Manager Minute One

“The meek with teeth shell inherit the earth” [sic]



“The problems of the wor.d have nothing do with race, color, religion OR economic opportunism butt poor parental religious teaching, to mention little of who butters the breadbasket for politicians lying in wait.


aND will discredit those who weaken the connectivity that bytes into the dark matter of our young while dysfunctional adults polish their shoes eventually exposing their TOEs, dogs like Py-pee-toe help set-in-sea-ment the Standard of excellence.


Measure our words before expressing our thoughts, to commit qwill

 to paper, otherwise simply toss the thoughts in the wastepaper basket.


And never to tiptoe around those who would have us all running around in circles.


First in line at the bank, controls the water, has povver over the land, banks the money downstream. Liquid leads to liquidity.


Absolute power leads to absolute corruption draining our first Amendment Rights, babies to boot, the youth who are our future up in smoke to mention little of the difficulty in paddling up stream when there is no creek, i.e. who needs an or?


1,2,3 is all it takes to master the hand that rocks the cradle, civilization now more at risk than ever before as the rule of law is dominated by  a history of rising testosterone, obfuscation to boot, i.e. time for the write women to kick butt.


Time is of the essence to empower the kids to parent the parents who need the most guidance. Time to put the keys in the hands of the youth, nature-ally along with respons-ag-e-lity” [sic].


In a nutshell, it all comes down to the battle of the seXes.



"Those who get on in this world look for circumstances they want, and if they can't find them, make them."


                            -George Bernard Shaw