Zquestion for Albert Einstein


I am a pupil in the sixth grade at Westview School. We have been talking about animals and plants in Science. There are a few children in our room that do not understand why people are classed as animals. I would appreciate it very much if you would please answer this and explain to me why people are classed as animals.

Thanking you,
November 12, 1952


Dear Children:

We should not ask, "What is an animal" but "what sort of thing do we call an animal?" Well, we call something an animal, which has certain characteristics: it takes nourishment, it descends from parents similar to itself, it grows, it moves by itself, it dies if its time has run out. That's why we call the worms, the chicken, the dog, the monkey an animal. What about us humans? Think about it in the above mentioned way and then decide for yourselves whether it is a natural thing to regard ourselves as animals.

With kind regards,
Albert Einstein
January 17, 1953

Follow up question:

Dear Mr. Einstein,

Do these other animals you reference ever byte their tongues while chewing or excavating their ancestor’s caves?

I would appreciate it very much if you would please answer this and explain to me weather the Bell Shaped Curve could be creating a missing link or tTOo in our quest to be “fi.st” [sic] dnA sow up-set-ing the S-TABLE?

What guidance would you suggest we follow in order that we stretch w-rite, keep our moses clean and avoid the testosterone build up not all the deep in our past considering 15 billion odd years of evolution, yet we still keep digging for gold scratching our bums, exposing our leg-d-errs, sharp-en-ing our tails, going around in circles praying for safer BUSes tTOo


do you suppose in the end we will all go bust, being only able to count on spending the rest of eternity rotting in hell hoping that somehow Warren “Bail me Out” Buffet will have enough in reserve to play out one more hand; phat chance of that, wouldn’t you agree?

My thoughts are that we follow the Wrigley “speach therapy” chewing gum wrapper and rap our words carefully around our tongues, chewing on them as these other animals have done for .rons without saying a word & only express a thought if prepped like JetTy to put it down on paper other-weiss toss the thoughts into the wastepaper basket and rid ourselves of masks, transparency the masterkey, again, wouldn’t you agree?

The process of thought not just survival sets us apart from the other animals which by its very nature could eventually result in the desert rats lapping us up for desert perhaps even before the voyager spacecraft begins to lap the sun allowing us to observe for the very first time the forces that keep the light within our universe, no doubt slowing down unless of course there is someone there with their hand on a switch saying, “lights out!” Looking at things in reverse as in Quantum Mechanics those coming in out of the cold, i.e. in search of light one would assume would see light speeding up as they were attracted to our spotlight wanting to make the most of our warmth as the night sky get darker by the second, hence the need to reexamine some of the fundamental basics including why someonlike like Pythagoras who very likely didn’t understand the behaviour of articificial light since this requires integrating negative numbers into the equation including the square of negative one.

Pythagoras, though was operating on the premise that folks would get with the program right from the start that there is little to be gained by burning the candle at both ends to make the most of natural light during the day and to simply enjoy the sky at night providing sufficient contrast to what was achieved during the day, a yardstick, a gauge to maintain the right values, to mention just in passing the color wheel which expands only so long as one has the values right from the start. No doubt Pythagoras got eventually got fed up and soon drifted apart avoiding as best he could the testosterone buildup that was destined to take over our universe for the next 2,000 years, 2003 as good a time as any to go back to our 1,2,3s, mother caught a flea

Most free-thinking humans would agree that we have the ability to change things in our environment, which the animal kingdom does not have; our unique thought processing which gives us control of the environment limited only by the forces of nature. The concept of a unified theory is simply preposterous given the expanding universe the gaps of dark matter getting larger with each tick of the clock to mention little of the unstable notion that the speed of light is a constant.

We can look at the outcome of going left or right unlike the animals who don’t know if they are going to catch something at the end of the day. We know perfectly well that as much as we try to control everything we don’t. Quantum Mechanics which has given us the tools to leap frog previous civilizations proves conclusively everything is a matter of probability, that the better the evidence the better the proof, and the odds right now are that the end is in site unless we start changing our perspective on what life is all about.

Now more than ever there is the need for everyone to “sit still” and to take a very deep breath and think carefully about the options each one of us has over the course of the next 2 maybe 3 years which is really about as far out as the best of the best economists and actuaries can in fact see although they have all been doing mostly guessing while engineers and artists have kept spaceship earth on an even keel while many corporations especially the conglomerates have been operating in the dark be.oldent to no one believing that they are the stars and entitled to the riches of the land since some of them spent a fraction of a moment in time studying at universities which simply reinforced poor parenting raising their children to think they were Gods, at least in many cases above the law.

The laws of the universe are in fact rather simple but certain folks have made a point of complicating matters by attaching high fluting words to things that they simply cannot understand which is understandable considering the universe has been evolving for only God knows how long. Take for example our bodies which are made up of essentially pumps and valves with aqueducts moving stuff around, good stuff here, bad stuff to auface #1 or #2 which switch on an off like clockwork showing up orange if we overindulge to mention little of overextending our stay. The rest is academic.

The movies tell it all, depicting the very essence of who we are although the mainstream media cannot be relied upon to tell the truth for the very reason that they are today up a creek, just like the insurance industry which is on the brink of collapse, bail outs coming right out of each one of our pockets. When the insurance companies begin filing for bankruptcy then you will see what it means for all of us to be flying United.

Insurance is based on the concept of spreading risk but it requires trust and good faith on the part of both the insured as well as the carriers. Warren “Bail me Out” Buffet has already shown his true colors and of course the conglomerates are already offshore with their “clusters” and whathaveyou then as everyone heads to the hills? It should come as no surprise to anyone the concept of “off balance sheet” accounting since we have been “fathered” to accept “offshore” bookkeeping going back to exactly when?

One would have thought that with the invention of the computer and high speed communications keeping track of everything would be much simpler than when my family had there store in Vilnius, Lithuania but that is not the game of Wall Street which is the biggest numbers racket than anything conceived by the Mafia who at least kept the streets clean, not to suggest that we turn back the clock and accept the status quo of much of what took place in the past especially in the last century, to mention little of all the people in that picture and their children with the exception of my grandfather Issy Gevisser’s brother BEREL-LEIB who were slaughtered by the Nazis. 

Instead of going around in circles thinking that wars clean out our wa.ste we should consider moving back and forth, looking 180 degrees at all times since we learn from what we have done before creating a ever-so-tight bonding with our past; the closer the dots, the straighter the lines the more we are all connected back to the year dot. It is all about the values. Just as in a color wheel the value remains constant as the color expands from high in to low chroma, the richness of the colors.

Most of us know that if we go down a certain path there is the “probability” of a particular outcome, that if you put your thought into achieving a common goal you increase the prospects of survival; it is the only way. If your goal is to eat more than the others, you might choose a different path than that of survival, not to share what you eat. Of course you might not catch your meal, tickets to boot, bytes to embrace.

There is an advantage to hunting in groups but if you think you are the strongest, you might think you deserve more. The rest goes without saying. But for some reason we think we can defy the law of the jungle because we think.

In a nutshell, it must be the fear of dying, poor to boot that has us going around in circles, murdering our young not just with weapons of war but with words and falsehoods; the toleration of white lies that stack up high on the waist line and have no where else to go but pollute the brainne, wouldn’t you agree?

The notion of death is that we are only here for a certain time, which justifies the likes of instant gratification, hoarding and greed, to the point that it becomes part of our makeup. It is all in the conditioning, the closer we are though to one another the less likely the negatives will drag those wanting to do the right thing down; i.e. keeping track of one another avoids the possibility of straying too far from the common goal. Today there is no common goal of taking care of one another but with the Internet we have the tracking system to keep everyone on the right side of the tracks within a hare’s breath, wouldn’t you agree Mr. King?

If western society didn’t have this notion of death as being the end of it all unlike other cultures we might have more of a common goal of survival helping each other beyond our own little minute in time, living like we are the only cell around, “I don’t exist, therefore the world doesn’t exist” a very shallow existence. 

We have our leadership lying, stealing and cheating and getting away with it, and the masses who as a result of poor conditioning from the right wingers working in conjunction with the left wingers serving up a myriad of man-made storms feast first off the pawns and then work their way taking castle, knight keeping the bishops till last to mention little of why it only came to light now how little boys and girls were fiddled by Parish priests back in the 40s, 50s and 60s?

Could it be that smoking dope, doing acid is what kept those fiddled teenagers’ mouths shut so tight, yet rocking all night and knocking off during the day when the two Democratic administrations went to work on the likes of Martin Luther King and Malcolm X to boot, whose untimely deaths were simply “pay back” for deals cooked up behind closed doors, deals within deals. So what deal one must ask is brewing in the minds of some of these very same folks that has them today so forgetful yet spewing forth garbage out of their big, dirty mouths, acid tongues to boot, not quite what one would expect out of the mouths of babes!

I used to be in an ice show called Babes in the Wood as well as Puss in Boots but my best performances were in Around the World in 80 Days where I skated in ice hockey boot falling on occasion when blinded by the spotlights. I generally learned my lessons well picking myself up rather quickly as we do in white water surfing different to when we comb out of a peaceful womb, although it was sometimes difficult picking myself up after the final jump that once had 7 barrels. I never attempted a repeat.

I also try and make it a habit not to repeat myself but one must bear in mind that not everyone in my audience has been with the program from day one and of course I have adversaries out there who would want nothing better than to see me take one last permanent fall. I have though been rather careful to avoid skating on thin ice all my life, keeping not just my thoughts to myself but ever mindful of those coming and going close to my quarters, developing a keen sense of choosing the right horse depending on the course and course staying back until the final stretch before showing my teeth doing everything possible to avoid getting my teeth kicked or doing anything stupid like byting my lips causing them to bleed which some consider my best-looking part.

And yes of course we should look very closely at those kids raised in households where the parents have quite a past of abuse and neglect to make certain that the children don’t grow up to be like their parents and repeat the cycles that places the rest of us more than in check which is what the Constitution of the United States was supposed to be all about, namely protecting the minority from the tyranny of the majority but today it is the minority that have most of the say with their “ays” and “Is” having it all up and down the Potomac.

Time for the tire to meet the road, wouldn’t you agree? Are you still with me Mr. Einstein? I am still in search of an editor or tTOo.

Now with the clergy in disarray it all becomes a scramble for the almighty dollar although some of us have our secret weapons as in Matthew The Mighty Mountain Mouse.

In a nutshell

It all comes down to the final punch and there is little hope for those punch drunk blinded by the glitter of gold dust to boot. Going around in circles does eventually takes its toll, not even the best conditioned athletes can maintain their center of gravity as the cry of the masses rips through their hearts believing they tTOo must be godly.

As time is displaced in pursuit of unworldly goals space contracts with all the players running after a constantly moving target and the action will end when those left out, those operating in the so-called “negative space” decide to show their presence by coming in with their guns blazing.

Now more than ever there is the need to focus on this sector of the field looking much closer at what is behind the ever increasing incidence of heart attacks in our western culture which has perfected the practice of medicine to the point that it is now more art-form than it is science to mention little of the craftiness that has taken over the business sector with businessmen being taught stuff along the lines of “Business is more art form than it is science” when all it takes it is to deal straight up and down with folks, leaving out the middlemen of their legions of so-called “professionals” and then to simply shake hands which is how I have conducted business the majority of the time, tripped up only when the other party has insisted on signed documents which come back to haunt them to no end.

The abuse in the corporate world is clogging up the aqueducts and poisoning the minds of our young and unless we get our acts together in short order it will be no different to Nero’s time when Rome burned to the ground. The weapons of war today however come with more than slings and arrows but I believe we have enough time left for each one of us with only our fingertips to take the battle right to those who have abused the system to mention little of ripping at the coattails of our rights and privileges.

Time waits for no one especially the fiddlers on what is one incredible journey but it is up to each one of us to pull together or we will be united in the divide yet united once again before the divine as the hour glass gets turned once again. The hour glass is close approaching empty as the ravines run dry and we have just one moment in time to set the world straight turning the 8 on its toes and setting things down ever so gently or the lines earmarked in the sand will all converge and we as a species will be history.

Time moment one began with a bang but it doesn’t have to end that way. The power is within each one of us to make the right decision to stand tall and to shed notions of the past including, “The Tallest Trees Attract The Most Wind” for strength comes from those trees and three year olds who can be raised to make the most of the high winds, initially ducking their parent’s farts and when tall enough if given the right nourishment right from the start can then use the hot air to elevate themselves to fly free.

A bird’s eye view helps separate the wheat from the chaff, distinguish form from substance and to grab hold of those rapacious few with their bought and paid for politicians with their I’s “Nays” sounding like a bunch of horses herd the dogs while the wool is pulled over the eyes of the sheep, stunt after stunt, until there is nothing left but a stump, pitches to boot and all that is needed is to simply call a time out or they will eventually eat even the rumps of our young.

Better to throw darts against a rounded target then leave it up to folks who make it their business to join the entitlement game once elected to office. And it is one two three make it four as the old boy network scratches one two three four bucks plus while the women stand in line at the toilet. Perfect Storm III has already been launched but it is no more important than Perfect Storm VII that has already had a resounding victory.

The most rapacious exploit the conditioning of those least able to defend themselves, more poorly conditioned in 2 believing that there is nothing beyond their own existence; therefore justifying their actions, “The world exists because I exist.” This justifies any action including how easy it becomes to forget the call of nature and how delicately balanced it has evolved since the beginning of time.

There is something charismatic about a rapacious survivor that a would-be companion might find somewhat attractive. Once, however, “The Finagle Kings” of the world are left alone to rampage, all the sum-benefit appearances get smudged and the family ends up in the cold, starving, eventually dying with the prospect though of the next generation learning from the ills of the past assuming they are not too young and naïve. Perfect Storm 1 is now approaching the grand finale.

Since everyone dies this gives us the chance to save us all. Living longer allows us the opportunity to explore solutions but the negative forces operate as well including those who are not looking for solutions but just looking out for themselves, biding time, taking up space using the resources which remain from past generations for their own self-serving interests.

Today more than ever there is need to find a hook that everyone can grab hold of, a unifying goal as opposed to the quest for unified theory that has defied the greatest of all minds. Water, the essential building block of everything comes to mind in finding a way to bend time, mend our fences and to be mindful of our ways while preserving the delicate balance in order to enjoy the ongoing dance of the universe.

We don’t see ourselves as one species perhaps for no other reason than the fact that we do not come from one particular tree but rather from a hodge-podge of black and white being pricked apart by a series of thorn bushes. Have we in fact evolved beyond the animals or are we doomed for permanent failure since we are capable of thinking about the consequences of our actions? We certainly seemed doomed to go back to the basics of survival where we become animals for another period of time.

Perhaps it is time for us to start a new clock, going back to the time of the Babylonians who invented the 60 Minute time clock and start asking the right questions about how each one of us would start a whole new world given the fact that we are fast approaching the 11th hour and 59th minute? How complicated would it be with the goal of having just the majority survive?

In order to survive it helps to have several people unless the supplies are limited which is the constraint embedded within the laws of nature. We have manipulated our world, the earth to farm, to feed. Butt some got greedy and then at some point there was profit and instead of investing this profit folks kept it for themselves and they lost their goal right there. As soon as you are not for a common goal you destroy the balance of nature.

As soon as you don’t use your profit for the goal of serving humanity you destroy the whole balance of nature in which case you should farm less. If you are not using your profit to basically feed more people, improve the quality of living of everyone on an equal footing you become godly, “I am more deserving than others, more intelligent, blah blah blah” distinguishing yourself from the group with the justification, “I might need it later.”

None of this would be an issue if the goal was to take care of one another, i.e. the 11th Commandment, stupid.

It is all in the smell, which gets away from us as we age, heightened sensitivity to boot. Animals have the basic needs under control whereas us humans think it is all a matter of being in control of others in order to gain standing at a table where we should all be sitting. The world is topsy, turvy and of course it should be curvy, just like the waves that demonstrate clearly the ever-expanding universe impossible for the human mind to quantify anything beyond the issue of probabilities, i.e. quantum mechanics.

Other animals live in big families and take care of each other and some of us are not even there. When all your instincts are based on accumulating, hoarding stuff it is simply a question of time before it becomes sinful believing that since you are going to die tomorrow, that if you have all this stuff “it will make my life better” different to the ancients who believed that dying rich positioned them better to ride out the wave of the future, not knowing however what we know today, i.e. the ever expanding universe.

The fear of death is what unites the ancient pharos with the pariahs of today but unlike the masses of the past we have the resources of things like the Internet that can keep the leadership in check as they go about fiddling with our paychecks. Information is the prized resource that has kept the haves from being overrun by the have-nots. Technology allows each one of us in the space of our living rooms to enjoy the beauty of far off places while making certain with our keyboards on our laps that those who defy the wrath of the masses will end up having to do laps and then sum.

So what makes one accumulate things? Just like the behavior of a dog says a lot about its handler so does one’s waste. There is a lot to be said about those who accumulate for the sake of accumulating to mention little of what it says about those who cannot share. It is all about ying and yang, positive and negative, just like the sun, bi-polar, wouldn’t you agree, Mr. Einstein?

And that is the difference. Animals do what they do for survival. We humans might pretend it is all about survival and maintaining a strong breed but you don’t need all that much to survive to mention little of


Next tTOo

Breeding is everything.

What makes us the most human is to improve the place we live in an “act” uncommon to any other species which operates purely on instinct but not at the expense of others and to include other peoples as well as the animals. We have today the science to take care of our environment and one another, wouldn’t you also agree, looking at things from the bottom up?

Animals operate only in a positive environment; meaning they see only what the 5 senses display before them although there is ample evidence of these species being able to think abstractly as well as dream. They cannot, however, understand the behavior of the unnatural; i.e. not going with nature, different to what we sometimes refer to as the supernatural where man in bypassing nature creates things like different gods to justify a lot of things; things he doesn’t understand buts wants to control.

Only man, however, can understand the behavior of artificial light, which requires an evolved appreciation of mathematics including negative numbers including the square root of negative 1. The fact that animals do not hoard beyond their own basic needs makes them no less enlightened and more likely to survive longer than our species who work each day late into the night believing how important it is that they die the richest species on earth.

The creating of the light bulb and harnessing the energy put forth by the damming of the earth’s rivers has now set in motion a most peeriless course as we approach the end of the road. Those of us in the business of “assessing risk” realize that it is going to take much more than ever brighter lights attached to our vehicles in order to ward off a precipitous downward spiral.

We at NextraTerrestrial.com have though some solutions to solving the man-made problems of the world including embracing more natural light guidance tTOo. 




Built tTOo




With kind regards,


Gary St-even Gevisser

December 1st, 2002