From: Bruce Lee

Sent: Tuesday, December 31, 2002 5:33 AM
To: pacbell
Subject: Re: Perfect Storm XXVII


Hi Gary


We returned home yesterday. Had a great festive celebration and now look forward to a mother of a party for New Year.


I see that you are ending 2002 and heading into 2003 in your usual combative style.


I hope that all your 'Storms' prove succesful in the year ahead.


Rgds to you and yours





From: Bruce Lee

Sent: Tuesday, September 03, 2002 10:44 AM
To: pacbell
Subject: general


Hi Gary


Had to return early as T. was unwell. She had a recurrence of glandular fever (epstein bar) and it has really caused her to be quite debilitated. She contracted it when she was 16 and it never full leaves the body - however this time it came back with a vengeance. I am therefore currently acting as nursemaid, chef, chauffer and chief bottle washer. I hope she gets over it soon as I need to be on my travels in the not too distant future.


Dont read too much into my epistle. It was not meant to harm. Just the opposite.


I have scanned your mail to others. Your pong can be viscious. However as long as you achieve the correct result and don't get pinged in the process - happy hunting.


I presume that Jeff. (?spelling)…drew were indeed good rugby players. I had a memory of you being  an ice skater of note. Am I correct or was it Melvyn “Weiss” [sic]?


If you are observant then good wishes for the holy days and well over the fast.






From: pacbell []
Sent: Thursday, August 22, 2002 6:42 PM
To: Bruce Lee
Cc: JP
Subject: RE: Perfect Storm XXI


Dear BL-T, as inBacon, Let-us take a break AND home grown Tomatoes.


I was hoping that “Bruce Lee” would wait until he got back from his trip having discussed matters with the kids, i.e. having them impress upon their father the need to steer a true course, not relying on the rear view mirror as a guide to the future, i.e. avoiding wrong turns, repeating the mistakes of his elders.


Here is a sporting tutorial 4 you . Please be aware that on the odd occasion when others have tried to play it “fast  AND loose” with me they have all invariably come up a little short and So lets be sporting shall we! 


I don’t know if you are sweating yet as in Et tu brute so I must therefore ask if you use Brut underarm or what about Mennen or like my class-mate JM you prefer Old Spice? Please, however, don’t wish me to be iced as my plan is to be served up to the fishes fresh as a lamb “all though in Jew course” [sic]. I don’t remember you playing polo nor pong for that matter? On the other hand I remember sum of the very little stuff that went on. It all adds in the end, trust me.


In just a matter of 3 years assuming we all make it back safely we are in for a blast when a space shuttle is launched in a direct experiment using lasers to “invalidate” the Constancy of C i.e. in my opinion, we will break the light speed barrier. Even if some of us are proven right which will set the heavens ablaze to mention little of the young minds who will now go beyond the stars, certainly they will aspire to be more than Hollywood actors reading other peoples’ lines, lies to boot, Einstein still deserves a lot of credit although I only wish he had the muscle remaining to have shut down the patent office spawning the type of creativity we could see should I get my way. All in good time. Space though is going to come at a premium, we will we will rock you...


By the way I dropped out of “add math” in high school when I got wind that the math teacher was far more clued up to what was going on than what most of us thought. Not only did he know his math he also understood how the system was so very out of whack referring time and again to us rowdy that we should visit the headmaster, “in Jew course” [sic]. The headmasters then played pong with our behinds while professing that they were more than potted plants. I always found the whole process of “corporal punishment” rather amusing. Thank “the dogs” [sic] cadets was disbanded by the time I got to “hi-shcul” [sic]. Why no one outlawed “the pig” and his brother from spewing their filth seemed somewhat “I-ron-man” [sic] in line with your pretty sick suggestion.


I now have sum other important matters to attend to including following up with Trevor Manuel, South Africa’s roaming Minister of the Treasury who cost me a few precious seconds finding his office on the home registry. Could he possibly have your “jean” [sic] or do you think it is possible both you and he smoked a little tTOo much DP, i.e. Durban Poison an “enron-mental has-id” [sic] that affected even those of us who didn’t smoke that much of the stuff? In other words who has the head for figures or are you both simple figureheads who battle to add and then sum?


Do you think if I cannot get the minister to move his muscles I might get our mate Tony Leon, head of the opposition, to put the right spin on things, at least make more sense of your cryptic writings assuming of course your kids are not already emailing me with their thoughts on our communications? I have now close to 600 emails which I have yet to respond to which is about a 100 more than when you began emailing me this past Sunday with your profanities. I try on average to respond to at least 10 emails per day. That is not always possible; yesterday a case in point when I managed just to respond to exactly 3 emails including one from you. The other two though, are what butters my bread and keeps the wolves at bay.


If you make it to Minehead please write and tell us about the view. Who is to say whose writings will attract the most audience. My mother would say, “Any press is good press” although I don’t remember a day when she had either a bad hair day or bad press for that matter.


Please, I beg of you, take a very deep breath before responding. Begin by explaining carefully your point, “You have still missed the point.” Just go back to your infamous “ironic” statement that preceded your question and tell me how what you wrote differs with my interpretation of what I think you meant.


You will see from here on out my responses to your emails will never exceed more than a couple of paragraphs with no more than two sentences each. Once I get my ducks lined up it is like shooting fish in a barrel. You will see, all, however, “in Jew course.” You can go to the bank with that.


Hopefully you will bring some sand back with you to build sand bags against the rising tides and let these emails be the worst bearings of bad news you will ever receive. He, however, who takes and never gives back makes for quite a dull choice of partners; I bet Tina would agree? You won’t forget to let me know if you decide to make a contribution to-our efforts to save the world, great journeys ahead, around the world in, lets see now… yes it is about 80 days until the Gubernatorial elections here in California. A lot can happen during this time. Stay posted. Now at ease.


Again, please send me some of your kids’ writings which we can all enjoy. Once they fly-the-coop they will likely tell it all anyway.


Have it your way”, is what my fiery good friend Anne Miller would say when she disagreed with me which was very rare. And no she didn’t eat her meat rare. On one occasion though I brought her back some pork chops from Bully’s a local bar-restaurant and she was having trouble biting into the loins and I was trying to explain to her,


 “I don’t know what pork looks like either overcooked or undercooked


which simply made no sense to her since she was raised on a farm and she had few interactions with Jewish people thinking that the beacons from the local church where we lived were Jewish, “the peasants they served once were delicious” [sic]. She was the best, replaced now by my Pypeetoe.


Now go out and “have a good day tTOo” -- and yes, less said the better, wouldn’t you now most certainly agree?




Ps – Some folks think that my end will come with a bullet to the back of the head or as one very close colleague put, “a hatchet to the back of the neck by sum relative” [sic]. At least I will be a stone’s throw away from the ocean. All I ask that if you happen to be close by that you give “my relatives” a hand and toss me in as the tide goes out.


From: Bruce Lee
Sent: Thursday, August 22, 2002 12:48 AM
To: pacbell
Subject: Re: Perfect Storm 21




A quick note before I leave.


You have still missed the point. Do not be blinded by trying to make something into what it is not.

The answer you seek is in the question.







From: pacbell

To: Bruce Lee

Sent: Thursday, August 22, 2002 4:23 AM

Subject: Perfect Storm 21


I am now giving you the handle “Bruce Lee.” I spent most of the afternoon and evening shadow boxing in the surf. It was terrific. It would have been better had I my travel companion with me; my dog though looked on keeping a check that I didn’t get swept out with the currents that were pretty strong.


I once worked for a guy called Sandy Banks. You will get to hear about how I took one of his lieutenants to task for thinking I could be ponged with.


Do you remember our one headmaster Kessel and a guy called Botha who was quite the joker until the same classmate that I referred to earlier handed him a stiff arm tackle that knocked all the tofu out of his lungs? Jeff M. was perhaps the best tackler our high school ever had.


Didn’t you find it interesting how difficult it was to get headmasters at our day school to stay put? My one colleague Devin Standard would probably once again say “frightening” if he knew how we as a community prided ourselves on being “the largest contributors per capita to Israel.” Point being if we were so generous to a land that harbored crooks folks like Eldred Savell? why couldn’t we afford to pay for the best and brightest who could help make certain us kids were taught right and wrong coming out of the starting gates?


Now if we were paying top dollar then what else could have been causing such a high turnover? You may recall we had some of the wealthiest members of the community constantly coming and going, checking to see who was doing stuff like bringing “schickasses” i.e. non-Jewish girls who didn’t need to shave as much as our kosher bread doughnut shaped sisters to our school dances and whathaveyou?


Hey I know your sister and my sister were pretty cool, in fact so were most of the girls in my year. I don’t remember much about the girls in your year since I had my plate full simply dealing with the scraps coming out of the Durban Charm School. Yes, Bruce Lee, not only were there no riots did you ever see a protest card of any sort? How about just a simple banner that read,




It really wasn’t that difficult to define a racist was it now? So why all the convoluted language, 


It seems ironic that if not for the white man the black man could not even be able to be so forgiving as to be able to treat his benefactor. Is this apartheid's revenge in reverse?


The only leaf you should be pulling out of my book is that we should hold each other accountable by what we say and do. We should weigh our words very carefully and tackle only the things we know something about otherwise it is like sum rugby players I knew who “lead with their head” [sic] and got so knocked about that all they saw for 40+ years were stars. Since you don’t remember me playing sports what about Latin or were you mindful of your conjugations as you mindlessly butted your head against the “rock spiders?” What is your favorite desert?


Here I am trying to make the case that we should be mindful of our young, that serious damage can come to those who don’t use their heads smart and instead of simply applying the brakes you choose to put your foot flat down on the accelerator.


I am assuming you have decided to take the train and avoid multiple car pileups. You may have read that one of our sites is – that we should not simply have an ax to grind butt the sharper the better. I guess you are head bent on giving me your all and then sum. You realize there is a downside to sharpening someone else’s sword?


Assuming we can get over why you wouldn’t remember me playing sport please then give it your best shot in explaining yourself in your own words, i.e. present me with the facts so that I can make a more informed judgment in terms of what you meant when you devoted an entire paragraph to, “It seems ironic….” I have counseled with sum pretty smart guys and gals and all of them seem to agree with my assessment of what you meant.


Surely, you can do better than some cockananny statement like, Racism in any form is unacceptable.” If you can show me the nexus with what you previously wrote I believe you are entitled to a Lexus. While you are vacation you can think more about it. In the meantime I will check to see if other folks on my ever expanding email list would care to proffer their thoughts.


I’m assuming the check is in the mail although I haven’t looked at the folks handling the credit cards to see if there is anyone continuously donating money going by the name Bruce Lee.


At this time I am going to stick a label on this storm. How does Perfect Storm 21 sound? Check out the Guidance tTOo :) Ask you kids what they think of your ducking and diving. Again, don’t hesitate much longer in sending me their email. You realize there is every possibility they are going to hear about all this from their friends which will make the task of explaining yourself that much more difficult.




Ps  - there are lots of fire engine sirens going off right now. I hope it isn’t an omen of things to come.


From: Bruce Lee

Sent: Wednesday, August 21, 2002 5:27 PM
To: pacbell
Subject: Re: Old Days




My Bar B Q was great. Salmon, Red Snapper and Trout. Nothing wrong with tofu mind.


I think you must have had the P.s on the brain. Havis was as I recall a reasonable man. - Now before you go off on one - My frame of reference was as a 14 year old to the parent of friends.


Racism in any form is unacceptable. Take a leaf from your own book - don't make judgements unless you know the facts.


I don't remember you playing sport. Which teams were you in?


Hopefully we are off to Sandbanks tomorrow.






From: pacbell []
Sent: Wednesday, August 21, 2002 1:53 PM
To: Bruce Lee
Subject: RE: Old Days


Lee – Hey, after seeing the “son” [sic] rise this morning I realized I hadn’t responded to all your questions and issues. Working from the bottom up, by not knowing what D told you about my “"aviator" [sic] dog I don’t have the foggiest notion as to whether you should “laugh or cry.” Why assume when I can get it all out of the horses mouth? Do you have any thoughts on why a pony is harder to break in than a person who wears pony tails to mention little about the horses, language to boot? What do you think of To-fu as a replacement for beef at least it would require less water than hay, wouldn’t you agree? I sure hope you haven’t got sick from that barbeque the other night, deadly silence?


Like the father of “my step children” I don’t really know what makes you tick. What I do know is that you don’t seem to be able to explain what may in fact be something quite profound. Naturally I haven’t really spoken to you in at least 20 years and certainly I didn’t make that much of an impression on Tina with anything I had to say. Words so often get lost in conversations which is why I like to see folks put things down on paper.


Now, if you are suggesting that the Black people of South Africa should be thanking the whites that wrecked havoc on their societal infrastructure, skeletons in closets, for sum 40 odd years while lining their pockets up the kazoo, the Jewish leadership to boot,  for having given them, the Blacks, now the opportunity to show their good nature, their forgiveness that still remains innate, then you my friend are much sicker then I first thought. At first I thought it was the late hour that had trapped oxygen flowing to your brain but since then I assume you have had some green to go along the red meat?


Perhaps, more so than JP, you need to watch you diet and “the authorities” may need to monitor your kids intake. Why not mitigate your exposure by placing TV cameras in each room with a digital recorder that only your kids will have access to? Hopefully, God has given them large and healthy enough lungs to take deep breaths when you enter their rooms for you could be in the throes of breeding another Verwoed or tTOo. I have to wonder how many like you are out there that we at NextraTerrestrial have yet to ferret out.


Again, better to chew on the words, digest their meaning and only spew them forth once you are prepared to put them down on paper and suffer the consequences otherwise simply throw them in the trash. Again my focus is to try and bridge the credibility gap that exists between the youth and us old fogies by going after not just the biggest guniffs, i.e. crooks, out there but showing the youngsters that the biggest guniffs start out in each of our neighborhoods. It is not the biggest guns that kill but those with the foulest of mouths. To repeat, sticks and stones break bones butt words kill.


Who is to say that Hitler at sum point didn’t have a kosher neighbor who didn’t know their ABCs as in Always Be Cool, a phrase I recently learned from Michael Willis who has ridden the biggest of the big waves and whose equally famous twin brother when approached with the greeting, “Nice to meet you” responds, “Nice to be met.” When it comes to dealing with adults these very well-grounded Jewish boys keep their conversations to a minimum leaving their minds clear to focus on the kids who get a good head rinse when out in the surf away from the maddening crowd who wear so many different hats and not just when going to the races or in our case when attending synagogue on the supposed holiest of holy days. No doubt you recall the fashion shows and the cat calls that took place on Yom Kippur. I remember Yom Kippur 1973 pretty well, what about you?


Lee, I wasn’t sure whether you surfed much as a kid. It is my contention that a kid who spends time in the surf, the more wipeouts the better, avoiding “rock spiders” if at all possible, has the best shot of making up for their parents’ bad parenting skills, certainly knowing how best to deal with quacks in their latter years should therapy be recommended by the spouse or significant other. AND I know because I have seen one of the top quacks here in the southland, i.e. “La Jawlla” [sic] who trust me right now is quite nervous given how well I document the file, to mention in passing those few and thankfully far between folks who I have done battle with over the years who remain on my email list. Again, no scars to speak of just terrific material for my book Manager Minute One.


Many if not most parents are simply ill-equipped to raise children, certainly while they are still in their teens and early twenties and have yet to work out who they are to mention in passing the great trouble sum large number of folks have in controlling their appetite, tempers to boot. Kids, however, who are damaged by control freak parents where often bigotry is a mainstay of the neighborhood, will never grow out of this “cold conditioning” especially if they are not in a position to quickly reenter the womb which is what the surf did for “a good sum of us” [sic]. It is important to keep moving otherwise you could get a chill, worse yet end up dead-sea, salt-on the hip, linked by mini-scule-degrees of separation, minis a bust. It was minis that those Jewish friends of ours were stealing at “hi-shulc write” [sic]?


My “step children’s” father, John Ben who wants to be with his kids more so than anyone other parent I have known particularly if the kids want to do what he likes to do, never grew up near the ocean and for that reason alone he has my sympathy butt that is not to say I condone his poor behavior. Over the course of the past few years when necessary I have recorded my disagreements for the simple purpose of their being a record for the kids should they ever wish to break from the past when they decide to have get married let alone have kids of their own. Now of course I have not always behaved myself according to the principles of say the Durban Charm School but I have never told these or any other kids even a white lie. As D will tell you he was raised on the proverb that a white lie is a lie.


Neither D nor I are big “sinagogogue” [sic] goers although I like some of Van Gough’s work and I have attended a couple of church services in the past year and the folks there seem to dress with spirit, perhaps though it is because of the wine and biscuits that get served although there might be more to why there are more Christians around today then Jews who started the ball rolling. One classmate of mine once asked me, “Why do you think there are so few of us around; why wouldn’t everyone want to be Jewish since we are clearly much smarter than the rest?”


I never considered this Jewish mate anti-Semitic since it was in a context that simply called for some open mindedness, very different to my former lawyer and neighbor of John Ben who asked, “Why do you think it is that most people hate the Jews?” He was raised in a Catholic working class environment and if he is to be believed was manhandled as a choir boy. I could never quite get a grip on why he didn’t expose the priests especially when he became a big time political big wig, Democrat to boot. All in all it all comes together as you shall soon “sea” [sic]. By the way this Jewish mate who asked what was to me a profound question later served up quite a storm at University dishing out exam questions to his white benefactors who included the president of a local Jewish congregation here in the southland, no doubt “makING a handsum profit” [sic]. 


Do you know if it was a Jewish person who invented the rolling point pen? Now Anton Rupert isn’t Jewish butt he had has something to do with Mount Blanc and Rothmans cigarettes and right now I am drawing a blank as to why I should be given him “free publicity.” In time something will come to mind.


John Ben has his mother of sum 85+ years spend a great deal of time at his home where she mainly picks up after him and the kids and when the “birds” make tTOo much noise she helps get rid of them as well. Recently, the ex, my travel companion, rescued a magnificent specimen which had been placed in John Ben’s garage along with all the other junk this collector of nothings tends to accumulate as he does his rounds. There was not that long ago this bunny which was also kept in the garage that said it all. Yet their mother who is very much on the ball has had trouble understanding why the kids don’t take proper care of the animals.


I was once over at his house many years back when I heard another bunny meet its death having escaped out of the cage. At least the coyote got to eat its meal alive and the bunny met its maker quick. If in fact God is within each of us it is then possible that God is within each of the animals who eat each other again and again, as my friend Anne Miller would say, “Thank God for small fishes.” John Ben also likes to spear fish something I am quite certain his son will eventually work out to be “quiet unsporting” [sic].


Later when John Ben saw the bird in full light starting to respond positively to his-her new surroundings, we don’t know if it is a male or female, he suddenly started to “miss it”, arguing that a window the size of a tiny port hole provided sufficient light in the garage, a garage that only sees the light of day when it is opened and then half the light is blocked by all the toys parked outside. He also now argues that the bird is worth $700 even though he paid $100 and when the Dion household took possession of “Happy” the bird not only bit people butt it had this incredibly high pitched shriek kinda like what Martha Stewart is going to exhibit when she “seas what we have in stor for her and her bosom pals” [sic].


John Benn has always wondered what I did for a living. Like with you I only told him what I think he needed to know. By the way, my dog Pypeetoe did a real good job of reducing the value of this bird that was probably smuggled into the United States by removing a good chunk of Happy’s tail as soon as I told him the story about John Benn now “missing” the bird that was all caged up and very poorly neglected. Yes this business of “missing” and being “oh so poorly” is something I will be covering more “in Jew course” [sic].


The other day when “my Jonathan”, John Ben’s son, was teaching Paul, our engineer-cum carpenter-cum triathlete and good friend how to surf they were both not only interrupted with the customary, “Let me show you how” but once Paul was starting to get the hang of riding the waves, John  Ben paddled up to him and started to complain about his board being tTOo small for his weight causing Paul to wave him off by offering John Ben the long board which I had bought for the Dion family which is the ex’s family name. Later when John Ben was done with his surfing mission he mentioned to his ex who actually had custody of the kids on this particular day, they share custody, “I just wanted to use the board for a short time…Paul must have just drifted away.”


One of the things I have learned being a “step parent” is never to assume anything especially when it comes to the break up of couples. One should always work backwards from the end and in most cases you see that the one who stayed put was the first to get up in the morning, missionary position for the birds and the bees, really? Butt we have our mouths and most importantly our lips and yes loose lips sink ships. Butt as my former-lawyer friend King advocated so well, “We are all better off when the nations secrets are in fact shared… less chance of any surprise attack, more chance to work out differences, to resolve conflicts before they get out of hand.”


King was very smart and having worked for one of the largest defense contractors in the world he knew what he was talking about. That is why I was most disappointed when he refused to place a call to help out with Jonathan Pollard, the Israeli spy, who may have been trying to do the right thing but went about it clearly the wrong way.


My style of going right at it right now is only because I believe there is no guarantee of tomorrow. As those who know me best by “work product” know full well that I do understand Chaos particularly as it relates to the risk markets and so there is nothing to be gained by me sugarcoating anything. I believe we do have in fact less than 3 years to mend things fast and that they have to start in each of our backyards and then we have to work through the house, cleaning everywhere, and then on to the front lawn and then help those neighbors who need the most help and so on and so forth. The desert winds are everywhere these days and no one should be passed over.


Again, in the event you are not clicking on to all the hyperlinks, I believe the problems of the world have nothing to do with politics or economics or water for that matter, butt everything to do with bad parenting. I am going to be telling my life story for anyone who is interested. We have yet to broadcast what we are doing at our websites butt before we turned back “the counter clock” the number had reached sum 30,000 plus. At sum point we will add a clock that ticks down.


If we go into the negative then it will simply make my day that much brighter, remember tTOo negatives make a positive and in order to understand the behavior of light and all its meaning one has to deal with integers both real and imaginary which include all the negatives including the square root of negative one and working backwards we start with the squares amongst us and then look at the root causes which equals the sum of all of us “behaving write” [sic].


I then intend to go bloc by bloc as in to help folks who listen well that their future is with the youth and to empower the kids to parent the parents which brings with it added responsibility. I believe the kids of today not only want this added responsibility, we as parents have few other options. We and those before us have been there and done it and the world today is a more unsafe space than at any time in history, outside of the moments following the Big Bang, wouldn’t you "pre-of-fer" [sic] at this point to agree?


Yesterday as I was leaving the beach after spending time with a very together guy I met by the name of Marco, a sports therapist who was born in Yugoslavia and understands the teachings of Ann RyAND better than any South African I know, I literally ran into some young guys who were handing out cards. I could tell that they belonged to a church group and I just didn’t want to be bothered so I brushed them off rather rudely.


As they walked on I felt rather bad and shouted out to them offering them a buck or tTOo. Guess what? Not only would they not take my money  but they were insistent they were not out seeking donations. They were also very well spoken and simply wanted folks to have the opportunity of calling in for a free video of “the last week of the Savior’s mortal life.” I got thinking that if each one of us knew that we had just one week to live and that there would be a record for eternity of how we lived that week, how better we would treat each other; well not necessarily all of us. We have folks like you and the suicide bombers in the Middle East to win over yet.


And just because my travel companion has her back and front yard in knick condition means I will have less to do around her house. She does though now have her winter wardrobe and besides she travels light and she is speedy. Even our triathlete friend Paul has to run in order to keep with her walk. And she can talk as long as you serve very good wine. Last night we mixed our drinks and I am the lightest weight of light drinkers but I require less sleep than she does, ipsofacto 2028 or simply put “tTOootTOo-tTOo infinity. The foreword to the book begins “5,6,7,8 who do we appreciate?”


Now if I haven’t been clear in what I have had to say, click on to Summary Edu. And then take a look at the little war I have been having with  the folks from eRaider going back to summer of 2000 – I happen to be NT2003 but I have also used my real name as well as nextcomingskeptic. Professor Brown knows exactly who I am and so do his benefactors as in the co-managing partner of “Milberg Weiss Bershad Hynes and Leroach” [sic]. Both websites remain up and look pretty good despite this Yeshiva professor having sweated bullets and it isn’t yet over and certainly I believe he sweats profusely as well. Most overweight people do.


Not only do I not subscribe to none of us being the son of God I am certain that each one of us has it within ourselves to do the right thing since we are pretty much all one and the same. That is why I remain hopeful but ever more cautious about this Yeshivabok and his backers who I know all about first hand.


None of us have a closer connection to God than the person next to us since I believe God is within each one of us, at least at birth. What happens then is anyone’s guess but I am no longer into guessing. I am into the math, the science, particularly “scienter” and what it takes to prove “culpable state of mind.” My lawyer-colleagues will tell you “I am pretty…---… credible.” So again, Lee, I am a busy person butt I now intend to make the most and best use out of you as I do anyone who crosses my path. As in real estate it is always the highest and best use that counts.


Make no mistake though it is the real estate rapacious folks who have the most to fear from me. Not, however, people like D who I believe sets a good example of how one can do good deals and have a lot of fun in the process.

Yesterday was the 25th anniversary of the launch of the first space Voyager , “The spacecraft could run out of electrical power before they reach their next goal, which is to explore the limits of the vast bubble the Sun is blowing around itself. The boundary of the bubble is called the heliopause, the place where the expanding solar bubble is counterbalanced by inward pressure from interstellar wind…Voyager 1, now the most distant human-made object in the universe, and Voyager 2, close on its heels, continue their ground-breaking journey with their current mission to study the region in space where the Sun's influence ends and the dark recesses of interstellar space begin.”

I contend that to see how things end we might have to look no further than examining what causes the behavior of our “waves” and most importantly how they first begin;  just one clap of the hands or chop chop or perhaps no more than a click of a the mouse? Who is without sin is not as important as the person who can bring things together who knows not only how to mend fences but who can throw a hell of a party as in “tot-sins” and for everyone to say “cheers mate” for unless we unite soon we might all be lumped up so close together joined not simply at the hip butt spending the rest of eternity smelling each others farts.


With that said, Knowledge is Light, and knowledge is found where one looks and one’s looks, just like one’s luck, are all a function of the cards that are dealt AND to stay out of trouble it does help to appreciate the light and of course understanding the behavior of light, understanding the mechanics that go into it all including the square root of negative one, are not as important as having the right mechanic when you need it. I need to go now take care of a few other things including talking to my German Mercedes mechanic to see about what if any car I drive next. I liked my porche but it didn’t sit well with my waveski.


I just sent out a FEDEX package to a gentlemen who had written to me more than 2 months ago wanting to get more input from me to “ghost write” his amazing life story. Have you read The Amazing Adventures of Kavalier & Clay? I got as far as page 69 butt managed to write in the blank spaces the entire foreword to my “best sel-next”, Manager Minute One.


Now go have a tot, take two aspirin and email me back in the morning making better sense of your nonsense. By the way my father’s best friend was a German gentleman who before passing away built this model airplane that is supposedly on its way over here from South Africa as a gift to my Jonathan.


I think the lights in South Africa could soon be turned off, at least they will get turned down in order for the black folks who are currently running the country under the watchful eye and big stick of the white elite, to get out safely.


Lee, I also don’t recall you being much of a cricketer so ducks were probably par for the course butt I seem to remember you somewhat in the scrums not quite like the way I remember the Tomsons though. These boys could always be counted on despite their good looks. One other thing, why you would ever want to take on someone else’s angst in the first place is a question for your maker no doubt. Surely you are smart enough than to see a shrink, wouldn’t you agree?





From: pacbell []
Sent: Tuesday, August 20, 2002 12:57 PM
To: Bruce Lee
Subject: RE: Old Days



Lee -- Well well well…---… some would say “leave well enough alone.” I learned, however, sum time back a real quick way to short-circuit the runaround. Nicholas Johnson, a former chairman of the FCC, which regulates the airwaves in this country, said it best,


“When someone says something which you can’t quiet understand you should first respond with, ‘What do you mean?’ And if it still makes no sense then ask, ‘How do you know?’ AND if they continue to try and bring you into their egg shaped orbit, feed them to the crockaniles’” [sic].


Now I may have made up the last AND. DNA though is something that has fascinated me a long time even before I knew the term DNA. Perhaps it was the markings on the rowing boat that first triggered me out my malaise, who knows? The number 9 as you know is the closest numeral to the question mark. One of the many things I like about the Spanish language is that you know upfront a question is coming since they place an inverted question mark at the beginning of the sentence. The English are prone to beat around the bush and of course they eventually took a beating, what goes around comes around especially if you are “sh-one-it’s creek without a paddle” [sic].


So, my question to you now is how do you know, 6“It seems ironic that if not for the white man the black man could not even be able to be so forgiving as to be able to treat his benefactor. Is this apartheid's revenge in reverse?”9


Lee, you have to understand that my focus these days is purely and simply the children and how they suffer from their parents farts which as you may have heard from my brother Neil is a just, “puréed feces.” My purpose besides for just having jolly good fun is to see if I can make a difference and possibly help our species avoid becoming someone else’s prey, i.e. meal ticket, i.e. less praying and more doing, wouldn’t you agree?


In a matter of seconds I am going to be receiving an email from one of the most stellar heads of a rather well known publicly traded company that before the bear market began returned almost a billion dollars, about one third of the company’s remaining shareholder equity back to the commoners like myself.


The reason I mention this is because this all around “in good shape” businessman like me is rather busy these days. You see he owns around 15% of the company that went from a negative net worth of several million dollars when he bought the company back in 1978, the year I arrived in the United States, to accumulating for all the shareholders several billion. Today, he is very busy deciding what to do with his rather large cash holdings. He and I are meeting next week at one of our favorite spots, Miracles and I plan to pick up on where we left off which was about 18 months or so ago, i.e. “ice-cream.”


So, Lee do you believe in miracles or are you just into shooting the breeze which is really what the game of golf is all about? If they wanted to stimulate the mind they would at least replace the round holes with something more square shaped which might get folks to begin thinking outside of the box, wouldn’t you agree?


Now I have yet to work out whether what you dished out to me is “pure crap” or whether in fact your kids are like many other kids I know, i.e. at more risk than they need to be. I believe, as sad as it may at first appear to be, that less intelligent folks are more susceptible to degenerative diseases, I also happen to believe that the environment in which kids are raised has “a whole lot of say” in how their IQ develops over time. How do you think I should follow up to Professors Price and Kelly?


Now you see, unlike you I don’t quote from all sorts of fascist sources or folks who got kicks out of seeing animals, bulls mind you, ripped and torn to shreds just for the fun of another species, unless of course I want to show how these “knutcases” [sic] managed to screw with the minds of those already victimized by their own hands, as was what Hitler managed to do to many, if not most of the Jews.  Of course “Good News” sells stocks and bonds and whathaveyou… yes a bunch of chickens with their necks cut off running around as though there is no tomorrow. At least they wont be looking in  their rearview mirror, which is what most folks do, wouldn’t you agree?


The real question I have though is to what extent you will lay claim to having been victimized by the actions of the “Capos” [sic] who lived just up the street from you who made certain you and the rest of us, especially our parents towed the line. As smart as you may profess your children to be there really wasn’t much you would have been able to gleam from what I had previously sent you that there was much “angst” between me and the rest of my family other than what I have now described rather clearly.


The neat thing about email is that it provides a very accurate chronology of events for others if they are interested to pour through it all as they choose in their own time and space. I would love to place your kids essays of their trip to Italy on one of our websites, which we have yet to launch. How does “” grab you?


I am very serious about what I do. AND of course I can play as well. This is not the time to play though and as much as I would like the business at my Seachange Café in Minehead, I would much prefer to make my “bucks” out of your possibly errant parenting, if nothing else it will give me more material for my book Manager Minute One which is to empower young people to be their own managers from the get-go.


Please send me your kids and Tina’s email addresses. Please thank Tina for the “good looking” compliment. She and my travel companion would probably agree on many things but that is not one of them. She sets a pretty high standard and each time I trip I simply screw up the odds. In other words I think you not only want to wish me “good luck” butt make a contribution to my cause that is clearly spelled out in the mission statement and in so doing help me attract the best and the brightest amongst us.


By the way I don’t have the  exact address of my place in England. All I know is that it is the last property leading into an enchanted area known as Burgundy Chapel







From: Bruce Lee
Sent: Tuesday, August 20, 2002 10:38 AM
To: pacbell
Subject: Re: Old Days




From the way you write it appears that there is some form of family angst.


Having taken on too many others 'angst' in the past, I no longer take on any more.


Your 3rd paragraph is a classic and deserves a wider audiance. Do I need to seek writtten consent from the auther or will I be accused of plagiarism if I simply publish?


I don't duck (unless it is spelt with an F) - my discourse is for you to interpret as you think appropriate. I think it was Hemingway who, when questioned about The Old Man and The Sea, said something similar and if he didn't he should have.


PG if my wife, ( Tina -you met her once. Her only recall of you is that you were.'...good looking' ) feels up to it we are going to go to Sandbanks with the children tomorrow for a week or so. If you give me details of your B&B Cafe it might be visited.


D. told me the tale of your aviator dog. Should I laugh or cry?


Best rgds





From: pacbell

To: Bruce Lee

Cc: JP

Sent: Monday, August 19, 2002 9:36 PM

Subject: RE: Old Days


Lee – again you assume tTOo much. What ever would have made you think I didn’t call to speak with my father? Why would you assume I would need to be reminded? Is it not possible that I might be just a little clued up on the matters of “heart” and what brings on this type of disease?


More to the point, why would you assume a call “I am glad you made it”  wouldn’t send my father in to a tailspin? How about, “Hey Dad tell me was there enough oxygen going to your brain for you to appreciate the pretty nurses?”


One of the great things my parents instilled in me from an early age was not to expect one dime upon their death ensuring that the communications between all family members were always genuine never clouded by a bunch of gobbledygook. Solicitors are a necessary evil given the fact that most fiddling begins at home. I think it is a good thing to have a lawyer in the family just to keep the rest of the family in check and the rest of the family should make provisions that he-she doesn’t starve.


Still I want you to explain in clear simple words “It seems ironic that if not for the white man the black man could not even be able to be so forgiving as to be able to treat his benefactor.” Take your time butt please don’t duck the question. If you read my emails carefully especially the hyperlinks you would see that the executor of my estate is black and rather accomplished. Both of us are also very busy and neither of us want to go around in circles. Everything I do these days has to do with the preservation and enlargement of my remaining estate. Please when you visit the west country drop by my bed and breakfeast café. And of course you can always tip well, the same when visiting our 78 odd array of websites.


I assume nothing about how you were raised other than by your own words and actions. You my friend shouldn’t assume anything about my relationship with any member of my family or anyone else for that matter until you have all the facts, at least sufficient facts to pull together a reasonable question. When, however, you miss the basic stuff then it raises questions in my mind about your upbringing and how you tTOo might have been part of the collateral damage. You will remember that D. left the country right after his barmitvah. I tuned out from that moment forth as described I think pretty well.


Again, I have yet to sue any individual, only twice have I been a plaintiff in a lawsuit filed against two separate corporations and in both instances it was to prove a point. Neither resulted in me spending a dime and I got quite “sum dividends” [sic] in return although they were not in the form of cash. Call it “stoch” dividends as in the card game klabbios. I am keeping them both as I play out my last hand of cards. Trust me when I tell you I have been dealt a rather fair hand right from the start. Nor, by the way have I been sued. I do plan though to ratchet things up a notch or tTOo over the course of the next few days and weeks and it will get interesting. Again stay tuned and be ready to reach for your credit card.


Again, please explain your earlier point. And again, if there is anything unclear about anything I have said, be specific and I will respond in kind.


Enjoy the braai.





From: Bruce Lee
Sent: Monday, August 19, 2002 10:54 AM
To: pacbell
Subject: Re: Old Days




We are obviously both busy people. Ipso Facto we can both find the time to indulge in the beauty of the written word.


I sence that sometimes it is sensible to listen to folks who make sence.  Sometimes it can even help in bringing one to their sences.


'Speak to your father' was not advise to be taken with a view to doing harm.  A call that says '..I am glad you made it' and nothing else can be all that is needed. However. your feelings for your family are obviously coloured by your experiences and it is not for me to profer my opinion.

(Hopefully this retraction will mean that I will not be receiving a missive from that honourable firm of solicitors - Grabit, Sue and Run)

However I concur wholeheartedly that a nubile nurse can do more to get a rAise.


'It seems ironic.....' can be explained by linking it to your / makes the world go around, etc'


Have to go. My kids are due back from Italy in an hour or two and I need to get the Bar B Q etc going.





From: pacbell

To: Bruce Lee

Cc: JP

Sent: Monday, August 19, 2002 5:01 PM

Subject: RE: Old Days

Lee hi -  for a man who knows that folks like Samuelson and kins even existed let alone got the spelling of their names right you should know enough about me at this point to realize that just because I never let my formal education interfere with my learning I wont listen to folks who make sense.

 With that said there were very few things that warranted me paying attention to anything that came out of our neck of the woods when one considers the failure of the Durban Jewish community to respond to fast balls thrown at or near head by the Nazi sympathizers at the highest levels of our community. Would “Capos” be the right word?


With that said, the minute I arrived in the United States I stopped assuming nor did I ever give advice unless someone asked for it. If you could provide me with empirical evidence to support your contention, not folk law or witchcraft then I would be at my father’s side in South Africa in tTOotTOos, i.e. 2028, and not a day sooner. I probably though have as much evidence as you though when it comes to giving folks like my father who may need a helping hand, that the younger and prettier the more muscle action which will keep the oxygen also flowing into the brain. My middle brother Melvin is there taking care of that. No doubt he is competent enough to see to it that the nurses are also competent. When my sister Kathy gets there she will see to it that Melvin has done a good job.


That to me is the only proof of the benefits and purpose of family, for each of the siblings to check on the other, for each to make certain that the other is doing only what is called for by the family member in stress. Family more so than strangers should be very guarded about interfering in their immediate family’s business unless they feel their good name is being tampered with. So far I haven’t heard anything coming from family in that department. I will, however, inform you and the rest of the world should they stress out. You don’t choose your family in the same way you choose your friends and business partners. Those standards are considerably higher.


By the way, I have set 2028 as just one future date to celebrate another New Beginnings party I am planning to give even if I am not around and of course you are invited.


Another thing I try very hard not to do is to suggest anything to anyone unless I am asked for my advice and then to make certain they listen very well of course I make folks then through the nose. Ask and you shall receive but you better come prepared to sing my tune, “money makes the world go around the word go around…”  [sic] along with the oil buried deep. So when you say, “Speak to your father…” you place yourself quite at odds with me because neither one of us can benefit from your suggestion. If I don’t take your advice then you may end up resenting me and if I do take your advice and say something that irritates my father then it could put him in an early grave and when I then tell you that I was simply following your advice you will feel bad, at a minimum. You could also end up being sued. I don’t know how much it costs to sue someone in England but here in the States it costs less than a $100 and that includes postage. I will though soon be finding out exactly how much it costs though to sue folks in England. Stay tuned.


Now if there is anything that I have written that is not clear and so far I may have written close to 500,000 words over the past couple of years that are making their way around the planet, it seems at light speed, then just let me know. I couldn’t, however, make head or tail of this sentence of yours, “It seems ironic that if not for the white man the black man could not even be able to be so forgiving as to be able to treat his benefactor.” Please explain this in simple English because I believe there must be something important here that I missed.


Feast of Fools is a great mime play. One thought I have is that if you took your kids to see it and then offered them my interpretation of what the “kid” in the oversized “hi-chair” was really thinking you might get an “I saw” [sic]. Remember now I am not suggesting anything nor do I think you to be a fool. There are very few people willing to test my patience these days and you did pretty good.


I am assuming it must be your wife and kids who keep you in tip top condition. I did in fact hear from “Jping” [sic]. You and he were the only two Jewish South Africans of close to 260 who responded. Pretty amazing when you consider that I got around an 80% response rate from the remaining 100 folks on the list. Most of these folks know me pretty well and by the way there comments were very encouraging.


JP replied to let me know his father recently passed away. He lives in Tennessee and we spoke a few days ago. He mentioned to me that he exercises every day and needs “9 hours sleep” and works “14 hours a day.” Now I can go several days without having to go to the bathroom for business #2 but there is no way any lover I have ever had and there have not been that many would tolerate just one hour of love making. Now I am assuming Jody lets the kids watch. I make a point of weighing my words very carefully.


I will copy Jody on this email as I don’t think he would object and besides I am pretty confident he is now watching his diet. Can you imagine the impact though of the internecine wars which could soon erupt all over the world due to the collapse of the stock markets which will really have no direct impact on people’s ability to continue to talk nonsense about what drives an economy to mention in passing the water wars about to erupt and dam blockages to boot.


Point being I believe the time is fast approaching when we will all have to choose sides. South Africans have a history of straddling the fence, going back and forth between light and dark as though there was only yesterday. Most if not all live in the past, which is why so many of them stick together like packs. The ice shelves are however starting to break up and it is my hope that you will join me in also rooting out the den of thieves in your neck of the woods; if not for your sake then at least consider your children… just a thought. 


Nothing by the way amazes me this day more so than the fact that the sun continues to rise. D may have concluded that since fish make love in water he needed more of a breath of fresh air and tomatoes look like big cherries and if raised right always taste delicious and are very nutritious AND most important they meet all the requirements of being crunchy, chewy, sweet and naturally a little salt.


All the best




From: Bruce Lee
Sent: Sunday, August 18, 2002 3:06 PM
To: pacbell
Subject: Re: Old Days


Gary, articulation is in the eye....


I sincerely hope that Berni is recovering. At such a time offspring spring to mind as the best medicine and all that one needs to know at such a time is that a life and its continuation was/is not in vain. Speak to your father and when you do please send him my best wishes for a speedy recovery.


It seems ironic that if not for the white man the black man could not even be able to be so forgiving as to be able to treat his benefactor. Is this apartheid's revenge in reverse?


I know all about D's slice and the details of your video. It appears that you were the feature of the ball! Is it not amazing that a man who hates fish can love tomatoes?


Talking of sTeaks have you come across the “Ping” [sic] family?


Deciphering your mail is a challange only the fool-hardy would be tempted by. So call me a fool!



The hour is late and so to bed old friend.





From: pacbell

 To: Bruce Lee

Sent: Sunday, August 18, 2002 4:06 PM

Subject: RE: Old Days

 Lee, you are very articulate my friend. You could also find a worse person than D to play golf with. You do need to be aware of that right slice of his. There is a video somewhere of him in action that hopefully will soon be up on the Internet.


Fortunately, his family weren’t in the butchery business otherwise I might suggest we could all end up as chopped liver. On the other hand I don’t really know all the businesses he has a steak in today nor do I want to know because it could distract me from sum of the things I still have to do before he and I can get back to playing pong.


The mission statement at the Nextraterrestrial website says it all pretty good. I still have to come up with something that says it “in other words” though. Any suggestions will be appreciated. This particular venture has been funded with less than $10K and I don’t intend to spend more than a grand per year of my own money keeping it going. There is enough left in my estate to ensure that.


With that said, we will be looking to make this a profit driven business with folks making contributions who think we are on to sumthing positive. At this time this venture is not included as part of any “charitable trust” but my intention is that in the end that will be the case. I am looking to do a byte of traveling in the near future and perhaps we will get together then to chat about the stuff that really matters, i.e. the kids. I have very little inclination to talk tTOo much about the past or folks over age 22 because it raises a lot of hairy issues that are difficult to pat down. I do believe though that we should always trade up being very aware of not penetrating anything under 21 and that includes the brains of the young.


I am though in touch with my family on “a need to know” basis. They are not involved with any of my businesses nor do I seek their input. It is much safer that way, less chance of being distracted. Each one of us it seems has our agenda and until such time as we put down each of our stories to print I for one am not smart enough to work out who is for real or who is a reflection of someone else’s diseased “Is” [sic] who fiddle, crossing their Ts, never though to tease.


It is all in the eyes and soon hopefully it will have us all saying “ayes…yes baby.” Talk is cheap and time consuming and my calculations are that we don’t have that much time left to play pong. D by the way has never fiddled butt I just like the expression “playing pong.” It is very important though to play hard as well as work hard and he is one of the few people I know who got this part right while never losing his heart. Now I am not sure about his “soul” since he doesn’t really care that much for fish. Anyone however, who is in to tomatoes is an A in my book, less salt sprinkled though the better. Tears, however, wash away the fears each day that we run AND shine. Time to hit the “serf” [sic]. By the way we have quite a stash of home grown tomatoes.


My dad had bypass surgery the other day in South Africa. I haven’t yet spoken to him but his nurses seem very much on the ball. AND for that I must thank God. Why the black folks in South Africa would let white folks receive even the bearest of medical treatment is one of the signs of a prescience stronger than us all combined. My Dad though is a special guy.


Be well,



Ps. I will share this email with my family. Our families were close.



From: Bruce Lee
Sent: Sunday, August 18, 2002 2:30 AM
To: pacbell
Subject: Old Days


Hi Gary


I played golf with D. on Friday. We ended up playing only 6 or 7 holes - we couldn't find the rest!

It was a good laugh.


Your name came up and old memories were reawakened. I am pleased to hear that things are where you want them to be.


I must admit I do find your musings a bit like a voyage on rough seas.- you hope that land is coming but you still have to miss the rocks and brave the storms before you get there.


Please tell me - in more precise terms please! -  about your latest venture, it appears to be interesting.


Are u in communication with your family? If so please update me.


Best regards





From: pacbell

 To: Nilou Cowperthwaite ; Hany Haddad

Cc: Garyiglass ; Randall

Sent: Saturday, August 17, 2002 2:42 AM

Subject: Perfect Storm?

Ms. Nilou Cowperthwaite

Branch Manager

Bank of America

Del Mar Heights.


Dear Ms. Cowperthwaite,



From: pacbell []Sent: Wednesday, July 24, 2002 7:59 AMTo: Bruce LeeSubject: RE: Epilogue to Manager Minute One, i.e. one minute tTOomanage.rLee hello to you tTOo. There are many ways to cross our tTs but never should we tease, white lies to boot! I never let my formal education intereferre with my learning. I will be covering these points in sum more detail on the 78 odd array of websites I plan to launch over the next 12 months all circling around that remains under construction. Only a handful of folks know about the site but the counter is over 10,000 -- with that said one person could just be sitting on their key with nothing better to do going "however, whatever" and the numbers keep ticking...all in "Jew course." Make no mistake there is going to be a lot of "rocking" going on and my hope is that I dont get "tTOo much blood on my face." I have yet to take a punch directly to the face...How's the family. Give me an update.




From: Bruce Lee

Sent: Wednesday, July 24, 2002 1:31 AM

To: pacbell

Subject: Re: Epilogue to Manager Minute One, i.e. one minute tTOo



Well, well, well.


Is this The Gary Gevisser,  ex- Durbanite, corresponding on such lofty

matters? No doubt Keynes and Samuelson would question your assumptions.


However, whatever. If this is 'my' Gary Gevisser please respond.