Manager Minute One

“The meek with teeth shell inherit the earth” [sic]




Footsak is South African slang for giving an “ow-e”[1] a “kick in the rear[2]

[1] An “o-w-e” is another South African slang word for “person”=“no ser-p-h”[sic]. S.rf-ing was pretty much frowned upon especially if one chose to make out with one that was brown; freckles were okay although this defect pigmentation expanding with age mostly affected the whites who were more susceptible to skin cancer although quite a few blacks bought into “white is write” [sic] with what was left of their meager savings, skin lighteners courtesy of an unenlightened bunch that soon had the blacks with white blotches on their faces scraping around for scraps.


While trying to get through the day using pigeon English to keep the have-nots at bay, at night many of the English uttered profanities from deep inside their throat, while watching movies like “Deep throat” on bed sheets blessed no doubt by some rather snakelike “dog” [sic].The biggest pig of them all eventually died of throat cancer.


[2] So when ‘Pig” doesn’t work folks sometimes go over the edge, coffee and tea to boot, as “wo-e” unless of course it is all green, grabbing on to beanstalks while never correctly adding up the losses never realizing that God is constantly watching all of our actions who knows us best other than our significant other. The Wallgreens of the world address only the symptoms of being pushed up against a wall.


Americans might simply say “Piss off” which South Africans might construe as a sign to party, booze to boot, a woman’s breast to appreciate never forgetting what gave us the sustenance to think on our own two feet and avoid the mistakes of the past, the cycles of miscommunication which will continue unabated until there are simply no more fish to be caught.


Etcher is one of several in-touch artists who got it right tTOo without having to use magnifying glasses which take nothing away from the skills and experience needed to paint right to mention little of what it means to get it write from the start..