break bones but words kill. Words though are the only way we are going to help balance things out and they do carry weight. That is why we must measure them very carefully which is what we plan to do at our websites all “hugged” around We call it “Guidance tTOo” and it is based on a number system stemming from the word Nextraterrestrial. Let me know if you need a helping hand to see through it all.


Every generation seems to break glass and throw much salt over their shoulders but few seem to have the “gift of the gap” [sic] to say “Enough is enough.” Let’s think of doing things differently, starting with examining the waves which is where Dr. Kelly and I first began our dialogue which then led to a deafening silence. I would have preferred not to have to have waved him off but it seems I have no choice. You can see my “travel companion” giving the “wave off” sign in the gallery of photos, 2nd row 3rd from the left. If you click on the thumbnail pictures they will enlarge, but seeing in the flesh is assuredly much better.


Please give me your clearest thoughts on the subject matter. Your secretary Jennifer has my telephone number but I would prefer at this time that our communications be in writing, less chance of "static." I have to run now to help with filleting of the fish. By the way, Patti Smith is the assistant to South Africa’s Minister of Finance.




Gary S. Gevisser