Manager Minute One

“The meek with teeth shell inherit the earth” [sic]





 Perfect Storm XVIII


Warren “Bail me Out” Buffet, is our home grown body odor-ing flee-market capitalist” who recently went cap in hand to the federal government seeking to put a cap on his exposure; quite a balancing act for someone so out of shape, totally out of balance p-h-lead-ING”, 


Hey Dodo heads, in the event of another major attack on one of our sities, I need taxpayers to bail me out, i.e. give me a free pass” [sic].


Sidebar to his attorney,


“The trick is going to be keeping the citizens of the world running around in circles like a dog trying to catch its tail as I make a clean escape away from the insurance tails of policies I don’t have a prayer of paying “out on


How in the heck did this nutc-h-ase Gevisser get on my BUS while everyone else was asleep at the wheel as I made them pay through the nose with GEICO as in, Go Eat Infidels and Co-Opt the rest, silent toll booths a myst?


How is it possible that just one person out of some 7.5 billion admiring pions on this planet was able to make head and tail of my declaration, “There is the certainty of a nuclear-biological attack on one of our major cities in the United States between the next 10 minutes butt less than 50 years?” [non-sic].


“And if he thinks I am going to accept penance by doing the Inka Trail with the risk of being wind swept over Dead Woman’s Pass with the promise of Tea and Scones at his Ccrest Café in Minehead, is simply not acceptable; for one thing I don’t know what comes first, since this guy goes from right to left and left to right without even looking at the sign posts?


Now where can I find a good-looking dog to perhaps mate with his Pypeetoe and so make peace or would it help if I simply kissed his toes, would you know if he at least cleans his feet?

I just hope to not get my short hairs in any more of a knot. Perhaps we can find some other knotty Jew to knock some scents into him, perhaps we could put the word out that since he has two Ss in his last name he must belong to the SS and what’s with this number thing; aren’t I the King of the Numbers Game, master of Wall Street while he is a product of the poor Jews who got shipped to Africa and to heck with his grandfather who pushed a wheelbarrow.


I heard he is looking to replace a dishwasher, perhaps if I volunteered he will go lightly on me. Okay, go cut a deal” [sic].


Sidebar to himself:


“What perhaps got me into trouble was doing tTOo many cookies along with the sugar rush from my daily allowance of Dairy Cream ice cream bars when calculating the IRR on policies my yangsters sold with terrorist coverages.


And today the premiums I invested in the market are going down the tubes; in fact these mistakes must have happened when I got food poisoning; the poison tipped arrows some of our salespeople left at one of those airport buffets covered by our competitors, or maybe it was just tTOo much milk to mention little of ? Where’s the beef? So much so-w for sucking on Martha’s rear, as in Pig-sy.


What exactly is this Foetsack trying to tell us, that 6-11-1999 was a wakeup call for 911?


And soon somebody is going to catch on to what I am trying to do and will start ping-ING me all the way to TimpucktTOo, probably not clubbing me to death before sturing me to death.


Maybe if I behave the folks from NextTrial will let me simply live out the rest of my life on GECO Island in the Pacific with Martha Inc. and “The Finagle King” Perelman and Co Co Co and maybe I will try a byte of Coke, coca cola tTOo or if they are unforgiving I will simply accept life without the possibility of parole, celebrating celibacy with the birds and the bees to watch over me, crap on my face, sting me on the nose. My God, those storms clouds are fast approaching, Help Help help, give me some Nivea cream” [sic].



Buffet is either lying or has had a lobotomy or is in need of one. We calculate such an attack on one of our cities will take place within the next 10 years, probably in less than 5..., although there is the same likelihood of a dam bursting as there is a terrorist attack. There is, however, light at the end of the rainbow.


In a nutshell.


To heck with “goldNparaTroopers” hang on to your gold lets simply get rid of the audirtors and dirty politicians and of course we should have more trials but first we should give the folks at NextraTerrestrial a chance to fly and to fry all those who play it fast and loose.


We may have to take a few steps back if we want to fix things right including getting folks to express themselves clearly, looking at things a little differently as in right to left and to get rid of those on the far left and their blood brothers on the far right beginning with a BackFlash looking into the “doorways of disease, Angels in Disguise” so to catch the Masters of Disguise, ipsofacto we attack the pride.


One two three

Mother caught a flea.

Phlee died,

Mother cried,

One two flee. [sic]


Further background on Gary S. Gevisser:


I have been trying to teach the above night time reading for brain dead white South Africans in Zulu to my travel companion’s kids who are no longer one step ahead of me. I only win though at chess and when we play tackle rugby, never though do I tolerate sweeping stuff under the rug as in Revlon’s OutRAGeous shampoo seen on billboards all around Peru.


The Zulu translation goes sumthing like this.


Mon-ya ma-bele mar-ta-toe

Mama bambe-le zen-si

Zen-si e-ph-ele

Mama Car-ly-ll-a    

Mon-ya ma-bele mart-a-toe…Kick to where?



In the end we lose when folks play with our soft spots. There are no excuses for being lambs-to-the-slaughter. We make our own ZEN, AND BAMBEs to boot.


We allow our rottan leaders like Clinton to find “safe heavens” in California with Burkle the big “fig-wig-pig” [sic] former investor of Fleming a grocery distributor that supplies another small time chain by the name of K-mart with its apples after allowing the dictators like "Fumigator Fugi" of Peru to rape and pillage the farmers of Peru before allowing this rip off artist deluxe to settle peacefully in Japan, while vice president Gore, the inventor of the Internet allowed pornographers to reach all 4 corners of the planet in blitzkrieg speed.


No doubt “fig-wiggle-room-gip-sy” Burkle says "ta"=7 and is a big tipper, Gore to boot all the way to Timbuktu along with “Liar-Hieberman” [sic].


The Republicans on the other hand allowed corporate executives the luxury boxes of never having to think outside of the box, setting up their corporate “lazy affairsoff shore with off balance sheet items to “Santa-size” while acting like they are synthesizing DNA.


It is time to look at all the “sleeze” out there including those who controls the fleets of airplanes and boats that allow the drugs and pornography into the laps of those most deprived who need the oxygen to combat the pollution that so often comes out of the old fogies, from one generation to the next to the next until all is consumed and back we go into the oceans.


Butt we have a chance and when we ask the right questions in the write forum for all to see then the youth who are our future will start paying attention as we go about collecting the ill-gotten gains of those who came before, saw and conquered; ipsofacto NextraTerrestrial [NTsb] bringing to an end wrong turns” letting folks know well ahead of time running out that the Ronald “The Finagle King” Perelmans, time has finally run out.


So where are you off to Next? Of course to NT which is the next best thing to sliced bread and we will ultimately show folks how to feed themselves, take the politics out of politicians by getting rid of once and for all dirty politicians whose pregnant pauses, dirty paws to boot, will give us enough breathing room to turn this ship around. Let each individual cast their vote by voting the crooks out in the next elections beginning NOW asking those in particular who decry so loudly for “Free Choice” what sort of hand they would put out to at least reduce the number of abortions each year?


When last did we hear anyone from the far left advocate a measure that would put in place the right strides to have those truly in need of parenting skills the resources to stay away from the government’s helping hand?


As the budgets get cut, so will home schooling finally take hold as we go just once more around on a path that this time will lead to eternity, sling shots to boot, back to the basics, the need for survival.


Once we show the world that recent Gubernatorial elections in California were rigged then it is just a question of time before the politicians will begin arriving back home and we should welcome them as never before since there is nothing more dangerous than a politician out of work, wouldn’t you agree Mr. Chivaro?


Transparency is key and we have sum keys of our own to share with the youth of today who are our bridge to the future, to watch our words and count our blessings while bringing transparency into the equation as in Guidance tTOo to mention in passing our Mission Statement.


We will combine all the elements that make this world great into a recipe book to share with everyone. Call it an evolved  Mart-ha St-e-wart without the bs.


We don’t wear any hats other than the truth, bought and paid for in large measure by the generosity of our viewers to keep tabs on those in the public arena where we show those who play it fast and loose for what they are warts and all, hats to boot in just one generation, equal and opposite shirt sleeves to shirt sleeves in 3 generations.


The countdown began earlier this year with the sale of Anne L. Miller’s 2 lots in Del Mar for more than just a penny less in market value.


For those who play it fast and loose with the truth it will cost both dollar-weiss while they pound their flesh, pride to boot.


OK GOD=DOG [a] KOCKOUT, certainly our Pypeetoe is and so is Happy the bird with a new form of potty training for those who poorly clip their birds and of course there is also Maggie who keeps Pypeetoe in check, to mention in passing our plan to expand the circle doing what we do best, i.e. telling it the way it is unless someone cAn prove otherwise along with who is the weissman? [NextTOo] + 22 [V for Victory]=MOC 72=infinity


Time to care less about crossing tees, less teasing and using our swords and brainne muscle to plough the land, and of course we should drink more Cc:rest tea and plant trees; X off marks, and promote healthy minds to bring out the best, good looking bodys a must, the result of viewing things just a little differanty.


Sooner rather than later we must begin avoiding the man-made winds of war, to make better use of the body parts we are born with and not to abuse what nature intended in the pursuit of cutting off our noses spiting our vocabulary and phatten-ing our faces distracted with small talk of folks who wear tTOo many hats, spiked hair ever so cool avoiding at just about any cost tools invented by man to wreck havoc on women’s legs, meat me in St. Louis, or better yet the “C” [sic].


So, how much longer do you plan to hold on to your fortune Mr. Buffet, i.e. just tell us the truth about how much time you in your wisdom think we have left before we all become sea fodder for there is no doubt in my mind you are on a fast track to comply with the wishes of my friend Anne L. Miller who made it a habit of thanking “God for small fishers” to mention little of how red ants manage to survive?


I now challenge you to a game of chess, winner takes all and you can bring along Mr. Bill Gates Jnr., your bridge playing friend who no doubt wouldn’t even know how to get out of bed were it not for his IBM schooled daddy who wrote the book on bloc-busters, anti-trust to boot, wouldn’t you agree?



The meek with teeth shell inherit the earth” [sic]