To: President Bush

From: Gary St-even Gevisser

Date: September 14th 2001



Dear Mr. President,


Some friends have implored me to copy you and our other democratically elected representatives with an article I wrote back in October of last year in which I referenced that we “ would simply have to wait for George W. to get into office to see if we can “trust his lips.” Within 24 hours of sending One Perspective to a select group, the Financial Times of London appeared to pick up on a new Israeli strategy to “Isolate the Palestinians.”


So what happened to Israel’s resolve? Remember this was before the wave of suicide bombers. Surely, one would have expected Israel to respond more forcefully after being dealt such low blows? Certainly, it is important that we all unite and speak with one voice but unless we get to the roots of what caused Israel to lose it's teeth we will never truly eliminate rot.


We should not forget that the smelly trail leads also to LitTOorals in this country, supported unfortunately by many Jewish people who are mostly ignorant of their complicity in bringing about the rubble in downtown New York.


Soon after I sent out my One Perspective I began a series of emails aimed at folks who didn’t seem to get it. Many implored me “tTOo tone things down.” On Election Day [November 8th 2000], their fixation on getting Lieberman in office, the least vocal Jewish Democrat supporting the release of Jonathan Pollard [Israeli spy] caused me ultimately to vote for you; replaying the telling phone calls especially for my other friends who had yet to vote in Florida. Interesting, wouldn’t you agree, that the Democrats would choose such a bedfellow to tow their line? These liberals pleaded with me that Lieberman-Gore would do more toward decriminalizing drug pushers, “the real threat to our culture,” than focusing on systemic flaws within our intelligence communities. [We now know that Hannsen and Aames would have disappointed their “super-I-ors” by not insisting that Pollard be isolated as the evil incarnate.]


Although today you may have the support of everyone including these “cra-zed” friends don’t expect them to stick with you shoulder to shoulder through the tough times, for as one of these “kingpins” has already demonstrated, they lack the backbone even when seeing Armageddon up close. Case in point: back in 1972 “King”, as we refer to him, stood alongside Muskie as the Senator broke down crying. He thought of acting crazy by throwing himself off the trailer into the crowd to distract the cameras thus saving the rest of us from generations of Bushes. Instead he bit his tongue.


Go to it George W. There remain still many of us Jewish people who trust you with your byte.