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From: Gary S. Gevisser
Sent: Thursday, May 15, 2003 7:15 PM
To: Valerie Hasson – Real Estate Agent
Cc: rest                                       

Subject: RE: Barbados – “Everything dnA Nothing” [sic].           .



Dear Valerie,


Marie has not sold her house. There was the possibility that William Bonning “wood” [sic] wait until this morning 8AM PST for Marie to let him know that she was comfortable in proceeding with his client’s offer to mention little of Mr. “HuffLaker” [sic] now possibly being out on the street. I saw Koby Bryant the other night on TV, a genius in motion but I still love him most for his eloquence in pitching baseball back into the Dark Ages and of course Koby an’t coming back as ant.


Her 10-year-old just came into the living room letting me know that he might have “popped a blood vessel” followed by,


Ms. Schwab has a whole Koby Bryant wall with a full sized cardboard statute. He’s her favorite basketball player… I think he will just sit in his coffin which most people do… if you want an explanation about him coming back I think he will be a tree.. He has puffy hair like the top of puffy tree and he is also tall as a tree.”


I am going to visit the first two homes on the hyperlink you provided. We saw the third one yesterday and were not impressed. Clearly the landlord has not done a good job in keeping his tenant a happy camper. This particular rental seemed almost too good to be true and as I was about to leave to catch a whiff of the sea breeze coming off the Pacific Ocean I ran “smack bang” into a notice on the inside of the entrance door that in a nutshell said,


“Would you really want to rent from a landlord who has failed to reimburse me for water damage done to my grand piano the result of a leaky roof + sky rocket utility bills as high as $400 a month generated mostly from another renter in a guest house located on the same property. Be advised though that the landlord may have a good heart, pig’s valves to boot, for he-she seem to suggest that I set up a collection agency to recover back sum 10% from this fukukta renter.”   


Marie and I just finished trying to flush out the anal glands of our chocolate Labrador suggested by another real estate broker and her husband who is a retired plastic surgeon we met just yesterday at this fukukta house. Marie Kohn is not only skilled and knowledgeable of the real estate market but is a beautiful and caring mother of two very eligible bachelors to mention little of her being a registered nurse; God help any future daughter-in-laws were they to decide to play it “fast & loose” nothing like stocking up on bandages.


Now my Marie is complaining about having a headache. Earlier today I called Marie Kohn to see if she had heard of Saad Juma, MD, FACS whose business card reads, “Adult Urology.” When it came time for me to have my dog Pypeetoe fixed it never occurred to me that my nonchalant attitude would come back to haunt me. My Marie though walked hand-in-hand with me as I went about shopping for a surgery that she tells me would require me simply walking around for no more than day with an icepack lodged in between my legs.


I can barely find time to respond to the hundreds of E-mails that come in daily from folks all over the world wanting to know how I might be able to help them solve their problems as I tackle the likes of those who rigged the Californian Gubernatorial elections. I was in two minds when filling out a form when we got our marriage license back on April 22nd whether to go “PUBLIC.” Jeffrey Krinsk Esq. had informed Marie and I that he was at our side in spirit, so much for his “telepathetic” communication skills. 


With all that said, should you be able to assist us in finding a suitable home to rent and at the same time find Marie a suitable buyer for her terrific home located on Barbados Way let us know. Marie is not interested though in having anyone troop through her house as she dances in front of me to Symbolist White Walls which her brother a Royal Canadian Mounted Policeman +++ gave to us in advance of our amazing wedding and reception celebrations.


Be advised that besides for wearing the pants, Pythagoras never to boot, butt of course she looks good in pants as well, she is not a desperate seller and would only entertain someone stepping foot into her home if that person has already been fully educated on the market, has been to our website www.sellnext.com and understands the risks of playing things fast & loose with the likes of me.


Have you ever wondered why it is that perhaps the brightest women the women the world has ever seen are also the smartest, Margaret Wertheim, the rule rather than the exception, of that I am all but certain. Can you imagine what would happen within the Arab world once the veil is done away.


Time to turn back the clock somewhat but not too much for there are great things a few men have contributed in some 4,000 odd years since Moses delivered to each and every one of us the incredible 10 Commandments. There are “sum” [sic] who see the end of the world as near and of course they are correct but so is there a New Beginning dawning for the world is endless and in time my hope is that there is enough time, motion and space left for me to provide the proof, which as you know is function of gathering the evidence, letting science be revealed.


Valerie, I am taking the liberty of copying other interested parties on this email including several handfuls of real estate brokers who continue to bug us and of course FBI Agent Culp is surely tuned in like all the many great Americans who are fed up with those who derive great satisfaction in exceeding the limits of their small authority, i.e. evil doesn’t come in the form of a pointed tail or a pitched fork nothing like losing a FAIR MISS to misguided individual-s, wouldn’t you agree?


Just today Marie’s 13-year-old came home and commented, “There was a question on the SAT about, ‘The Meek WITH TEETH shall inherit the earth’…” Marie and I looked at each other and for a split second I thought that perhaps Diana Henriques of the New York Times had decided to broadcast my “call to arms.”


Earlier today our first Grubby and GirlieGarb.com “franchisee” who is in fact writing the business plan showed me a cutting out of this week’s San Diego READER in the LETTERS section titled, “Cheats in white” that ends with, “…I think I’ve come to now better understand the prophetic verse in the Bible that states ‘…and the meek shall inherit the Earth.”


We now need to go eat.






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From: Valerie Hasson [mailto:tempomail@sandicor.net] On Behalf Of Valerie Hasson
Sent: Thursday, May 15, 2003 12:45 PM
To: gsg@sellnext.com


Hi, These are all the rentals that will take pets in Del Mar
Please let me know and I will be happy to show them to you!
Valerie Hasson
858.337.8633 Pacific Shore Platinum Leasing

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