From: Gary St-even Gevisser
Sent: Friday, August 23, 2002 3:53 PM
Cc: rest
Subject: FW:


Mr. Schoenmann,


I was just about to get on my motorcycle and head downtown to the law offices of Finkelstein and Krinsk when helicopters started whizzing overhead, “please

cars” [sic] racing up and down the alley, hundreds of dollar bills flying everywhere and guess what? The next thing, the cops with guns drawn start walking up to my front door screaming at me to “stay down.” This photo was taken less than 7 seven minutes ago.


I just checked the surf conditions. They are not that great. Things, though, should get better soon.


I still don’t know whether your email address is good. At last count our one website, which is still very much under construction has received over 40,000 hits over the past 45 days even though we have yet to mention anything to the media. As you read through the stuff you may come across my decision to restart the clock. I will hold off on contacting any other members of the media at least until this coming Monday.


Just before this latest round of excitement occurred I received a phone call from the secretary of a man I was scheduled to meet this Monday morning. She wanted to move our meeting to 8:30 am PST tomorrow. I have a lot of things going on this weekend but I like the guy and besides, with the winds kicking up the surf is pretty much blown out. I will, though, be out in the desert at the crack of dawn with my dog tucked inside my motorcycle jacket and he is “loaded”…




Ps. I will also be sending you my bio-graph in “Jew course” [sic].



From: GSG
Sent: Friday, August 23, 2002 2:53 PM


Dear Mr. Schoenmann,


I believe we spoke about 18 months or so ago. A few days ago I spoke briefly with JoNell Thomas the lawyer for Mr. Mazzan who I understand plead guilty to two counts of murder. Apparently there was no evidence to suggest any connection between Mr. Mazzan and Mark Siffin, my “partner” Vicky Schiff’s ex-boyfriend.


I understand, however, that back in early February of this year the court granted permission for the defense to depose Mark A. Siffin “over objections of Siffin's lawyers, including state Senate Majority Leader Bill Raggio of Reno… police reports revealed that the U.S. Drug Enforcement Administration considered Mr. Siffin to be involved in major cocaine trafficking around the time of Minor's death in December 1978.”


By the way I arrived in United States from South Africa in March 1978 and my first port of call was Chicago, just a stone’s throw away from Mr. Siffin’s old stomping grounds. Would you know what came of that deposition?


I was also interested to know though whether you picked up any further connection between the victim/s and Mr. Siffin other than what was referenced in your article The defense never rests. Earlier this year Mark Siffin was apparently forced out of office by his backers, the Apollo group out of New York butt not before, however, pulling off quite a real estate coup in Los Angeles, billboard rights up the kazoo grandfathered into never never land. Who thinks about the children these days and what their minds are subjected tTOo?


Today Vicky has a new business partner who also has some strong real estate connections, i.e. California’s Coastal Commission and politicians to boot. Earlier this year Dan Weinstein who is co-managing partner of Wetherly Capital along with Ms. Schiff was appointed


…as the alternate for David Potter… Wetherly Capital Group, which specializes in raising capital from public pension funds and jointly managed trusts. He [Weinstein] has served as a senior advisor for former State Treasurer Kathleen Brown and as a regional Political Director for the United Food and Commercial Workers.” 


Dan Weinstein has a lot to be thankful for and no doubt credit is due elsewhere other than to God and right there are more than tTOo. For starters there are the folks who buy and sell the produce we all eat as in Ron Burkle.


There was a South African surfer by the last name Potter butt I doubt whether he would be a potted plant, certainly not a plant and I doubt he was much of a pot smoker either. I know quite a few surfers who smoke pot and just believe me right now that I grew up with the best of the best and they had the opportunity to partake in the best choice of pot in the world butt not one of them would be so dumb to be out on the high seas surfing up a storm, tubing it up the kazoo and to be spaced out on some ground weed. Smart mammals when they got the chance to return to the sea knew where the good stuff was, or else they would have simply returned to back to the land, wouldn’t you agree?


I know Dan Weinstein rather well and although he is connected I doubt he could “serf “ [sic] even as well as Mr. David Potter who I know nothing about but certainly he can blow lots of smoke. AND remember now we are talking about the California Coastal Commission not “sum poor hoarse” [sic] pension fund like “CALiPERS” [sic] where the folks are encouraged by powerful PACS to play pong in between trotting off to the banks to deposit their ill-gotten gains which then get recycled to make little mention of the leverage that will make the Modigliani Miller painting one of the few remaining "safe heavens" [sic]


I tend to stick to my knitting, knowing what I know and paying a lot of attention to folks who fake it.


Wetherly Capital are today headquartered in Los Angeles in the headquarters of the Arden Group, a NY Stock Exchange company, with “bedside” suites in the “Word Savings building” [sic] that is located on the corner of San Vicente and Wiltshire Blvd in west Los Angeles, not tTOo far from where I own property on Stanford Street. Judge Jack Weinstein once gave me kudos for my helping him level the playing field in a multi-million dollar class action lawsuit that was first viewed as “opening the floodgates” for claims relating to soft-tissue injuries such as carpel tunnel. The judge’s reversal of this landmark case resulted in some 2000 pending class action lawsuits remaining on a back burner forcing individuals to take responsibility for their own bodies, how they sit, eat and go about their chores.


In a nutshell it is all about balance. Eat right, exercise right and you live to enjoy God’s gift and of course to give back before your final day.


Everything it seems is a matter of perspective and my goal right now is to maintain perspective. I am in fact launching a series of “wars to end all wars.” Mr. “Siff=ING” [sic] is not, however, on my current list of chess opponents; that is not to say, however, that he couldn’t in time be squeezed in to a spot. I am told he is sporting although I am not sure he is as sporting as my one schoolhood buddy who I refer to as Bruce Lee.


With that said, back on August 7th, I began a series emails to Ms. Kathleen Connell, California’s State “Com-pr-toller” [sic]. I detest the expression “agree to disagree” as much as I detest those who derive great enjoyment from exceeding the limits of their small authority, i.e. evil doesn’t come with a pointed tail and pitchfork.


I am surrounding myself with the best and the brightest. Certainly, I would think Mr. Siffin would find like most movers and “skaters” [sic] what we are doing at NextraTerrestrial interesting, perhaps sum might say “frightening.” For one thing he may have, just like I have, time on his hands to ponder what we at will do nexxtxxtTOo. My purpose in life though is to try do good knowing from where I come from but with a “sheep” [sic] desire to help improve things in this world and protect the real wolves.


By the way the x key on my keyboard suddenly started to play up. It does need a cleaning though. Mr. Siffin and I may in fact today have a similar value system. I have yet, however, to really have a conversation with him; met him briefly once when he had cocktails over at the Peterson building on Sunset Blvd when I first started working with Vicky towards the end of 2000 when the two of them had just patched things up. AND yes there were many patches although I only heard Vicky’s perspective. She once admitted to me that she was sometimes the more aggressive of the two, problems tTOo with alcohol, at least a couple of DUIs and on one occasion according to her a scene with either boyfriend or it could have been her first husband that resulted in the police being called.


Vicky it turns out had a pretty rough time growing up. Not just divorced parents but a mother who it seems either didn’t want her around or was simply not equipped to take care of her. Her father, much older than her mother and more successful eventually got custody and raised her in Las Vegas where he had built up a good-size construction company. My understanding is that he was one of the contractors for Caesars Palace but I don’t know if he was the general contractor. Her father’s partner according to Vicky was a very honest and upfront gentleman who eventually found his way into the one of the high offices of the state, may have possibly been a judge.


Her father died however when she was just 17 and she was pretty much left on her own to defend herself. She took up weightlifting and may have in fact one a competition or tTOo. The monies which I don’t think amounted to very much were left in trust apparently with her father’s second wife the primary beneficiary who had children of her own. Apparently the biggest asset was a hotel-casino which I don’t believe is on the strip but according to Vicky “if it were properly run it would be a gold mine.” At one point Vicky asked me to intervene to assist her and her step siblings butt it is simply against my nature to add fuel to the fire which is what I would have done had I stepped foot in to their casino. I am certainly no arsonist but I abhor the gaming industry and how it enables those who need the most help to keep going back time and again to the well hoping to improve their luck.


What we have done to the native Indian population is worse than anything crime committed against my people. I happen to have been raised orthodox Jewish. The Jewish people have a history of being persecuted. The writings have been on the wall, cast in stone from the year dot; the native Indian populations of the America’s had no such warnings, very little it seems was written down. They were in a nutshell, tTOo trusting. We do though need to find a way to trust each other again. There was a point in time when that was the case butt then we had politicians rip the English out of the Latin leaving this incredible language to die a slow death. Latin not only taught man to love but it gave him the finer points to keep things concise and to the point as in “amo”=I love, amicus=”my fiend” [sic] to the point that we now say, “My enemy’s enemy is my friend.”


Apparently Vicky’s stepmother also has a problem with alcohol. When I met Vicky she had been sober though for several years and would not even take a sip. Like Mr. Siffin she would also not eat meat. Mr. Siffin though served lamb chops for starters at the function where we first met. And I couldn’t help butt notice how he turned his nose up at the food as one of the hired waiters not knowing that he was vegetarian offered him a serving.


If nothing else these writing of mine could be used as stuff for the archives when I eventually decide to write my own autobiography. I may though first try my hand at ghost writing someone else’s autobiography before launching into my own. Yesterday, I finally got around to responding to a gentleman who wrote me over two months ago wanting more information as to how I would go about “ghost writing” his autobiography. My previous attempt to communicate with him got short-circuited as a result of my missing to put on a 3-cent stamp.


By the way, Vicky was apparently a premed student at university butt then chose to go to business school. Again, she was married at least once before meeting Siffin but that marriage didn’t work out. She probably had a few boyfriends over the years but it seems that when Siffin came along he was all she had been looking for. “He was older, successful, good looking butt it was fire and ice.” When it was good it was very good and bad it was chaos. Now I know a thing about chaos, particularly Chaos Theory and lately I have doing a rather good job of setting a bunch of cats amongst the pigeons. The folks don’t really know where I am going to hit them next which clearly makes for interesting reading butt of course I have concern for those who would simply like me to shut up.


They can shut me up of course butt that wouldn’t change things one iota. The evidence of wrongdoing is all in the hands of those who I trust will do the right thing. More importantly, I believe I have done a rather excellent job of telegraphing my punches to the point that I am hopeful all those on my target list will join forces and decide that it is in their best interest to make certain I don’t slip while going out on my daily exercise routine which could speed up their demise. I am in fact trying as best I can to offer all these folks an escape hatch. Unfortunately if they are blind then I might have a problem.


Before she met Siffin, Ms. Schiff was dating a guy by the name of Mark. He happens to be a real estate broker that first got Ms. Schiff thinking about the opportunities in self-storage business. Not-so-attached-“Sticky-Vicky” then started dating Mark Siffin who had come to the offices of StorAmerica wanting to do a real estate deal with Mr. Lou Gonda who had put up the money into what was now a fast growing self storage portfolio. By the time Ms. Schiff exited from StorAmerica the portfolio was getting upwards of $100 million butt there were lots of problems and that is why she was introduced to me, “the problem solver.”


Ms. Schiff at one point was a little concerned about Mr. Siffin who came and went in and out of her life butt she tTOo tended to go back and forth depending on the time of the day, perhaps one could argue “tTOo peas in a pot” [sic], which could make “sum stalk and one might even at sum point be willing to talk” [sic].


When my “stepson” Jonathan doesn’t click exactly right, and jumps in front and then circles around and around, while clowning, up and down, and on the ground, sometimes even hanging on to the goal nets we put it down to the tides, butt before we know it he’s up on his feet scoring goals 1,2,3 and if it were not for his father reappearing on the scene calling him “John” I think he would have scored a 4th goal all in one half. Later that day Jonathan and I had a talk. He told me what bothered him and I told him what bothered me. We have since never had to repeat the same conversation. It is rare that I repeat myself unless I believe the person isn’t hearing. When I mean business most folks know that I mean everything I say AND when I get it wrong I am the first to apologize.


So far though even though I haven’t reread what I have written I think I got it “all write”. Now it is possible that I might make a mistake with the stuff I am cutting and pasting and if in fact I end up clipping on one of Jonathan’s mother’s nudes then please forgive me and thank her.


Ms. Schiff is though quite a resourceful woman, constantly on the go. Often her “write hand” [sic] having not the slightest clue what to do when she visits the toilet. Now I cannot be certain of this butt I am certain that she is someone quite easily confused despite having graduated from UCLA’s Andersen School for those who are “lamb” [sic].


It wasn’t all that long ago that Ms. Schiff arranged a fundraiser at her house for Ms. Kathleen Connell the current State Controller as referenced earlier in one of the hyperlinks. Her boyfriend Mark, Siffin that is, was also present. There was also another Mark in her life, a Mark Weinstein, who I introduced her to. Although they didn’t hit it off as well as the other two Marks they did end up in business together butt that came crashing down. This time, however, I stepped up to the plate and saved the day. Mark Weinstein and I go back around 20 years. He is unquestionably one of the biggest small time movers and shakers building a $150 million plus real estate portfolio from little scratch in a space of a decade. He tactics and strategies however, are on a par it turns out with the biggest players in the industry who as we know lie, steal and cheat.


Mark Weinstein and Ms. Schiff eventually resolved their dispute butt they failed to consult me on the settlement. There is however, a “mutual hold harmless” provision within their settlement agreement that in the event I were to take legal action against either one of them the other party would not be liable. What is interesting is that I was never a party to any agreement between Mark Weinstein and Ms. Schiff. My name doesn’t appear on any documents pertaining to their business matters other than this “release and settlement agreement.”


It so happens that a very similar “release and settlement” agreement was sent to me, first by fax, followed up the next day with a FEDEX package, by the same lawyer who drafted the settlement between Mark Weinstein and Ms. Schiff. This settlement “proposal” is however, strikingly different to the one involving Ms. Schiff and Mark Weinstein. For starters the parties are mostly different. Only Ms. Schiff’s name appears in both settlement agreements. The main other “party” in this “ram it down my throat” nonsense is Mr. Dan Weinstein.


Mr. Dan Weinstein though is really nothing more than a whiner and a lackey for the some much more serious players. Certainly, Dan Weinstein has had his share of the headlines especially in the last Los Angeles Mayoral race butt he is a man who mostly takes instructions from higher up and mostly in the form of the telephone calls. At sum point one might want to subpoena all his phone records although again, I am sitting on all the evidence one would need to convince a jury that Mr. Weinstein and his other buddies who helped get Wetherly Capital kick-started are the ones really calling the shots.


The last time I met and spoke with Dan Weinstein was on February 8th probably within days of the Siffin court decision authorizing the deposition of Mr. Siffin. It seems though that Mr. Weinstein failed to inform his and/or Vicky Schiff’s lawyer of this rather telling meeting that took place in the World headquarters of Arden Realty, no doubt under the watchful eye of Mr. Burkle who is Mr. Clinton’s recent business partner.


Wetherly Capital have a rather interesting selection of corporate clients who they “assist” in helping raising monies from institutions like CALPERS. I have no idea whether they have had any success in these particular efforts although Mr. Burkle threw a couple of million into the kitty when he got his first $200 million installment from CALPERS. I doubt whether Wetherly Capital even have the right licenses to be doing what they are doing butt then again these folks make the rules.


Ms. Schiff is not the best of drivers and in fact in December of last year she had something like 3 accidents in one month. Later she said it was only 2 and the 3rd was her fault. Her story though keeps changing as things get "hotter and pottier" here in California and it certainly doesn’t get any prettier than he-her.  He said, she said, is something I avoid at just about any cost which is why I like to see things in writing.


That is not to say we shouldn’t talk. Good conversation with the right minded folks are far more stimulating than blank verse. Unfortunately it is not that easy to find right minded folks let alone those who can think with both the left and right side of the brain.


What matters most though to me is that you get to see the full perspective of “whets going down” [sic].


Your one article references:


*Nevada's high court wrote that the confidential documents contained "information that Minor had been dealing drugs with Harry Douglas Warmbier and Mark Siffin." Warmbier had grown up with Minor and was enrolled at Indiana University, but hired someone else to impersonate him and attend his classes.

* On Feb. 2, 1979, after Mazzan had been in custody for more than five weeks, Reno police detective Wayne Teglia wrote a memo to his superiors that investigators had found information "which indicates that there is a direct connection between Minor's death and certain persons/activities in the Midwest."

* Detectives flew to Bloomington where they found evidence that Warmbier, and possibly Siffin, may have been in Reno on the day of the murder. Warmbier, however, "claimed to have an alibi and refused to be interviewed by Reno detectives." Siffin could not be found for questioning. Warmbier's wife, Dorothy Nyland, and Robert Carmichael‚ the guy who was impersonating Warmbier on campus, provided statements that Warmbier wasn't in Reno when Minor was killed. The Nevada Supreme Court looked at the alibis and called them "questionable." Yet 22 years ago, prosecutor Mills Lane--the same boxing referee who has his own TV show, "Judge Mills Lane"--said they were good enough for him

I haven’t spoken with Ms. Schiff in months. I am awaiting a response from her lawyer/s. The one lawyer doing all the “nonsense talking” is a guy by the name of William Jackson, a Stanford graduate. There was at one point mention of Mr. Jackson getting a pension fund seat for all the hard work he has done for Wetherly Group. Mr. Jackson does get around. At one time he represented StorAmerica. Ms. Schiff was the managing partner in that business before things got too hot and she came trotting over to The Cave, which is the name given to the spot where I hang out here in Del Mar. Mr. Gonda is one of the largest shareholders in AIG along with his father, that is. I assisted Ms. Schiff in resolving that dispute which then allowed her to make a clean escape to where she sits today. As I mentioned earlier, on the way over though to Wetherly she made her stopover with Mark Weinstein.


I happened to be out of the country at the time of Mark Weinstein’s and Vicky Schiff’s settlement. I happened to over visiting with my family in England who by the way have some issues with some of the other disclosures I am about to make as it relates to what could have been done in South Africa which would have led to the dismantling of the Nazi regime much sooner allowing the black people to leave the desert and enjoy some of the fruits of their labor. Today, the blacks are so blinded that they fail to see the white elephants that the white folks keep building with ill-gotten gains accumulating each time they break bread together wherever in the world they may be visiting. Oh and can these folks joke. They are the best at telling jokes. Just like the Wetherly folks the South African folks know I am no joker but I am able to pull out spades time and time again. Sum over there might also like to count me out at least make out like I have had the daylights knocked out of me.


What they all have yet to fully recognize is that we are all made out of light and when you take the light out of one of us you dim the switch for the next person who has to wade in the dark to find out who is friend and foe which is to say Black folk will undoubtedly be in the pound seats to dictate once again the direction of the universe butt that assumes we don’t blow ourselves up before hand.


I have though purchased my final resting spot in a place called Minehead on the Bristol Channel just across from Wales, about a 3 hour bus ride from London. I have yet to visit the place since purchasing it back in December while the Governor of California was preparing to meet with the top officers of Vivendi’s U.S. Filter operations which is a wholly owned subsidiary of Vivendi Environmental which in turn is 63% owned by Vivendi as in VV.


V also stands for victory and I mostly though just want to enjoy the waves. This is where I get most of my energy, that allows me to be the most balanced. Being around good people tTOo helps a lot butt they can only be counted on so far. I don’t expect anyone to join me in my little crusade unless they feel fully up to the task. Quite frankly I don’t believe there are any other choices than what we propose at NextraTerrestrial currently propose.


We have to get rid of the dirty politicians, period. AND then we can start communicating with the young showing them with our actions that we are prepared to take the right steps to hold those who have played it “fast and loose” fully accountable. We should follow the Hearsts or we will likely end up as horse meat.


Mr. Schoenmann, I could in fact settle my “contractual dispute” with Wetherly Capital rather easily by simply signing the  “confidentiality and release agreement” and to top it off I would have a few bucks in my pocket. Unfortunately, it is against my nature to shut up when I see wrong. The winds around the earth are heating up and the climate is changing


Sun + wind + current = climate


If however the sun is the wind then what we have is


2Sun + current = climate


      2Sun = climate – current

      Sun = (climate –current)/2

      You do the rest of the math or just click on to NextTOo for guidance.


I am copying a couple of folks on this email who in the event I decide to take a trip to visit with sum friends and may not be reachable they will fill you in on the details.

By the way, tomorrow morning I am meeting with the President of a rather high profile publicly traded company who once made the mistake of hiring me and I made the mistake of assuming he was omnipotent which drove me knuts. His executives who excemented all over me headed up a subsidiary and were “hell bent” on my presenting them with a “Happy Report.” Today I have tTOo “Happy birds” and perhaps by the end of the weekend there will be more folks happy with knowing that I don’t plan to eat them for breakfeast butt I do plan for them to slim down somewhat and if that means that they offload some of their excess baggage so be it.


There is a fine line between helping folks out and enabling them. By letting go of excess needs one creates an open channel, removing the blockages that cause my to hold ever so tight until eventually the heart gives up never allowing the person to reach into their soul. However, by clinging on to old baggage one ends up making a doormat out your self as these incorrigible types keep heaping their feces on top of you, day in day out. Each time they step on your doormat they leave a part of themselves behind even when they leave. Even when they fart who is to say the sun will rise to whisk it all away especially if the earth begins to rotate differently than at any time in the past.


The winds of change are very much approaching and soon we may have to take to the oars. I am, however, counting on showing the folks out there that we can win the “wars to end all wars” while holding on to all that is right with society.


Once the world sees how folks like Vivendi, a foreign conglomerate have bought California’s State House it wont take them long to realize that soon the White House will be up for grabs. Clinton almost accomplished that feat. Thank God for George W. Bush and all his supporters who recognize that although Mr. Bush has his failings he does not have feet made of clay and he does care about the environment. And to the extent officials within his administration are party to the shenanigans of Enron and the likes then they tTOo will be held accountable.


First, though we have to attack the worst of the worst in order to protect the best of the best who have never been a party to any wrongdoing, i.e. the youth. We will bridge the generation gap once we show the younger generation that we have bridged the credibility gap with them. I must now leave to deliver some fish to one of my lawyer-colleague’s assistants.




Gary S. Gevisser