Manager Minute One

“The meek with teeth shell inherit the earth” [sic]



The fish rots from the head down.

Man rots from bending over tTOo many times

Forcing the up.


Bottoms Up Schooling aka BUS-cHool-ing a must


end up bust without a boat from which to fish, up shits creek without a paddle

sucking dust from feet, 4 arms chopped off at the elbowS. Hell is only here on earth.


Oil tTOo boot, Time to stretch, Space to enjoy, wars make rulers take the Mickey out of common folk, common cenTs gets thrown out the window as the Occidental Kings and Queens make out like band-ids debiting the commoners bank accounts.


Inbreeding the root cause of all that is wrong as doctors practice on our canals blocking the passages that lead back to the Garden of Eden.


Education often times interferes with the learning that allows a crook like Warren “BO” Buffet to go cap in hand to the Government getting everything including the kitchen stink while the person who holds up a 7 Eleven Store with a gun to try and make ends meet ends up dead just because he didn’t quite know how to ask and wanted to be brief and cut to the chase.


Out with inches and bring in the centimeters or we will all end up as caterpillars as the towers crumble and the world shakes.


Mother’s milk no more important than appreciating art that requires a fine teacher who emphases the need to “audit” and “practice” the color wheel. What goes around comes back in spades, the ace is to pull out a reliable name as the drop of a hat, Chancy Gardner comes to mind.


The sooner we drop our professional standings and begin to stand up straight knowing who we are not by a professional designation but more in terms of how we bring light into each of our households doing the chores with love and a vengeance for getting it right the first time, getting to know one’s neighbor and helping one another in time of need, the last folks remaining on this earth with a pot to pee in are going to be those who know how to tend their own gardens who know that there is going to be a pretty chance that when their time is up they won’t return to earth as potted plants since by that time the invasion by the ants will be fully underway, irreversible.


It is time to recognize the incredible breakthroughs that have come about with past discoveries of nature and science none more important than quantum mechanics and the need to ensure that trust be once again restored, respecting nature, not allowing a bunch of rapacious pharmaceutical companies whose executives would have been better off farm raised to gain control over god-given substances while plugging their own brand of drugs over corporate sponsored TV programs that promote at times “airhead” slogans like “Don’t do drugs” while corrupting the political process, undermining the key elements of “fair trade” by engaging in “anti-trust” practices that allow them to remain in pivotal positions while have their employees pay their dues while their pensions go down the tubes.


The time is approaching to give these folks exactly what they have been asking for all along but to approach them from a slightly different angle than what they have come to expect making certain that they don’t ever again repeat their dirty tricks by attacking them from the bottom up, taking their legs out from under them, exposing their soft underbelly much akin to what Ida Tarbell did to John “King” Rockefeller at the turn of the century.


It is time to turn over a new leaf paying very careful attention to the things that matter most. Education is key to accessing the deep ravines of the mind, overcoming shyness is also important and helps makes one attractive to finding and keeping friends but nothing is more important than always telling the truth having a fine tuned mind that lets you know that “finders keepers” doesn’t mean that you alone have unlocked the secrets of the world that there is someone out there far greater than you that provided a guiding hand every step along the way.


Setting aside one’s ego in pursuit of the common good is difficult at the best of times and only once one has spent as many years as I have pondering why so few small businesses make it have I come to realize that it is only because of size of their wallet not what is tucked away in the trouser pockets that gives rapacious folks their not “so-fair” competitive advantage.


One doesn’t need to be a seer to realize that folks like Sears and Wal-Mart are all geared towards the promotion of unfair gaming practices designed to rig the system at the start of the opening bell. The second the stock market opens its doors to do business it sends a message that pretty much anything goes as long as you have enough of a paper trail to justify the promotion of snake oil.


The instant a company “floats” its stock it no longer is in control of its “paper” and it is only a question of time before those paper losses start adding up to real money. Why in heaven’s name would it make sense for a broker to understand the value of a company’s real value more so than the management hired to run the company who are not even able to get their friends, family and neighbors to buy into their nonsense leaving it up to brokers who prey on momworker63s, widows, widowers, orphans and pensioners who are the only folks currently left “long” in the stock market that is on the brink of collapse as the “smart” money has already left in search of safer heavens. The rest are simply brain dead.


To understand how poorly rigged the stock market really is all one needs to do is look no further than a guy like George Soros who promotes himself as a “free market” evangelist while engaging in “insider trading” just in order to make another couple of million and doesn’t even have the courage to show up at his trial when the verdict is announced.


The evidence against this “thick scAlled[1]” reptile was as overwhelming as the evidence against Ronald “O. Ring” Perelman who shouldn’t be allowed in to any men’s toilet room and of course the women should watch closely as we make him pee in his pants after pulling him left and right and centering him off balance to the point that it doesn’t really matter that he isn’t going to have even a pot to pee in by the time I am done with him. And should I still be around I doubt any of his heirs will want to hold on to much knowing how ill-gotten it all is.


The TV networks have proven out beyond a shadow of a doubt that folks are now really getting into this embarrassing game but our goal is to unite everyone using the best of what is out there to ensure that the innocent don’t become fair game. Until such time as we get our leaders, both political and religious to stand up against all evil and not just those who don’t contribute to their pet charities and causes it is unlikely we will bring about paradigm shifts which now more than ever are needed.


The markets are on the verge of collapse everywhere and nowhere is it more visibly seen than in the insurance markets and that is why there is the need to start building trust from the bottom up. The insurance game is in fact the pyramid scheme of choice for the brightest and most rapacious individuals in the world. It is not a real hard game to figure out especially if one has “friends” in the right places who simply write you a check or help with your image and no one comes better to mind than Warren “Bail me Out” Buffet who too is now beginning to understand what is in store for him.


Just as I went about exposing Ronald “The Finagle King” Perelman by first doing my “due diligence” I have planted the seeds that will eventually not only seal BO Buffets fate but create at the same time a whole new series of offspring that will deliver the right pitch by getting rid of the fraud that costs on average about 30 cents in every dollar of premium that each one of us pays when thinking we are going to have an insurance company around to pay out in the event of a loss.


The insurance industry is nothing more than a shell game and as the world gets more topsy-turvy they are being forced to now show their ever-dirty hands. Mr. BO Buffet thought he was being very smart by preempting what his books will eventually show, that he like most if not all insurance companies are in fact flat broke.


By the politicians being bought off and allowing things such as “offshore companies” that led eventually to such nonsense as “off balance sheet items” there really isn’t anything even the most sophisticated investors amongst us can hang our hats onto. Management have gone about disguising things to the point that even recently the vice chairman of J.P. Morgan essentially admitted to being aware of his firm’s complicity in rigging the markets. Have ten of my Jewish brothers explain to you the term “cashflow” and I guarantee you will have eleven arguments if I am allowed to conduct events.


In 1907 one man, J.P. Morgan, saved the day. He was not around 22 years later when the economic conditions of the market place were in fact not as bad as in his day. Today we are in for much more than a bad hair day. You have everyone out there particularly the media with an agenda that bad news sells knowing full well that there is in fact very good news to report in terms of entrepreneurial spirit but given the agenda of their marketing departments to promote the sale of penis implants along with some almost impossible to remember upper or downer depending on the time of the day, everyone is in fact shell shocked or because of bad nutrition having a belly ache that keeps them up all night to the point that when they wake up in the morning they love the distraction that comes with having the TV blaring.


Some of us know a thing or too about distraction as well as playing chess and we have designed a game show of a different sort much along the “gong show” that will have the audiences in fits of laughter as we sock it to the most rapacious, get the Governor of California impeached and his supporters heading for the hills.


The “smoking gun evidence” of the hijacking of our political system by a foreign conglomerate allied with a bunch of rapacious business people will be all that is needed to put our crusade to change the world for the better in to high motion. It is as concrete as the cement runaway truck that nearly ran me over back on October 21st just 3 days before a rather important hearing I had had in Superior Court that set the train in motion that will empower us all knowing that one person with the right partner can make a difference in this world.


We have a series of Perfect Storms that will lend more support to this universal cause and understanding that folks everywhere in the world have in common.


Some of us understand the business of marketing rather well having been schooled from a very young age. Marketing is in fact all about science and mathematics and having most of all an understanding of human nature.


The Meek With Teeth Shell Inherit the Earth along with EmanANDdog will not only capture people’s imagination but once they see how we respond to fast balls thrown at or near head returning not just with a vengeance but with hard balls that deliver knock out punches we will show folks that a crusade doesn’t have to be served up with bloodshed, hot to order.


On the contrary no one has to leave the fortitude of their own dwellings to simply sit back and watch even from an outdoor lounge chair or from a bar room setting as we go about setting these folks ablaze and by the time we are done which really shouldn’t take that much long certainly when it comes to how long things have been allowed to rot over the past 2,000 odd years that within just the space of a relatively short period perhaps no more than 18 months we can set this world on to a time setting that places us all on Daylight Savings Time.


Who really cares about time when one is having such a jolly old time. And make no mistake we are going to have fun poking fun at these relatively few rapacious out of control over controlling addicts sending them all the way to Timbuktu and should things get a little overcrowded there I know of a couple of places in southern Africa one near the town where I was born known as Quamashoe and then of course there is another area I know more about known as the Berea where there are a few prickly bears although most of the animals now walk around with fake boob jobs as opposed to real leopard skins.


No doubt most would not take eagerly to my endless literary torrents but once they see the world all tuned in and their kids in particular paying attention to each and every word we use, counting everything making sure it all adds up, seeing how transparent we are, we will have a hammer in our hand that will set the auction world aflame. In time we will be the number one network on the planet which will ultimately be owned by each and everyone out there wanting to do the right thing and in just a generation or possibly two, God willing us additional time, we will have the planet back in shape and belly aches, head aches a thing of the past as we clean up air, go back to farming without folks like ADM who are nothing more than MAD drunks to think they could have got away with their nonsense just because they help guys like Peter Jennings pay for his hair piece.


Who cares about these talk show and anchormen/women having real names, they all put out the same old bullshit. It is time to get with the program and start calling things what they are and yes as Eminem says, “Time to get down to business.”


I have never hid behind any corporation making sure I kept my nose clean preparing to meet my maker with my reputation in tact. Being born however with a golden name no doubt has it advantages and for that I have to thank only God for he is the one I believe chose my parents but from that moment on he has simply guided me to be truthful to myself. And of course I have made mistakes and when I have I have paid the price and right now I am in a collection frenzy to create the largest charitable trust in the world that begins with each one of you out there.  


If at times I sound cruel, remember that sometimes cruel is the kindest thing an honest person can deliver, time “4 light tu rule” and “tu hell” with “liteweit” elitist rulers many whose bloated stomachs portray their need to be served.


[1] SCAL is my acronym for Shareholder Class-Action Lawsuit Lawyers