From: Gary S. Gevisser

Sent: Thursday, July 25, 2002 8:45 PM

To: Jackson, William

Subject: RE: “Weatherly Capital” [sic].


Dear Mr. “Johnson” [sic],


Thank you for your prompt reply. I am still recovering from "sum" of the things Mr. Farrakhan had to say on C-SPA-N the other night. And then last night I got buffeted by non other than Martha Stewart holding a pitched fork. It occurred at 11:50 PST and I am not sure whether it was on CNN or Fox.


In a nutshell, I detest those who derive great enjoyment in exceeding the limits of their small authority, i.e. evil doesn't come with a pointed tail and a pitched fork.


With that said, my Dad some 30 plus years ago, fell short of bringing the SPA grocery chain to our home province of Natal, which as you may know was one of the last colonial outposts on the African continent. A crooked accountant tripped him up at the goal line.


I continue to work through my backlog but I am pulling out all stops to get this matter taken care. For me to be typing away after 3pm in the afternoon should tell you my commitment to make things happen. Vicky, though, will also reassure you how it takes special circumstances for me to interrupt my daily exercise routine.


Most importantly, I am quite concerned that time is running out even faster than the genius Warren Buffet suggests. How accurate do you think Mr. Buffet was when he said "there is the certainty of a nuclear-biological attack on one of our major cities between the next 10 minutes and 50 years from now"? This past weekend my Dad had it a little rough, wasn't able to make it on to the golf course butt he is resting up now in Cape Town AND seems chirpy, bunker mentality to boot.


My Dad is quite something, a veteran extraordinaire and deserves only the best. From his place one can see Robin Island where the former Nazi Government wrecked havoc on the minds of many of the current leaders of the country to mention just in passing the irreversible damage to their eyesight. I don't think though that Thabo Mbeki spent time much time on Robin Island. I come from a relatively-pretty-liberal family and in fact my first cousin who is a renowned author and journalist is currently writing the autobiography of Mr. Mbeki who I understand is a well educated individual and it seems he would be more than able to write his own book.


On the other hand I have been asked to ghost write the autobiography of a rather impressive individual whose letter writing skills alone demonstrate that he could do it all on his own but yet he wants to investigate retaining my services, you figure that one out? And this man knows just like Vicky knows I am not cheap. The last person who called me cheap, though, continues to feel my presents daily. This “jockey cum entrepreneur extraordinaire" who has a record even more impressive than his father who took on Standard Oil and won, wrote to me over a month ago and I have yet to follow up. Priorities, Priorities, what I can I tell you?


I must tell you, though, my eyes, ears and throat were acting up by the time I got through reading both the fax as well as what you sent in the FEDEX package. It seemed like TNT and I don't even carry insurance to see an ENT although I have a website Ntry. You may not have realized this butt there were two words in the fax that were repeated twice in the second sentence of the first paragraph, “unspecified services.” Given the tone of the rest of the communication I felt it necessary to check each and every word. This was very time consuming. I spent at least 2 hours on this project alone.


Why you would fax me a document and then send me a FEDEX overnight package the very next day seems a little "overbored" [sic] as well as a little presumptuous, wouldn’t you agree? I just hate to see paper wasted=better we chew on our words before uttering a sound and be prepared to put them down on paper otherwise to toss them in the waste paper basket. I guess this could explain why I haven’t heard from Vicky in a while?


My cousin’s father was the chief executor of Charles Englehard’s estate. They came together when Engelhard was looking into expanding his business interests in Southern Africa and my uncle was a natural candidate. He was one of the first if not the first English-speaking individuals to graduate from Stellenbosch University with a degree in forestry. It has always bothered me how foreigners, “interlopers,” come in from the outside and wreck havoc on the indigenous peoples, grab their wood, their women and make out like bandids with riches up the kazoo and it keeps repeating itself time and again; Hitler, who was Austrian, Verwoed, the architect of Apartheid, was from Holland, Mr. Fugimaro of Peru. Even though Mr. Fugimaro may have been born in Peru when it came time for him to flea the country his Japanese passport stood him in good stead.


It just seems amazing to me that in this day and age we can have a despot raping and pillaging a country and then living out the high life not in some 3rd World country but in luxury in one a country that is one of our largest trading partners? Do you ever remember reading anything in the press about this injustice?


Now I don’t know for certain my uncle’s qualifications or even in fact whether he went to Stellenbosch although I probably got that right. Remember it is rather late in the day for me and I just want to get this out of the way. I understand though that Mr. Engelhard died from drinking too much coca cola. Apparently he used to travel with cases of the stuff and who knows what the formula of coke contained back then. Do you think it is possible that Warren Buffet with his coca cola holdings might have some of his own private stash?


I really do try very hard not to let my work interfere with my other important activities including preparing my dog Pypeetoe for the next Iron Man Competition which takes place in Hawaii in October around the time of my Dad's next birthday. For his 77th birthday I gave him Perspective One. I am now working on Perspective tTOo. I am also writing a book, Manager Minute One ++++++++++EmanANDdog+.


I am assuming you have checked out at least one of my websites, You may have noticed that I was a little upset with Stanford Professor Klein and his findings on the 77,000 year old stone found in my backyard. In fact I understand that Mr. Mbeki was so proud of this find that he brought the rock into the Houses of Parliament to begin setting the stage for getting the history records right. What I cannot get over is the number of hits we have got on this site. Only butt a handful of folks know about it, although it is possible that one member of the family could be just hitting refresh, time and again, saying to him or herself, "Whatever, whoever." Butt even if it is a family member then at least I am reaching one person. You know the old expression, “you save one person, you save the world”; certainly you know the expression, "you take one small step and then a giant one?"


I had hoped to make it in time for the last Iron Man competition back in late May which was held in Florianopolis, Brazil; but I got all banged up doing the Inka trails to Machu Picchu. I didn't lose my mind altogether though and kept thinking positive thoughts about my companion's brother a member of Canada's finest, as in RCMP, although I think he does “counterterrorism” [sic] work as well; certainly he checks to see that everyone boarding the planes is properly dressed. His friend Pierre who came in 10th out of God knows how many “is” [sic] another French Canadian friend who hangs out at my companion's house “DNA” [sic] competes in triathlons.


On July 4th he, “Saul” [sic] came 9th out of around 850 contestants and a couple of weekends ago while my “travel companion’s friend” [sic] was visiting her family in Montreal he came 26th out of more than 1200 entrants. I think he [Paul] is only about 5’5” but he is rock solid. He was living out of his car when we first met him which was just a few months back. Today he has got himself an engineering position with one of the top engineering research firms in the area. We are very proud of him.


As you know we can always make money but it seems rather difficult, not perhaps altogether impossible though, to make up for lost time. I am not, however, that smart to know for certain even where to begin looking although I have some ideas. I prefer to be fully retired. I've done my thing.


I “reilly” [sic] do want to get this behind us and God knows I could do with the money. Right now I am even prepared to put aside having had to spend the two hours reading your diatribe. However, before going any further please tell me precisely how much money are we talking about?


If in fact I was terminated on January 15th, “out of an abundance of caution” despite “there was never any agreement” how should I be compensated for the half hour of my time back on February 8th, which does not include any travel time between Del Mar and The "Word Savings Center" [sic] or the time Drew and I spent discussing his boomerang which seemed the only thing left hanging on the wall behind his desk? Although Drew may disagree I was all business with him although I would guess he could be fun to hang out with at a bar.


What if this world doesn't work out all its problems, do you think we would be given a second chance to beat out the apes? Certainly, they would have more space to hang out together and party until of course the cows come home to roost. Nobody likes to get a roasting, wouldn't you agree?


Do you think it is possible that someone is really looking over our shoulders? There is this old Jewish saying, "The only person/s who know who you really are your spouse and God." I wonder though whether any of us really know who we are, especially those of us that keep changing hats. There was an article about my mother and stepfather who live most of the year in England titled, The Mad Hatters. Perhaps, by keeping homes in different parts of the world it keeps everyone guessing what's really going on, butt I know differently because I think differently, not that I am smarter than you. Perhaps, though the main difference between you and I is that I never let my formal education interfere with my learning. Just ask your former client Alisa. 


I don’t know if you know this but at one point Drew handed me his business card with his home telephone number on it butt by the time the conversation ended he asked for it back. We did not meet for drinks the following Monday evening.


Certainly, I feel it is okay to deduct the cost of the bottle of water I drank at the meeting where things got a little heated up, ipsofacto why I excused myself to hang out with Drew, butt please don’t push me against the wall. See me as Spiderman. One of the things I kinda fancy about certain types of spiders is their ability to create a “firehouse pole” escape. Ask your buddy Vicky Schiff about the webs in The Cave and while you are at it, ask her where my monthly checks are.


I have had a few problems over here lately including mail that got "hijacked" to mention little of finding a bird's nest greeting me on my arrival back from South America, right on my doorstep. There is, however, a massive tree over the property and it was spring. In fact my companion had a couple of doves over at her house nesting and she doesn't even have such a big tree. I love nature and I took both signs as a very positive omen. I also though had a visitor/s who made off with a whole bunch of documents, mostly though receipts that go back several years.


Fortunately, all the important stuff had been scanned into my computer and deposited in just about every corner of the world, although I could be off by butt no more 15 degrees.


There is a great book out called Bell Curve. I have not read it "byte" I listened on CSPAN several weeks back to the co-author who was protesting that the “liberal elite critics” had misconstrued their findings. This gentleman certainly sounded convincing to me. I would love to hear your opinion. His numbers, I must tell you, seem to make perfect sense and when folks start talking numbers then I really start paying attention. Pretty much anyone within 15 standard deviation points off the average is okay, at least that is what I picked up and consequently breathed a sigh of relief. Both of us I would think are on a par. So what could possibly separate us? According to Vicky you are one of the smartest lawyers she has ever worked with and God knows she knows about spending time with lawyers, certainly she pays the bucks. I doubt she has ever stiffed any lawyer which makes me wonder why she would want to stiff me?


I hope to live out my retirement in health and happiness and to bring a smile to this world. However, I don’t expect to live forever and consequently I have appointed Devin Standard as executor of my estate. In the event that I were to be incapacitated he will handle all matters pertaining to my estate. You can reach him at


It is time for us both to get down to business. Lets keep it short and sweet and lets not sweat bullets. I have no fear since I always tell the truth + I have a good memory.




Gary S. Gevisser



ps - Please make no mistake if I were to leave town it is not that I plan to flea, on the contrary I feel so positive about things these days that I just want to visit all the other places in the world I haven't been to and if by chance Mr. Buffet is wrong, God help us all if he is, then there is no time to waste.


The last I remember of my Dad's sister who recently passed away were her and my dad singing one of their favorite "Zulu alibis." 


One two three

Mother caught a flea.

Flea died,

Mother cried,

One two three.


I have been trying to teach this in Zulu to my companion's kids who are one step ahead of us all. I only win at chess and when we play tackle rugby, never though do I tolerate sweeping stuff under the rug.



Monya mabele matatTOo

Mama bambele zenzi

Zenzi efele

Mama kalele

Monya mabele matatTOo who?



Come to think of “it it” [sic] has been a while since we have had a major earthquake in this region. Can you imagine if a quake were to hit one of the Indian reservations, where would all the gamblers get their drinking water?




From: Jackson, William []

Sent: Monday, July 22, 2002 5:30 PM

To: Gary Gevisser (E-mail)

Subject: RE: Weatherly Capital



Dear Mr. Gevisser,


In response to your message, I think that the fax and the Fedex both contained the same cover transmittal and agreement (i.e., a Settlement and Release Agreement). I have been awaiting your response and would prefer to finalize the Settlement and Release Agreement (and have any corresponding payment made) as quickly as possible.


Please execute the Settlement and Release Agreement as indicated in the cover transmittal and return it to my attention in accordance with the directions set forth in the cover transmittal (and upon my receipt of the executed Settlement and Release Agreement I will arrange for execution by my client and arrange to have any corresponding payment made). Please let me know if you have any questions regarding the Settlement and Release Agreement or this message...WHJ



From: pacbell []

Sent: Monday, July 22, 2002 02:25 PM

To: Jackson, William

Subject: Weatherly Capital



Dear Mr. Jackson,


I have been traveling to hell and gone. I am only now starting to get caught

up on my backlog. I received a fax from you which was followed up by a FEDEX

package which I believed I received the day following the fax which is

stamped Apr-03-2002 12:35pm. I just want to make sure I'm operating from the

right documents. Should I be paying attention to the fax or to the documents

contained in the Fedex package?


Also is there a time limit by which I should respond? I have a lot of irons

in the fire right and I need to prioritize.




Gary S. Gevisser