From: Gary S. Gevisser

Sent: Monday, August 05, 2002 8:45 AM


Subject: Whats in a name...?


You have to love a man who in his mid seventies can call it straight, "They don't know what they are talking about." A few minutes ago Sebastian Capella who I understand will be back on you TV broadcast in a few minutes is known not just for his amazing art but never minces his words. He can not only draw but he knows about "mixing color write... neither black nor white is a color and the more you move away from both the richness of all the color spectrums emerge." This is one professional who never lost the professor in him when he started to make a living out of his profession, "Professional comes from professor which means to teach." Often when trying to make ends meet we forget the professor in each of us.


Earlier in the broadcast there was reference to "... God has done some incredible things." Soon you can check out which spelled backwards is... You can check out my Pypeetoe at and then click on " 1 or page 2." The first page shows him resting after a long flight to Peru earlier this year where we were treated like Kings. We will soon tell the story of how I managed to get him on board the plane using that pitching wedge as a leash without anyone really questioning either of our credentials. On a later flight we had a captain of the plane practicing his golf swings at 33,000 ft not realizing that in fact the club head was manufactured by a 3rd World military contractor. As you scroll down you will see me practicing my golf swings at the top of Machu Picchu. When you get to "page 2" and scroll past the first tTOo pictures you will see Pypeetoe running circles around me while producing a perfect infinity sign using another leash.


By the way Sebastian Capella referred to by your on the scene reporter as the "Sean Connery of contemporary art" knows who I am, so does the breeder of Pypeetoe who bred my dog as well as I understand Fox's program director. Supposedly her Italian Greyhound and Pypeetoe are full-on brothers. Were it not for him being 1 inch tTOo tall Pypeetoe tTOo would have a championship or tTOo under his belt. Pypeetoe got his name because he has the "right angle" markings of Pythagoras and continues to pee on his toes. His birth name was "Hoss" because he has the head of a "C horse" and trots just like a horse. He also seems to respond just as well to God...


I am also writing a book, Manager Minute One, “at we should be our own managers from the Gung Ho-ghetto as well as the get-go”. See Epilogue... my first communication with the Fox Network.


Soon we will start covering the "race for Governor" ... shaking down students up in Berkeley for $100..." I have the story that is going to turn politics in California as well as around the world upside down. Preview Perfect Storm 3.


I also have "sum solutions" which come part and parcel with our SUM REVOLUTION.