From: Gary S. Gevisser
Sent: Wednesday, December 11, 2002 4:01 PM
To: Kuku

Subject: Hey


I haven’t heard from you in a while, what is happening? How is the stor. doing?


A neighbor of mine just passed away while visiting Portugal. He knew he was going to die as he had played things a little too fast and loose while a youngster, doing stuff out of the mainstream that eventually chocked up his organs. Charles was probably around 50 and one terrific human being who always brought a smile to my face.


When I saw him on the day he was leaving he was happier and looked better than ever before. Although I have known him for 2 years almost to the day I only found out that he was dying just a couple of weeks before he left on his recent trip which was several weeks back; I have simply lost track of time as I have been out and about “conquering” new worlds, at least hoping that if I do right God will allow me to explore New Worlds with other folks who have not just been doing the right thing but helping others in the process. No one comes more to mind than you.


I really do have something special going with NextraTerrestrial. All one has to do is look at the number of hits per day per person who knows about what I am doing to know that we are truly on track to be the number one website on the planet.


Being number one has never been important to me. The most important thing has been my integrity and my good name. I came pretty close to losing it some weeks back, October 24th to be precise. I have that all pretty much behind me although I plan to end all wars by now going to “war” on several fronts, playing a game that I know pretty well although I have to expect to lose something in the process.


I win at the game of chess because I can calculate all the odds the minute the game begins willing to give up my queen if necessary which most folks guard as though it was theirs to begin with, then falling apart[1] forgetting how it was the pawns who were the ones to make the first moves, sacrificing themselves in the process[2].


I have only lost when not figuring out the opportunity cost of losing one who knows only how to move one step at a time careful not to step on anyone’s toes[3]. My dog, Pypeetoe, which Mr. “Circle” K calls Tippytoe is not one to “stand still” but he has come close on several occasions to losing more than his toes. I had his testicles chopped off but now he seems intent on making love to everyone.


We don’t really own anything of value just the things we are lucky enough to be “loaned” during the course of a lifetime.


Time stands still only for those who don’t quite get with the program. I hope in the course of the next two weeks to have a few more pieces in place in order to play out the “chess game” of chess games but there cannot be guarantees that I will succeed, certainly I cannot do it alone. Most importantly I don’t have a queen to lose. I am going to be relying on my pawns, those who have waited a lifetime often just hiding out in the bushes.


It takes, however, someone with a brush as well as pen to paint things picture perfect. Time soon to ink my final will although I hope to defy Mr. “Circle” K’s odds of “1 in 4” of me seeing out this Xmess.


I have entrusted my estate to Devin Standard[4] with counseling from Mr. K who one day we will all 4 meet, hopefully sometime soon. No doubt I still need a lot of editorial help but I think you would agree I am making some progress. Sum think my “number system” is a bunch of “gobbledygook” but if it can help the youth who can compute better than most, most that is who haven’t been told they are “no good at math” and it will help them measure their words while holding the rest of the folks in check then how can I be faulted for trying to make a good impression?


It is all about impressions, and how we often fail to impress the ones who know us best who would prefer we simply stick to our knitting and make a sweater or tTOo in the process. The fact is most of us have more than what we need to survive right now and I am quite certain there isn’t all that much time left in order for things to be turned around.


I am hoping to impress upon Devin’s dad who is coming out for Xmas that he should get behind Devin running for the presidency or at least the vice-presidency. His father was recently named the president of the New York Bar Association, a bar above the rest when one considers there are some 68,000 lawyers he is going to not only have to keep in check but who will unleash their writs along with a combination of rights in remembering that none of them are above the law, that the rule of law is not only about protecting the rich, common law practice, a point I hope to drive home as the insurance house of cards gets ready to tumble.


I would prefer not to tangle with giants or tilt windmills[5] but there seems to be little choice of bringing to an end man-made-wars unless we all heave together and start making a firestorm of our own, causing somewhat of a firebreak, backbreaking no doubt along the way; the road though to hell should at least be paved, and with enough sign posts for those hell bent on getting their first and of course my dog will pee on them tTOo.


It is all in the breeding to mention little of the 3Rs, referrals, renewals and relatives. Few understand how to articulate the business of insurance as well as you although I doubt you are ready to take the helm at AIG[6] and then some.


Choice is also important but not as important as telling the truth and paying for our sins and there is little worse than simply being in debt, morally corrupt to boot.


In a nutshell, the markets are all on the verge of collapse. There is simply no more trust left which is the cornerstone of the “risk market” and I have now gauged there is little time to waste as the rot creeps ever so close


In the weeks and days ahead I hope to make a little progress without incurring any more debt but the nature of what I am doing also involves having to bring attention to the problems of the world that have a lot to do with making each one of us accountable. I do have quite a few assets stashed away that only time will tell how valuable they are. In the meantime though I don’t plan to sell any of it. In the event though I take a slip or a fall you can count on…


Time though to end on a positive note.






Ps – let me know what you think of Zquestion as well as some of my “out takes” on a recent Revlon deposition where Mr. “Circle K” performed miracles.


[1] The part that most folks forget is that when the queen is taken, she is simply “sidelined,” resting, storing her energies to light up the night sky when push comes to shove and it becomes a horse race to the end as the Kings are defeated. Horses for courses but you have to be able to handle the Big Dipper.

[2]  By flipping things around one can start a game of backgammon where LUK has one moving from left to right and back again each time improving the odds of success.

[3] . Practice does make perfect although it is better learning from other peoples’ mistakes, always aware of who is doing the buttering and who is guiding the children to make bread, breaking out in dance as we fill the baskets from dawn until dusk, mindful of those who usurp their small authority, whose contribution to humanity is simply to break wind.

[4] Devin turned 38 back on December 7th.

[5] Soon we will begin framing the right questions to the lawyers who handled my dear friend, Anne L. Millers, estate.

[6] Unlike Warren “Bail me Out” Buffet who felt the need to broadcast his “…50 year” nonsense all over the world, Hank Greenberg of AIG simply went to Washington with an understated bottom line play with brilliance to boot, realizing that being “short” has its benefits to mention little of keeping things brief and not attracting more anti-Semitic pogroms, another form of legalized government gambling with Jewish people often the scapegoats as the Kings and Queens head for the hills having taken their cut of the quarters from the slot machines not much different to the way the mafia works although the mafia, most would agree, help keep the streets clean even though the horses are mostly now kept in STABLEs and folks bolting out to eat delighting in courses that bloat the odds of any of us surviving to mention little of those members of the mafia-media involved in selling snow to Wall Streeters who in turn snow the momworker63s, orphans, widows and pensioners.


Quite a merry-go-round God created which brings to mind one of my very first questions to him when we next visit,


 “Why didn’t you simply leave us up in the swings, branching from the trees unless of course you hoped the prickly bushes and thorns would keep us on the write path?” [sic]


What I heard third hand was Mr. “Tank” Hank Greenberg whispering the following in President Bush’s ear:


“We'll not hold to our exclusions now, i.e. we will pay claims for the losses of 9-11 and forgo the literal interpretation of our terrorism and war exclusions hoping that the government will in good faith foster some type of financial remedy to help allow commercial cover to exist in the future where non exists now to pay for such catastrophic events which could never be adequately contemplated actuarially in rate or premium, i.e. impossible to fund in premiums since the premium would out strip buyers ability to pay. Such a government sponsored pogrom would be similar in fashion to that which is provided by the FEMA national flood program.


In a nutshell Mr. President, being raised Jewish I have to be much more careful than like a goy like Warren “BO” Buffet who has the media eating out of his stinky lap although his “girl toy” Mrs. Katharine Graham, formerly chairman of the Washington Post can’t exactly serve him all that well buried 6 feet under, TOES to boot. He and I though are both sucking wind having bitten off more than we can chew, pussies to boot.


You have to understand Mr. President even though you went to business school and by now you tTOo have been schooled in Bottoms Up Schooling you need to appreciate that CAT cover is not exactly for the feint hearted although one can become the second richest person in the planet by putting on a happy face telling lie after lie much in line with what Hitler accomplished with his understanding of human nature that “The great masses of people will more easily fall victim to a big lie than a small lie” which equates pretty well with Buffet’s favorite expression, “You pay a very high price for cheery consensus” while socking it to the masses with his masterful joke of the 21st Century which is more than a stroke of luck although when I first heard him saying it I thought he’d had a stroke.


Buffet’s genius is that he like Hitler almost got away with it without having to co-opt 100 million co-conspirators were it not for Mr. Gevisser who while at the summit of Machu Picchu heard the cries of other momworker63s after managing to get over the top of Dead Woman’s pass without his significant other getting blown over by hurricane winds which had she been wearing a skirt would have enabled Mr. Gevisser to market on his websites not only posters superior to that of Marilyn Monroe but some would have believed the one woman of his dreams could in fact fly, the math wizard that she is. God only knows what I would do to have her working for me right now as my actuarial staff bury their heads up my arse.


An enlightened Mr. Gevisser no doubt intends to blind Mr. Buffet and Co with kindness assuming Buffet gets with the program and resigns as chairman of the board of ‘Berkshire Giveaway’ an organization that cannot be construed as anything short of the largest terrorist organization in the world second only to the French aristocracy, Vivendi to boot.


At a minimum Mr. Buffet’s declaration, ‘There is the certainty of a nuclear and/or biological attack on one of our major cities in the United States between the next 10 minutes butt less than 50 years’ invites terrorist groups on to our shores and why you should consider seriously having that square head who runs your new department for all out of workers setting up their Homeland Security offices right across from Buffet’s house with eavesdropping equipment where they can really get in tune with how the world is really run although my understanding is that folks like Eminem and Offspring have managed to attract more than just our firstborns.


Now I am not suggesting you shut down Warren’s bucket shop operation for it will only contribute to “square jaw” having to hire more and really when you come to think of it if you tag the biggest rotten fish out there you might send a message to all the other wannabee barracudas that you really are getting serious in this war on terror allowing me, however, enough time to make a beeline for the hills. Recognize also that Buffet may in fact be doing a good service for this country by attracting more competition leading to a healthier competitive market where we end up with each one of these terrorist groups going to war with each other. Instead of hot dog stands on each corner we would have more fish stands with slogans like fish eat fish replacing dog eat dog.


My overriding concern, however, is that Buffet’s blabbering is giving all of us trying to make an honest living, jets to boot, quite a black mark to mention little of what might become of our eyes once the masses around the world get wind of our hypocrisy,  and how we pretty much operate in the dark, wishy washy as we point to the sky while looking at our belly buttons hoping for a sign from God as to how gauge risk to mention little of how many black actuaries Mr. Buffet and I have on staff that could have Jesse “Give me just one more buck for my illegitimate daughter” Jackson breathing down our necks, making hypo noises although it is really his S’s that have me most annoyed, making the case that I tTOo must be some sort of racist although I have given, like Ron Burkle to all the wrig.t black causes, rigged to boot, to mention little of all of us essentially being in the red, i.e. Mr. President we are all broke and thank God for 9-11 although I guess we should simply thank the Taliban.


Time, wouldn’t you agree, for a caucus with my buddy Warren which I understand remains legal despite dispensing with the Glass Steigel Act that allowed a Jew and gentile to collude without having to move about under cover of darkness to bust what remains of peoples’ chops and make off with a steer as we wined and dined off the world’s riches and if anyone wants to stick it to us they first should take a look at the biggest aligator out there who co-opted his son Bill Gates Jnr as his surrogate making him look like even a bigger fool than what is a direct result of the all the inbreeding amongst us white folk.


Mr. President, you have to appreciate that you and I and what remains of what was once a big party animal house are on the same boat Okay if you are not into yachting like the former Revlon executive who was co-opted by Mr. “Capo di Capri” Perelman then please try and understand the horse riding metaphor. We are right now riding on the coattails of those small businesses who are the one’s keeping our heads above water and who are growing impatient each time we wind the clock and go up and down in 6 year cycles, huffing and puffing about how much we love to help you out during Hurricane season hoping against all hope to mention little of the scientific evidence to the contrary that we might be able to flip things indefinitely to the point that our cashcows become perpetual motion machines. Did you say something about ad-infinitum or were you saying I should just make hey while the shine shines?


69 was a great year but I doubt you remember it as well as me. Just to help you out though let me have you read something recently written by a gentleman by the name of Devin Standard which should bring at least a smile to your face as I continue to barrage your brain. The not so common folk are not simply getting smarter by the minute realizing that automatic watches have been around for some time now they are the ones who know a thing or tTOo about beating the bushes never to wa.ste anyone’s time and as much as us big wigs act like we are capable of making time stand still the advent of the Internet has been chipping away at our power base, i.e. the confused masses are not simply chomping on power bars but are chomping on the bit to eat our hides.


Guys like Gary Gevisser have more power than even that idiot Hewlett at 60 Minutes who like former models of Mr. Gevisser’s mother, Yvonne Hewlett and Penny Coelen probably consumed too much sugar after spending so much time with the out of sync polo crowd to mention little of what you might think of palioanthropoligist Professor Richard Klein who for all we know continues to excavate in search of a miracle hoping to avoid Mr. Gevisser’s next knuckleball.


Now, please Mr. President don’t have me try and explain why AIG declined to underwrite Aspar-tame for that will likely have you blowing more than a fuse and I take it you still have more confidence in the person carrying the football then running with it yourself? Can you imagine though if President Clinton in trying to impress the female interns got the guy who carries the case containing the codes that would set the world ablaze having him throw the president with his greasy fingers a pass that somehow would end up in the hands of the communist Chinese traders who never sleep except when behind the wheel of their vehicles although perhaps it was also the Koreans who came visiting with Clinton in those early days when he sold the White House right from under our noses? Your guess is as good as mine who Mr. Gevisser dines with these days, for all I know it could be the next president of the United States.


To cut to the chase requires us all being a little shrewd and if we are going to want to get the young folks vote who are sick and tired of us old fogies so focused on crossing our Ts and dotting our Is so caught up in our bullshit to die the richest in the world, we are probably going to have to get with the program and be lewd once in awhile. This world is getting topsy turvy and soon these youngsters who have no hope given the mess we are mostly responsible for, i.e. we had our chance and blew it, then they will soon hit the streets and be in neighborhoods dispensing with the “Please Sir can I have some more” and getting “right down to business.”


I tell you Mr. President the more I listen to Eminem the more I think old Marshall there could do a whole lot better than any of my sons who have now both jumped ship. I don’t want to put a gun to your head Sir, but if  you don’t play ball and get legislation passed bailing us out we all end up as dudu long before God decides to stretch out his arm as he places his feet on top of his desk saying, “Enough is enough, a New World Order is now called 4” and throws us a knuckleball that puts us on a trajectory headed directly for the sun which would provide a big enough stimulus package from all our hot air to keep the sun going for another odd billion years.


It shouldn’t be hard for you to imagine what will come of us all when the masses work out that not only was Jesus Black but like Warren and I also wanted to support the nation in time of unprecedented tragedy although we will be willing to forgo our legal policy contract exclusions and indemnify to the best of our ability those who have suffered loss with the hope and faith that the Federal Government will exercise a financial response plan similar to that effected for flood victims.


Thank you Mr. President for being so patient with this lowly Jew. Just one other thing as your father can attest to, being a former head of the CIA there is absolutely no truth to the allegations contained on some fukukta website  that refers to,


“Maurice "Hank" Greenberg - The CEO of AIG insurance, manager of the third largest capital investment pool in the world, was floated as a possible CIA Director in 1995. FTW exposed Greenberg's and AIG's long connection to CIA drug trafficking and covert operations in a two-part series that was interrupted just prior to the attacks of September 11. AIG's stock has bounced back remarkably well since the attacks.”


If I was smart enough to be involved in anything along these lines then explain to me how I could end up with two sons who don’t have enough brains to understand that I invented a gravy train that is now headed for a train smash?


Come to think of it Mr. President perhaps with all the nonsense we have been feeding the world’s masses these umpteen years maybe our own brains have started to be affected and perhaps there is some truth to Mr. Gevisser’s findings that there is a strong correlation between those of us with less intelligence being more susceptible to degenerative diseases.


I think I have given you Sir enough for you to chew on for one day. My suggestion is that you contact Mr. Gevisser directly on his cell phone 1-858-SEL-NEXT or go to his website where you can send him a personal email. You might even think of contacting the NRCC's attorney.


I love you Mr. President even though I realize I am just one big boar and of course I voted for Gore and Lieberman who are not only opposed to tort reform but took you for a sucker when you embraced their support of going to war with Sad-Adam.


Alles van die beste[sic].