From:    Gary S. Gevisser

Sent:    Friday, December 20, 2002 8:27 PM

To:      Devin Standard

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Devin - WOW=MOM[1]




Ps - I've deleted your friend's email address as I am forwarding this email on to a number of folks who could do with a wake up call although by the time Xmess is over hopefully you and the rest of the gang will have something very special to celebrate. I'm interested in his response particularly whether he has heard about the show fear factor and of course it will be interesting to see his reaction once he has checked out which hasn't really been updated since we began some 6 months ago although we do keep turning the clock back.


For sum reason it is managing to attract a number of folks who are able to cut through some of the mustard to mention little of where all the wa.ste mostly ends up in folks not properly grounded, things of dark matter to boot. In your next email don't forget to indulge him more into the facts surrounding The Fish Rots From The Head Down... but remind him that he shouldn't enter restricted air space as in You might also want to make him aware of my recent swing of the bat in a courtroom filled with all the things that matter most and what an incredible feeling it was to see the wheels of justice not being blinded by those stubborn old facts.


Pps - I can't wait to give my newly born niece a customized piece of my Bottoms Up Schooling. Had there been a bris you could have tagged along and got introduced to the rest of the not so lily-white clan. Some of us white South Africans got more exposure than the common folk, conventional wisdom though is about to be turned on its ear in large measure thanks to folks like you.


Come to think of it with my mother just up the road we could have her meet your Dad. Some quarter century ago she spoke to a group of lawyers from the Illinois Bar and later we dined at the home of the President who lived in Gary, Indiana who happened to be black as well. They were a pretty tough group to tame although some of us had already a sense of the negative effects of aspartame. My mom, if she can still remember, bowled them over while wearing her pelt and I don't remember if she wore stockings. Christmas just around the corner and the train just went by. Got to go and feed the dog and of course say my blessings to God who guides us all. Stay warm, this cold front is far from over.




From: Devin Standard

Sent: Friday, December 20, 2002 5:33 PM

To: 'David J.'

Subject: Check out



Merry Christmas and Happy New Year! Next year we'll do it together in



HOWEVER- pull the wool from your eyes!

Bull Shit on those racist democrat bastards atoning for their sins. I

will personally enjoy spitting on their graves! I think it is sad that

WE have never had a blood letting in retribution. The French did it

excessively well in the 1790's. The Israelis not as well; but at least

they sent hit squads around the world to liquidate Nazis. Our American

Nazis were elected to the Senate by the democrats and called



You ever hear Byrd talk about how many lynchings he organized? How many

churches he burned, how many Americans he tortured and killed because

they looked like me? Those bastards like Hollings, Miller, Fulbright &

Gore sr. calling my father and my grandfather boy when they were being

polite, and nigger for the other 24 hours and 55 minutes a day? I'm sure

that's why your trailer park president looked up to Fulbright, no matter

how much of a loser he was, he knew in his heart he was always better

than Negras. That's what Fulbright and Gore Sr. taught him.


The Democrats look up to these people? Super selective memory when it

comes to forgetting the democratic party's obstruction of almost all the

Civil Rights legislation. Go back and look at the voting records if you

have erased their appalling record of hate from your mind.


We don't let Nazis go 60 years later, it is amazing to me that the

democrats have people who were worse than Nazis on their team, and they

look up to them as leaders, and "elder statesmen". Yep, lynching,

shooting, blow- torching, raping and brutalizing millions of men, women

and children. Be honest with yourself, you tolerate the most vile, evil

and rapacious bastards on your team because they get you votes and



So much for being the "progressive party". It ticks me off so much,

every time somebody Black achieves something on his or her own merit,

without the blessing of the dems, that they are demonized, ostracized,

and called not black because they work hard and are successful. By the

way, my dad is now the President of the New York State Bar Association-

68,000 lawyers, this on the heels of the Hvd Club presidency. He will

never be celebrated, or even pointed to as a model for inner city kids

though, because he works hard, is smart and doesn't kiss Jesse Jackson

or Billary Clinton's Asses. And, most importantly, if inner city kids

are given the tools to make it on their own, they will then no longer be

brainwashed into thinking they have to depend upon the Dem party for

their government cheese. And the teachers unions would lose power if

these kids actually learned something. They would no longer be able to

constantly demand increases in school funding.


The same for my friends General Charlie Bolden(the Astronaut) and

Admiral Walter Davis- I hope you get to meet these guys. General Bolden

has flown the space shuttle four times and ran MCAS Miramar, the Top Gun

School, and Adml. Davis, an electrical, aeronautical, and a mechanical

engineer, ran the entire Battlegroup of the Americas and was commandant

of the Washington Navy Yard before going on to run the Space Warfare

Command. These are Black super-achievers who could easily lead

marginalized children into the delight of science & math & English; but

your party wants the kids forced fed the beauty of lesbianism and the

evilness of Christmas instead. Who is doing the disservice? Who is

holding people back? Who is keeping the people down? Who covertly wants

to keep Black people down? Democrats! Give 'em more welfare so the

families won't stick together! A broken family will then depend upon the

government. Insidious yes, real yes, look in the mirror democrats. You

are the living face of the Devil!


Most Black families in the country are in favor of school vouchers so

they can put their future in private schools or Catholic schools, you

democrats won't let them because your socialist and communist teachers

unions would lose power. Here in California, they don't even pretend to

care about the kids anymore.


Lott is gone because he failed to nail Clinton after the House impeached

him. And, he let Jumpin' Jim Jeffords go. Lott could have saved himself

by going to the Democrat party though, the party of Jim Crowe. Nobody

(the press) would have said another word, indisputable, if you read the

racist comments made by both Wallace and Jennings in the recent past.


I'm not for the republicans as they are cowards. This Lott thing is case

and point, but your side is truly evil.


Skiing yes, once I put a few more things in order. I hope you and your

family have a wonderful Christmas, even if you are to smart to be a Dem.

I'm certain you will eventually disassociate yourself with those

suicidal bastards.


Have you heard of a show called fear factor?


Devin S. Standard



From: David J.

Sent: 20. december 2002 10:48

To: 'Devin'

Subject: RE: Hey




1. I think this country still hasn't come to terms with the race issue.


still live in a society that is mostly segregated by race.


2.  Racists are in both parties... but I think a guy like Lott gets hit


little harder than Byrd because of the fact, or perception, that Lott

had a

bad record on issues of social justice.  Guys like Byrd... and even


have somewhat attoned for their past sins with good votes on important

legislation... not so for Lott.


3.  Lots resignation had little to do with the Dems.  I'm confident that


the Repubs rallied around him that he would survive... however they seem

happy to see him go.  I have always heard that he wasn't universally



4.  Skiing is great... 9 days already.  I hope we get out together at


point this year... Utah?







From: Devin []

Sent: Wednesday, December 18, 2002 7:32 PM

To: David J.

Subject: Hey







How's it going?




Have some extra port and a Cigar for me.




Hey, how come your guys are jumping all over that Lott bastard while

maintaining total silence about KKK bastards in your Party like Byrd,


and Hollings.  You know I can't stand most politicians; but this is


when the Democrats who are by far the most racist of the parties

historically, are pretending to treat their opponents like that. Look at


votes on the various civil rights measures and you will see that your


has the most evil rapacious racists and segregationists.




I hope to be able to ski together this winter.




How has the snow been so far?






Devin S. Standard


[1] It is all butt impossible to calculate the impact of good parenting. Who to blame for the world being topsy turvy rests with each one of us who fail to hold accountable those who do wrong, starting with one’s own family and then going neighbor by neighbor eventually cleaning out the neighborhood and restoring a sense of community. Once we all know everything about each other we will get rid of the indifference and soon become transparent never to be  tTOo quick though to point fingers but knowing full well how to go about kicking butt when push comes to shove.


Once doesn’t necessarily have to have the cleanest of hands when linking up to form an impenetrable defense one just needs to be willing to stand tall, form a fence and with the power of the Internet begin to fence like never before in the history of our species, rooting out the corrupt politicians who interests are to pay attention to those who butter them up the most.


Politicians are not born, they are generally raised in rather descent households, often times with liberal leanings, open minded, so much so that their brains eventually fall out in large measure due to all the farting that goes on as these folks contemplate their navels around dining room tables having feast after feast, making gesture after gesture but rarely lifting a finger to go out and do the dirty work.


Eventually they get so soft in the belly that they keel over allowing their right wing brothers to rampage. The bigots of yesteryears at least had the courage to tell the truth about their beliefs of being superior to pot heads who often act like nothing more than potted plants who fail to act when called to duty when they have the opportunity to do the right thing. Today most of these folks have gone underground joining organizations like the Democratic Party thinking that the masses will associate democracy with the autocracy that hasn’t changed at least here in the United States for some 200 years. Who can remember when there was last a black person in the United States Senate?


Hitler had to have been perhaps the most honest politician in history in terms of describing everything ahead of time although I don’t think he fully predicted at the start how easy it would be to co-opt 100 million pretty descent folk to mention little of German ingenuity in to his worldwide conspiracy that could have wiped out the entire Jewish people were it not for the advent of some righteous gentiles who stood true to the scriptures, “Do unto thy neighbor as you would do unto yourself” and didn’t allow themselves to get caught up in a whole lot of mumbo gumbo commentaries.


Most of the time though the folks on the far left and their blood brothers on the far right work hand in hand munching off the middle and working classes who are just trying to make ends meet, who like most are honest but who have become apathetic by the chimes from City Hall that ring the same tune much like the church bells and synagogue choirs that have them mostly rocking out of tune.


As liberals get older with their formal education having interfered with their learning finally taking its toll they tend to insulate themselves more and more believing that they are God’s special creatures as their offspring getting whiter and whiter. Eventually all the inbreeding wrecks havoc on the masses who embrace these puffed up wheaties eaters believing that they are the light so often spoken about in the scriptures even though these white folks often can barely write let alone read the writing on the wall although they know a thing or tTOo about carrying gun.


And the biggest gun many men believe is what attracts most women. For some reason though this kind of thinking hasn’t put a damper on the sex life of people like Howard Stern. Healthy mind, healthy body. The smart folks like the smart money are sitting on the sidelines ready to drum up a series of Perfect Storms that will get folks in short order to begin once and for all cleaning up their poor acts.