From: Gary St-even Gevisser

Sent: Friday, November 15, 2002 2:10 PM
James O. Goldsborough
Cc: rest

Subject:  The meek with teeth shall inherit the earth



Mr. Goldsborough, I just read your column in yesterday’s Union Tribune with great interest for it highlights sumthing I wrote back in the fall of 2000.


With that said, it was the column at write angles to your “Mr. Bush’s duel with Mr. Hussein” by Thomas L. Krannawitter, “Gray days ahead in the Golden State” that sunk home. The Union Tribune, however, didn’t give Mr. Krannawitter’s email address. Tough luk some might argue, although the Forbes Article that you should first begin reading in doing your “Jew Diligence” ended with a paragraph beginning “Good LIck[1] and there was nothing lovey-dovey about it.


In a nutshell, I have, “smoking gun evidence” of the Californian State House having been hijacked by a foreign conglomerate, i.e. the recent gubernatorial elections were rigged.


When one looks at the map that I handed Roger Hedgecock in the spring of this year one can only imagine what he might have been thinking to avoid falling on all fours in his quest to be first to mention little of the pitching wedge “l-ash” he still has of mine that helped me guide my sight-seeing dog on top of Machu Picchu in early March without airport security bothering to check the golf club whose head was manufactured by a 3rd World military contactor. My hi-flying dog, Pypeetoe, is number 1+1 in my book, to sum i-dy-l-Lic. Getting through airport security as with staying alive while trying to lead a full life is like playing chess; having your opponent play to your advantage. I don’t really care that much for chess these days as I have my plate rather full just doing enough to have folks think me a byte of a fool.


I am careful, though never to take sides until I have gathered all the evidence, i.e. the better the evidence the better the proof, to mention little of the importance of timing and name calling although my dog pretty much responds to anyone who is kind, always though it pays to stay alert. It is the meek with teeth who I believe shall inherit the earth; the rest take their chances in trusting their frustrated fellow man who we rarely get to know even after a lifetime of interference and spankings.


One has to ask the obvious in an election tTOo close to call as in Davis Vs Rear-end-ed and of course to put off death[2] until the very end. What sort of supper-cop would you engage or what SIC Alert would you put out given the limited amount of space on Freeway signage to mention little of my efforts in helping to circle the wagons on Indian reservations, February 8th 2002 just one key date, after the hor-ses had already bolted, fume-ing no doubt? Horses for courses just as in Special Situation Funds always vigil-ant for soft spots on the road, wrong turns to avoid and of course knowing what area-subjects is-are needed to carry the vote.


The problems of the “wor.d…---… capital flow, up-steam or downstream?” [sic] can all be summed up in the breathing as in, The Fish Rots From The Head Down. How important was carrying Imperial Valley to mention little of getting the IID to bridge a gap just in the nick of time? Nothing butt smoke and mirrors in terms of Californians having to ween themselves off 800,000 acre feet per year that write fully belongs to the other lower-ba-sin States to mention in passing the unpredictability of that knuckleball wether as developers expand their share of the land much like they believe the universe is expanding, Salton C to boot, wouldn’t you agree?


If you were hell bent on owning the world who would you turn to in a Dutch-clutch situation choc-or-late lattes to let go and at the same time one must always be weary of being run over by cement trucks, peripheral site a must, wouldn’t you agree? Nothing like a California Coastal Commission appointment, alternate just as good even if only a back-seat driver, butt an arden supporter to boot, wouldn’t you also agree?


I never let my formal education which really didn’t amount to eating much more than cake interfere with my learning but I do remember something out of the social sciences lectures which I always attributed to another guy called Hertzberg, “Tis better to keep quiet and let the idiots lecturing you think you to be a fool then to speak out and remove all doubt.” In my opinion the question of truth is best capsulated in the legal term, “Scienter” as in “culpable state of mind.” So why would I choose a “leftist colum-nun-est” such as yourself to address in this not-altogether private[3] communication, knowing full well it is the folks on the far left and their blood brothers on the far right who by adding just a little byte of mustard gas those of us sandwiched in with all their farts?


I somehow picked up The old Lie: Dulce et decorum est Pro patria mori believing t-hat it never pays to tiptoe around issues learning early in life that it simply pays to skate away fast and if necessary jump over obstacles, willing to take a fall on occasion realizing just about everything comes out in the wash, skid marks rarely an issue especially when traversing over thin ice. Knowing how to swim does have its merits. Bottoms Up Schooling though, the way to get by without losing ones’ cool staying as far away as possible from radar screens even if it is to avoid only a slow moving bus. Just like I am hoping to improve, living each day like it was my last so my hope is that you can improve too. Your last column was in my opinion spot on the mark. If you were in to surfing I might be able to give you a pointer or tTOo and you wouldn’t need to be a math wizard to understand my drift.


It pays, however, to be cautious since it takes just one hit one from the rear and my significant other has already had her experience with being run over by a truck, de-feet tTOo boot, in return for met-ric which will help in a meteoric rise. Time is soon approaching to eliminate all the phat-catty folks who don their rituals on their shirt sleeves, space on the website will soon be at a premium and the opportunity for everyone to take a 7th inning stretch is fast approaching.


I am, however, very reticent to advocate throwing just anything down the toilet without coming up with a better solution although what good would a kitchen sink be without running water. I recently bought a rock house up in the mountains where I am hoping to test out sum of my theories, security though a must or we could all go bust if I were to simply issue an all-out weather broadcast. I prefer to play this whole thing out using a combination of rug-by and chess moves, most importantly choosing my team ever so carefully never though to sweep anything under the carport, Revlon OutRAGeous shampoo probably just fine for my KO DOG=God Okay.


Let me know if you are interested in things that really matter to mention in passing the importance of addressing “dark matter.”











Thesis+anti-thesis=synthesis, Hegel




[1] Pypeetoe applying Love that Pink lipstick to Mr. Jeffrey Krinsk Esq.

[2] There is hop-e for the executor of my estate Devin Standard whose father, Kennith G. Standard, was just appointed president of the NYS Bar, 60,000 lawyers to beat.

[3] Copied in on this email is a staff member 4 the Republican arm of the House of Representatives.

[4] Ak-a-ka  footsak = South African slang for giving someone “a kick in the rear.”