From: Gary S. Gevisser

Sent: Tuesday, October 22, 2002 3:41 PM
To: Ian Hay
Cc: rest

Subject: tTOo close...


Ian, no doubt you know how to make hay while the sun shines… With that said I am in the process of “kicking butt” preparing for a day in court tomorrow which will be featured in no time at all on the and array of websites.


Right now I am sitting on the curbside on the corner of India and Ash in downtown San Diego waiting for my lawyers to review my Declaration of War.


In the meantime enjoy the photos of our  tTOo close to call.


By the way we are in the process of changing how City Halls around the world are organized, less said though the better at this time. My uncle whose last name was Ash used to be deputy mayor of Durban, South Africa which is where I was raised. I am not however waiting for a bus.


For the past year my one lawyer colleague has been saying that I have “1 in 4 chance” of seeing Xmas out alive. Despite the fact that he knows I never lay-down, coming to terms with what happened yesterday is more than he can probably handle right now. He and I though unlike most players who play in the major “pong” leagues know full well how to respond to fast balls thrown at or near head to mention little of us always having skin in the game.


The executor of my estate is, however, more hopeful although when I described what happened he wasn’t at first inclined to believe the cement truck’s brakes had simply failed, “managed” to hit a green light, avoiding all the pedestrians and simply landed on its side 8 feet from where I was eating breakfast with its gas tank deposited leaking gas no more than 3 feet from toes.


I should let them as well as others interested in my welfare know that I was, however, facing the cement truck as it ploughed through the intersection avoiding traffic to mention little of not one single person including the driver being too badly injured and of course you simply got splattered with cement. Now for all I know you could have simply just picked up a handful of the stuff lying on the street and thought it would make a good picture. I managed though to do more than duck while keeping my head low with Pypeetoe in tTOo as we dived for cover. Yes, quite an escape to say the least.


If folks only knew what was in that computer that ended up getting washed down with gas and water from the fire hydrant as it was blown to smithereens they would think I was mad. The better the evidence, however, the better the proof.


Make no mistake I saw my life flash in front of me as in 3,2,1. Soon though 5,6,7,8…9 party time.


Stay tuned.


Gary S. Gevisser.





From: Ian Hay

To: Gary S. Gevisser

Sent: Tue 10/22/2002 2:16 PM

Subject: 15th Street Accident Photos


Hi Gary,


I'm the guy who outran the cement mixer yesterday. . .


I checked out your website, and was wondering if you got any good photos?


Please let me know, as my family and friends really want to see how I got covered in cement.


Many thanks,




Ian Hay


"Those who get on in this world look for circumstances they want, and if they can't find them, make them."


                        -George Bernard Shaw