Sent: Fri 10/11/2002 5:02 PM

From: Gary S. Gevisser

To: Mr. George Hurst Esq. – Attorney for Dr. John Ben Stewart



Dear Mr. Hurst,


My attorney Mr. Ashworth has requested that I don’t communicate directly with you or Detective Steele in that there is “nothing to be gained” and more importantly, that I run the risk of more of my writings being taken out of context.


With that said, I know for a fact that I have the truth on my side and although I consider Mr. Ashworth an excellent attorney, when it comes to the thing that matters most to me, i.e. my reputation I feel it necessary to let you know clearly how I feel without anything being lost in the translation.


With that said, I understand from Mr. Ashworth that you have provided the courts with a declaration to the effect that the only declaration you have from Ms. Marie Dion Stewart, your client’s former second wife is, an unsigned declaration that spells a lot of things out pretty clearly, wouldn’t you agree? In my email to you on October 4th I ended with the following:


“Ps – if in fact you have an unsigned Declaration by Marie Dion Stewart laying out the ever more transparent nature of her twice divorced former husband  … please would you be so kind as to provide it to Mr. James Ashworth. I will assume you will keep any future communications with any other member of the Ashworth family strictly personal.”


With that said, I heard something in a phone conversation with Mr. Ashworth that seemed to catch him by surprise, that the judge in this case, Judge Hendrix, “seems to have taken a rather negative view towards you…” This statement has me concerned given the fact that I assumed all judges would be impartial and reluctant to raise even an eyebrow without hearing the other side’s position. I seem to recall making it perfectly clear to Judge Hendrix at the start of the proceedings on September 26th that I was seeking “a continuance” in order to arrange my own counsel, adding words to the effect that I was surprised that Dr. Stewart had decided to substitute in an attorney and not giving more thought to what would be a more gentlemanly way to resolve the conflict.


With that said, I am not all that surprised that “Dr. Stewart has decided not to settle matters outside of court” which is what I was led to believe is what has caused the delay in our responding to your naked assertions of my misconduct, reason being that so far it seems Dr. Stewart has everything going his way. Not only has he been able to get a TRO issued against me, a restraining order that includes my coming into contact with his second former wife’s children albeit without the input of his second former wife who has joint custody of the children, more importantly, to me at least, is the fact that if anyone took a careful look at exactly what Dr. Stewart first signed under oath on September 11th any reasonable person would see that there were significant disconnects in his allegations to mention little of him describing me as 5 foot 11 inches and weighting in at 180 pounds when in fact I am about 5’8” and a trim 140 pounds.


With that said, I may have missed a thing or too the judge had to say given my focus on all the things you had told your client he had done wrong including no doubt how he so suspiciously left out those all-important 7 words of mine contained in the email to a third party which actually read;


“In the end we will get rid of all those who usurp their power including those who I detest the most…..evil doesn’t come with a pointed tail and pitched fork.”


With that said, a careful reading of my emails, which are all part and parcel of the book I am writing, Manager Minute One has my thoughts on this subject very clear, those thoughts being;


I detest those who derive great satisfaction in exceeding the limits of their small authority, i.e. evil doesn’t come with a pointed tail and pitched fork.


With that said, a simple reading of the Mission Statement of one of the 78 odd websites I am in the process of launching says a lot not just about me but why someone like Dr. Stewart would be concerned about the truth being revealed to an ever expanding audience to mention in passing my ongoing “call to arms” that the problems of the world have nothing to do with race, color, economics or religions, only poor parental religious teachings; that our whole purpose at NextraterresTrial is, in addition to helping folks resolve conflict without going the lawsuit route, to empower the youth who are our future, to parent the parents who need the most help, and of course with that comes added responsibilities.


With that said, I see no reason for me to believe that even though both Jonathan and Danielle have now confirmed to their mother that they see me as no threat, given, however, the sadness to mention little of the embarrassment that would come from telling the truth which would be at odds with their father’s naked they might feel compelled to lie or perhaps even equivocate. Ms. Marie Dion Stewart’s decision to communicate directly with the children had perhaps some measure to do with Ms. Nancy McFarland whose is a non-practicing attorney advising her of the “need to take charge, my husband... ” Ms. Nancy’s husband, Mr. Jim McFarland as you know is not only a practicing lawyer here in California but he also witnessed Ms. Marie Dion Stewart’s will back on January 3rd of this year.


With that said, doesn’t that will tell you something Mr. Hurst about what an amazing woman Ms. Marie Dion Stewart really is that she really doesn’t need a former lawyer whose son tells racist jokes to guide Ms. Marie Dion Stewart in terms of what is the right thing to do? Yes, Mr. Hurst a lot of things will eventually come out at trial including how little Ms. Marie Dion Stewart trusts her former husband to mention just in passing her so very meaningful New Year’s resolution, wouldn’t you agree? Yet you Mr. Hurst saw nothing wrong in trying to strong-arm Ms. Marie Dion Stewart in turning against me, wouldn’t you agree Mr. Attorney? In other words, what would Judge Ashworth think of your conduct to mention little of your client’s passive aggressive behavior that surfaced in full bloom on September 8th before he went with son in tow on of all days September 11th to commit such an un-American Act.


With that said, Mr. Hurst wouldn’t you also agree that your sending the FBI and Detective Steele to my home once you saw that your efforts to control your client’s former wife had failed, border on the reckless, at a minimum, to mention little about the fact that your client sent me an email 3 days after receiving the TRO which was as much a violation of the TRO as was my email in response, to mention little of how this TRO had been both maliciously and fraudulently obtained? So what do you make of your client bringing the children in to the middle of the dispute knowing full I would be hard pressed to even call them as witnesses given the fact that I have no legal rights, to them, that is?


With that said, Mr. Hurst, make no mistake I fully understand my legal rights to a fair and impartial courtroom setting.


With that said, I am instructing Mr. Ashworth to have no more direct communications with you under any circumstances and that I am to vet any and all communications before they leave his office.


With that said, it is possible that Mr. Ashworth has already left for the weekend without getting back to me that he had received written confirmation from you that would give him more time to respond to the false charges. In the event that you and Mr. Ashworth do not have an understanding as to these matters please feel free to submit this email directly to Judge Hendrix and this time include the signed declaration from Ms. Marie Dion Stewart as well as all the hyperlinks. If in fact you have an unsigned declaration then I have much bigger problems with my computer security system than I realized. Just like you added and or deleted a few letters/code in getting into my website’s Index so it is possible you could have done the same with my laptop unless someone else provided you with an unsigned copy. Ms. Marie Dion Stewart assures me that she would not have been the person to have done so.  


With that said, may I suggest you read over the weekend this week’s edition of the Willis Brother column that appears in the Del Mar Times. It is titled, “Take a chance.”


Finally, I do not plan on having any more contact with either of the children until this matter is fully resolved. I have told Mr. Ashworth that I will not accept a penny less than $1 million for the harm done to my reputation to mention little of my lost opportunity cost.




Gary S. Gevisser




Sent: Fri 10/4/2002 7:53 PM

From: Gary S. Gevisser

To: Mr. George Hurst



Dear Mr. Hurst,


I understand from Mr. James Ashworth Esq., both mine and Ms. Marie Dion Stewart’s attorney, that you have managed to gain access to my “hyperlink” directory, which is something I had assumed was only known to me and my programmers.


With that said, despite your personal relationship with Judge Tom Ashworth, I as well as Marie Dion Stewart, continue to have the utmost confidence in his son, James Ashworth to prosecute a civil case against your client and others who may have played a dirty hand in these proceedings.


With that said, I am copying Mr. King Golden Jnr. Esq., Dr. Stewart’s neighbor-friend, Ms. Kathy Murray, a more recent friend, and Jim McFarland who witnessed Ms. Marie Dion Stewarts will back on January 3rd, 2002. It is certainly going to get interesting at sum point when folks start paying attention to how I have developed a system that neutralizes overly controlling and rapacious individuals, wouldn’t you agree?


With that said, this will be my last direct communication to you. Naturally, I cannot stop you from poking into my database in your desperate moves to unearth some dirt. At the same time I am not altogether uncomfortable given the fact that I plan to become totally transparent to the world in due course. I hope you got to enjoy my “Bio” which continues to be a work-in-progress. My hope is that you will at sum point feel the same way, that the more we get to know one another, the more each one of us tells our story that can be vetted by those who know us best, the less likely we will want to go to war with each other. I think though the Mission Statement says it best, wouldn’t you agree. Did you know that the Mission Statement was accessible directly from the NextraTerrestrial website just by pointing and clicking?


With that said, I must now assume you are familiar with sum of my other business activities including the fact that I am in possession of “smoking gun evidence” of political corruption at the highest levels of our State Government by a foreign conglomerate although you would have needed to access my laptop computer and/or that of other individuals which we believed to be equally secure. I am simply not as up on security matters as perhaps I should be, again proof positive that one shouldn’t be tTOo trusting even of one’s neighbors unless of course they tTOo decide to become totally transparent, wouldn’t you agree?


With that said, It is obvious, those of us now placed on the defensive need to be far more cautious in terms of how we go about our daily routines. Your contacting the FBI as well as the local police knowing full well that your client had communicated with me back on September 14th at 8:39am, albeit in code, violating the restraining order which I stopped reading once I saw the unadulterated nonsense of his naked assertions, goes to the heart of how desperate you folks really are.


With that said, your and your clients actions are all very reminiscent of the way the South African Nazi Nationalist Government tried to suppress all opposition for some 40 plus years. Again, no doubt you have read my communications to the current South African Minister of Finance.


With that said, you and I, your client and Ms. Marie Dion Stewart, know all tTOo well this is all coming down to a “value system”, something both Mr. Golden and Ms. Murray no doubt can give you sum tips on while explaining their recent coziness toward Dr. Stewart, although I wouldn’t be all that surprised if Ms. Murray has decided to back off. Mr. Golden on the other hand, playing it best as a “lefty” while working for more than one “righty” organization, has quite a history that he would prefer remains shrouded in secrecy including why he would hold on to shares in a major defense contractor while doing everything he could to suggest the folks at SAIC were a bunch of hoods. It is my contention Mr. Hurst that it is the folks on the far right and far left who are the most to be feared as they go about their daily routines glove-in-hand squeezing the life out of those of us sandwiched in the middle, wouldn’t you agree?


With that said, It is my understanding that your client has already received written instructions from his former wife as to stepping no further from the curb on to her property. I am in the process of following up on Ms. Marie Dion Stewart’s request to have a state of the art security system installed in her home.


With that said, I am also copying Mr. Devin Standard who you know must surely know is executor of my estate. Both Mr. Standard and my attorney-colleagues familiar with my both my personal and business matters have been somewhat concerned for my own safety, more so those I care about who are material witnesses in this case/s; the biggest concern at the moment happens to be Dr. Stewart and what desperate moves he might contemplate next. Again, hopefully in short order all the truth will be forthcoming and we can all get on with the business of doing our own little byte to help save the world.




Gary S. Gevisser


Ps – if in fact you have an unsigned Declaration by Marie Dion Stewart laying out the ever more transparent nature of her twice divorced former husband to mention in passing Ms. Dawn Killicut?, Dr. Stewart’s former live in girlfriend, who I understand remains “in love” with the doctor, please would you be so kind as to provide it to Mr. James Ashworth. I will assume you will keep any future communications with any other member of the Ashworth family strictly personal. I have no objection, however, to you showing that, “Were you aware Ms. Stewart” photograph to anyone you happen to encounter on your “hallway dip-lo-macy” [sic], and while you are at it why not ask them what they think of the smiley face I placed on the clothed woman? I have to thank you “Mr. Hearst” [sic] for all the ideas you have now given me in terms of how to expand our audience of viewers, not that I need any more help from you, thank you very much Mr. desperate attorney. In the relatively short period of time I did sum work for Mr. and Mrs. Hearst who you seemed so proud to distance yourself from, Mr. Hearst in particular taught me a thing or tTOo about what grabs peoples’ attention the most, such revelations will all be forthcoming, in due course.


Now the fact that I point out that Dr. Stewart has been twice divorced shouldn’t get anyone’s “knickers tTOo caught in a knut” [sic] especially when one considers that Mr. King Golden and Ms. Kathy Murray have only been married only once to the best of my knowledge. We will be covering the issues of what all these matters mean in more detail on the NextraterresTrial array of websites in our effort to help empower the kids to parent the parents who need the most help. No doubt you will have no trouble pointing anyone on your email list to my website and bio as we expand the circle surrounding our main website that remains on track to become the number one website on the planet.


If you don’t believe me about my math skills to mention little of my understanding of human nature, why not ask Mr. Golden or Ms. Murray for that matter, to mention little of how much better use I could make of my time by getting others to do the right thing including those folks involved in degenerative research to stop thinking of their pocket books and to direct those billions of dollars spent on “fukukta” [sic] research into early child education. In time the word “fukukta” may very possibly become another English word, wouldn’t you agree? You do know that the word “gobbledygook” is now A okay.


And in the event you didn’t already know, it was Mr. Golden who taught me about using the “sic” to explain an “er-er” [sic] in the previous expression in quotes. At sum point Mr. Hurst you must ask yourself what forces are behind your client behaving so poorly. Your “beware” instructions to your client prior to the judge entering the courtroom regarding “criminal…perjury” prosecution will remain with me until my last breath. Mr. Golden was once with me at 1 Wall Street back in 1990 when a very seasoned, though comical looking criminal attorney grabbed hold of our client by the lapels and read him almost the exact same riot act. This client however, who always paid his bills very promptly, allowing Mr. Golden to meet his mortgage payments and then sum, ended up sucking the “hind t-one-t” [sic] while Mr. Golden made off with one of his client’s daughters’ not bad looking secretaries. Mr. Golden has a way with secretaries and should we need to continue to go down this squirrelly path we will naturally be deposing Mr. Golden’s wife who happens to be oh so involved with Head Start.


Make no mistake Mr. Hurst I am someone with the Golden Name and should anyone try and smudge it they will have woken a sleeping giant, perhaps why Dr. Stewart described me as 5’11” and 180 pounds, wouldn’t you agree? Everything about me is contained within my name just as it is for people like my friend Sebastian Capella.


With that said, my costs continue to escalate but make no mistake Mr. Hurst I have all the horsepower, all the necessary resources to see this matter all the way to the Supreme Court of the United States and then sum. As we know there is also the World Court and most importantly the World Court of Opinion. I am currently in the process of liquidating my remaining estate in what some might consider a “fire sale” liquidation in order that no one underestimates my resolve to see this matter through right to the bitter end. I happen though to be a rather enlightened individual and nor am I in any way shape or form in a desperate rush, believing, however, that there is hope even for the most rapacious out there. No one, however, should be so stupid as to continue to test my patience. I have in fact gifted over the years the vast majority of what I have earned but leaving myself though, more than enough, to fight the right fight as in Enough is Enough.


Finally, you should know that I never wish anyone who tries to do me down any harm because somehow these folks, without exception, have ended up imploding. With that said, please have a relaxing weekend and don’t forget to breath deeply.





 From: Gary S. Gevisser
Sent: Wednesday, September 25, 2002 6:46 PM
To: George Hurst Esq., Ms. Deborah Hurst Esq.
Cc: rest
Subject: Case # 795852


Dear Mr. Hurst:


I am disappointed yet not surprised that you would choose to take on this case representing an individual whose “work product” shows him at best to be seriously deprived, at worst a pathological liar and someone who is not only a danger to himself but to his family to mention little of the critical care needs of his patients.


Furthermore there is every possibility that you may be conflicted out. More than a year ago I ran into a gentleman by the name of Bret Hurst at Roger’s and 5th, the restaurant owned by the radio talk show host. Bret Hurst mentioned to me that he was indirectly related to the Hearst publishing family who I had done some work for back in late 1993 and early1994. Moreover, this Mr. Hurst was privy to some communications that I had with Mr. Hedgecock that today could be material as it relates not only to my dispute with Dr. Stewart but other matters of widespread importance.


With that said please click on below for a declaration signed by the plaintiff’s former wife on September 21st, well as other relevant issues.


With that said please click on to the Dr. Stewart’s second wife’s will dated January 3rd 2002 signed in the presence of Mr. Jim McFarland a patent lawyer who lives at across from Dr. Stewart’s former second wife.


I take it you are aware that Mr. McFarland is the gentleman in the photo referenced by your client in his initial “phleading” [sic] before the courts and wouldn’t you agree it would be somewhat cruel for a father to have his son tag along to the court house as he went about attempting to make a bust of me to mention little of wrecking havoc on our already overtaxed judicial system to mention in passing the hell he is putting his entire family through as he struggles to find the light within himself while torching others. Moreover, my beef now extends to you folks. It is the words of the plaintiff Dr. Stewart that should have given rise for you to take a pause before placing yourself in the spotlight.


Please click on to see the original filing [abbreviated].


You naturally asked Dr. Stewart who he was thinking of when he described me as 5’11” and 180 lbs, approximately 40 years old. I haven’t even so much as done more than a glancing pass through of the diatribe you folks wrote up when you substituted in as counsel but I noticed there was something about my age being +- 45. How about my height to mention little of him overstating my weight by some 28.5%? So what is your threshold Mr. Hurst in terms of materiality as it applies to a client that commits perjury?


Another question many will soon ask is how long did you consider before taking on this case to represent someone who committed such an un-American act on of all days September 11th hoping to gain perhaps sum advantage at pulling at the emotional strings of some officer of the peace whether it be a judge, jury or executioner? Now click on to page two of the initial “compliant filing” [sic – so sick that I have now taken it off my index].


So how sick can one person be you must be asking yourself Mr. George G. Hurst do have involved their children in was any reasonable person would conclude to be a “maliciously fraudulent compliant” [sic]? Have you asked your daughter what she thinks of this matter or did you simply just dive head first in this action believing that you were about to hit pay dirt? No doubt you have been following matters in the area of Shareholder Class Action Litigation where the attorneys in that area of the law take quite a beating from all sides, yet folks like you tend to duck and dive with reckless abandonment or so it would seem?


I have spoken at length about what it means to lie, steal and cheat to mention little about how much I value my reputation not simply in terms of my pride but what it means to me in terms of dollars and cents. My track record of accomplishments is today pretty "visibable on the Internet perhaps best reflected in the number of repeat visitors we are getting at our website which I am assuming you have now visited at least once.


Before getting involved in assisting plaintiff shareholder class action lawyers I did in fact have my stint doing some good on the defense side when I was the CEO of a medical device company that played a pivotal role in bringing about a reversal of a landmark multi-million dollar jury award.


Judge Jack Weinstein may not be a name you have heard about but he didn’t need to meet me in person to know that I came with stellar credentials to mention little of my direct communications with the CEOs of both Digital and the insurance giant AIG. Although I didn’t make my way through the streets of Durban South Africa like my grandfather I certainly know a thing or tTOo about cleaning up on Wall Street, wouldn’t you agree or do you need more ammunition to go tell your client to go take a dump?


Did you in fact bother to ask your not so good Dr. Stewart what he knew about me as it related to that little medical device company that received such accolades not only from one of the countries greatest judges but from the media at large? Did he mention to you the name Fred DeLuca and how I had decided rather than turn a blind eye to a fraud I had uncovered in a company that he was trying to gain control, and in the process cut for myself a sweetheart deal, I decided to simply remove myself from the process running the risk of blowing an interest in that medical device company that some rather smart folks had concluded to be worth upwards of $500 million? Again click on below to get a taste of what I was up against in the form of the man who according to the March 1998 edition of Fortune Magazine had on its front cover, “The Biggest Problem in Franchising


I seem to recall Dr. Stewart once mentioning to me his familiarity with Subway. The statute of limitations on that particular case comes up this October. I am in the process of purchasing a judgment against the medical company that will allow me to short circuit going the lawsuit route myself.


With that said, did your client, the rapacious Dr. Stewart mention to you that I played a rather important hand in getting a shareholder class action lawsuit filed against Revlon Corporation with less than two hours to go before the statute of limitations ran out as in “Enough is Enough


Again, I spend some of my time working as an investigator for Plaintiff class action attorneys where the burden of proof is somewhat more than the preponderance of the evidence. Scienter, i.e. culpable state of mind, requires a much higher burden on the part of the plaintiff to bring about ordinary convictions as in the case of medical malpractice. There is in fact nothing ordinary about me, just like there is nothing ordinary about you or your daughter or Dr. Stewart or any of your other patients, the difference, however, is how we each deal with the issues at hand.


Scienter: In the case of Dr. Stewart he had all of 3 days to think about his threat to make good on destroying my reputation, “I will hound you the rest of your life” before deciding to usurp both his professional standing as well as that of the court system US Americans hold dear. Our system of justice may not be the best form of leveling out the playing field but until someone comes up with something that is better I think we need to stick with what we got and for each one of us to fight in every which way humanly possible to keep the walls from crumbling, wouldn’t you agree?


Dr. Stewart’s maliciously fraudulent misrepresentation of my relationship with his and his second wife’s children is where it all began; it being his vindictiveness and in the end culminated in his selective “cut and paste” routine that now demonstrates for the world to see how rapacious, how out of control this so-called very calm doctor is in appearance but is on the most extreme side of cantankerous when he doesn’t get his way, wouldn’t you agree? Again, just take a look at the one cut and paste routine where he left out those 6 very critical words which I have highlighted.


“In the end we will get rid of all of those who usurp their power including those I detest the most.”


Did you bother asking Dr. Stewart when my beef with him began in earnest as in when I confronted the doctor after he had unilaterally decided to reduce his wife’s alimony and child support payments, that when first confronted by his former wife he tried to make the excuse that it was somehow her responsibility to read his rapacious mind, “I have been wanting to get together with you for sum time to discuss these matters butt you are always tTOo busy” [sic]? In passing did he mention to you how he went about blaming this amazing mother of his children for his faux paux in front of the two children?


Make no mistake when I later confronted the Doctor I didn’t mince any words. Once caught with his pants down the good doctor naturally wanted peace to prevail and the 3 of us got together where the Doctor kept wanting to raise the point “You know much more about my finances than I do about yours” as if that had any relevance with his disgusting behavior forgetting how fortunate he was that his second wife allowed him even to step foot into her house given his past behavior; moreover why she chose to leave him in the big house, not even prepared to wait out just a few more months in order to get tenure.


Yes, Mr. Hurst I know a thing or two not only about tenure as it relates to higher educational institutions that breed rapacious characters more so than the streets of any ghetto I am familiar with but I also know a thing or two about how rapacious individuals will stop at nothing to get their way. The Ronald “The Finagle King” Perelmans are not bred on Wall Street, they are first raised on main street America. Again, the problems of the world have nothing to do in my opinion with economics or religion, simply bad parenting.


This out of control individual even when caught lying stealing and cheating still had the gumption to do what most people who get caught lying and stealing do which is to continue in that same vein and try some deflection along the way. That is why I am opposed to simply crooked folks an escape hatch to hatch more like them.


The good doctor has simply decided that his best defense right now is to attack and he has hired a hired gun who is simply going to present whatever it takes to get his client his comeuppance and no doubt get paid upfront. I would expect given this email as well as others which you are going to be receiving in due course that you will have your client digging deep because make no mistake he is going to pay handsomely for continuing in his evil ways.


I am working on a far greater mission and that is to empower the kids to parent the parents who often need the most help. My personal needs are in fact rather small, relatively that is, but my wants are great. Dr. Stewart’s former second wife and I have been trying to teach the two children the difference between what one needs and what one wants because no matter what, one will never ever have enough money if one focuses on one’s wants.


My record of accomplishment shows beyond a shadow of a doubt that my wants are in fact very simple. If one simply tells the truth I am one’s best ally but even if you are a family member and you play it fast and loose I wont hesitate to come at you like a bat out of hell, all however, within the rules of law.


I am a great believer in the rules of law and how precious and rather delicate a balance it is to maintain not just the laws but for the laws to be seen as fair especially when one considers the fact that special interests groups most often have the most say in what laws are passed and of course we know that special interests by definition do not necessarily represent the will of the majority of the people.


Not included in the Doctor’s “declaration” which you have now public is an assignment I once did for the Hearst family back in late 1993 when I was asked to give my assessment of the media frenzy going on at the time to be the first to pass the finishing line in the last quarter mile of the superhighway. My analysis included in part the following wording,


“Management in their effort to obfuscate non stellar performance oftentimes engage in distractive maneuvers such as a merger or divestiture such that within a short space of time comparative analysis becomes all but impossible, the more synergistic the business units the more amorphous…” [sic]

My whole goal as you can see from our mission statement at NextraTerrestrial is to make the world more transparent. Now would be a good time to place your cursor over the hyperlink below


With that said you might decide to present this response to your diatribe to the courts tomorrow along with all the following attachments/hyperlinks including my response to another pathologist Dr.. Fried land who upon receiving the email I had sent Ms. Cowperwaite a Bank of America branch manager replied with the following.



From: Ed F

Sent: Friday, August 16, 2002 7:08 PM

To: Gary S. Gevisser

Subject: Re: Perfect Storm?


Thank you for sharing.  I am glad you enjoyed visiting my "Prometheus"

website.  I bank with "Bank of America" myself.  Health and



is my response to Dr. Ed.