From: Gary S. Gevisser
Sent: Thursday, December 19, 2002 6:43 PM
To: Sunandmoon
Cc: rest
Subject: Perfect Storm XXVI


Russell, my understanding is that there was a lady staying over at Ccrest at the time you departed on December 7th. Was she one of your male friends who is perhaps into cross-dressing or were you so upset with me having caught you flatfooted that you forgot to mention her name along with your two male friends who were staying ‘rent free’ after providing you with ‘moving in’ services in which case just let me know what it would have cost you had you paid her for her services instead of giving away ‘lodging’ although come to think of it you saw my spot as nothing more than your ranch to milk as you saw fit, believing that you had arrived at the promised land, wouldn’t you agree, Honey? Just a simple answer will do and please stay fit, i.e. healthy mind, healthy body.


I intend to do an audit of your bookkeeping which doesn’t seem to take into account all the clean up work that continues to this very day to mention little of the missing and broken items which I will be addressing to you in due course.


Please provide me with your forwarding address although it is not essential since I know you have worked out how to access the website which will provide a full airing of our accounts to mention little of the difference in our value system which I don’t think has anything to with the English translation us Americans speak, and as you know I have English blood running through my veins and of course I am not hot headed.


With all that said, now would not be a good time to butt heads with me young man. And remember lets keep our disputes from getting tTOo out of hand.


Good day.





From: Sunandmoon
Sent: Thursday, December 19, 2002 3:17 AM
To: Gary S. Gevisser
Subject: Perfect Storm XXVI


Gary this is the final figures sorry it has taken a while this is due too me not having my pc with me i am now using someone elses just so i can finish this off and found out if you aregoing to pay me any money that you owe me
just a simple answer will do
regards mr knight




From: Sunandmoon
Sent: Friday, December 06, 2002 5:16 AM
To: Gary S. Gevisser
Subject: Perfect Storm XVI

hi gary
Russell here
i know you do not like me at the moment(this how i feel ) , but i need to know what is happening with the cafe and how my future  is with the cafe, i cannot live not knowing what is happening, and with no money coming in to support me as you keep saying too me "on my own shilling" but i do not have any and my family are getting really fed up of sending me money, we did agree when i first took the job i was too have a fixed wage of £180 pw + the general running costs of the cafe i understand if you do no want too pay me between december and the beginning of march as there is no trade down this part of Minehead even the pub just up the road is very quite at the moment there only have the regulars that have been going in there years, me and val. went in there saturday and there was only 8 people in there 2 of them were the owners, nobody down this end of town are busy at this time of the year, town centre is also very quite this has a lot too do with Butlins being closed apart from weekends and even at weekend they have very few people on the resort, minehead is very seasonal and as the cafe has never been open in the winter months it is hard to get people down here without advertising, but as i said monday if we advertise from the beginning of next year we are open all year this could increase the winter trade next year.
   As with any business we live and learn from our mistakes and i know for next year we need too be more focused on the winter trade and using the veiws and atomshere , homecooked food as a selling point, 
please reply soon so i know if i am going to recieve any monies owed and what is happening with the cafe bills
as some of them are due now and will be cut off if they are not paid  ( gas, electric, water rates ) also i have the phone bill now and christmas is only 2 weeks away i need too know wether i will be able too see my family
Russell Knight




To: Gary S. Gevisser
Subject: Perfect Storm XVI

Hi Gary
First I am sorry if you did not want me to go to you lawyers in England it was a miss understanding on my part with something you said in the first e-mail
I will be contacting my
Lawyers in England to make arrangements for any deficit to be paid in due
Course. I am still waiting for them to provide me with full accounting
Relating to the purchase of Ccrest, so should you decide to stay on first?
Make your way down there, tell them your plan and get them to move even at a
Snails pace or I will simply move my business to their competitors across
The street.
I know I e mailed you Saturday for the details of who you where with in England but I spoke too val and asked her who it was so I could go and see them, sorry again
Have been monitoring the amount of people pasting sea crest over the last seven day too give you an idea of how quite it is down here this time of the year. Most the people pasting are locals that use this area too walk there dogs and then go home.
I have attached this for you too see.
I still feel that the café is a special place and I will be a good place too eat and socialise, with the excellent views and ambience. I still think that this will not increase until the beginning of March, When the holidaymakers and walkers descend on Minehead again and if we advertise from then we are open all year this will help with next year's winter months. Also if we advertise it in the local paper that the café is open all year this will also help. With the summer months in mind and doing the evening meals as well as daytime snacks. Homecooked food this will help too put the reputation around that we deal in local products and wholesome food and value for money, and somewhere for a quite drink with a snack with a magical view.
When I have seen last years taking I will be able too put together a growth plan for next years taking, this will include day time and evening trade and the expenses as wages and electric and gas etc.
Through the winter month I can be repainting the outside to make it fresh and clean for next season. This would over me living here. Creating the menus and costing them out for day and evenings and concentrate on the feel of the café/restaurant putting together possible ideas for the themes. I think an Internet café would not work down here, as there are two in the town centre, the fishing theme I think would work. I will look of how we can put this together without a cash outlay .I will be looking at the other cafés in Minehead and try and come up with something that is slightly different to make people want too come down here and enjoy the atmosphere.

Also I just want to say I have not been taking money out of the business that has not been accounted for, I have be honest about the takings and somedays I have only had 1or 2 customers in a day and if the weather has been that bad I have not had any , I have been opening at 7.30 am hoping get the fishermen in for a coffee or breakfast

Hope this is the type of ideas you are after





From: Gary S. Gevisser

Sent: Wednesday, November 27, 2002 6:57 PM
To: Sunandmoon
Cc: rest

Subject: Perfect Storm XXVI




Do not contact any solictor on my behalf until such time as I understand clearly what I have at steak, i.e. I wish to avoid the scenario of “heads” someone else wins and “tails” the next generation loses nor for that matter do I want to run the risk of anyone placing a “lien” on my property while you possibly head off on some misadventure all while obtaining an ale license that could spell doom, i.e. I have yet to make a decision as to weather or not you can carry the football[1], i.e. you need to take a few steps back before I can be comfortable you have what it takes to be a leader of the English pack, i.e. whether or not you and I are in rhythm to mention little of my difficulty in holding a tune.


Do you know whether we have lyme disease in Minehead? This past Friday night we, the co-author[2] of the first draft of Zquestion went to the Bellyup to see the lead guitarist from the English Beat; unfortunately we couldn’t quite get in the groove and decided to call it a night well before he came on stage leaving our celebrations for another day in one of God’s remaining forests.


I operate in stages to mention little of always telegraphing my punches, making certain I have all my ducks lined up before launching into an all out attack giving friend and foe as clear a signal as possible that when I mean business I mean business. It doesn’t take folks with common sense all that long to realize what it means to be allied with me or against me and of course if you are not with me then I generally assume you are against me, testing the direction of the wind, i.e. politicians to boot, Washington Bunch included, i.e. sitting on the fence[3] is tantamount to being a stool pigeon, worse yet a potted plant. I believe whole heartedly in the rule of law and how important it is that we never take it upon ourselves to be mightier than the pen.


With that said, I thought based on your Saturday E-mail,


“…if you can give me the name of the lawers you use in minehead i will get in touch with them on Monday…”


you were waiting to hear back from me before contacting my solicitors; so what happened? Did you go to synagogue on Saterday and/or Church on Sunday and receive some sort of sign that directed you to take the bull by the horns? In other words, I don’t care to get caught up in thorn bushes period, despite the new-found wisdom that the tree of life is more like a b-r-ush than a tree, red he-r-rings like the stock markets things of the past[4].


A close friend of mine who lives in England is heading out to Plettenberg Bay in South Africa which is butt a “hop-jump & a scotch” from Knysna Forest where the picture of that sic-horse was taken. I have yet to eat horse steak but if in fact that is what the English are now choosing while avoiding sy-meat then I am all 4 it, i.e. do whatever it takes to get folks to get it on the action, place stakes only in the ground while not disturbing the wildlife and only take it all off in the privacy of the bedrooms.


Just first show me the research why we shouldn’t simply have a coffee and tea house with Somerset scones and cream galore during the winter to fatten folks up just in time to take them to market in the spring, Miss Worlds to boot, wouldn’t you agree?


You seemed to have g-lossed over the 110 paragraph email I sent you on November 22nd just 9 days before the launch of a series of Perfect Storms aimed at helping to set the planet in the “write motion” with “prop-er & adequate” safeguards in place in an effort to tame the greed and avoid everything going to the dogs; the mind being a terrible thing to lose, wouldn’t you also agree?


Maybe you want to replace the flyers you have been sending out with those Aspartame research documents covering the ills of unnatural sweeteners and their harmful effects on the mind? Just one thought to attract a groovy crowd.


Some folks take the position that what they “lose on the merry-go-rounds” they make up for “on the swings.” There are many things one can learn from folks that have been there and done it but never to be carried away in to believing that there exists a positive correlation with age and gray matter especially considering the fact that with each passing moment many of us, perhaps those with the lowest self-esteem encounter stroke after stroke, or simply heart attacks for the feint-hearted, much like what may have incurred when the Big Dipper was formed, wouldn’t you possibly agree?


You might be saying, “Enough already, get to the point” but bear in mind I subscribe to the notion of “2 hits 1 stone.” You have to realize that I am getting an ever increasing audience at my websites and it has nothing to with Sharon Stone; that there is virtue in being patient to mention little of what these emails do the minds of those unsure of my next move who chew on each and every word I put out, fueling the fire that pokes holes in their underbelly to mention little of the gaps that exist already in their brainnes, as they make way for a whole new chew chew train of admirers, agreed?


So what do you think of “our” position on greed? Any thoughts on how come the world is today more chaotic, heading for a train smash of epic proportions? No doubt the world markets are swinging totally out of control with the so-called “brightest” like Warren “Bail me Out” Buffet not having the slightest clue as to how to assess risk to mention little of the billions in workers compensation claims that keep accumulating in the so-called Big 3, as in California, Florida and Texas while some of folks sit on their hands, begging for the New Beginnings Parties to start in earnest.


Time though to take a big deep breath and enjoy the moonlight, Mr. Sunandmoon and only respond once you have thought very carefully about what it means to being on the tail-end of the NextraTerrestrial spotlight.


In the United States there are many down and out attorneys looking to take on a common cause but the winds of change are now sweeping the nation as folks like Jesse Jackson and company can no longer count on white folk like the Washington Bunch to continue being their “Uncle Tom” put on acts, “We know what’s best for the colored folk.” My hope is that Devin Standard and his family will join us all tomorrow at our cabin where we can plot the next moves to help make a positive difference in this world including my plan for him to be the first black president of the United States, although I have yet to broach this subject with him or his wife for that matter; all in due course.


I suspect folks like BO Buffet are mostly worried about the earth movements from underneath to mention little of the raw-cus my website is creating for him and his “phat” allies who are not necessarily all that cool nor for that matter do I have any idea whether Mr. Buffet remains married to the controlling shareholder of The Washington Post or whether his spouse is the one really wearing the pants and he simply mimes her words.


Starting with your emails and then working backwards and forwards like a merry-go-round which is something I know a little bit about.


Your email on Monday makes reference to you having already been to see the “solictors” then going into 6th gear by setting up “a ap-pion-tment” for today. I get the distinct feeling that I am getting set-up, certainly if you goal is to get me up-set you are achieving a match made in hell. Whatever costs you have incurred as a result of these two meetings is, as the Americans say, “on your nickel.”


You may be in luck though since my English solicitors have yet to bill me a dime and they have been representing my interests over there for more than a year. There is no point in wondering why since you are only a recent add-on to my email list. No doubt the air in the English southwest is unpolluted but I have yet to hear of anyone in those parts living off the smell of an oil rag, S-hell to boot all the way to Timbucktu although for all I know they may have already got rid of their wind turbines screwing up the shore breaks to mention little of the views.


Why even waste the precious time of my solicitors who are so busy keeping pace with the increased business we must be bringing in to the region when all aspects of liquor licensing should be right up your alley to mention in passing the alley we had to maneuver through last night as we picked up a rather good-looking oak table in order to celebrate tomorrow’s big event, i.e. first you need to know your audience. Your resume talks loud and clear to your experience in handling liquor safely to mention little of the personnel agency who referred you to us impressing upon us your knowledge and expertise in this arena.


You should have first laid out the steps you thought were involved in getting a liquor license and then I would have decided how much help you needed along the way, i.e. why ask for something from me and then just go ahead as though there is no tomorrow or are you trying to tell me that you have been paying a whole lot more attention to my other emails dealing with issues like “I live each day like it was my last” to mention little of the “prevoius” request? I don’t recall ever asking you to start the liquor license process rolling other than in my recent email dated November 22nd?


One member of the Washington Bunch, Mr, King Golden always impressed upon me the need to follow the trail of “Who knew what and when did they know it?” I have copied Mr. Golden on this email and I will forward you a picture of him in the event he decides to show up in an effort to keep his cardiologist in trim. Please whatever you do, be hospitable. His money is as good as anyone especially if he offers you certified gold nuggets which may soon be the currency of choice around the world.


Now of course the Sea crest=Seachange=Ccrest café can be “sumthing” which is why I decided to hire you. On the other hand if one is losing 22 odd pounds a day while generating 20 pounds in sales as one heads into the winter months it seems like a rather impressive way to go broke rather quickly without me having to remind you of the good spirits you bring to the table. In other words it should have been apparent to you from day one that Ccrest is intended to be a for-profit enterprise not a charitable institution no matter how good you and your dog look together pulling at my emotional purse strings.


Now iff you look that good then I suggest we put on a road show and I will invite Mr. Golden along as well as some of my better looking friends and who knows even Martha Stewart might show up with Christopher Byron in tTOo ducking for cover as I start to place the spotlight on him in terms of “So what did you know Mr. Byron… and when did you have a lobotomy? Please correct me Sir butt did I hear the name Sharp in your answer?”


Here in the States the thing that come right after “road shows” often referred to as “dog and pony shows” something most familiar to the likes of folks like Newell Starks are the soon-to-be-back-in-vogue, “road kills.” Perhaps that sic-horse survived and I can arrange to have it shipped over as we beat the bushes looking for the best looking kids to hire setting a standard for kids around the world which will also have their moms and dads show up once in while to get a refresher course in our home grown Bottoms Up Schooling? Do you have any idea why ponies are more difficult to break in than horses?


Regarding “décor” I don’t remember using that word although I tend to use the words “look and feel” quite a bit. Paragraphs 3, 50 and 53 cover the word “feel.” Paragraphs 13, 14, 16, 20, 22, 24, 27, 35, 40 & 55 cover the word “look.”


Regarding, “endever.” I suggest you have nothing to lose by ending everything you have been doing, i.e. try something different. Please take a look at paragraphs 104, 105, 106 and 107 and respond as clearly as possible to the issues and questions raised.


I will contact my solicitors in England in due course once I am confident they will not be able to run sircles around you.


With that said, have a happy Thanksgiving and let me know what you think of the Zquestion which will begin hitting the street corners this coming December 1st to tie in with yet another celebration of David Ben Gurion’s passing while moving at greater than light speed, i.e. prevailing winds, to start a new universe which is independent and apart from our own which I hope one day to join while the slugs, the indifferent and the rapacious return to earth where given the current standing doesn’t leave much for them to chew on other than sucking on the hind tit of animals like pigs who are higher up on the totem pole.


Again everything you do from this point forward is on your own shilling including how you go about feeding yourself unless I tell you explicitly otherweiss. It is time for you to either perk up, smell the coffee or simply ship out and to come back only when you have fun-loving friends with money in their pockets expecting the best value under the sun and getting more than they bargained for in return including lots of smiles from the very hippest looking kids on the planet.


My plan is to be over in your neck of the woods no later than spring break although with the shifting winds of change my timing could be off by a month or tTOo. Either way, if for some ungodly reason I am held up then those in charge will make their presence felt and then some.






Sent: Wed 11/27/2002 8:46 AM


hi gary
russell here just update on the liqueur licence the solicitor states it should not be  a    problem, the next licence board sit again in February which will give them an enough  time to advertise that we are applying for the licence as it has too be advertised for a least 21 days before, also we have to supply a plan of the building and state were the alcohol will be stored as it has too be in a lockable room/stor-eage area which i have sorted the area it can be sorted the possible area it can be stored.
he states that it will look better for me to obtain the liqueur licence as i hold my BII and doorsafe licence

Also he said that he is unable too pay any monys owed until you have athorised them too be paid , also your athuristion for the lience too be put in place
when val gets hear this weekend we will be going through last years figures so i have something to work on and add the possible increase with have the liquer lience and extended opening times
Russell Knight




Sent: Mon 11/25/2002 2:43 AM


hi gary russell here again just thought i would let you know that i been to see the solictors regarding the lience for C crest and the bills that need to be paid i have a appiontment wednesday morning @9 am so hopefully i can have the wheels in motion so too speak by then
i am sorry for misunderstanding this request prevoiusly but be sure i will do everything in my power too get this in place asap
regarding the decor of the cafe i can not do much until trade has increased i will endever to do anything i can too increase the trade of the cafe, would you mind if i did a special offer on 6 different meals  @two for 6 pounds for mid week trade
to tryand attract people here this would be just for day times

Russell Knight




Sent: Sat 11/23/2002 1:41 AM


Hi gary
Russell here
i am just going through your e mail and i understand what you are saying if you can give me the name of the lawers you use in minehead i will get in touch with them on monday to put the wheels in motion for the lience , i have looked into the process of putting a lience on the cafe/bistro , i really do believe that the cafe / bistro can be something , the only reason i was looking a the bed and breakfast was too help increase the trade without that much effort , sorry if your thought i was not thinking of the cafe as i was , it was just a another avenue i was looking at (sorry again)
the main concern is too get people down this end of the harbour in the winter months is we need some form of advertising with in minehead as a lot of poeple do not walk down this far
also with the purchases agaist sale you also have too consider i am hold approxamitly £200 in stock which make purcahse against sales with the holding stock down too 40% still not perfect but wastage plays a part in this i will work out as close as possible what stock value i have on site and update the period sheet with figure
when you say beg ,borrow and
do not steal , does this mean me not eating out of the cafe , as some places i have work this has been classed as stealing  and spome places is has been classed as a perk of the job please clarify this for me

i have not taken anything out of the cafe such as money that i have not recorded , somedays the takings have not even been a £5
speak too you soon




From: Gary S. Gevisser
Sent: Friday, November 22, 2002 3:28 PM
To: Sunandmoon
Cc: rest

Subject: RE: (no subject)


  1. Russell, I am out in our mountain cabin with “our” ten-year-old Jonathan watching an incredible show of different animals coming by, eating and drinking at our man-made watering hole. We have just fed the birds who on the one hand seem like they are totally dependant on our outstr-etche-d arms and on the other hand manage to get by when we are not around at times forgetting that they have somehow managed to survive for ions without us. The collidoscope of colors that each of the species use to attract their mate has obviously been through some pretty intensive “trial and error” with lots of patchwork yet for some reason our species is mad-up of mostly white and black ever so morphing into yellow.


  1. I am slowly learning about the color-wheel and its importance in being able to paint right, witch doesn’t mean you have to paint bright but one should try and be precise different and apart from artists like Chagall. It is all about values, getting the contrast of light and dark “down bat” in each one of the twelve “known” colors making it much easier to then increase the size of the circle focusing on the chroma, the richness of the colors, black and white having no color. It is my observation that male birds seem to have not only more color than the females but they also contain more white.


  1. Many if not most men I know have this thing about black women although I don’t know for certain that white women feel the same way about black men. The child birth though in Germany has been dropping precipitously and some folks I know more in tune with these matters put it down to German men vacationing in hot spots like Bali and German women finding what is lacking in German men in places like Jamaica rum to boot.


  1. Now what you may be asking does this have to do with increasing the business at Seacrest=Ccrest? For starters we have to get the theme right and getting the youngsters to come and go and get the word out that we are a bunch of “phat dudes” who can deliver the goods in all shapes and styles, red, white and blue, green, orange and whathaveyou? An orangutan, an orange Julius or perhaps how about strait vokdka.


  1. I actually rarely drink hard alcohol and normally one glass of wine is all I need to quench my thirst for there is nothing quite like a cold glass of water to keep the birds happy and the Mighty Mouse in check. Why not go to the local zoo and see what they have to offer in terms of attracting the youth who keep wanting to return again and again? The mayor of Los Angeles, James Hahn, I understand is off in China right now negotiating for some fukukta animal that doesn’t breed all that well in captivity as his electorate is being held captive by a bunch of hoodlums totally out of control, much in line with the rest of the Californian electorate who are so distracted with trying to make ends meet that they cannot see beyond the edge of their noses which like our ears tend get bigger as we age.


  1. I believe that God gave us two ears and one mouth that we should listen twice as hard as we speak and why it pays only to pay attention to the young and those over 22 who are not encumbered with wanting to die the richest in the grave. I don’t believe, however, that we should die poor, simply broke. I saw another movie recently Madison Bridge and I happen to know a beautiful woman by the name of Bridgett who happens to own a chain of shoe stores called Madison whose flagship is but a hop jump and a scotch away from Alan Austin in Beverly Hills where I got sum of my teeth sharpened.


  1. There is a man in this area known as “Cat” who has had more plastic surgery done to his face than anyone I know down to the point of having his teeth ground into spikes that make the rest of his cat face come very much alive to mention little of his claws. I had in fact seen him before in a TV special although seeing him in person took me quite by surprise. No doubt he has seen an awkward or tTOo reaction in his times which brings me to one point of how to manage one’s business all geared toward getting the most out of life never to be a stool pig-eon.


  1. Following this email I will be sending an email to Marie Dion’s ex-husband’s attorney, Mr. Hurst, to enlighten him on his different options without me having to use my fangs showing him as best I can my two sides without anyone having to worry about further lacerations granting Beverly Hills plastic surgeons a chance to show their wares. My wherewithal comes from a variety of sources best described in a poem my mother wrote at a time when there was a little crisis in our family that had the makings of shaking all of us to our core. A different type of physician saved the day, a radiologist mind you, one though who was centered clearly from day one. David is not your ordinary doctor but a maverick who like me has surfed some of the best spots in the world. He is fearless and brilliant; two words that I rarely use to describe another human being.


  1. My life like each of our lives is made up of the ying and the yang and it is those of us who know how to manage both are the ones who remain the happiest to mention little of the joy it brings to our brains. Happy brain healthy body attracts the best without having to go to war which is something I hope to convey to Mr. Hurst in my effort to stop his client, Dr. Stewart, from hanging himself any more than he has already. Make no mistake I will need to tread very carefully given the precarious conditions prevalent everywhere these days not just in Del Mar that has had it share of rock falls.


  1. I do pay a lot of attention to nature as it has evolved beyond the wildest dreams of any TV director including those who proclaim, “I am the King of the Universe” simply because they happened to be in the right spot at the right time. Who to thank during moments of glory is oftentimes difficult even for the smart folks who read other peoples’ lines, easier though to understand a fighter-boxer, punch drunk and whathaveyou? So why haven’t you started the process that will attract the right-minded folk who recognize the benefits of a good brew, quiet conversation all moderated by a friendly bartender?


  1. Even in war where heightened sensitivities make the difference between a base hit versus a direct hit [DH] few commanding officers take issue with a crew who drink tTOo much realizing full well that more than one pilot share the cockpit which would have to be wiped down each time a pilot vacated his bowls not uncommon during daylight bombing runs. My father’s “above average” designation during training doesn’t quite match up with his success in combat although by talking with him you would never even know that he flew combat missions during WWII let alone flying alongside perhaps the greatest fighter-bomber pilot who later became one of the founders of the Israeli Air force. Both Sid Cohen who later became a physician and my father who joined the family trading business are two of the most able men I know who kept their egos in check throughout the craziness that has continued going on 63 odd years ever since the war ended although as we know it doesn’t always suit the status quo for everlasting peace.


  1. I am not one of these conspiracy theorists who believes there is a group of individuals all matched up in a hotel room deciding how to split up the world and divide the riches because for the simple reason the world is made up of free thinking people who despite the efforts of the ruling elite to dumb them down know full well it is media folk who really answer to no one other than their immediate boss who will be out on his ear if he-she misses one quarter’s Wall Street’s estimates and Wall Street is not made up of some princes prancing around in 3 piece suits but rather average Joe Blow who doesn’t have the foggiest about how in fact the markets actually work.


  1. In simple terms the markets are mostly made up of pigs simply wanting to get fatter believing that it is the person with the biggest belly who will inherit God’s Kingdom not realizing that pigs at the trough eventually come home in form of stew. I know a thing about these matters of prime importance and why some of the richest and smartest folks in the world continue to listen to my dietribe for they know I have a better grasp of the factors that impact how each one of us goes about dilly dallying while they ratchet up home runs after scoring base hits time and again which seems to fade on the folks who leave the game to take a leak or get a hot dog thinking they haven’t missed a beat since everything looks pretty much the same when they return to their seats to feed their ever fatting cows who crow at each ;hit as if it is them doing the stud thing.


  1. Us humans perhaps like no other species yet invented have this thing of voyeurism that amuses me to no end. The fact is that the end is now close approaching and this is not some Armageddon prediction based on my looking at the stars but rather the risk markets which I understand is heading into a free fall and when it does it will be a free for all, certainly it is going to be freedom for those folks in small private businesses who make a living out of sticking to their knitting not dependant on the sways of the market induced by profiteers who don’t have the slightest clue as to how to make an honest living.


  1. The stock market is perhaps the most inefficient method of stealing from the poor in order to fatten up the pigs who mostly die gipsy death not knowing what their purpose was in earth believing to the end that they were somehow contributing to improving the human condition by pulling the wool over the common folks eyes. Let me try and explain it this way. If someone walked into our restaurant and said to you that you could buy from him a product that within hours of putting it in the display cabinet could fetch you 10 times what you paid for it to mention little of some stocks going up more than 100 times in value in just one day, what would you say to that vendor selling you a bill of goods?


  1. Of course you would say, “Why am I so lucky, is it because I manage the last property on a lot that leads into an enchanted forest or do you simply like the look of my boots in which case let me show you the door?” Russell I not only understand that it makes no sense for goods, products and/or services to be worth one thing one second and then just because someone has the loudest voice reaching out to widows, orphans and pensioners it is worth a whole lot more without there being any added value along the way other than some street vendor/broker simply saying so, I know what really makes people “sic” [sic] and how each one of us pays dearly for the neighbor next door who is genuinely sick from an inherited gene.


  1. No one likes to be tied down and that is part of the problem for we really don’t get to know our neighbors as we once did. The liquidity has led to much vagrancy to the point that we all put up barriers allowing though those with the gift of the gab to enter our dwellings at free will. I also know a thing or tTOo about setting up wills in such a way that prevents the most rapacious from getting away with murder to mention little of what over-controlling people do the souls of the young who then grow to become just like the one before.


  1. I like running and walking through trails for no other reason than it keeps me on guard knowing that the next step is unlikely to be anything like the one taken just instantly before. I like the real thing just like I like real people who stand up for their rights who don’t take it lying down nor will they accept any form of lying including the ones that stack up each and every day, the white lies that are common throughout the land which make it child’s play for Wall Street players to have a field day with our momworker63s.


  1. We are in my estimation just 9 days away from D-Day, December 1st, 2002 when 29[5] years ago the greatest statesman of our times passed away. There have been great statesmen like Churchill who had his “dark days” and folks like Martin Luther King who was kept in check by bleeding heart liberals to mention little of the Jesse Jackson who hold up not 7 Elevens but large corporations under the guise he represents the Black illiterate, but there has never been anyone in modern history who got it right, certainly not anyone I know who was able to communicate with the youth as well as David Ben Gurion. Folks like John Kennedy may have inspired the likes of Clinton who in turn helped facilitate the impending crisis that will ultimately level out the playing field.


  1. When the young people, especially in America see that that leader, the so-called leader of the “Free World” is able to lie, steal and cheat, point fingers at others albeit an intern who had the good fortune to hold on to her dress all while picking up her skirt while her master pickled her to death while talking business on the other end of the phone with a stooge or tTOo congressman which somehow still seems to drive many women crazy, “Oh well, they all lie, steal and cheat; at least he is good looking, symmetrical face et al.”


  1. I am someone who has no fear of taking on any two faced pit bull whether it be an ex-President of the United States currently in bed with perhaps the most rapacious set of individuals west of Greenwich and yes there is a time to mean especially when the situation is as precarious as perhaps in no time in living memory. Even illiterate people these days are finally waking up to the way the world moves each and every day, that each one of us takes a trip to the toilet before putting one leg at a time into our trousers.


  1. I recently read a book about Pythagoras that had in its title the word “trousers” which took me a while to read given its lack of pictures and diagrams but the lady who wrote made more sense than any author I have ever read and that includes the nonsense put out by folks like Keynes and Samuelson to mention little of Milton Friedman who might be one economist who got it right although I never got beyond looking at the one chart showing how shifts in demand and supply impact the price of good and services and I will give him the benefit of the doubt that his text book ended with the fact that he does a lot of praying as well.


  1. There really is nothing complicated to what factors influence buyers and sellers coming together to make a good deal as long as there are no rapacious pigs trying to influence those who mind the store and their customers. If both buyer and seller stay in tune, focused on their particular needs, which the seller is hell bent on adding value and the buyer appreciates the offer than acceptance can take place without anyone intervening to disrupt the process.


  1. I make it my business to look at what makes folks erupt the most and it is the risk of getting caught finagling which is what is now happening with Ronald “The Finagle King” who cannot but for the life of him understand how it came to pass that he would end up caught in my snare to mention little of what it means to look in the mirror each day and no that there is someone out there hell bent on exposing your poor angles which is what NextraTerrestrial is only partially about. We intend to give folks the full 360 degree perspective of anyone holding public office or entrusted with public funds, most notably the charitable institutions and those who administer them believing that they are above reproach.


  1. The “hyperlinks” are required reading to understand the full breath and depth of my commitment to do the best job I can of giving everyone out there a full perspective of who I am including all my blemishes although I don’t intend to expose anything that goes on in the privacy of my bedroom unless of course I choose to get into the business of pornography which is highly unlikely given the fact that I think I have mastered the techniques of what it takes to have the number one website on the planet one that has folks common back repeating to others all the things we discuss let alone invent in our quest to help solve the problems of the world.


  1. My track record of accomplishment without having been a pig at the trough is rather impressive to mention little of my prescient timing and my ability to connect up the dots but I don’t put it down to anything other than being in touch with the things that matter most and of course I believe I am touched just write no different to anyone else out there who pays attention to the elements and who never let their formal education interfere with their ongoing learning about the science of human nature. When someone can explain to me what elements go into being smart as well as I can explain Chaos Theory then I will call that person a genius. Until then as far as I am concerned the only genius out there is God.


  1. I know a thing or tTOo about the wether and what forces are at play that allow some of us to make it through thick and think without ripping the skin off another animal whether it be a human or a pig without their being some consideration of kind, never forgetting to give thanks to mother nature for blessing us with the gift of having enough intelligence to give back, time and again. It is a matter of common sense to realize that if one gives others a helping hand in time of need those hands will be there for you without having to give up the right to privacy. Building walls around our houses like they were some fortress is tantamount to telegraphing to one’s neighbors that one has something to hide as opposed to impressing upon any would be onlooker that there is a neighborhood watch dog in effect and anyone attacking one neighbor will be construed as an attack on the entire neighborhood.


  1. I am not about to tell you that we should leave it up to the birds and bees to protect our earthly possessions but I have more confidence in wild animals to scare off a would-be burglar than relying on our overtaxed state with so many of their bosses as in government officials on the take. Within just a few more days I will be uploading for the world to see, to draw their own conclusions as to whether or not I have sufficient evidence of wrongdoing by the highest elected official in the state of California in cahoots with a foreign conglomerate that will be sufficient for folks everywhere in the world to at least stand up and pay attention to some of our suggestions.


  1. I plan to rock those who play it fast and loose, from out of control parents to the neighbors next door until finally we get the teachers at the schools telling their kids about the impact we are having allowing them to be more than over glorified baby sitters which is what many teachers around the world have become given the fact that parents are at their wits end to offer solutions to their children let alone answer the question, “If you old farts are so smart and you keep telling us that you picked up valuable lessons from your parents who in turn got a thing or tTOo from their parents then why in God’s name is the world more chaotic today than at anytime in history, i.e. how come we need to color coding in order for the government to tell us what is appropriate for the kitchen tiling when the very next attack on one of our major cities, whether it be a port city of just a couple of well placed bombs upstream from one of our god forsaken dams will have everything crumbling down like dominoes sending each one of us on a gigantic wave all the way to TimpucktTOo.”


  1. Humans have a habit of flying around in circles, some circling the globe day in hoping to make it to the other side to see where sunset and sunrise meet in a dance above the heavens without realizing that it just takes being at a high enough elevation to witness the forces of earth’s mass in motion keeping everything perfectly still while allowing each of us to breath despite the incredible efforts we have gone to in criss-crossing through the plains to mention little of the damage the planes do the skies although with some well placed droppings we might soon be able to control the rain fall in so-called God-forsaken places where no flies seem to hang out until of course man comes trotting in on his camels.


  1. Before we throw out all the rotten including the kitchen sink which I happen to think is one of the most brilliant inventions of modern man, garbage disposal units, a genius at work, we had better not get rid of our scientists including the incredible benefits of modern medicine. We should though not make gods of our doctors but rather have them spend a semester or tTOo with some witchdoctors say from Africa who are not influenced by some white men providing them first with burnt offerings, weary of anyone who has attained a so-called righteous place in the community.


  1. Perfect Storm X is aimed at a select group of white African masters who should have known better than to assume I would accept anything less than total surrender of their ill-gotten gains. In order for me to impress others to install their own neighborhood watch I intend to show others how one person with some strategically placed allies and resources properly placed can bring despots and their “capos” to their knees and be thankful when they meet their maker that they had the opportunity to give back and then sum. 


  1. It is all about the lack of communication that has given those in power a free hand at wrecking havoc on the people’s of the world but the Internet is now changing all that and soon my hope is that it will all be “old hat” to everyone wanting to do the right thing holding the “phat hatters” in check. Make no mistake I am taking on some pretty powerful folk who have had more than a half century to fine tune their witchcraft but these folks also know that I am pretty well bred to mention little of the benefits of still having a rather healthy mind and body to boot.


  1. I am prepared to give you just like I give everyone an opportunity to stave off getting the boot. Of course the weather hasn’t been all that great and what makes you think it will get any better, yet somehow folks like the pub just a couple of hundred meters up the street manages to attract paying customers who see the virtue of a warm spot to mention little of what it takes to heat up the cockles of one’s heart. And of course there is nothing wrong with sex along the way but first one has to know a little about the person and good alcohol with some laughter can play a most positive hand, wouldn’t you agree?


  1. So how come there is nothing in your budget or mention of the steps you have already taken to get a liquor license that may attract the right looking numbers especially given the fact that you not only have all the training but my understanding is that you have all the right certifications that could have us by this time serving all those in need as opposed to you preparing for renting out rooms come next summer when not only are there no rooms to rent out given the climatic conditions in markets around the world even brilliant people like Warren “Bail me Out” Buffet could be looking for a safe hiding spot.


  1. Let me spell this point of “no rooms” even clearer. There are 3 bedrooms. You occupy one. Valerie and/or my guest occupys another. And then there needs to be a spot for me and/or my heir/s which leaves exactly how much room left in your room for any paying guests?


  1. Russell, you come across like you are in dire straits and so I am taking you on an educational journey that will enlighten you about the paths others before you have had to take in order that you could find a spot as cushy as Ccrest, one in a million is what some would say although I put the odds at more likely one in 15 billion light years away.


  1. The record of folks who crossed the baring straits is sparse and there is no point in stressing out those who believe the indigenous Indians were simply put here by God which amounts to the same thing in terms of the fact that these folks survived for eons without folks coming across with crosses on their swords misrepresenting not only the word of God but slashing the records of these folks’ great achievements leaving a lot to the imagination to mention little of the nonsense that corrupt politicians have guides parcel out as they mop up the remnants of what left of these peoples’ incredible culture.


  1. Fortunately, however, the record of folks what folks like my father who was a fighter-bomber pilot did during World War II, a quantum leap above pilots flying workhorse bombers and regular fighters as they got to see action both high above and close to the ground, is crystal clear, thank God to the fact that there was not at the time invisible ink. My father’s 61st mission pretty much says it all.


  1. There was a movie I nearly rented the other evening, which had in its title the word “invisible man” starring Daryl Hannah and Chubby Chase. Both names caught my attention; Hannah’s because it spells the same backwards and forwards like racecar to mention little of the speed I used to move around the court of her and Jackson Browns paddle tennis court with another guy who had the most wicked forearm imaginable. This man whose name is Warren is quite different and opposite to Warren “Bail me Out” Buffet who besides for being black stayed fit and trim to mention little of his good brain and very good looks that attracted the best looking white women although I don’t think he had quite Jackson Browne’s vocals, less said the better.


  1. Forget beds and basins and start thinking about what will get the young folks moving about distilling their thoughts that will help keep NextraTerrestrial up on the things that matter most. Our young are much more in tune with mother nature wanting to test their wings perhaps by imitating mostly the birds who seem to have quite an advantage over the rest picking and choosing when to swoop in, mostly light on their feet. Overweight animals simply don’t exist in the wild other than in the belly of the beast yet our species seems to have failed miserably in our quest to test the limits of nature wanting to stick around longer than what nature perhaps intended.


  1. I try and live each day like it was my last although lately I have got a little behind in some of my paper work but I am though starting to get caught up never though wanting to lose much more than a beat or two in enjoying the fruits of the earth. Despite my concerns of our encroachment on nature and the morbid fascination we have of roasting all types of species including our own I remain more optimistic than ever that we can escape the impending doom.


  1. Last night Jonathan had hoped to catch Matthew the Mighty Mountain Mouse in one of those survivor traps that allows the animal to come back time and again to play the game of mice “dna” men. It appears that we may not have followed the instructions that carefully and Matthew outfoxed us although there is the possibility that the instructions may not have been that clear to begin with resulting in the flaps not being pulled out far enough.


  1. I try these days to pay as much attention to modern man as I do to the other animals who have managed to live in balance, neither richer nor poorer, just more adaptable for eons without the benefit of things like the Internet that makes information instantly available to everyone without the “media” placing their slant constantly reminding myself of what it takes to become a corporate top dog while the worker bees go about covering up the holes dug by the ants that seem on target to take over once we are all finished and done with our war games.


  1. There are one of two things going on, either we are waging a war against time which is slowing down in relative terms running the risk of us collapsing into a Black Hole seeking out its own attraction which is something we shouldn’t really be bothered with over the foreseeable future or we can choose to be in control of all the war games going on our planet right now by staying in touch with NextraTerrestrial with our computer screens becoming our own radar screens for keeping the corrupt and illegitimate constantly in check until such time as they simply resign from office.


  1. Perfect Storm III is the perfect trap for getting rid of all the human foxes, just, see and be part of the team. You are either part of the solution or you are part of the problem but you cannot be both nor can you simply sit on a tree hoping for a bird’s eye view. Whoever comes into contact with me is essentially forever on my radar screen with is how I see it all panning out for each one of us from the time we can count to 3 until we take our last breath of air.


  1. It is time for each one of us to take a breath of fresh air and of course there is nothing that makes folks hell bent on preserving the status quo from fearing those who are a breath of fresh air. There are though enough of us already of this planet all hooked up who are going to take the Cs by storm, lightening up the way for others, lending a helping hand to those overburdened with the toils that distract them from joining and coming on board this chew chew train.


  1. There is a resident fox who we have yet to meet but I remain hopeful that we will meet up one day.


  1. As you know I am in the process of launching a series of websites aimed at empowering the kids to parent the parents who may need the most help. I have tried to impress upon Jonathan who I have known since he was 18 months old that problem kids sometimes grow up to be problem parents and sometimes age old problems passed from generation to generation result in kids being farm-raised to be mice instead of men with the rats chewing on all of us, horses chomping on our bytes, ultimately having the last word; although with the land all turning to rubble as the Red White dnA Blue Jets pass by, it may be the Blue Jays with the write stripes who lead us to the bees where we can then learn the basics of how to fly write, fight the write fight, p-lead-ING with fi. st, floating like butter-flies to a soft-landing as the stock markets around the world collapse as the flees and the ants take over.


  1. Make no mistake we all have to be thankful for George W. Bush who with all his faults still seems to be made of the right stuff although I would feel a whole lot better if he would take my advice and suspend trading of public corporations and begin lending more support to those of us having both sides of our brainnes balanced right, taking no nonsense from those on the far left with their eloqueent rightings mostly disciples of Kings and Queens who then use their right fisted henchmen to carry out the bloody deeds inked by their close comrades in arms on the far left, the Warren Buffets of the world who play both sides of the fence to boot all the way to TimpucktTOo.


  1. The tree of life is but a bush and a man like George W. Bush has in my opinion got what it takes to lead us out of the wood preserving though the birds, the bees and of course the trees, self conservation a must before being able to help others. This president though does need some additional help along the way and that is what we will be doing at NextraTerrestrial as well as in spots like Minehead, England where the folks may not fully appreciate what Mr. Bush has on his plate right now having to balance out many of the wrongs he inherited included that of his predecessors including his father’s administration but worst of all is the mess he got handed from that “wonder boy” Clinton who got his “wheaties” schooling in only God knows where.


  1. I don’t believe for the life of me that they teach folks at Cambridge let alone Yale where women got more of a break than at other schools, to lie, steal and cheat which is what I would expect from a place like the University of Virginia where they make such a big fuss about doing the right thing and produce folks like my former lawyer King Golden who turned out to be more than a potted plant hoping that the sage would cover the tracks where he impressed upon the virtues of biblical script, self-serving bringing to light the dangers we all face when eating at buffets where not so clean hands touch with each return of the dice. So what are the odds do you think of getting a healthy serving at an airport café or on a flight to madhattan which happens to be one of my favorite places in the world to visit, although I might soon make an offer on Ronald “O. Ring” Perelman’s abode assuming the attorneys don’t settle for one cent less than what I think is write?


  1. To be clear on this point, although I played a hand or tTOo in getting this rather significant lawsuit filed in the nick of time, I have not even a nickel’s say in any settlement proceeding were it to take place to mention little of the fact that I never lost even a dime in Revlon stock nor can I remember feeling short-changed by any of their products, nor for that matter have I received a dime for the services I have rendered despite having advanced more than a buck or tTOo in pursuit of this most rapacious individual. Now of course I don’t live off thin air nor do I feel that the attorneys prosecuting this case need my charity, it is simply the fact that as I said I am rather pitifully behind in my paperwork. No doubt if I were to have got around to submitting a bill the attorneys would have paid every cent without any questions being asked.


  1. It is the very odd occasion when folks have failed to live up to agreements without me becoming more than just a little upset. I don’t even have an agreement with the lawyers who had the courage to take on this all-powerful man and his legionnaires who have ripped well over $10 billion from the hands of those who can least afford it in Perelman’s quest to die the richest man in the world, leaving a sic-legacy amongst many non-Jewish persons that all Jewish people are pigs as if keeping a kosher home translates into positive deeds.


  1. I was in fact looking forward to help prepare the deposition questions for Mr. Perelman and after a brief trial where he is convicted of “war crimes” have him then sign a will delivering all his remaining ill-gotten gains over to those most in need, particularly the momworkers of the world who bought with baited breath Revlon’s Love That Pink lipstick and all his ridiculous shtick although there is nothing to stop me from continuing to stick it to him until he shapes up or God decides to ship him off to hell without passing go and collecting another buck or tTOo.


  1. The only unfortunate thing in this whole scenario is that without a trial there will be no broadcast over the NextraTerrestrial ever-expanding network but given the fact that Mr. Perelman, the coward that he is, has been buying up like there is no tomorrow what remains of the outstanding shares the actual damages to Revlon shareholders is not very significant in the scheme of things and I cannot expect the attorneys who have their own monies invested, i.e. skin in the game, in this all-important lawsuit for them to continue to throw money at a case that has already achieved pretty much everything I ever dreamed possible.


  1. Of course should the attorneys conclude that Mr. Perelman who will very likely receive a copy of this email perhaps even before you get a chance to read it yourself, is not coughing up enough then nothing would give me more pleasure then to continue to give him eminas including sending him more copies of Eminem and suggest that he explain to his children that what he has done to those who lifesavings he grabbed is a whole lot worse than anything coming out of the mouths of those who tell it just the way it is although one could argue about their choice of words.


  1. Butt then again the subject matter that they have the courage to portray should have kids around the world enlisting to be more like Eminem than Michael Jordan who has the smile with the golfing handicap to boot to mention little of the gaming industry that beats on each of our doorsteps, native Indians washed up on foreign shores, and start byting more the hands that feed them with the biggest lot of bull eliminating tea party chatter and illuminating what really went behind the scenes at places like the Boston Tea Party or the opium wars that continues to confuse many an Occidental who profess Confucius while folks like Dr. Armand Hammer of Occidental Petroleum continue to operate from the grave sucking on the white stuff no doubt with each gasp of air that the worms pass through while filtering the right stuff that feeds the climate that now has my mates from high-school climbing up a tree seeking refuge, hoping anyone eventually reading this stuff will think I simply fell off a tree.  


  1. Working together though we might all decide to write a new constitution that places power back into the hands of the working people who can be inventive and self-sufficient like you and me. And it took a great man like Mohammed Ali to say it best, “Me We” so much for all the knocks he got on the brain although of course he could have chosen a different course and so could folks like Malcolm X and Martin Luther King, the same with Hitler. It is time we stopped with what could have been, should have been and start doing it right beginning with our young who need a break from all the chaos the old farts have bequeathed them.


  1. Time though is running out as the bottom fishers hang out at the dock waiting to pounce on those companies left short handed whose management desperate to cut themselves a golden parachute float separate deals for themselves leaving the shareholders even more short than had the companies been liquidated before they got to the point of no return which is where many of them are today. It is just a matter of time before they will all soon begin trading at less than their intrinsic value. Once you have a sore and you keep picking at it soon becomes septic requiring a car-tank-full to find the right specialist, a foot race to the end. Those, however, in racecars are at somewhat of an advantage as they can go back and forth to the banks, supermarkets and whathaveyou?


  1. Disaster is a simplistic word for what will be a total meltdown for those not fully prepared. Chaos Theory is something I know a little byte about as I understand the cycles which indicate right now that the smartest and brightest out there, those who determine the rates of insurance each one of us has to pay are all winging it on nothing more than a prayer right now. They don’t have the slightest clue how to price their product let alone know which line to stand in when it comes time to pay their insureds. Again, today like never before we have the makings of something very special going on, where everything might soon be balanced out by nature itself.


  1. Forget a terrorist attack, all that is needed is one major storm that will blow away a dam or tTOo in the United States that has been stor-ing up silt for some 75 years and what will you have then in addition to dirty ground water? This is our opportunity to get rid of the bought and paid for politicians who are sucking us all dry, toeds to boot.


  1. Russell I know a thing or two also about leveraged buyouts and riparian rights and I am now starting to learn something about the precarious points of contact between mother nature and us humans and how great it is when the government finally gets it right and builds a bridge just to protect a toad, a bridge though not all that far from an Indian reservation where gaming takes on a whole different meaning than shooting duck, more like shooting fish in a barrel, pork bellies to boot.


  1. I was schooled in leverage buyouts at age 13 with our family business perhaps being the first large leveraged buyout of a public company in South Africa’s his-tory where the shareholders got it right in the shorts before our very eyes. And make no mistake my family were not exactly unsophisticated, they were simply tTOo trusting believing that the rule of law, that by crossing their Ts, dotting their eyes they would hold back the tide. Once however, you start down a squirrelly path it becomes all but impossible to then draw the line between right and wrong.


  1. Folks in South Africa by being complicit with the Nazi Nationalist regime that ruled from 1948 thru the 1990s failed to recognize that they couldn’t rely on their fellow man to do the right thing, albeeit a blood relative especially when they tolerated “capos” in their mists and there was nothing mystical about the man everyone in the community that I knew referred to as “The Pig” who called the shots every which way one turned, never though to turn a blind eye although I don’t know if Moses had enough time to write down that particular commandment.


  1. I know very little about Christianity but it seems from having attended a couple of church services that these folks simply wanted in addition accepting Jesus as the son of God an addition to the Ten Commandments one that would include, “do unto your neighbor…” but 10 is good round number is what some Jewish folk would argue and others would argue differently and that is why you get 10 Jewish people to make up what is commonly referred to as a “minion” which then gives standing to each one being entitled to an opinion and so you end up with 11 arguments. So why for the life of me us Jewish folks couldn’t accept one more commandment that is the essence of Judaism perhaps goes to the heart of what separates most Christians from Jews and it has nothing to do with Jesus as much as it has to do with the message he was carrying that the leadership when it gets out of touch with the electorate should be held accountable, that we should not tolerate under the table deals, deals behind closed doors unless they are between private individuals in which case it is none of anyone’s business.


  1. Now if you want to place a table and chairs in your bedroom and offer folks a comfy setting to play cards, roll dice, hold hands while you keep the peace then be my guest; in fact you can use the my bedroom for such events every day throughout the week including the Sabbath. This whole idea of not working on the Sabbath is also something that amazed me. No doubt the gentleman who undersold our family business, one of the leaders of the Jewish community wasn’t exactly praying while he fiddled the books while his wife played fiddle with a man who fibbed about his escapades to the entire executive team who joked about it while the cantor at the synagogue got drunk dishing out a new tune while the Rabbi spoke about this man from Mars coming to save the world.


  1. The way I see things going who knows who we might be able to attract in order to entertain the troops. Perhaps even Jerry Seinfeld will visit our neck of the woods which reminds me are you picking up the poop of your dog?   


  1. The man who sold our family down the tubes in 1970 wasn’t just a blood relation he was the only member of the clan with a professional designation, so much for school BUSes where I got my grounding. Each and every day I thank this man Sol Moshal for were it not for his more than a little misdemeanor I probably wouldn’t have the drive that sets me apart from the others of my generation most of whom let their formal education interfere with their learning, meaning, formal education doesn’t mean you had to go to University to get indoctrinated. If you stayed tTOo close to shore without spreading your wings once in a while allowing others to clip you short then you would end up in just as much trouble as the rest of us.


  1. The Hot Water Wars here in California are just beginning to heat up. Californians believe they got somewhat of a reprieve with a recent agreement between the IID and the City of San Diego but that was nothing but smoke and mirrors much like the business of diamonds, which I also know a little bit about. Diamonds are not just a girl’s best friend but it never ceases to amaze me how people raised in so-called “good homes” end up becoming shop lifters, dress fitters, pencil pushes and out and out bandits, has-ids to us all.


  1. Before setting the trap last night we star gazed having climbed a series of rather large boulders in our quest to reach closer to our target. Right now the squirrels are the most elusive target to shoot. Jonathan brought his sling-shot but I am encouraging him to see the added value of shooting digital film helping nature to simply do its thing without much interference from us, never, however, falling victim to shooting anyone else’s poison tipped arrows.


  1. Our website may look like 10 year olds are doing all the programming butt it is 3 year old minded parents who are our target audience. The problems of the world require us to keep a vigilant eye while enjoying the likes of Blue Jays “jettying” in always mindful of those who suffer the slings and arrows brought on mostly by the so-called professionals. Jonathan write now is plastering magnetic words on to the refrigerator. I am attempting to teach him the virtues of why it doesn’t pay to lie, steal or cheat and it all begins with choosing our words ever so carefully.


  1. He is rather good at mathematics to mention little of his athleticisms, an offshoot of his mother’s side, the French-Canadian Dions although Marie does not profess to be much of a chess player butt has the voice and looks that tell it all, less said the better. She has a way of attracting all sort of creatures who want a piece of her including no doubt Matthew the Mighty Mountain Mice who we have yet to catch.


  1. Although the experts may disagree with me I consider the game of chess to be the purest form of “physical” mathematics a far cry from mental gymnastics which keeps me in trim although I am not much of sailor having difficulty reading the wind when stuck to a moving object. Chess when combined with learning how to conjugate sentences best illustrated in the so-called dead language of Latin causes the brain to dance to tunes that few today really get the chance to hear, different to monkey see, monkey do. God gave us


  1. As I’ve said before Jonathan’s mother has the mathematics down pat but leaves it up to me to translate the game of life into chess terms with conditions all in reverse, much like quantum mechanics which translates into computer chips which when placed in parallel can beat any human on a board, surfing though can play hell on the mind of the bored, always check the calves of others, a tell tail sign of poor circulation, to mention just in passing what causes the most swelling of the ankles.


  1. Staying in tune is the name of the game and Problem Solving is really my business focusing on the small print, reading in between the lines as well as knowing when to cross lines never though to make a move that puts your pawns unnecessarily at risk and of course one never has to lie unless one has been schooled that way. It is my Bottoms Up Schooling that separates me from the pack while enjoying the same ride while looking out seated at the back without having to look over my shoulder as those ahead give me the heads up with confidence in my driver as the heart beat of the universe ticks ahead, confident that of the placement of rough in black holes much like a washing machine does although the surf does it much better, never to cheat even on the furlongs because you never really know who is watching from above.


  1. I have learned it doesn’t take rocket science to come to terms with the means to lead a happy and successful life, excess leading to the hardening of the arteries, shortness of breath, envying the person with the youthful body and mind to boot. The game of life is no different to the game of chess and the techniques one can pick up as a kid can guide one throughout the magnificent course of life learning most importantly how to pick oneself up while others are loosing their heads, if only


  1. I love the game of chess for the fact that it teaches one to telegraph ones punches and at the same time holding back in reserve moves for a “brainy day” the same with team sports like soccer which requires one to be constantly on the move keeping though enough in reserve for when called upon to make the right move, as in right angle rotate soon after celebrating with 5,6,7,8 nothing tTOo simple for us English who spend a lot time mincing words, as in crossing tTs, never 2 teas, buttons okay to be left open, pushing things sometimes a little too much and why I advocate buildings without elevators, i.e. build a skyscraper and make sure your tenants are all Super Italian Dogs [SIG ALERT] and plan for the worst.


  1. Yesterday Jonathan played once again a rather good game of soccer despite the screaming from the sidelines by older folk who don’t have a clue about how the game is played let alone won and the lack of positive impact it has on kids with a far better perspective on all aspects of the game to mention in passing their more pivotal positioning on the field assuming they have a sense of what it takes to maintain their balance.


  1. You have to be a player first before one can even think about coaching and then be very thoughtful before giving any advice. Good coaches and more thoughtful parents reserve their speeches for the sidelines when they bring in the reserves. A reserve has yet to replace Jonathan this season a point that perhaps some folks walking up and down the sidelines may take credit for which is why I have been somewhat reserved about telling you how to go about your business responding to you only as I see fit waiting to see how you went about balancing out the books in order that I could give you more credit. DNA next to breeding is everything.


  1. Folks often ask what the tTOo is all about and although I have explained it at different times clearly along the way sum folks seem to have forgotten. US English spend lots of time tutoring our young on crossing the ts never to tease yet do both in more than one way, hoping always for a big score packing circles on top of one another until they eventually fall to the write train-sporting the number 8 into the infinity sign. When folks go around in circles very often it is nothing more than an attempt to confuse, i.e. deceive. It all starts out often very innocently with just a simple white lie which eventually stack up but the laws of nature give it all away yet for sum reason we don’t seem to pay attention to the things that matter most until it eventually all crumples down.


  1. I am not very good in the kitchen battling with a waffle machine although my significant impressed upon me to simply make crumpets but of course I was tTOo busy making burnt offerings. Us guys though do listen better than most women gives us credit for. My golden rule is to have a good woman or tTOo piling it on. I make a pretty good second in command by listening better than the average man, above average in hiring, better at firing, and knowing best of all when and when not to cash in my whinnings.


  1. Before getting out on to the field of play one has to have a game plan of sorts and the most important element is to know your competition and plan accordingly. I had asked when you started some 2 months back for such a game plan as you saw fit. What you have thus far presented leaves me with no other choice then to jump in and give you now some BUS, a different form of busting chops that you will always take with you, and of course you have the choice of throwing in the towel and tossing this email in to the wastepaper basket or simply hit delete at any time.


  1. We have just seen a chipmunk and it must be because the sun is now streaming in like there is no tomorrow. The setting is quite spectacular and my mind wonders to how lucky we are to be able to enjoy such moments like this. Jonathan’s mother and I have a rather unique relationship in that we give each other the necessary space that allows us to continue to grow while enjoying the fruits of life. And make no mistake she is delicious and it is tough to escape her attractiveness.


  1. Mar.e, though is not one who minces her words and yesterday was no exception, all caught on camera. Her reaction was clas-sic [non-sic] Marie toward a former “psychological” friend who had simply gone over the edge as in “fast and loose”, cr-ash and burn in hell. “Don’t Even Try” [DET] was all Marie needed to say in order to drive home to Ms. Murray that she was now treading on no mans land where this woman had never stretched before and make no mistake this Ms. Murray has been around the block and then some although I haven’t yet figured out how close she got to Marie’s ex. Marie like me doesn’t believe that one needs to use a closed fist in order to drive home a point nor though is she a punching bag, more like a trampoline that knows her math and what it takes to balance things out, i.e. for every action there is an equal and opposite reaction.


  1. Not hearing how eloquently Marie had responded to Ms. Murray I threw in my pennies worth of suggestions including, “You don’t want us to get a restraining order placed against you, wouldn’t you agree?” Marie is unquestionably briefer than me and our trips to the lingerie boutiques tell it all. Ms. Murray staggered away like someone waking up to the fact that her netting had got caught up in someone else’s web, no Xmas stocking in stor for sure. Nor do I believe she had been drinking and flying. In a declaration signed “under penalty of perjury” Ms. Murray had made some references to comments I had made about her father who was a mob lawyer who eventually got gunned down by a hit man. Ms. Murray later appeared on a TV talk show about “buttered woman who communicate with the murderers of those who didn’t share their goodies with the rest of the clan” [sic].


  1. I know a thing or tTOo about the rule of law including what it means not to tell the whole truth, i.e. the failure to disclose relevant facts would in my opinion fall within the statutes governing perjury. No doubt Ms. Murray has now come to realize that her “Declaration” if it did anything at all only helped destroy the credibility of Marie’s ex-husband who had decided that the time was right to take his best shot at me.


  1. You should by now be aware of the fact that I am getting quite an audience at and I have still not spoken to any member of the media nor have I spent one cent on advertising, nor do I intend to. This makes some folks rather nervous particularly those folks who have a Perfect Storm named after them or are in the process of getting their 15 minutes of infamy.


  1. Rather than address the issues I have raised with him in a civil manner Marie’s ex-husband decided to go to war and in the process he has got both eyes blackened despite mounting quite an incredible offense. Despite Dr. Stewart not being exactly a complete idiot i.e. finished high school and later went on to practice medicine at a medical hospital that like many has had its up and downs, he miscalculated on several counts. I assumed he knew me better that no matter how one might stack the deck against me, my own lawyer at first saying the odds of me getting everything I wanted being “1 in a million,” I know a thing or tTOo about turning the tables around best explained when I play chess with his son who was finally waking up without any encouragement from me that there was a right and wrong way to question the status quo and so expose the weak underbelly of the beast without it turning on you.


  1. One of the things Dr. Stewart had suggested to his son in learning how to play chess was to turn on a computer and so far I know of no computer game that allows the chess board to be turned around as in turning the tables on one’s opponent. Now if you know of such a game out there please let me know and I will contact the developer to have them linked to our website.


  1. I don’t pay that much attention to how people look let alone how they dress as I am intimately familiar with emperors who have no clothes. Jonathan is fascinated with fire and my Prometheus light-er which reminded him of Men in BlK. There is every reason to believe that some of my chess opponents will team up in order to try and get me to zig and zag in their efforts to zip me up but I learned from one of the best entrepreneurs around the art of dodging bullets by playing not only by the rules butt by being patient. We are all programmed right from birth and the only time we get into trouble is when we rush things and the sequencing gets all heywire.


  1. Jonathan is singing as he makes up the words, “There is nothing my baby boy… is celebrating the goddess…listens… smile between, always dream…honey …my baby boy worships chocolate.”


  1. We are now going to enjoy our hot apple cider and then head out exploring the hills. I will finish this email later.


  1. I’m back and no one I know of suffered from a heart attack. The past 4 days like every day were eventful. Once we have up and running there will be opportunity for each one of us to tell our story that will be kept for time in memorial which should start the process rolling where we begin to think of alternatives to tombstones. First though we have to really clean up Wall Street and the forces are already in place on that particularly score. My Epilogue tTOo the folks at Fox News has already created quite a stir but what I have in stor for the not-so-fair-Weather folks should in time get the attention of the world. Water issues have a way of getting folks to listen up pretty good even us males.


  1. This past week we got some much-needed rainfall but it isn’t enough to satisfy the thirst of everyone especially those who are rapacious. All the folks in our deck of the woods survive off their wells and when they run dry those more fortunate pitch in. It is very much a factor of luck as to whether one’s well ends up dry. It is though all in the pitch, how you go about asking for assistance that makes the most impression on me although I don’t for one minute subscribe to the squeaky wheel syndrome.


  1. “We” did eventually trap Matthew the Mighty Mountain Mouse although I left his release to the man we know as Ron who was out from New York making sure that La Jolla was still on the map. Ron is in the insurance game and besides for knowing his craft ever so well also knows a thing or tTOo about smelling the roses and what to do when your dog goes lame which is what happened to Pypeetoe on Sunday evening after giving Ron the most amount of hugs and kisses I have seen him give someone upon meeting him for the first time although I must say when he first met Jeffrey Krinsk he thought he had met his maker and I doubt that Jeffrey washed his face before eating his Campbell Soup.


  1. A guy I once played touch rugby with got bit by our chocolate Labrador after this U.S. Marine had given me a little byte of a rough time as I was a little out of shape and with blood dripping all over the place was making quite a spectacle professing “I was just wanting to introduce myself to her” while coming up behind her while she was sniffing out another dog oblivious of this idiot wanting test out her behind. Although play is supposed to end with someone being “touched” this message is not always heard and remember it is mostly men who play this game best suited for women.


  1. Not everyone though matches up on the field as well as Pypeetoe and a new mate. For all I know this U.S. Marine got drafted all the way to hell and gone. I have not seen him since although I haven’t been playing that much rugby these days nor for that matter have I broken any bones lately. Fortunately, it looks like Pypeetoe only pulled a muscle but the cost to get a restful nights sleep cost more than what I paid for the KO DOG.


  1. Early Monday morning I stayed up to watch the meteor display but the bright moon faded most from view and the best shot I have of light forces at work is one I took of Marie earlier this year at Igazu Falls and of course I got splashed tTOo. As much as I like the water I really don’t care to take a dunking unless I am very familiar with the terror Tory which is why I spend a lot of time checking out the lay of the land before jumping in with all fours.


  1. One of things I keep handy is my sharp calculator from high school that gives me a constant sense of where I come from although I really learned very little but enough to know how to go deal with the basics, like hiring right and then getting out of the way. Some folks may think I get a kick out of sturing the pot but really all I want to do is make sure I am perfectly understood that nothing slips between the cracks and that whatever I do contributes in some positive way to society and of course I hate to lose even a buck. I can pretty much account for every dollar I have earned over the years although I had some visitors earlier this year who have made my life a little hairier having visited The Cave uninvited. No doubt though the spiders protecting my spot did whatever it is they are programmed to do.


  1. Anyone who has ever tried to do me down has ultimately got it in the shorts and that is why I wish even my adversaries well, knowing full well that once they get bitten they could end taking it out on someone with less knee surgeries than me. So far, thank God, my knees have held out pretty good without any surgery although if I needed to one day I have a name or tTOo of doctors who do house calls. I don’t plan to ever again see the inside of a hospital unless I am unconscious. Hospitals should be turned into old age homes and those still half-way breathing, able to mill around should be taken care of by their next door neighbors if their kin are preoccupied on more important assignments, best of all though have a significant other-s who will stick around and follow orders.


  1. My significant other has been granted custody of my gun and she has explicit instructions what to do in the event I become tTOo much of a pain although I am not an advocate that every significant other can be trusted to do the right thing when we become tTOo painful; point being we should really get to know our partners before we tie any knots, a subject matter I have thought about quite extensively, different to my decision to buy Seacrest-Ccrest as my retirement home, never really intending to make money out of the place, not even realizing that there was in fact a restaurant attached although quite frankly I had no idea of what I was buying at the time other than the fact that I liked the location.


  1. Even if there was no building standing I would have still bought the lot as long as the authorities would have allowed me to pitch a tent. Now please don’t get any ideas of putting a match to the place; no doubt others of thinking of doing exactly that. There is a list I have of folks to be interviewed by the authorities in the event there is just a single scratch on anything I hold dear and make no mistake no stone will be left unturned in exposing even those with just the slightest propensity to do something stupid.


  1. With all that said, I had asked for a specific cost breakdown of expenses. I assume therefore that “purchases” are all food related or for the most part food related. I would have expected food costs to be no more than 30 percent of sales and they seem to be running close to twice that.


  1. Second, I never asked for a “net takings” line item nor do I understand what it means. I am somewhat surprised by the average takings of some 20 odd pounds per day but again I don’t have any history to go by. I cannot, however, accept the status of essentially going in the hole for what amounts to just over what you are taking in per day. What would we get if we were to say rent out one room of the house per day and in the process prevent someone from having a heart attack eating our rather delicious scones and cream? There is another line item titled, “not looking good at the moment” which shows daily takings which amount to about 6 times what you are currently doing and you are going into the winter months?


  1. Simply put, I have no clue as to what your 3 month projection is intending to tell me other than I should choose another line of business; what about a fishing tackle stor or how about a book store where we can sell my Manager Minute One? It doesn’t seem to me that you should be doing anything in terms of getting the place “ready” for anything other than making the café profitable and finding a way to get that liquor license in place; god knows my English attorneys should be able to handle this one without me having to come over to lend them a helping hand. Perhaps you should be thinking of setting up something along the lines of an internet café but at this time I am not prepared to invest a dime without knowing what I am getting myself into. In other words I have to understand the numbers, chapter and verse. The way it looks to me is that our competitors couldn’t have come up with a better plan than to have me hire you, wouldn’t you agree?


  1. With that said, I am prepared to have you stay on in the house and for you to come back to me with an acceptable working relationship that allows you to do what you need to do in order to meet your additional personal requirements and at the same time keeps the doors to the café open during certain times of the day. I am not, however, prepared to subsidize the operating of the café.


  1. I have every expectation that business will improve once we both start getting the word out but it is up to you to make a go of it. I have yet to discuss these matters with Valerie and perhaps she will throw more light on the situation. Again, I remain optimistic about the future but it requires better communication in terms of the bottom line. I am copying the executor of my estate, Devin Standard, on this email and I will be contacting my lawyers in England to make arrangements for any deficit to be paid in due course. I am still waiting for them to provide me with full accounting relating to the purchase of Ccrest, so should you decide to stay on first make your way down there, tell them your plan and get them to move even at a snails pace or I will simply move my business to their competitors across the street.


  1. I may very well come over in short order to get a better grip on things. My hope is that you will take this time to think very carefully about the prospects of what it means to be in business with me and why I insist on running a very tight ship. By now you should know that I am a very serious businessman which means I take to heart every move I take knowing full well that each day could be my last and the last thing I want is to have a “loss” showing up on my last adventure.


  1. Hang Ten




Ps – Until such time as read what I have written above to mention little of what hyperlinks I could have inadvertently attached I will hold off on putting my John Hancock to it. You should not, however, need much clarification from me on the broader issues, i.e. do whatever you have to do including begging, borrowing but do not steal.



From: Sunandmoon
Sent: Saturday, November 16, 2002 10:10 AM
To: Gary S. Gevisser
Subject: (no subject)


hi gary its russell again
sorry about the email earlier i was just worry about my job and home
i am doing everything i can to try and get the customers in with chalk boards , opening late and now open seven days a week , taxis driver in town have flyers for sea crest and a have had someone on butlins give some out as well
also i am getting the house ready for the bed and breakfast for next year if we have at least 25 weeks that we are fully booked it will gross upto £10,500 just for b&b with evening meal as an extra
i am looking foward too the trade increasing
regards Russell




From: Sunandmoon

Sent: Sat 11/16/2002 12:33 AM

Subject: (no subject)


hi gary
russell here
sorry to be a pain but i was wondering how we are going to sort out my wages as i am running out of money and my family will not lend me anymore money and i am starting too get worried
i have the gas and electric and council tax too pay and i now very short of money  , with paying out for a electrian, and parts  and a mini skip hire for the day it has left me very short of cash

i did not want too send this e mail
but christmas is coming and i would like too have a good one this year with me and my puppy ( JJ) sorry again Russell 


[1] Whenever the president of the United States travels a trusted aide carries with him in a suitcase the codes that are needed to launch our nuclear arsenal. That suitcase is apparently known as the “football.” I have friends in hi-places included those I refer to as the Washington Bunch who are intimately more familiar with all this minutia. 

[2] My significant other also played a role in helping a former friend of hers gain her PhD in early child education which allowed her to continue to support her husband after I dropped him as my lawyer-PAL. I wouldn’t be at all surprised if my significant other received an honorable mention for all the work that allowed this mother of 3+her crybaby husband to continue to wear the pants to mention little of how much more the kids would benefit if they had teachers who not only could talk the talk but walk the walk, i.e. stand up their spouses who often have their secretaries simply bending over, which doesn’t mean one should break one’s neck when picking up the pace, oars to boot which reminds me I need to finish off rather quickly as I am supposed to head out to our cabin by the creek that could soon be overflowing. Lets hope though that my Washington Bunch PALs don’t get tTOo excited by some of my revelations and decide to like one of their neighbors to abuse the rule of law as in the case file 795852=36, to mention little of the pleas of momworker63 on 6-11, even less of the words “Don’t even try” when a former pal tried to make up for her misadventure by aligning herself with a physician who should have known better than to go to war with me. Thank God though for a fair judge in the form of Judge Hendrix whose name should become synonymous with fair play.

[3] For the past 5 years I have sat rather patiently as the clock ticked by on an investment I made that had Judge Jack Weinstein speak rather highly of me although he never exactly referred to the efficacy of our medical technology. Just yesterday I spoke at length to the lawyer for a plaintiff in a lawsuit against this medical device company that had likes of folks from Baxter et al ever so interested without, however, bothering to contact me. By the time the batteries on my phone ran out this Chicago lawyer seemed to have woken up from a rather deep slumber although he could simply have had stroke, i.e. one should always do one’s “Jew Diligence” when dealing with someone who has a good sense of what it means to have a golden name.

[4] Don’t be fooled by the upward tick in the market today. The end is in site, all discussed in due course at our website although it might pop up on

[5] 2+9=11=11th Squadron=Cabin 11