From: Gary S. Gevisser

Sent: Thursday, May 01, 2003 3:12 PM
To: Garyiglass (
Cc: rest

Subject: The meek WITH TEETH shall inherit the earth -- Watch Out Big Mouth


Gary hi – Earlier today I was on the phone with your ex-wife the former Ms. Lynne Bentel. You may recall I was the one who introduced you to the first love of my life. And of course you remember the terrific speech I gave at your wedding about all the carnage that was strewn in her wake all over town and now it is time for your wakeup call.


In a nutshell, you are contributing to the delinquency of decent individuals by failing to provide child support and alimony according to a, “stipulation”.


According to Lynne you haven’t paid her anything in 6 months while somehow managing to feed your big mouth. For all I know Mr. Trevor Goldberg who is apparently “holed-out” [sic] in South Africa although it is possible he is fretting over in England anxiously awaiting my next move, may have a hand in all this. No matter how much brain damage you may have done to yourself in recent times you should still, however, be able to remember how you used my “failed student” from the University of Natal, South Africa as your mouthpiece in spreading false statements about your son having once “gone crazy” when in fact it was you being your usual self.


For all I know Trevor along with the likes of King Golden and Kathy Murray may very well now be supporting your ongoing naughty behavior. Now of course this information about your current delinquency is all one-sided but I am prepared to bet a dollar that Lynne hasn’t missed a thing other than her pride but now thanks to you putting her in the dog house she has the courage to summon me to crap all over you.


Unless you get with the program post haste it is going to cost you an additional $5K in legal fees since this is what Lynne’s attorney will now seek knowing how you might continue to “duck & dive” but of course you have seen from being copied on select emails of mine that no one in their right mind really has the intestinal fortitude to go “to war” with me, wouldn’t you agree?


And don’t forget young lad you are still liable for the monies that are now past due.


I would have thought your games of playing it “fast & loose” would all be over; the house you shared together is now sold, the debt is gone, the kids no longer have a home how much more obnoxious can you be?


Please feel free to share this email with your attorney-s, your mother as well as your father who must surely be turning in his grave, God bless his soul for he seems to have been a far better man than you so far have demonstrated.


Should you wish to come by Barbados Way this evening baring placards to boot bear in mind that there was no wedding dress nor band to speak of although the transfer of assets simply required Marie moving the non-ostentatious silver ring from her right hand on to the left, right wingers and left wingers to boot, wouldn’t you agree? I think Trevor Goldberg played rugby on the wing, what about you knucklehead?


You will also be expected to sign on the dotted line supporting our efforts to bring a lasting peace to South Africa. If you get here early enough you will have the opportunity of shaking Mr. Devin Standard’s hand and of course I will tell him to go easy on you just as he did when shaking Mr. Sammy Haim’s hand back I think it was on March 4th of this year.


U might want to bring along your own juice given the fact that your head is now spinning and getting back from Timbuktu isn’t going to be all that easy although a shot of Tequila might be just what one of the docs possibly passing by might order for you.


In other words don’t push your “luk” [sic] any more, “Mr. Handsum” [sic]. 


Lynne as you know is now driving a BMW X5 no thanks to you but to her father Leonard, a step-down no doubt from the Mercedes, 11years of marriage and not even a car to her name in exiting your stink which reminds me somewhat of the problems I have encountered with Mr. Haim right from when I first moved in to The Cave which you one time visited although I mostly seem to recall you fitting in with the wallpaper.


There is a toilet seat in the second bathroom at Marie’s house that needs to be replaced so if you get here before I return from the Il Fornio in Coronado where I am having a special duck salad prepared for this evening try and make yourself useful.


Jonathan our 10-year-old just got back from school and showed me a number of things including two terrific drawings one of a bee and another of an Octopus.


Now before you throw a tantrum it may calm you down to read Anonymous VI’s reply to the email I sent him last evening in which he describes the virtues of being patient and the difficulties inherent in raising children to be self-sufficient, avoiding the ongoing saga of co-dependency, wouldn’t you agree?


Time to fly.


CU, Now lets get down to business.




Gary S. Gevisser


Ps – My understanding is that you folks have something like $300k due in taxes including some $60K odd in penalties and interest which anyone with half a brain knows could have been waved by the IRS or at least negotiated down but for some reason you and/or your attorney-s made the conscious decision to fax the IRS a copy of the escrow company’s closing documents.


Fortunately or unfortunately as the case may be I am someone ever so intimately familiar with such practices that often leaves those burdened with the responsibility of raising children in a dysfunctional household up shits creek without a paddle, barely anything to cover their basic needs, let alone afford a competent attorney. My instincts tell me that Lynne would be best served probing a little further and of course if she were to ask for a nickel I might oblige and then some.