Manager Minute One

“The meek with teeth shell inherit the earth” [sic]









You have entered a private database. Any unauthorized entry will be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law.


Those choosing, however, to violate the United States of America’s trademark and copyright laws to mention little of the U.S. Constitution, rights to privacy above all, worse yet “cut & paste” matters best left dealt with in an adult like way, family court to boot, will appreciate Gary S. Gevisser’s book Manager Minute pasted together with binding constituting residue coming from putting you through a grinder of sorts, much akin to a mincemeat processing machine used by Black staff in the homes of his fellow Jewish families from Durban, South Africa who keep “kosher” while the momworker63s not always fully alert to kitchen sink matters despite the government changes, Lord Kitchener and his cronies a sinking ship from the get go, allow bottom fishers a free pass all the way to Land of Milk and Honey bypassing Lusaka, Alaska though to feed the masses when famine strikes, never though to “butT” [sic] into someone else’s business unless of course there are children at risk and/or a spouse being beaten to a pulp, literally or figuratively.


Bottoms Up Schooling a necessity for servants who fail to grab the choice cuts of meat that there is nothing gained by spilling salt onto the table cloth settings, serviettes for the sloppy minded, thinking that the gods [sic] who keep track of every movement would be further angered, not having figured out that it is THE MEEK WITH TEETH WHO SHALL INHERIT THE EARTH, the $64,000 question finally been answered.


Verbal as well as herbal remedies for solving the problems of the world baring in mind that vowel as much as bowl movements, both hot air flows, to avoid particularly the airborne feces particles emanating from the bossrotting guts, wounds to air, skeletons to unmask.


Not surprisingly enlightened Blacks and Whites who pay attention to things of matter, particularly “dark matter” are sometimes able to get enough of the neurons both negatively and positively charged within the brain, a vacuum of sorts, to fire at speeds clearly greater than the speed of light which is more than 186,000 +- milers per second, much like deep space where anti-matter and matter cancel out, still manage to choose using either their left or right hand depending on which side of the toilet has the toilet paper, if any, before, without missing a beat, select to first blend their pig meat that then gives the kosher meat its smoked taste. Arrogance like testosterone to constantly keep in check, i.e. proof of God and evolution, love to embrace, sex to enjoy and dirty baby bathwater to recycle.


We are all but a hop jump and a scotch away from penetrating the vast make up of the human computer, multi-tasking, parallel processing key to unlocking vast open spaces; South Africa today much like elsewhere where little blood has been spilt by the inbred minorities who have wrecked havoc on the indigenous peoples where the current rulers continue to usurp their authority to mention little of God’s laws, that for every reaction there is an equal and opposite reaction, the leadership always emerging from the rubble “brainne dead” [sic],


If this isn’t enough to make you choke thinking that you have the guns to outsmart our “Superior and Overwhelming” Special Forces then our suggestion is to still do yourself a favor, take a very deep breath, look at the mildest of Perfect Storms that are brewing on as well as and if you still remain thinking let alone pursuing a course that will violate our space, i.e. have enough testosterone left and willing to test your mettle and waste all of our time when we could be combining to solve the problems of the wor.d to mention little of our already clogged up court system, worse yet think you are above the law, why not consider at least taking a sleeping pill, get a restful night’s sleep, take two aspirins if need be and when you get up in the morning assuming your heart is still beating but you still have a headache then call your “lobotomist” [sic] and see “weather” [sic] he-she thinks you have either had a lobotomy or are in need of one.