From: Gary S. Gevisser []
Thursday, May 29, 2003 9:35 AM
To: Jerri215

Cc: rest


Jerry hi – I am parked outside your beach abode with my 1985 Mercedes 380SL that I hope to get sold this week in order tu afford too bicycles – I’m in the car with the engine running so as to keep the battery charged and Pypeetoe is darting in and out of your courtyard looking for his girlfriend dot, i.e. the gate is open, and for all I know the horse could have bolted out of the STABLE.


I am in the process of connecting up all the dots so as to make it easier for folks to go back & forth, showing even the least mathematically minded how to triangulate, i.e. get back to playing with a full deck of cards without getting their short hairs caught in a knot, nothing though like getting in the cross-hairs of a witch as hi-noon approaches.


Avoiding ending up a “road kill” has been an integral part of my modus operandi and my hope is that my book Manager Minute One [MMI]which you committed to purchasing when it is eventually published, although we didn’t discuss price, will be geared toward having us go back to the beginning of time to reexamine a number of things and would you agree it is time that the English language went through a thorough review, i.e. an update is long overdue?


Since “yee” and “thee” were taken out what further evolutionary adaptations have been made? How about eliminating the word “Mankind” since man is anything but kind, agree? Surely the doctor should be the patient man if he-she is any kind of doctor, i.e. the intern-ist should be the patient. Take the word “ocean” and replace it with “oshon” which is the way it sounds and of course phonics is already well underway as in the word “website.”


Butt what about the word tTOo”?


The number “2” should be written “too” since it represents two digits and when we say, “too much” it should be written “to” as in “I don’t want ‘to much’” and the “to” in “I want to go to the store” should be replaced with “tu” as in Et tu brute, agree?


We should come up with a universal language so there is no misunderstanding amongst nations which is at the heart of all the chaos to mention little of asking any fukukta accountant to define the word, “cashflow.” No doubt this is quite a challenge but again it is long over due.


For “night” it should be simply “nite” and to forget the “gh” that is not even pronounced so if you want to write a letter to say, mom, then why not keep the “w” to mention little of how come the Bible began with a preposition and the same with the Declaration of Independence?


In spite of the world today who would want to live in any other time unless of course you were a King or a Queen or just tu have come on to my radar screen?


The world has been misery since day one, since man evolved. Mankind is a misinterpretation for he is hostile to his own kind as well as the world, the best thing we know how to do is tu kill. At least agree that Mankind is the first word that should be deleted entirely and then start going through the English dictionary looking at words like:






Time is precious right now for all of us and so I am using this email to also communicate with Paul Hervieux who has a friend who makes the mountain bikes I mentioned.


Paul hi, could you provide Jerry with the specs on your bicycle such as the components, alloys etc etc.


Thank you both for you time and patience which reminds me that Doctors are doing nothing more than practicing medicine?


Today Marie is a little under the weather butt no doubt she won’t stay in bed very long getting right back to work on coming up with the basic kits for GrubbyGrub and[1]


Time now to fly.                                                                                                                                                               




[1] Earlier today I signed school notes for both Jonathan and Danielle. Danielle spelled out everything she wanted me to tell her Fiz Ed teacher in the event her stomach ache doesn’t subside and is not quite “fiting fit” to run around a track whereas Jonathan just pointed and said, “sign” and then later filled in the blanks; Proof # 8 not quite as ugly as someone who spits without first brushing their teeth.


Their biological father is currently off “serfing &” [sic] I am assuming in Hawaii although it could be Timpucktu and upon his return my plan is to continue taking him on a lite journey constantly aware of too powerful words in the scriptures, “Love & Forgiveness”, that has done the meek a “hell hole lot of good” [sic] while empowering the rapacious to keep at it, setting up toll booths which have taken its toll on the minnows like Finkelstein & Krinsk, Mr. Krinsk having to settle down recently in a second hand home, last year sum 752 new houses built per day in Los Angeles Country, bare in mind that southern California is all butt desert.


No doubt in time we will get down to the knitty gritty of who manages the world’s precious resources recognizing that politicians are not born but raised in households that produced the likes of Stalin and Hitler and never to forget our modern day Ho Chi Min Davis who continues to have the teachers and principals of our public schools hunkering down to mention little of the only people who should pay taxes are the members of the political party who wins the election since they get more than their taxes back in the form of economic preferences extorted.


And of course who can forget the Democratic Governor of California, Gray Davis’ relationship with the Prison Guard Union which proves that proposition, having prevented the State of California from considering a non-union workforce of prison guards which would facilitate market forces controlling the situation.


Never to forget the $150K I understand the Governor recently received from the Prison Guard Union in an effort to conquer the recall efforts currently underway, Perfect Storm III to send the Governor packing in short order to mention little of what is perhaps the most self-indulgent act in this universe as far as is humanly known; thinking that the number of people at your funeral will be other than that determined by the wether.


Just a matter time before a grand jury investigation begins an investigation of those responsible for masterminding and executing the rigging of the recent California Gubernatorial elections that landed Davis back in the pound seats.


Perhaps the second most self-indulgent act is believing that you can make difference.


Certainly, in my opinion, within the top 3 most self-indulgent acts are the reasons why the vast majority of people get married, but the act itself is not because it is a giving act & adds complexity to the life of both parties, truth the only thing that will set a man-woman free.


Government can in fact become obsolete but this assumes a level of intelligence and good faith which few would argue is unrealistic at this time.


But just as The Meek WITH TEETH Shall Inherit The Earth is taking hold in leaps and bounds there is no lack of resolve abundant in those who haven’t let rapacious adults screw up their sequencing, each one of us all being pretty-much programmed right from the start, looking both left and right before we cross a path that could lead to hell which anyone with just half a brain knows for a certainty can be found pretty much anywhere on earth, just look in your neighbors back yard, the signs are all there, hawks to boot, nothing like a goodytTOoshoes to watch out 4.


Moreover, the issues within the Gevisser-Dion household could possibly increase in intensity in the short term should the cash flow from the kids’ art and modeling assignments become meaningful, never tu forget an oral agreement between Mrs. Marie Dion Gevisser and Dr. John Ben Stewart [JBS] at the time of their divorce sum 10 years ago that said in so many words,


“When either child reaches the age of 13 that man-woman shall be granted the choice of which household they would prefer to live in so as to avoid the incessant back & forth to mention little of the ‘button pushing’ and ‘ears burning’ nothing quite like home cooked meals the upper class would be willing to ‘cil 4’ and should the speeded up motion with time slowing down result in less heat escaping from the babbling of either party pontificating, ‘Let me show you how’ G-d forbid one or both should end up scolding their rite hand then we will have to each create the will that will knock the over-controlling parent with lefts and writs in the premature death of either or both parents should one parent decide to rule from the grave to mention little of internecine fiting the bloodiest ” [sic].


So the question of will a person burn their hand while holding it over an open flame such as a candle if time is frozen will be answered not by one person’s point of view but by the preponderance of the evidence as information is shared, articles of clothing telling the message not only of each of our individuality but how we come together at the point which is most common to us all, the butt hole.


Altho I have never tried it I am told by those who have lit more than one match to their butt when farting that nothing short of their butt hairs getting singed is anything else destroyed, much as one would expect from Newton’s point of view that for every action there is an equal and opposite reaction, nothing is gained nor is the loss quantifiable despite the universe expanding at least from our perspective.


Like with anyone raised in a politicized household where playing politics is nothing more than soup de jour, with all of the flavor of a “drama queen”, perfecting the skill of later becoming a politician which comes in handy especially if one’s goal is to end life with few if anyone thinking kindly of you, to be ever so weary of those who play the polls paying most of their attention to which way the wind is blowing, skid marks to boot.


And so by applying sum math we get tu the crux of the matter, my “crotch rocket” the best tool I have available for testing out my theories of the innerworkings of the universe, nothing quite as difficult tho as ▲ing the status quo and getting folks “off the dime” counting their pennies as the world soon to go topsy turvy, once again getting in the write groove, Matthew Good Band’s Symbolistic White Walls, in sync with the X=10, Number the essence of all things, good or evil.


Most would agree that sun+wind+currant=climate. Rather than repeat this math translated into English problem may I suggest you find the Guidance tTOo hyperlink and you will c that the number ends up being 6.5 which is halfway between the letter “F” and “G”. So you figure out what this all means.  


From the beginning of time Man has been “at war” trying to figure his purpose in the “scheme of things” often times getting to big for his boots grabbing with both hands as if being pulled behind a ski boat forgetting that as soon as we are able to walk everything is done in terms of lefts and rites, and to heck with fists, knuckles to be massaged, i.e. we are all programmed right from the start to count our blessings.


WWI was at moment I. When in the beginning time stood still, nothing could be divided let alone multiplied, best described in a right angle triangle that retains it perfect shape no matter how many X it is divided eventually tho getting to I, and from there the choices are but 4=IV+III+II+I=X=I0; the infinity sign emerging in the quadrant equal and opposite tu the Δ.


0 the only point where “choice” is not ours and hence the script for God written by many as “G-d”, on & off much like fireflies who communicate in morse code to liten up the way on darkened paths, nothing quite like being on top of Machu with the top dog and my “travel companion” friend ready to fly, now on an incredible 9+ year journey thru life with yours truly, topsy-turvy-and oh so curvy.


G-D-Nature’s way of saying “Hello, go get a life and to heck with whining; remember you’re an offshoot of sum 300 million sperm who byte the dust butt don’t go overboard thinking yourself to be a God” [sic].


It all comes down to being SMART, gathering the evidence and then extrapolating, never tho forgetting to go “back & forth” without G-d forbid getting boring, looking constantly at the “+” and “-”, examining ways to improve the odds, an examined life requires continuous reflection on the incredible beauty that was all butt one moment “in” time, “in” time moment one, much like being “in love” with the more nurturing, multi-task oriented partner tapping you on the shoulder and letting u no, “Your’re in, love.”


The length of the pause all critically important for life hangs in a balance with each new soul brought into this world, mom.


Starting out as the 6th member, the first “Perfect Number” of a pretty together family, at the time my parents a perfect match, both their parents very involved in the selection process forging a blessing not all kids have and why so many kids grow up to be diks, and why a problem child is each one of our opportunities to get them to think straight, starting with “G-d gave us too ears and one mouth tu listen twice as hard as we speak.”


Our beginnings starting in nothing short of a wave that gets stretched out until we finally die, but by thinking back in time, going in reverse we see that all our hopes and prayers can be answered as we increase the frequency, eliminate the noise, shine up our acts thus mitigating the heat buildup that comes when we all get close like being at a Sting concert hearing SOS, greater bandwidth electrifying the Digital Age.


Balance a function of multi-tasking best suited to those in touch with nature, who nurture without feeling the need to control anything most importantly their offspring who seek nothing more than food, shelter and minimal guidance to fly hi.


Tu fly hi has its ups & downs and why the need to master ASAP the 123s, the terrible toos can be bypassed by parents in tune, who know about counting their blessings who haven’t yet got their wants confused with their needs, deficit needs all butt leading to disaster best overcome for those still young, who can at least still think differently no matter how abusive their upbringing, by going forwards as well as in reverse, best expressed in Quantum Mechanics.


Probabilities, the better the evidence the better the proof, the first certainty in mathematics 101 the circumference and area of circle which go on ad-infinitum, i.e. to really be SMART to avoid being run over by the TRAMS one needs to embrace Science, Mathematics-music, Art, Religion and Technology, shame on any teacher who would suggest that a lower case “r” is to replace something as almighty as Religion if taught right from the start, the problems of the world having nothing to do with race, color or religion, simply poor parental religious teachings.


First and foremost no one is above the law, and those who usurp their limited authority to be detested, eventually grounded to a halt, grinded up into wee little bytes for our dogs to pee on after being placed in handcuffs, brought before justice and hit with a hole lot of other penalties that fit the crime, making certain tho there is in fact a jury of peers.


Perhaps the biggest myth of modern day times is that those with an education know best simply because they learn to talk and somehow use that as a substitute for wisdom and they only come out of institutions like Yale, Harvard, Cambridge & Oxford different idiots than what they went in, but idiots nevertheless.


We race around like dogs trying to catch their tails altho perhaps “man’s best friend” is simply saying too things, one don’t kiss up to anyone unless it is your partner and too don’t think for I single minute your shit don’t stink.


Man has taken a pounding from the start, wearing to many hats throwing so much shit up against the wall and not surprising that it took Galileo some 1,500 years after Pythagoras to examine the effect of objects moving in a non-vacuum environment, disease only setting in, i.e. liting up when foreign objects, principally to much lite and oxygen start wrecking havoc with a system that started out in perfect balance within the vacuum-like walls of the womb surrounded by good vibrations and sterile waters getting out of whack with each breath of bullshit hitting their lungs.


And why the need to measure one’s words from the very start always taking a deep breath of fresh air and never letting the rot of others enter your brain and interfere with those all important wave patterns, chemicals reacting in concert prepared by a conductor that has been around the block and then sum, here we come, again and again.


Never to forget that a fart is nothing more than airborne particles of feces and Alexander Bell saw placing a filament in a vacuum environment as the only way to make the light burn constantly as well as indefinitely. So figure out what all this means.


Man was supposed to protect woman, his exposed genitalia as clear a sign as I suspect G-d could ever imagine, not realizing perhaps, that with elevated testosterone man would stop thinking with his head, that an enlarged brain would have him acting more like hump whales who are pretty good in working with their own kind catching their food, but us human were supposed to have somewhat evolved, man-kind not so kind, so go figure out what all this means.


In a nutshell, it seems perfectly okay to question G-d but the evidence is overwhelming of his ongoing genius in continuing to present picturesque landscapes in the form of a miniscule number of well balanced attorneys and nature that so far just won’t quit altho it is clearly at the end of it’s rope.


Our future tied in to the lite of young stars not succumbing to the bright lights that come from getting a “good education”, staying grounded every step of the way.


I am not surprised that Dr. Juma the “adult urologist” hasn’t yet returned my call, perhaps the only specialty in medicine worth pursuing. Pathologists are done, certainly they won’t earn a dime from me whether I be dead or alive; being cut open okay for those who have haven’t taken care of themselves but still wanting to live forever, inevitably getting sicker, placing another burden on the youth who are already paying for the sins of the older generation.


Moreover, why risk an operation, add fuel to the fire to mention little of overstressed physicians who see their practice of medicine about to go bust, unless of course they are the very best, make their records of success, wins, losses and draws easily available to the public on websites like that will draw tons of referral business galore, “Get in on with it GG, Go Kick Butt…U Rock”, agree Mr. GG. Hurst Esq?


Raising children is nothing short of genetic roulette with an added twist that comes from not really knowing one’s partner which costs each one of us for just one lost soul could decide to go ape, see life for themselves better off as ape assuming this is, as GG predicts, nothing more than a merry-go-round with the rapacious up till now always swinging into the pound seats, the old musical chairs routine saying, “What you lose on the merry-go-rounds you make up 4 in the swings” to become obsolete along with so-called Pros who duck & dive who in their quest to make a more than fair living have lost the teacher in them.


As the “twisters” pick up pace and with the insurance companies going broke, at the end of the day I am all but willing to bet the last $64 I have to my name that it wouldn’t take much training for our George-the-plumber who lives down the street to one day perfect the “fix” procedure and to top it off George does house calls and I know he can be counted on to first wash his hands after running a line through the sewer system looking to see if King Golden Esq. has yet to send in one of his tiny robotics geared to hooking each of us up through the “back end”, over my dead body.


And so we bring to an end both the “$64,000 question” as well as the question “What came first the chicken or the egg”, i.e. try shoving an egg up your anus and then calculate the odds of it all “working out” in the reverse, i.e. if it doesn’t make perfect sense forwards as well as in reverse then it is time to go back to the drawing board.


It is hi-time we all started to get SMART and come to terms with the facts that those who accumulate the most are the ones to fear, believing that their monetary rewards for having been able to “work the system” are a manifestation of their own brain power which even if it were true begs the question of what is behind the generation of the horsepower that so often has man-woman ending up so lame, lame-duck sessions of Congress soon tu be a thing of the past as the youth who are all our future and a part of each one of us Take the world and make it ours again”,


Nothing better to do, at least with my time remaining, than to revisit my days tutoring first year Business Administration students, modified in recent X to address Generation X and the Next set of revolutionaries.


“…So you think business can be taught? What thoughts crossed your mind when sitting down as a kid for dinner with your parents and/or grandparents as opposed to eating on the run, naughts and crosses or blank verse?


God forbid your parents substituted their lack of culinary skills and took you to buffets where less considerate people who didn’t wash their hands after playing with stinky dogs used the same servers to load up on the aspartame.


Now the site of these same people not washing before they went to sleep at night transferring soil and whathaveyou all over the bed sheets their partner waking up with possibly more than dirty linen worse yet a cold, G-d forbid cold sores, although it is possible that such interaction strengthened the genes that produced you the offspring but at some point why wouldn’t at least one of your parents have said, ‘Enuf is Enuf.’


And of course by using less toilet paper over time the parent who probably did little of the clean up who splashed the most, rotting the wood cabinets beneath the sink might consider themselves an environmentalist for having saved a hundred or so trees which I am told is the amount of trees needed to build an average sized house in the United States to mention little of all the grass lands needed to keep us beef eaters thinking this is the way to buff up.


Now if you didn’t get your schooling from those tasked to do right by you under the watchful eye of at least G-d since the Digital Age is only now just dawning or if you simply dropped out of thin air or got blasted out of a chicken then naturally you would have learned something off the streets and if not, then go get a job, butT if you are hell bent on wanting an education then go study art but you won’t make a living as an artist painter if you don’t know how to draw, then consider studying more of the liberal arts as in ‘Oh what a tangled web we weave when not sticking to our knitting’ because the only thing that can be learned about business, certainly here at this fukukta Natal University of South Africa, country that is surely in need of a name ▲, is how to perfect the art of larceny, i.e. If those tasked with preparing you well by not smothering u and u simply want to perfect the political skills you learned from them as in lying, stealing and cheating then welcome to my class.


Now before I end off let me tell you about a dream I had that put me somewhere in the early 1990s about 15 years from now.


I was sitting with a client of mine at this Deli in Beverly Hills by the name of “Nate N Al” not to be confused with the youthful smiling face servers you see at In N Out Burgers dotted around southern California.


Irv Cooper was not put off by my failure as a business school tutor since he too had so little formal education first making a buck after WWII selling compounds to fix dents in automobiles before getting in the “rivets” business and later selling out to Snap on Tools.


Irv had not met our Jo-nathan, in fact Irv kicked the bucket before I had an opportunity to say goodbye to mention little of how his wealth had apparently dwindled away in the years after I left LA.


Jonathan my “travel companion’s” son who was about 9 at the time would later go on to clean up in a number of different ways but first he began by placing the “loot” drum against the refrigerator in his mother’s house that made it easy for anyone to liten their load to dispose of their monies and he wasn’t fussy about only taking pennies which reminds me of another gentleman in my dreams by the name of Stephen Johnston who I came across for the second time in early summer of 2003.


After a brief workout on the beach with my dog I ventured across to Il Fornio over at the Del Mar Plaza where I ran into Stephen and his son Tony.


As I said, I had met Stephen who would have been 64 years old and Tony who would have been in his early 30s once before but this time we chatted for a rather considerable amount of time certainly more than the ½ hour I dreamt I once spent with that yoyo Dr. Kelly from Scripps Research the year before who by 2003 was still probably working on his Nobel Prize thesis, no doubt, at least in my mind, due to some input from your truly altho he tu could have suffered more than the average brain dead professor trying to protect his grants, Michael Grant the best, while suffering more than most from a degenerative disease.


Stephen and his son are rather interesting “single” fellows but Tony doesn’t quite have the experience of his father who did more than simply hobnob with the “rich & powerful” he made it his business to pay ever so careful attention to what they said as well as didn’t say providing me with further evidence that GrubbyGrub and would eventually win out.


And of course no one by that time was making fun of me, certainly not to my face.


The truth is tho that no one certainly up to the summer of 2003 has ever once made much fun of me other than a former neighbor Mark and his buddy Sammy who I will get to once again no doubt somewhere in this email not to be confused with my school boy buddy and neighbor Mark Hackner who guided me all the way thru university repeating time and again what his father had told him about fukukta university professors, especially those teaching economics,


They are the one group of professionals who can in the most sophisticated manner graphically illustrate with pin point accuracy using all sorts of fukukta graphs and overheads where they went wrong in life and the last thing they want is to see you successful unless of course you are smart enuf to cut them in on the action” [sic].


Stephen’s father was Percy H. Johnston who wrote a book back in the 40s I believe he said that later went out of print. Knowledge is Power was the title with the subtitle “From Lamp Liter to Bank President” [sic] and now of course both Stephen, Percy and I had been drinking a while so I mite have not remembered every aspect of this dream.


During WWII Percy Johnston was the financial advisor to the United States Government altho there may have been others less equipped to mention little of having an ear so well tuned that in the year following his death at age 77, back in 1956, on the same day Percy was born, James Cash Penney, as in JC Penney, came over to the family’s house in Hawaii where he thanked Stephen’s grandmother, Percy’s wife, and told her and her guests how no one else would lend him the money to start his business before then sitting at eye level with Stephen and the rest of the grandchildren wanting to know everything about the kids who “buy what they liked.”


I would have at one time “chilled” [sic] to meet a man like Percy H. Johnston but when one considers who in fact I would rub shoulders with over the years before meeting my maker, the best and most useful experiences coming from playing rugby, where in mixing things up in the “loose scrums” one learns very quickly that the only person one can rely on to get in and out safely with your teeth, jawbone and fingers still intact is to move at litening speed and it simply didn’t pay big dividends to overindulge in alcohol and drugs.


My short legs and midget sized arms gave me all the competitive advantage I needed without having to be a “show off” altho it would have been nice at times to outrun those who once they got out into open space simply couldn’t be beat, so much to be gained from going to the horse track, horses for courses.


Percy H. Johnston had taken Chemical Bank from 132 position to 3rd with just a 6th grade education which is probably a whole lot more than what my grandfather Israel “Issy” Gevisser got while sucking wind in Vilnius, Lithuania just waiting for his opportunity to ride the hi seas and not short-changing his mind waiting for the estate of family members to become his one day, all but the man standing remained on their feet after the Nazi SS did more than rupture their spleens, altho we don’t know for certain since an idiot step-grandmother chose to bury a rather important letter or tTOo.


Time and again I would repeat that the greatest gift my grandparents and parents ever did for me other than let me be me in the most critical period from day one through day 1096+- was not pressuring me into believing that I would inherit anything other than my good name and of course they pointed out if for any reason the Gevisser name were to be tarnished then I would have the right one day to change that too.


And of course there must have been a moment or 2 when I cried, in fact there appeared in the press a picture of me just a few days after my birth in my mother’s arms with too of her models sitting on the nursing home bed and the caption mentions me “bursting out crying” [sic].


I was loathe to cry wolf but I had this thing about bugs but as I got more comfortable with my understanding of the workings of the universe so was I more inclined to kill ants and cockroaches altho I had this thing with “stink bugs” one once crawled across the bedroom carpet in the rock cabin and it took quite some doing for me to focus on what my wife Marie Dion Gevisser was telling me which was to take a glass, place it over the creature and then slide a piece of paper underneath the glass, then tip the glass, run outside and hurl it as far as you can, “butt hold on to the glass” [sic].


Several days after this incident my left shoulder was still hurting. For sum reason I forgot to warm up which reminds me once again of Mr. Sammy Haim a neighbor at the time who didn’t pay for heating up the outside air.


Often times he had the heater blasting away to the point that I had to go sleep in the bunk below my lofted bed in the spot we referred to as The Cave.


So much for dreams.


I have every expectation that the Johnstons and I will get together at least one more time before I kick the bucket unless of course when they read this they conclude I am more trouble than say a bunch of sharks bumping into u for some 14 hours in the Pacific Ocean just off the shoreline of Hawaii.


According to Stephen Johnston back when they were filming the epic Hawaii an Hawaiian friend of his by the name of Calmani  Kalani was asked by the director to swim out so that they could take a particular sunset shot. When Calmani was later found some 14 hours later his hair had gone completely white from fear, his body was “black and blue” although the sharks never once took a piece out of his hide.


Nature has quite a way of signaling to us when our time is about to come and there are of course no mistakes just like there are no coincidences, simply poor decision making that begins at an early age to the point that one eventually gets completely out of touch with one’s rather humble beginnings.


The fact that the sages of old recognized all this and created customs such as burying people in simple caskets or better yet in stone altho of course we should all be buried at sea unless of course scientists can one deduce that our remains add to the oil so strategically deposited throughout the world that drives planet earth but right now I don’t want to distract our great President Bush from the more important tasks like suspending the trading of public companies preventing the already out of control rapacious in their quest to die the richest in the grave.


And of course I wasn’t in the least bit surprised to hear that Stephen Johnston’s mother and father lived just “3 blocks away from Einstein” and later donated their house to Princeton University which is where, in my opinion, everything started to go downhill for this rather well inspired man although I don’t know that Einstein was as easy as me to live with certainly I get along with more people than having to stick my tongue out to get attention.


Although Einstein may not have confused his needs with his wants like most of the TOES out there Einstein was very possibly “pushed and pulled” by the intelligentsia with their set of agendas who saw nothing gained by coming up with a unified theory of the workings of the universe that embraced G-d and why it isn’t surprising to someone like myself that the folks from NASA haven’t in fact done a rather simple experiment that fires a stationary laser on the ground aimed at say a shuttle after which they should all be grounded or simply fire a rocket that when it leaves earth’s atmosphere would show tu sum degree change occurring in the speed of light as it moves from a non-vacuum environment to the vacuum of deep space.


So what do you think the odds are that this experiment has already been done and no one so far is saying anything for the simple reason that it would immediately shut down NASA as we know it which is nothing more than “jobs for PALS” [sic] providing for bigger government which is really the business of the Democratic Party and intellectual midgets who more than most have let their formal education interfere with their learning.


Tony Johnston used to work for Rip Curl a fairly well-known surf wear company and when he left apparently his boss commented, “I couldn’t find anyone who had a bad word to say about you.”


Before I decide that I want to align myself with Tony I will of course do my “due diligence” but I would be quite surprised if he at some point in the future doesn’t bring about a shift in the old saying, “From shirt sleeves to shirt sleeves in 3 generations.”


Tony is of course a 2nd generation, being born in to a family who rank high on the list of the social elite, having people like Clark Gable and Truman Capote doing their utmost to hang out with his parents and grandparents.


Stephen Johnston represents in my opinion, at least until proved otherwise, to be a man the Hawaiians would refer to as having “AKAMAI” which is a person with deep understanding of his position in life.


One of the founders of the public company AKAMAI [AKAM] was Daniel Lewin and in my opinion the leading brain power behind this thunderous company that rose like a rocket and then crashed faster perhaps than any other public company in history at the time.


The start of my “New Beginnings” began on December 1st 2000 which I have also referred to as “My last peace” [sic] with a letter to Randall Kaplan.


Mr. Kaplan happened to also be considered a “co-founder” of AKAMAI and I first came across his name in a Wall Street Journal article towards the end of 1999 just a week or so before the company hit its all time high of some $245 per share.


The stock has since lost sum 98% of its value, i.e. market capitalization and there was but a 3 cent drop between the opening price on September 10th 1999 when the company began trading right after 911 and the close of the previous day’s trading. Akamai stock tho closed for day on September 10th some 19 cents down from the opening price, one day after Captain Daniel Lewin, a Captain in Israel’s special forces and later MIT graduate, most likely became the first victim of 911.


I never got to meet Mr. Lewin but as much as I consider Mr. Randall Kaplan a loser I consider the genius behind this rather remarkable company nothing short of a winner.


A lot has happened since I identified Akamai as one of the 4 companies in 4 very distinct and different industries to watch ever so carefully. There have been many winners and losers since then but with all the indifference in the world to mention little of not being able to trust the numbers put out by, in my opinion, 99.989% of the public companies, for every dollar made by someone as sophisticated as myself there are only morons, momworker63s, orphans, widows and pensioners who will end up losing a dollar, more of what little remains of their sanity, a mind a terrible thing to lose and of course they will commit suicide.


Just ask anyone who can’t control their bad eating habits whether they are possessed by sum or more NextraTerrestrials, lost their mind while listening to the likes of Polie Pollak or were simply born ignoramuses and I bet they will all without exception choose Polie Pollak especially if he and I are really allowed to get it on.  


And yes I even have trouble taking money from morons since in all likelihood they are a product of “poor parenting” and it is not “sad” that the evidence shows that those of “less intelligence are more susceptible to degenerative diseases” for the fact that powered with this knowledge we can look very carefully at the exceptions to this rule, make some fine tune adjustments in the way we go about educating and feeding our children to mention little of the brain damage that comes from sticking one’s head in the  sand and worse yet up another’s arse where the sun don’t shine one iota unless of course you are like Jonathan’s chicken and have lost your head, so where are you today Mr. King Golden Jr?


King like the rest of the Washington bunch with the possible exception of Laurie Black are hoping the wind will just take me away as I learn ever so low on the Ducati. I will be responding to Laurie in “Jew course” [sic] allowing all those I consider truly anti-Semitic to come forward and show their true colors and of course I contend there are more than a handful of so-called Jewish people out there who consider themselves “born & bred” Jews who are in fact nothing short of anti-Semitic.


So many matters still to be addressed along with The Will in the Bottoms Up Schooling [BUS] Chapter of MMI↔WWI where we will be spelling out in no uncertain terms how-to avoid those who fart uncontrollably like the plague, the World Wide Wait aka WWW. has us all going back to the year dot, to be or not to be, requiring nothing short of a conscience, using science to ferret out conmen galore, time to “scalp” those entrusted to protect the savings of those teachers and principals ready to stand tall and take on the “sCALPERS” [sic] of this world.


Nothing like being up in the mountains in a valley full of Jeffrey Pine Trees now gulping down our recent rainfalls to mention little of who really has the track record of accomplishments to deserve the designation “father” or “dad” or someone like myself who wouldn’t want to trade places with anyone not now or at anytime in history, caring  less about labels, very happy to step aside and let the kids be themselves and to come in when needed with my strong arm tackles to mention little of the need for “writs & rites” as those that play it “fast & loose” soon to get the biggest ducking imaginable as folks like me and Eminem team up.


What a site it will be, not to be confused though with a “building site” that should be spelled “siet” just so there is a difference in spelling, tu return tu when the begging was made & G-d created heaven and earth…---…”Let there be lite” to rejoice in spirit and of course nothing wrong with beer and wine in moderation as long as there is song, coach potatoes to boot and I say give that former Vice President’s wife, assuming she is less of an academic a chance to kick Hilary’s butt again only if Mr. George W. Bush were to step aside.


The Devil is most comfortable here on earth where everything is-is, living as happy as a lark in each one of us, particularly where there is overpopulation, the indifferent from which he can swing from side to side taking pot shots at anyone who dares to be different to challenge the status quo.


The pursuit of Happiness much like “queing Theory” which keeps the cash register line in supermarkets operating at optimum efficiency is all about avoiding misery and of course there is nothing wrong with “trials” just so long as they are just and don’t take as long as the “finals” the last quarter mile of connecting each and every human being remaining on earth just a hop-jump-and-a-scotch away from pole position, so what’s up Doc Stew, beginning to feel the heat, what about you Vicky Schiff, and you Sammy, and you Mr. Glass, and you Professor Klein, and you Professors Kelly and Price….?


tTOo repeat, life is no dress rehearsal. Time to stop hearing what we want to hear and to start listening better to Mother Nature who has the goods on each one of us, agree Mr. John Noble Wilford?