August 16th, 2002 – Note to file


Just this very second I got off the phone from one of my lawyer-colleagues who informed me that his grandmother had just passed away at age 99,


“Nana was from Marblehead, 30 miles from B.ston. It seems the earth will still start stinking from the aggregation of your enemies congregating on the b.ack end of the planet to unbalance the gravitational pIll of the earth dnA in so doing the earth will slowly sink in tTOo Jupiter’s satellite, new paths to conquer boot-straps to pull or are you simply saying we are going to have to go back to bootstrapping our business ventures with the coming demise of the stock markets around the world? You are hopefully on the side of the sun. I for one am going to bounce off and take a detour to Mars, Venus to boot. Byte” [sic].