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From: Devin

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I’ve got the copies of the physical documents secured with my NY attorney.

Let me know if something hits the fan, I and my SEAL are quite capable of rapid extractions.

Be good.




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From: Gary S. Gevisser
Sent: Thursday, September 12, 2002 2:09 AM
To: Devin Standard
Cc: rest



Devin Hi there. I am back at The Cave and just got another hang up call.

Also received to day a temporary restraining order “granted” to Marie’s ex-husband who describes me as 5’11” and 180 lbs so much for his “I site” [sic]. Right now I am about five foot seven and one half inch and this morning I weighed in at 140lbs. John Ben has known me sum 15 odd years and although I have done more mental gymnastics with this “midget brainne” [sic] of a specimen than anyone else on this universe never would I have believed he would have been so loose with his script. I know Doctors have this “Dog-od-Lee chara-Cht-er-istic” [sic] that provides many of them with illegible handwriting butt this fellow has now signed a full on declaration of war. It has taken me almost a decade to get him to respond in writing to any of his wrongdoings and as my friend Anne Miller would say, “Thank God for small fishes.”


Dr. John Ben Stewart’s description of me is in fact the clearest aspect of what he had to say since I know he was actually thinking of his ex-live-in girlfriend who still comes around. Dawn works for my “buddies” over at Milberg Weiss butt as reckless as these folks can be I knew there was no way they would touch this one with a 50 ft pole for it would possibly have cost them another $50 million if I was to find an ulterior motive on their part.


For sum reason being handed this document made me think of my “free will” email to Mr. Shoenmann the Las Vegas journalist. Suffice tTOo say it has taken me a lifetime to get John Ben Stewart to put things in writing and he has finally shown for the world soon to see why it is people like him who are equally as threatening to our civil liberties as the Ronald “The Finagle King” Perelman’s of the world and his buddies all soon to be tied up and delivered to the people of the world who will dictate the appropriate sentences.


Again and again I am going to show the entire world that the proof is in the pudding, the problems of the world have nothing to do with religion or economics simply poor AND make no mistake this boy ant poor. However, by the time I am done with him he may have his mother back in Missouri hold off on selling her house. He might decide to rent it and spend the rest of his life fishing and leave those of us who truly care about Jonathan and Danielle to point them in the direction of the light.


The gentleman who delivered what amounts to nothing more than another strike at Marie seemed to be at first a little assertive towards me butt then again I am a rather small guy and anyone 8” taller can come across at first as imposing. Again though I am first and foremost a rugby player by way of chess player. When I asked what “idiot” a law firm would have advised Dr. Ben John Stewart in terms of delivering his so very “wicked writes” this sheriff deputy who seemed to have the right badge took a double take and informed me that there were the letters “COD” indicating that John Ben Stewart still had to make good on the “charges” i.e. not represented by an attorney.


You may recall it was Dr. John Benn Stewart who declared in front of Marie this past Sunday, “You will not step foot in this house [Marie’s house] ever again.” Anyone would think her house was his just because she lets him in the house where he mostly farts around making his mark, putting her and her art down as though it isn’t enough that she works out of a converted garage making the rest of the house a masterpiece fit for a king. Oh boy it is going to be sumthing when this is all done, when the truth finally comes out as to who knew what and who tried to make the most of Marie as this monster of man wrecked havoc during their just under ten years of marriage. Marie Dion Stewart is, however, no fool. She knew full well the economic benefits of just sticking it out a few more months butt she simply couldn’t take his abuse any longer to mention again the pathetic manner in which Dr. John Ben Stewart has been known to address his mother. Oh yes we will be covering the role of mothers in all our make up, again in “Jew course” [sic].


Hang tight King Golden, go ahead though light up another joint and relax. Call your buddy Roger Robinson butt I don’t think you really want to call the Feds, now do you?


Make no mistake there have been times when Dr. John Ben Stewart had his “visiting privileges” limited to the front door mat and of course there was nothing to stop him from deciding to fart outside, and as one of the kids opened the door they would be hit once again with all his crap particles airborne. I don’t see why human airborne feces should be more menacing than those of rats. I need to discuss this matter with Mr. Jeffrey Krinsk and his wife Campbell Soup.


I had indicated to Dr. Ben Stewart John that he and the other two “crybabies” may have in fact “tortuously interfered” with my business although it seems it is going to be rather difficult for me to prove damages given the increased flow of traffic that is going to start flowing, the direct result of his once again showing his full colors. I love these “direct experiments.” I met yesterday on the beach this couple who know Dr. Kelly from Scripps. They gave me sumthing or tTOo to ponder which I plan to use with devastating affect, again though all with the purposes of healing those mostly at risk, i.e. the youth who are our future.


With that said, suffice to say at this time “is” [sic] the most revealing of his “naked assertions” that being,


“In the email on 9/9 he admits to having a gun and not taking any medication. In that same email  One/he makes reference to detesting plaintiff and then says ‘In the end we will get rid of all of those I detest the most.’ The Stewarts will all get their comeuppance’ ‘The world will soon have an opportunity to decide whether any actions warrant me being executed…”


Starting at the bottom and working up, it seems that the person who wrote up this complaint didn’t think the words I ended with “or as I am certain, fully vindicated” were important. Nor did they think the words “who usurp their power including those” in the sentence before “‘The Stewarts will all get their comeuppance” between the word “those” and the word “I” was relevant. In other words what I had in fact written was the following:


“In the end we will get rid of all of those who usurp their power including those I detest the most.”


So in a 21 word sentence the Dr. John Ben Stewart who signed this declaration as being truthful left out 6 rather critical words which happen to be the essence of the book I am writing, Manager Minute One, that we should all be our own managers from the get-go and the main thrust of the 78 odd array websites that I am in the process of launching. Ipsofacto why I am going to have sum difficulty proving damages. The same, however, cannot be said for his ex-wife, who is still the love of my life and I believe I remain the same to her, to mention little of the children who tTOo will now have to be heard. In addition, at the appropriate time I will be calling witnesses who were on the scene who were in a good position to determine how much of a threat I was to this completely out of control maniac who at 6’4” and overweight was undoubtedly the aggressor. In “Jew course” [sic] I will be describing Dr. Ben John Stewart to the Chief lawyer for the state of California who is awaiting a response to his last email to me.


U happens to be the 21st letter in the English alphabet and to think that we have kids fighting for our rights, our system of government, our checks and balances, dying on the battlefield and yet they are not allowed to drink “alcholhol” [sic]. I am certain that Dr. John Ben Stewart had not yet begun to drink his beer that day even if by sum chance sum might have thought I had alluded to it. I kept sum of his spit that hit the window of my side of the car as DNA evidence should it be necessary. No doubt Dr. Stewart carries other infectious diseases besides for poisoning the minds of his children. Before I started dating his ex-wife proper she had insisted I be tested for “infectious diseases” such as aids that required that we go 6 months without having sex. It never occurred to me that I should have her ex-husband Dr. John Ben Stewart tested as well for diseases such as those he might have picked up while carousing around. And around this baby can surely go.


With that said, the days of Dr. John Ben Stewart being able to play it fast and loose are about to come to an end to mention in passing how my reference to owning a gun show me not only to be responsible but more importantly I wasn’t in possession of that gun for more than a couple of hours during which time it has a safety lock on it that no one probably knows. I still have no idea where that gun is nor do I care. Marie, no doubt, has it in a secure location and no one should assume she isn’t smart enough to unlock the safety in the event she needed to defend Maggie.


With that said, I consider both children, Jonathan and Danielle, to be at more risk today than in all the time I have known them for the simple reason their father is desperate and I now have proof positive he is ill. Were Jonathan and Danielle were to be asked today whether they are in any way fearful of me I am certain their answer would be no. With that said, I am now suggesting to their mother, Marie Dion Stewart, to take the appropriate actions to not only protect the integrity of two material witnesses, but more importantly, to protect their minds from further abuse.


Again, I have been doing my utmost to protect these children bearing in mind, however, the interests of all the children out there who have out of control fathers like John Ben Stewart. I care for them as well since it takes just one out of control parent to warp the mind of a child who in turn becomes another John Ben. “Ben” in Hebrew means “son of” as in John, son of …


I really didn’t need this additional publicity to get the media from wanting to tear down my doors and to get what is surely one major scoop or tTOo. People like King Golden Jnr. Know only tTOo well what is coming down the pike and nothing would suit him better than to have an out of control person like John Ben Stewart doing his bidding. King Golden has more to lose than his reputation and sum cash he may have managed in recent years to stash away. More about Mr. Golden’s dirty little secrets and those of Kathy Murray all in “Jew Course” [sic].


[Side note to Ms. Hunt. Don’t get to sidetracked by the “Jew Course” or the “sic”. I was not only raised orthodox Jewish but I happen to subscribe to the basic tenets of all who want to do that which is “write” [sic]. I picked up the “sic” from Mr. King Golden Jnr who is a “home bred boy” who once ran for Congress before settling down and going to work for SAIC as in house counsel. He is very much a man about town, both here as well as in Washington where he now resides. He like me moves in a number of interesting circles, never though have I ever told a lie, stolen or cheated anyone other than one time when I was 15 years old when I stole a piece of jewelry from an Arab trader. I never got caught butt I paid him paid and then sum and I have never let that memory escape my mind. As you will see I have a rather excellent memory as long as someone doesn’t try to mess with my brain.]


With that said, I am now beefing up my security. Mr. Golden, Mr. John Ben Stewart and Ms. Kathy Murray are hereby advised to please refrain from coming within 150 ft of The Cave. Be advised that if you do so you will at a minimum have your picture appearing on my website.


And with that said I was granted permission by both children and their mother to have their pictures appearing on my website, a website in which they have a healthy financial stake to mention in passing the fact that John Ben Stewart failed to mention all the other things the kids mother and I put in place to protect the kids from his overbearing hands including their mother’s will that would speed up the time in which the kids could escape from the clutches of this rapacious individual who obviously had me confused with his ex-live in girlfriend who he has finagled with the truth on more than one occasion butt for some reason she keeps coming back for more.


The only thing Dr. Ben Stewart got absolutely right was my race although he put my age at 40. Thank you John Ben for the compliment butt I would think that seems about the right age for your ex-live-in girlfriend who may still think I am okay despite being 45. So how much caffeine was this Dr. doing before deciding to go out and play pong with our already overtaxed "bearockrazy" [sic].


By the time the hearing comes around, September 26th, I suspect there is going to be quite a gallery. Lets hope Mr. “washed out” attorney King Golden Jnr can make it back in time, the same with Ms. Kathy Murray. If anyone out there has a video of Ms. Murray on the Montel Williams show describing how this “hit man” had come to her house and shot and killed her father, a mob lawyer right in front of her and how she, Ms. Murray had continued this pen-pal relationship with the killer who was later apprehended, please send it to me. I will address in time any copyright issues with the network that aired this segment and continue to ask Mr. Murray what she had learned from that experience in raising her own children and whether in fact she remains in contact with the killer.


Again, in all likelihood I will be by the time the hearing comes around in quite a good negotiating position to demand a royalty income stream from that TV network just for mentioning their name on our websites. We have now well over 100,000 hits in less than two months and the number of people emailed about what we are doing at number just 360. Lots of interesting things have, however, developed over the past 24 hours in addition to this little side show that may in fact be moved up into frontal position.


With that said, I am now going back to sleep. Lets hope the hang up calls come to an end. One never knows who is really listening on the other end.


What matters though is that in the end there is going to be plenty of time tTOo heal.






From: Gary S. Gevisser
Sent: Wednesday, September 11, 2002 12:56 AM
CC: rest


Guide tTOo a unified theory







Difference =4


4=D or R



R=”re-pete” [sic] or Revolution


In other words,




=>Energy + God =MASS X speed of light






=>Energy + Revolution=Mass X speed of light


The speed of light increases when space particles develop within the brainne. Take the light outTOo one you create envy in the Is dnA cannot see the writings on the wall.


“4 Pete’s sake wake up” [sic]. I.e. Lets all find a way to fish together without getting sick and lets try learning French fryweiss tTOo.




From: Gary S. Gevisser
Sent: Tuesday, September 10, 2002 10:05 PM
To: Devin Standard
Cc:; rest.
Subject: RE:RE:General RE


Subject RE:RE:General Relativity tTOo


Devin, Maybe I will join you. I am just trying to work out an arrangement with a young man to run the show over their in England. So far it all looks fantastic. Off now to check a new location to hold fort for the next year. In the meantime sum pi-c-s that will find there way out on The Internet.


Note the perfect colorings of the cat in the one photo to mention little of the head bobbing in the surf out in Malibu. One of the things I had called Gary Glass about this morning was finding me a quiet spot in his neck of the woods where I could hang out when up in Los Angeles even though I have a vacant unit in my building which in all likelihood will remain vacant until such time as we have a new Governor in the State House. You I believe have a rough draft of an email I had planned to send to him the result of him having used Trevor Goldberg to sling his poison tipped arrows the way of my good friend Lynne, his wife.


With that said, I am also copying the den of 5 plus Paul whose name I misspelled earlier plus “NS ABC Sparks” [sic] who is now being given one last chance to respond in kind to my kindness when trying to help him out “DNA” [sic] resolve his internal family dispute. The “Del Martian locals hear” [sic] may have forgotten that I am the one who organized the neighborhood get together to resolve without going the lawsuit “root” [sic] a not so little conflict that had reared its ugly head in the house next door to where Marie lives. The same locals who have yet to organize getting a stop sign placed at the spot where Boca “Rotton” [sic] and Barbados Way meet. Dr. John Ben Stewart must have a blind spot when he comes up the “Bill” [sic] although I have now on tTOo many occasions seen my “boy” take more than one spill there, the same with other kids who live on the street. How long do you think these not so neighborly folk are going to wait before one of their own don’t return home?


[The last hyperlink “boy” Dr. John Ben Stewart used as an exhibit in filing his “maliciously fraudulent” complaint against me. The gentleman in the foreground happens to be a friend of the not-so-patient, very poor bedside manner doctor whose EYES puts me weighing in at 40 lbs more than my current weight. How much of a friend Mr. Jim is [to Dr. Stewart] remains to be “scene” [sic]. Note the contrasting shadows in the two photos, the titles say it all, although Jonathan, in the foreground of the second photo, is trying to impress upon Mr. Jim what it takes to maintain balance, i.e. if you are going to point, make certain you got your facts all lined up right and those who duck and dive will find no peace, either. Mr. Jim and Dr. John Ben Stewart have spoken more to each other as of late. I am a keen observer of “buddy language” [sic]. No doubt that is the case with Mr. King Golden Esq. who will now hold his horses in anticipation of my next email to Roger Hedgecock. Mr. Jim, whose name escapes me, also happens to be the lawyer who witnessed Dr. Stewart’s “ex-live-inns” [sic] will which threw Dr. John Ben Stewart in tTOo the doghouse. However, you sleep with dogs you run the risk of having more than tea to share with your next partner. I have an antidote for that, short haired “gods” [sic]. Beginning today, September 13th, I am retaining the services of my Yugolsavian friend Marko to beef me up. Unlikely though I will end up with a “buddy” [sic] like this given the fact that I look now like this, a couple of weeks ago looked like this, and just be4 that like this, used to look like this, looked even better at the Mexico World Cup Finals in 1986 where we left the game early to make it on time for another party, one time looked like this even had at one time a real good looking body that never quite matched the “not so-good-looking face”. Now my Py is ticked off tTOo butt he misses smelling Maggie who like her master is the sweetest smelling person in the world when she is happy bird, happiest however when with my boy Jonathan who in turn is happiest when with his mom, step fathers and out of control parents to boot to Timpucktu. AND yes I can still skate and play a decent game of rugby especially if the tide is up and I have the advantage of swimming around bulked players. Testing sand now 4 direction to avoid becoming a Dutch Sandwich, off shore companies and off balance sheet items to boot and only those who have balance to remain, from here tTOo infinity, only smiley faces to embrace and more fish parties with the best of friends.]


It is the bloodlines that clot up that destroy the best within us. Yes it is the internecine wars that are the bloodiest. That is why I go after these wicked folk who breed the Ronald “Finagle King” Perelmans of the world, the Marc Riches, and yes it is Sad that there is a Sad-dam butt we have our own little terrorists at work right in each of our backyards to mention in passing the “terrorists” who have taken over our State House.


Devin, make certain those documents find their way into the “write hands” – RB is one who will help clean up any edits required to mention in passing AG who shouldn’t be bothered for she has done it all and then sum.


Not all those raised under the umbrella of religion are suckers, they just need to now take a deep breath and let the evidence find its own level, naturally with the help of folks like you.


I want to make certain that Paul gives Marie a copy of my previous email and that he also has a copy of her will for safekeeping. I will try and leave a copy with another friend who will know how to reach you. Naturally, Marie can change her will at any time including changing the password on her investment accounts which would prevent me from doing sumthing knuts like transferring all the cash into one of my own bank accounts to mention in passing please don’t forget to have one of our boys check the postal box for any goodies that come in the mail courtesy of Next…Trial. Continue to guide those who need the most help until I get back from my “serfing expedition” [sic].


Mike now playing, shadows on a wall. The album is Stonehedge which is a “hop-jump-DNA-scotch” from my Seachange café in Minehead. Pypeetoe is stealing the show right now. The folks I am sitting with right now are insistent that they be copied in on this email. One guy, is Swiss, his passion is “golf, people, love and women.” He happens to know Ernie Els and Retief Goosen. I have met neither. Mischa, also knows that I once said, “I hate golf” although how can 1 really hate a game that my Dad is so passionate about and who is as close as it gets to godly as one man can possibly be. Davide, our man who controls the alcohol content, is hoping there will be pictures of naked woman. Davide, by the way, has yet to receive one of my emails. Once again, I did not touch a drop of alcholol. Not necessary when you are in the company of such fine people like Jim, Mr. Banash and Mr. Peter and Co.


Like most en-lightened people as yourself, dark spaces tend to clutter together, i.e. dark matter. I have a “torch” I picked up at my friend Lynne’s house last night that describes it all better than I think what is in my “bio”.” You be the judge.


Got to fly, bird in the sky.




Ps- Hope to see you when we break together the speed barrier of light where E=MC=us, square to boot. Einstein got it “mostly rwrite” [sci-ence] butt he forgot about Pythagoras who is within each one of us. He didn’t have the benefit of “afterthought” as in right to left. Errors become bigger when compounded. Pypeetoe is “now sleeping.” Time to hit the road.



From: Devin Standard
Sent: Tuesday, September 10, 2002 4:53 PM
To: Gary S. Gevisser

Subject: RE:


Got it.

Will do.

I need the Glass house contacts.

Plus I’m off to France again in 3 wks. Maybe I’ll cross the channel for some light refreshment/entertainment.






From: Gary S. Gevisser
Sent: Tuesday, September 10, 2002 7:00 AM
To: Devin Standard


What a night! …. in the event of me slipping off any and all deep ends.


Trust me though there is no chance of insanity given my ability to reduce my heart rate to the low teens almost at “flee will” - The “free will” part of the one hyperlink will now be discussed in many a quarter including that of Bill Clinton’s household I strongly suspect…Which reminds me that I am still owed $40K ++++++++ by NS


I plan to give up 2 additional points to others who do right