Manager Minute One

ďThe meek with teeth shell inherit the earthĒ [sic]




The winds of war are all man-made yet somehow we are distracted in believing there are supernatural forces at play.


Perhaps it all began when man came of age, gave up his rib and has since ribbed wo-man to death while making fun of the things that are most sacrosanct.


The sexual organs of the wo-man-inverted say nothing of her being introverted simply biding her time to stand tall when push comes to shove.


The beast of man so exposed to the elements results in lost sensitivities over time to mention little of circumcision, Geviseris and Mr. ďBrusqueĒ accounting for the love of my not so .ewt dog.


God, however, is not to blame for the sins of the fathers although it may well be the sins of the mothers for having procrastinated so long in asserting their right to speak and of course it is all about the right of free choice that has mostly married women responsible for getting the likes of Clin.on and Ho Chi Min Governor Davis elected to mention little of how 77 year old Marvin Davis has what it takes to make a play at Vivendi not quite expecting the tail of exposure that could have him all caught up in the wash.


The world, however, has evolved somewhat since Adam gave it to Eve who has since put up with his nonsense and then sum.


Unlike Eve who has the power within the grip of her palm much more so than between her legs courtesy of having a far more developed brainne that sometimes goes askew when manís testosterone gets out of control and kicks and lashes her all the way to Timbuktu, forgetting that we have all emerged from somewhat of bush, Adam makes hey of the day, ripping and pulling at the purse strings, equipped with OTMs[1], tipped off to boot, hiding behind veils of secrecy that by the time he gets home from his hard day at work he remains with a hard-on taking it out on the rest least able to defend themselves.


The winds of change are now in the air and for those women still with a head, head and shoulders above the pack and ďgood looksĒ tTOo soon they will find that there are men out there willing to give them a hand to lift them into position to hold M-ad-am-s at bay, Seachange all but assured.


The windows to a new world peace will soon emerge as folks line up alongside the NextraTerrestrial chew chew train as we bring together art, math and science to form one big circle holding the Marthaís, the Ronalds in check until they depart this earth where they will be held accountable by the designer of choice.


The checks and balances we plan to put in place will come about as the kids understand more about our BUS-chool-ing and where to get the write tutors who donít blow smoke in their faces who send the right signals while staying cool without advanced degrees interfering with their leaning who donít have a lot of wa.ste to mention little of what all these professors do with their time while supposedly just e-king out a living or tTOo, rot tTOo.


The devil clearly isnít in Mrs. Jones but whoever harbors Davey Jones better watch out for the Has-ids.


Thank God is all I can say that we are still here to reflect on the past and begin a whole new educational journey that breaks from the past while taking heed of the lessons learned as we hold on to the reins in welcoming New Beginnings.


[1] Other Peoples Money.