From: Gary S. Gevisser
Thursday, October 23, 2003 3:12 PM
To: Clive Gurwitz
Cc: rest
Subject: FW: FW: No. 80 ::


Attention: Clive Gurwitz CPA.


Clive hello there! I received this email below from a close colleague of mine, Devin Standard, who is in fact referenced in the E-mail I sent out the other evening to my Dad.


I am in the process of getting out possibly 4 emails today including this one I sent tu one of the principals of Rupa Wasi, a hostel located in a town called Agua Calientes, at the base of Machu Picchu, Peru, that may give a handful of folks a headache, or too, and u may remember the over the counter pain relief drug from South Africa known as ENO, and if not perhaps someone from Carmel College may have a pack or too lying around, at least take a photograph so that I could use it as a hyperlink, and of course I know your parents were smart enough not to send you to a school that mostly catered to whiners, such as Gunter “The Pig” Lazarus and co.


The only addition I have made at this time to this relatively short email of 1651 words is to add this hyperlink over the word “Kennedy.”


Incredibly outside of an email I received from Playboy Devin’s was the only other email in my inbox over the past 48 odd hours other than a reminder tu renew my one website, the day before yesterday going down due to my failure to stay on top the 100 odd other websites I own, more than a handful of folks these days recognizing that may be there was no coincidence with me having my wife, Marie Dion, get her will witnessed on January 3rd 2002, right at the moment Vivendi and its 63% owned subsidiary Vivendi Environmental went on a 280 odd day collapse, to mention little at this time of what is holding folks like Jeff Rabin, hi Jeff, and Diana Henriques, hi Diana, from combing through the calendar of the current Governor of California, the dishonorable Gray Davis and co., specifically examining the minutes of too meetings that took place on or about December 28th 2001, approximately 10 minutes apart.


Which brings me to the Neiman Marcus statement I just happened to open wondering what I had bought while daydreaming, too pairs of ladies shoes totaling $1,477.61 being charged on September 18th of this year doubtful though they were made of real alligator, agree?


Now I stress the year since I do have unopened mail that goes back perhaps twice as long.


At this time the only person I know 4 absolute certain didn’t use such tardiness to take advantage of me, is my dog and Mrs. Jeffrey R. Krinsk Esq. who as I mentioned in my last email threw enough information at me to “stink” [sic] the Titanic and I distinctly recall him having warned his wife as well as co-workers including a former U.S. Attorney whose name on their letterhead so happens appears be4 that of Jeffrey, not tu mess with me.


The examples of economic opportunism which I believe is sumwhat well spelled out in my email to my father, is simply rampant, and of course I have heard about the Los Angeles Police Department not always acting responsibly, who though could be more irresponsible than Marie’s former husband, Dr. JBS, and you will notice his name didn’t appear anywhere in my last communication but of course I can never forget his attorney Mr. George “Money Talks” Hurst, so much for pitiful fathers.


My tendency to go “back & forth” between “Dad” and “Father” probably no different tu others who care very much about someone who is as close to godly as anyone I know, other than of course my dog, Pypeetoe and then there is Marie who is now raising a 4th child.


I had in fact planned on broadcasting that email to BG but 4 sum reason only a handful of folks received the email including, incredibly, Derrick Beare who like u and I is an ex Durbanite although Derrick to his parents’ great credit, left South Africa sum 2 days after his barmitzvah.


Derrick never reads any of my broadcasted emails which is why I rarely copy him unless it is very very very important, mostly responding to his emails such as the one where he referenced the huge deal.


In a response email to Norman Lazarus, another ex-Durbanite, this past September 10th, sitting on his broadcasted plea for Jewish people everywhere “to protest” I referenced the incredible soccer game that took place this past summer at Derrick’s Folly Farm estate sum 9 odd miles from the center of London, my thinking at the start of the game that had Marie and her 14-year-old “money conditioned” daughter teamed up with Derrick against Derrick’s eldest son, Jake, Marie’s 11-year-old Jonathan who was just 10 at the time and me, how amazing it would be if Derrick along with putting in a lap pool at a right angle to the tennis court also erected a stadium or too along the sidelines similar tu the one we sat in during World Cup 1986 down in Mexico City, flying in and out just for the final game, only though finding out the final score on returning to the United States, the lack of cognizance on all our part having nothing to do with Derrick deciding to take a leak between too buses, the problems of the world having nothing to do with race, color, religion or economic opportunism, simply poor parental religious teaching.


And I assume u don’t have the same problems as my dad in the land “down underclicking on to my hyperlinks?


Just under 30 hours ago at exactly 10:08AM PST yesterday, I began a 33 minute and 48 second conversation with Derrick where we discussed in addition to the “birds & the bees” my wanting to sell a flat in Seapoint, Cape town that although a bachelor pad does have a view of the ocean including, I believe, Robbin Island.


As with most properties I have owned over the years this was another one purchased “sight unseen” although it was rather unusual given the fact that I purchased it from my mother in nothing short of an “arms length transaction.”


I was planning on simply selling the flat and using the proceeds to finance the start of my worldwide ad campaign in no small measure all geared toward the sale of my book Manager Minute One, that we should all become our own managers from “the wor.d go” [sic] while giving tips on how to go about measuring one’s words, aligning one’s thoughts, expressions, verbal and written with one’s actions, and of course there is nothing wrong with people betting, as long as one truly understands the odds as well as what those in the “pound seats” do with your losses, wouldn’t you agree, Mr. Wolman?


Butt since this property is held in “blocked” South African Rands I had thought there might be sum sort of complication in terms of how one could use the proceeds not even thinking of simply getting my mother to take out a mortgage on the property that was paid 4 with sum cash I once had available in South Africa to mention little of another option, enlisting the support of the ANC Government higher ups, “otherweiss” [sic] approaching the 40+ million masses, Hi Professor Aaron “BrownNose” Brown”.


While possibly being able to help out Devin Standard with his needs, not that I would want u tu make my good friend pay “through the nose” so that u will go easy when it comes time to bill me, please give sum thought as tu how we might be able to accomplish this task at hand, bearing in mind that the ad campaign which u can c below is all geared toward the common good.


Gary S. Gevisser & Associates
A Name From Here You Can Trust Over





I think it is fair to say that next to Professor Doctor Rabbi Abner Weiss your father, Julius Gurwitz Esq. is my mother’s closest friend, certainly be4 my mother would make a final decision in terms of how to proceed legally on any important matter over the past 50+ years the first call would be to “Uncle Julius” followed of course with a call to her favorite Swiss banker, I for one, from a very young age always believing that if my mother and father were to get divorced, it was just a question of time before you and I would become step brothers.


But obviously that was not meant to be and besides my step-father, Alan Zulman and your Dad seem to get on rather well, not that Alan should be blamed for the dismal sales of your father’s autobiography, but then again I haven’t really discussed much of importance with either AZ or ZZ in sum time; do u happen to have their email address?


Which brings me to the other subject of Derrick’s and my discussion yesterday morning, that involving the dinner he had the previous night with Nelson Mandela although I don’t believe Derrick actually got to shake the hand of this former prisoner of Robbin Island, doubtful though, that it had anything to do with the email I sent Mr. Trevor Manuel, South Africa’s Minister of Finance, back on September 2nd 2002, 7:57 PM PST, my hope remains tu get my buddy Trevor a follow up email in the next day or too, and I assume David “CrazyAltman would have informed me if Trevor has been deposed, never ever tu forget the incredible deposition taken just a year and 5 days ago of an executive working for the “Capo di capi” the highly dishonorable Ronald “The Finagle King” Perelman who still, to the best of my knowledge, remains a member in “good standing” of an orthodox Jewish synagogue located on the upper east end of “Madhattan” [sic].


In that 20,000 odd email I referenced how the thought occurred to me that while the Zulu Chief, Katsha Buthelezi, was eating alongside the wheaty-eating lilly-white folks also in attendance at Arnold Zulman’s not too shabby estate on Musgrave Road in Durban, the possibility existed that the black servants in attending to both the cooking as well as serving may not necessarily have been supporters of the Chief.


That just because they were black, spoke Zulu, perhaps spoke “Hurry Kersner” [sic], my Zulu limited to just a few key phrases that I have taught our kids, followed all the traditions of the Zulu people, may have had not only the sense to know that Katsha was a “sell out” i.e. lending support to Katsha’s foe the most honorable Nelson Mandela by not necessarily following the traditional hand washing, butt, more importantly tu be religious in doing so, following taking a dump.


Or better, yet, going along to David son of Arnold Zulman’s toilet and taking the feces left behind from David’s friends including me, carefully deposited in the upper inside railing of the toilet bowl and probably using just the V edge of his sister Tamara Zulman’s t-shirt, tu then smudge the feces, later tu become farts, i.e. airborne particles of feces, along the rims of the bone china plates during one or more of the 5 course meals being served, depending on what the witchdoctor had commandeered them to do, so as to have better sex with their spouses, now prove me wrong.


But don’t forget to read the one story contained in The Winking Cat that in some newspaper article I read had the black actor Denzil Washington contemplating playing one of the “terrorists.”


I forgot to ask Derrick what David and Arnold Zulman were doing at Investec’s headquarters in London or whether both or either of them attended the dinner with Nelson Mandela for the simple reason Derrick and I had much more important matters tu discuss.


And besides even if Derrick knew anything about this rather “knutty” but well-off Durban Jewish family who owned the Beacon Sweet & Chocolate Company and much like the Lazarus family have operations all over the world, Derrick would never “talk out of school.”


Derrick did mention, however, that his parents who were very good friends of Arnold and his wife, whose name just escapes me, were on occasion quests attending those dinners where Katsha was the “guest of honor” to mention little of the strong circumstantial evidence of “insider trading” our family had at the time of the “buyout” of the Moshal Gevisser Group of Companies, the first meeting of the Board of Directors Mr. Kirsch, no relation I know of tu Sol Kersner, the “gambling czar”, having to remind Sol Moshal that he, Natie Kirsch, was now “in charge”, my step-mother Jenny Gevisser complicit up to her eyeballs, now having to work her up the “food chain”, agree?


And I think this would be a good time to credit both the Lazarus clan and the Wolman family for the fact that they were perhaps the only two Jewish families I knew of in Durban who were not hypocrites.


Not only did they vote their pocket books in support of the Nationalist Nazi Party, the Lazarus family clearly having deeper pockets than the Wolmans despite Sol Kersner being a member of their clan, Sol only in more recent years being able to compete with the likes of Derrick’s uncle, Jonathan Beare, more importantly, they were vocal enough that more than their neighbors heard their wolf howlings, grunt grunt.


And of course there is not one person who I grew up with in Durban, South Africa who subscribes to my “view of the world” much in line with that of Einstein but with just an added twist” who wouldn’t agree that Gunter has returned tu planet earth as a pig, again this is only my opinion.


More than a handful of others though, r in full unity with me in terms of both the workings of the cosmos, deep space which is a vacuum environment and the inner-workings of spaceship earth, the only non-vacuum environment we know of at this time in the entire universe other than the vacuum in a whole number of peoples’ minds, that e=mc˛ explains the perfect symmetry of the “mind of G-D” to mention little of His Love 4 the truth.


Which brings me back to the email I sent out the night before last to my dad still waiting for his furniture to arrive in Australia, last night I made a point of drinking wine imported from southeast Australia.


Most people living in South Africa back in the 1980s and those of us living abroad paying attention though, thanks to my Dad sending me

newspaper clippings, tu things going on in southern Africa, would have assumed that when Jonathan Beare “bought out” Beare Brothers controlled by his father, Aaron Beare, no relation I know of tu Professor Aaron “BrownNose” Brown, the Beare Group mainly a furniture retail chain, which I believe was a public company at the time, the deal between Jonathan and his father, like my grandfather, Israel “Issy” Gevisser and the crook Sol Moshal et al, a leader in the Jewish community, was anything “butt “arms length” [sic].


Now if u r having trouble reading that last paragraph just go back and read it again, u will c it actually makes perfect sense and if not let me also know what puzzles you. I am on a roll right now and will only possibly get tu check this email once I get back on top, of Machu Picchu.


And of course people like Jonathan Beare and his nephew Derrick could care less what people think, one way or the other, since all that is important to them is that they know the truth.


The problem though begins when we assume things about other people much in the same way people assume things about us including the possibility that my mother and your father had more than just mental gymnastics in common going back to the year dot.


Which has folks, even a close business colleague of Derrick’s, at least once commenting about Jonathan being the head of the “Durban Mafia” although Greg may have embellished this fact by referring to Jonathan as the “South African Don.


Contained in that email tu my Dad in addition to getting folks to focus on the essence of the unscrupulous business dealings that lead to a brain dead society where even the most honorable of businesspeople get tarnished with names that in actuality make little or no sense was how it would come tu pass that a sophisticated business “wheeler dealer” such as Natie Kirsch would allow himself to be “taken advantage of” by Sol Moshal who “parceled off” the Wallis and Greenberg freight company to the Sternberg family both Martin Sternberg and his father occupying offices just down the corridor from my Dad and grandfather who were located in the office next door to Sol Moshal, a candy vending machine just a little further up toward the reception area that was located on the first floor of the headquarters of the Moshal Gevisser Group of Companies, without Natie Kirsch crying “foul”.


Given, however, the fact that Natie ended up making out “big time” very possibly not paying Sol Moshal and his allies including my now deceased step-grandmother a single dime, Natie probably thought to himself,


 “How can I be responsible for placing one of the leaders of the Durban Jewish community into an early grave, after of course he spends a few years in jail?”


Now if u want to know verbatim what Natie Kirsch told my father after Bernard Nathan Gevisser brought up these facts you will have to ask my dad who along with a statically valid representative sampling of the world’s population, is copied on this email.


I believe today Martin Sternberg is chairman of the board of South African Clothing Industries [SACI] a company that Arnold Zulman’s father helped finance, his nephew, my step-father, Alan Zulman, being the co-founder with Abe Dubin who as I have mentioned before, “one on one”, is one of the nicest people in the world, Abe once helping me out of a rather sticky situation in Arosa, Switzerland as I went about shooting up the antique furniture in our hotel suite, my mother not thinking that I would be influenced by cowboy and Indian movies given, perhaps, our close ties with the Durban Indian community to mention little of what could have happened if I used the pellet gun while traveling from London to Switzerland to get the attention of the stewardess, and of course I include both the FBI and the San Diego Police Department on this email given the fact that I consider Dr. JBS nothing short of “trigger happy” the scoundrel that he is.


The bottom line is that I just want to know what happened to the monies that were set aside in offshore bank accounts the result of “over and under invoicing” leaving stockholders and  employees of SACI, not tu be confused with SAIC [Science Applications International Corporation] where the likes of King Golden Jnr. Esq. as well as Campbell Soup got their “teeth cut” never, ever to forget the “teeth” email Dr. JBS et al sent my precious wife. and yes the South African Government, also got left holding the bag, to mention little of why an elementary school principal would make the bad choice of immersing herself in a rather messy divorce situation, agree?


Dad, don’t worry, it will all come together, moenie panic nie, i.e. no need to bite your nails, your eldest son took care of that.


Of course when Cliff Benn reads this email as well as the others hyperlinked he will also take another dump unlikely though he will sift through his crap as he once did after he was caught in a sting operation aimed at wheaty-eating lilly-white folk working for companies such as SACI engaged in illicit diamond buying also known as IDB sumwhat different to choosing after high school to go Into Daddy’s Business, Alan Benn being the “quiet” partner of Gerald Hackner possibly the shrewdest person in the world short of Jonathan Beare, who I feel very responsible 4, believing that he, Jonathan, will give very serious consideration to the merits of my arguments.


I was trying to find a way to tie in the “quiet” in my previous email to this one that I am writing now, bearing in mind I am also working on at least 3 others, actually now 4, to mention little of the need to still get to my bank, deposit the rent checks, pick up dinner from Jimbos, walk the dogs and go on a 10 mile run, the gall of Marie to refer to my legs as “sticks” then later telling me sumthing about me being “a kid”, as if my feelings couldn’t be hurt.


And if it turns out that when I last visited with Jonathan the heads of the French Rothschild family were simply paying homage to him in the restaurant at the base of the Beverly Wilshire Hotel, in Beverly Hills, I for one, wouldn’t read any more into it, very possibly Jonathan who is quite the chef, different to being the White Chief of Africa, was simply explaining to them in French how to go about slicing an avocado an act of mine that probably still continues to impress Marie.


Now of course no one said anything to me about these other distinguished looking gentlemen even being French although I pretty much know a Rothschild when I c one, although these folks who could have simply been putting on an accent may have been impersonating the folks who were doing exactly what during WWII to come out at the end of the carnage with their fortunes pretty much in tact?


Now of course, one on one, Jonathan like Cliff Benn is one of the greatest guys in the world, why else would I introduce Cliff, not tu be confused with Cliff Notes which I will get tu later, tu one of my mother’s top models, the daughter of a finalist in the Miss World competition that my mother’s one of many models[1], Penny Coelen, won in 1958?


Ronlynne Botha for all intent and purposes being raised single-handedly by her incredible father Ron Botha with, make no mistake, a lot of input from my incredible mother, although I seem to recall my mother getting the “cold shoulder” at Ronlynne’s and Cliff’s wedding, very likely due to the “furribles” i.e. internecine fighting amongst Jewish people, at the time between Alan Zulman and his former “best buddy” and most trusted partner, Abe Dubin.


How quickly folks forget the realities that first brought them together and then even more quickly why they drift apart, never to forget it was Gunter “The Pig” Lazarus who “stepped in” giving Alan Zulman’s first wife a job after Alan, quite rightly, at least from his perspective, decided to dump the first Mrs. Alan Zulman after uncovering a number of shenanigans that had been going in his household while he “slaved away” at SACI.


Now of course these facts are not contained in my mother’s and Alan’s book, The Winking Cat, but those of us in the know know all to well the thinking of ZZ in getting such a boring, pitiful book published to mention once again the incredible amount of publicity my amazing mother received most notably in England press where she is not very well known


Or  so many would think, yet.


Tu mention just in passing my father only finding out about the book after Gerald Hackner called him up in Cape Town wanting to know how to reach and thank my mom after she sent Gerald, her one-time accountant, an autographed copy of this “best seller.”


Suffice to say, just before calling Derrick back yesterday morning, early evening his time in England, Marie + I had run into our new neighbor Patti, the 57-year-old mother of 4 grown children, ages 32 to 18, who could without a doubt, win any beauty contest on the planet for women aged 25 and above, unless of course Marie was entering.


Butt then again Marie is sum 12 years younger than the wife of Steve who we have yet to meet but who is very possibly about to become a household name having got quite a considerable advance from Harper Collins, the better than average publishing house, after they were involved in an “inflationary bidding war” once Steve, an ophthalmologist, never having published anything other than medical records, presented sum 40 pages of a book spelling out the “dos and don’ts” of healthy living, the emphasis being nutrition, a Cliff Notes version of the other fairy tale stuff for rich people with to much time on their hands.


And of course when Steve who returned last evening after a whirlwind east coast tour with his publicist who despite going to Brown University was unknown to me or Marie, and I assume Brown University is located on the mainland of the United States, I will, besides 4 being on my best behavior, make a point of “picking” Steve’s brain, my eldest brother’s poetry book, picking up the pieces of yourself although very much an anti-apartheid statement published in 1972 at the height of the Apartheid Nazi Regime rule could also gain from the exposure Manager Minute One is most certain to get, thus avoiding another Gevisser divorce.


Which brings me to my final point about Nelson Mandela who to the best of my knowledge made only one major mistake so far in his entire life to mention just in passing, once again, Norman Lazarus’ father, Bernard Lazarus, who I believe lives “just up the street” from me here in Del Mar, once writing a letter to the leaders of the Durban Jewish Community condemning Nelson Mandela, later being rebuffed, to the best of my knowledge, only by Jonathan Beare who most assuredly read Bernard, the brother of Gunter “The Pig” Lazarus the “riot act.”


And that mistake was turning a “blind eye” the same mistake the rest of the Jewish community and communities throughout the world do time and again, time after time, when they fail to stand up to evil, the first instance I was aware of taking place in the “fire sale” liquidation of The Moshal Gevisser Group of Companies.


Of course the revolution back in the early 1990s when the Nationalist Nazi Party also known as the National Party, thank you Raymond Oshry for reminding me, handed over power to Nelson Mandela’s ANC Party, was for all intent and purposes “blood free” certainly when compared to other revolutions going back to the year dot.


But when one looks at the pitiful gains bestowed on the black masses during the past decade odd especially when compared to the economic opportunism of the whites, indefensible as a mater of economic policy and, more importantly, as a consideration of ethics and moral rectitude, u have to ask, “What’s up doc?


While encouraging the black masses to be compassionate to their slave owners, i.e. tu “grin and bear” a little longer before resorting to “bloodletting”, Mr. Mandela should have implored the whites to be gracious, i.e. exceedingly generous in their reparations, not tu rely on the everlasting compassion of the downtrodden, coming out with a similar, if not identical ad campaign that I will, with G-D and my fellow man’s help, begin introducing in short order.


Wouldn’t you agree, notwithstanding conventional acceptance of relative morality, it is time to discard the old premise, i.e. conventional wisdom that black hands can lay white eggs.


Time to soon enjoy another incredible sunset.


Take care,


Gary S. Gevisser

The Rattlesnake


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Do you know a good accountant, if there is such a thing? Or a decent

accountant in any case?



[1][1] Yvonne Hulett, also a model of Zena’s, is not to the best of my knowledge related tu Kirk Hulett Esq, a former partner at the 1,000 gorilla law firm of Milberg Weiss Bershad Hynes & Lerach.