From: pacbell []
Sent: Friday, August 09, 2002 10:53 AM
To: Patti. Smith
Subject: Fishing expedition


Patti hi – I just came across a photo that seems to sit well with most folks I know. Back when I first met the minister I had him autograph an exact copy. Like any good photo-painting it is all in the shadows. In this photo though there is a lot that could be gleamed from the dress code. I am in to angled lines, particularly triangles and seeing what causes folks to make wrong turns time and time again without much consideration toward taking a different path, avoiding the constant looking over the shoulders to see who is coming up behind as we head over the cliff, making quite a splash. AND no doubt back to the year dot where we were all one, perhaps more than a thousand points of light to boot. I drive very little these days and I am in the process of selling two cars that I have yet to take title to. One is a Mercedes black 380 SL. The flyer in the window refers to it as a BEACH CRUISER and of course the seaweed goes with the car. While body surfing the other day these two pieces of seaweed which were attached by fishing line got caught in my mouth. Now I have a sense of what a fish feels before it gets served up on a plate.


Titles and cars should both be a thing of the past, all, however, “in jew course” [sic]. Despite my dislike for blood, particularly its taste I am very into color. As you may know, artist-painters don’t consider Black nor White a color. This photo was taken at what is called Blacks Beach which is right below La Jolla, the next town south of Del Mar where I live. Quite a few ex-South Africans live in that neck of the woods. Del Mar is more “subjewed butt it seems to be having more rock falls” [sic]. “We will, we will, rock you…” Time to get rid of all Kings to mention in passing Queen’s rock beat on the NextraTerrestrial website.


Perhaps the trains that run on top of the cliffs in our area have something to do with all the rock falls, a sign of all the chaos in the world, that things are about to change, all for the better, no doubt. I do, however, really like the sound of the train. It makes me think clearer, distracting me from looking at all the suntanned women, although I am mostly in to natural, low chroma paintings, women tTOo. Women will eventually rule and the men will learn to stay in line, do the grocery shopping and most of all pay better attention. Men do, however, listen better than most women gives us credit for.


Only as we move away from both white and black do we get to see and enjoy the richness of the full color spectrum. I sent an email out earlier this week on this subject matter titled; What's in a name? came on the “heels” of a report the Fox Network broadcast of an artist friend of mine who this past Saturday had an art exhibition opening in the next town north of where I live where even quieter folk than us Delmartians hang out, most though seem to have more than "tTOo gods, sum even have dalmatians which probably contribute to the numbing of our 6th senses." [sic]. See New Beginnings Party #2 celebrations to get glimpses of the fun we all had.




p.s  I just got news that a boatload of fresh swordfish which “my Jonathan” and his Dad caught during the past 3 days of fishing has arrived in San Diego. At $6 a pound it is going to go fast. Time to esc-ape.