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Title: Design-Designers-Design


The question of whether there is design to this universe begs many questions beginning with if in fact we can all agree that the evidence points to one incredible design-balance in the cosmos best described in Einstein’s E=mc² which this genius of genius referred to as “The Mind of DoG” [sic] as well as at the subatomic-DNA level, the Revolution in Biology leading “sum” [sic] of the smartest people in the world who were intellectual honest, i.e. had not let their formal education interfere with their learning how to logically thought process much the same way when exiting their mother’s womb and remember there r no certainties in Quantum Gravity-Physics-Mechanics only probabilities, the better the evidence the better the proof, truth that which does not change, then who is this smart designer-s and who had the balls to design Him-Her-s to the point that today so many us of us derive great satisfaction in chewing the crap out of each other, each and every life form on this incredible SpaceShip Mother Earth hurtling at an accelerating pace thru Deep Space where life as we know it cannot exist away from other heavenly objects at one incredible speed, agree?


Finding common ground must surely now begin since we have finally broken the “light speed barrier” a feat spearheaded by one incredibly beautiful Danish physicist which once understood by the masses will lead to big time changes and celebration, agree?


We begin life with knowing all the answers and the quest is to simply learn how to ask the right questions, every credible lawyer-liar in the literate world knows never to ask a question without knowing the answer and for me a failed university tutor from the 3rd World crappy University of Natal, South Africa my search for the truth, again that which does not change has taken me not “around in circles”, G-D-NAture having got rid of our tails but “back and forth” in compliance with Quantum Mechanics that says what goes forward as in # 1 must also go in “reverse” as in the figure zero, 10-01 which seems to be another error in mathematics, the most precise of all languages leading me after painstaking research to conclude that the past and the future all come together in the present.


We hear all the time about G-D, Jewish people r told from the youngest of age to replace the “o” in the word “God” with a dash, being One and Almighty as well as Good but not that often can I recall being taught at Carmel College, my Jewish day school in Durban, South Africa about Him-Her being SMART as in Science, Math, Art, Religion and Technology and as I looked around the Durban Jewish Congregation at the time of my barmitzvah which is like baptism, us Jewish men taking our time in breaking the umbilical cord and for good reason besides for feeling shortchanged after having our 4skins removed, I noticed besides for the fact that there were no girls in the choir the grumpy choir conductor relying on a male out of tune to set the tone I suddenly wised up that the smartest people in the synagogue were the females sitting in the galleries above inhaling the farts, airborne particles of feces, from their spouses most of whom I knew to be big time crooks who had bought off our ingenious rabbi, Professor Doctor Rabbi Abner Weiss who also happened to be my immediate family’s best friend.


Today, January 5th 2005 seems as good a day as any to open up a one of a kind dialogue inviting all the peoples of the world to participate and for each and every one of us to eventually work out not only if One Almighty SMART G-D exists but how He-She would in reflecting him-herself go about empowering each and every one of us to do the right thing and the smart thing which is also the right thing.


My last email to my amazing father, Bernard Nathan Gevisser was broadcasted to a statistically valid sampling of the world’s literate population. Bernie as he is known to most, is someone I always knew was very smart, a good perhaps, even great athlete, first becoming aware of his skills relative to the other guys his age who volunteered from Durban, South Africa during WWII to fight the Nazis most of them ending up as Jewish Capos in prisoner of war camps, breaking the cardinal rule of never getting caught, agree?


Then again by becoming a fighter-bomber-pilot at age 19 the odds of capture on a par with the miracle of surviving 71 operations in not exactly friendly territory, agree?


Then again Bernie didn’t have to worry about things like friendly fire since on more than one occasion he was “wingman” to Sid Cohen considered amongst those who flew with this fighter-bomber-pilot of fighter-bomber-pilots who later became a war hero during Israel’s War of Independence as perhaps the greatest Jewish fighter-bomber-pilot of all time.


So important to separate fact from fiction leading me back quickly to Pythagoras the first mathematician-philosopher who took all forms of mysticism and superstition out of the equation with his Right Angle Triangle Theorem while remaining very spiritual throughout his life, the key to logical thought processing begins and ends with the requirement to eliminate “noise”, sound a phenomenon specific to the one of a kind atmosphere of SpaceShip Mother Earth and why Lene Hau’s breaking the “light speed barrier” should have each and every independent thinker celebrating big time, agree?


At this time my dad like his last remaining male cousin, David Gevisser, may be feeling a little shell shocked as I have now placed the screws on both of them to dig real deep understanding the importance of each of our next moves, the frailty of the world’s financial markets being better understood with each tick of the almighty powerful clock to mention little of more and more people around the world increasingly knowledgeable thanks to the Digital Age, A G-D-Send why the world’s financial markets have not imploded, yet.


To repeat the hypothetical question put to my Dad at 8:55 PM PT.


“Hey Bernie, how many shares were u and your father Israel Issy Gevisser gifted in the DeBeers-Anglo American Cartel back in 1970 when the Moshal Gevisser Group of Companies went on the block for a ‘song and a dance’ that attracted quite a crowd from Natie The Maze King Kirsh whose prior claim to fame was his close relationship with one African King to the American Mr. Charles Platinum King Engelhard who surely when visiting The Moshal Gevisser Group of Companies at your headquarters on Madon Road in Durban, South African brought with him more than just a couple of cases of Coca Cola and be4 u answer that question bearing in mind u were never able to get your hands on the financial statement of Jenny Gevisser, your step-mother and second wife of Issy Gevisser, with your and your father’s office right next to Sol Little King Moshal, the Chief Executive Officer of The Moshal Gevisser Group of Companies, wouldn’t it have been proper protocol especially considering your father owned the largest block of shares of this rather well known South African public corporation to have been formally introduced to Mr. Engelhard to at least thank him for his generosity, so busy, busy, busy was Mr. Engelhard entertaining the likes of the Kennedy clan, conspiring with the South African Oppenheimers in the greatest mass enslavement, torture and murder of all time while ingeniously shipping tons of gold out of South Africa via statues to be then smelt down when reaching operations like Engelhard Chemicals and Minerals in Newark, New Jersey just moments be4 the United States of America went altogether off the gold standard, the price of gold skyrocketing, alto Mr. Edward Jay Epstein in his Internet book the Diamond Invention was not very specific in terms of how much gold was actually shipped out by Englehard and his-your other partners in this crime of crimes, Harry Oppenheimer now along with Charles Engelhard long dead, the only survivor with the answer to the few remaining The Fish Rots From The Head Down questions is again your first cousin, David Gevisser, who u must agree should now be protected at just about any cost, so should we take this once again from the top, u not suggesting once again that your youngest son Gary Steven Gevisser is continuing to go overboard?”


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Hey Stanford Professor AND polio-anthropologist Ricchard Klein, do you know whether your brain is a train smash ready to happen at any moment, that if you don’t use it write or down you could lose it all in the neck and above ground zero, wood to burn ever so carefully? Wouldn’t you agree that if we continue to miss the forest as we deplete the trees we could all end up as brush fire wood?

 Why do you think it took the U.S. government so long to work out that it makes sense to clear the under brush; moreover that it took Bush Administration II, the “Bush League” mind you, to mend the fences broken down by his predecessor more focused on ripping the stockings off young interns and to top it off with that Cambridge-Yale index finger had the audacity to say, ‘That woman!’ or was it ”men” or did he simply forget to wear his Mennem and lost his cool since he was out of tune with the not-so-damaged youth listening to Eminem? Oh those poor excuses that befalls the downtrodden to mention in passing, Oh what a tangled we web we weave when first we practice witchcraft, wouldn’t you agree?

 We now know that the tree of life is more like a bush, thorns a precaution to let good things alone, poussins, French for ‘little chicks’, to avoid at all cost. Those, however, with sticky feet might yet escape butt for the rest it seems inevitable that envy will result in pertrifried rock, peetree dishes for a future age, peach trees, avocadoes and mango trees a must. Once polished up though the next species can reflect on us while lifting their legs to pee.

 What do you think causes certain population groups to be more susceptible to degenerative diseases like Alzwhiners? Please put aside for the moment the question of whether the scientific community has embraced this particular wave formation that clearly shows less intelligent people to be the most susceptible.

 The last I heard from you was on Wednesday, July 17, 2002 9:49 PM. I am assuming you are done with your excavating and are now reflecting on your previous responses?


 Gary S. Gevisser



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