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Subject: Re: Perfect Storm III - Intro continues..



Gaby, I will try and get you the “white paper” write up before the bell strikes 12 at midnight your time. It is now 2pm PST but I am on a roll. I am assuming you are able to click on the hyperlinks if inclined. Right now I am somewhat reclining hoping to catch some forty winks + tTOo before heading out to our mountain retreat. If you click on the last hyperlink go to the end and click on “geviseris” and then work backwards and sum things should begin to come more together, certainly in terms of how my mind functions.


The “42 B. Geviseris 42” photo is the only photo we have of our family store in Vilnius. It was taken before the Second World War. The kids in the photo and their children were all murdered during the Holocaust. The man standing is my grandfather’s elder brother who managed to get out in time. We really don’t know exactly how the rest of the family’s end came about as my step-grandmother wanted the horrors swept under the carpet. You may have come across a two page letter in the “knotty Jews” which was a hyperlink “in Jew course” sent to you in a previous email and by now you must have picked up on my disinclination to sweep-ing things under the table.


In the end we all pay for the dust particles, Owen’s Valley, one low point of our contemporary history of abandonment where future generations pay for the mistakes of the older generation, no different to what happens when we provide the youth of the world who are all our futures with the “white e-ducati-on” path-finders, psychos  to be replaced by minis, midget minds to be taken on educational journeys of enlightenment, healthy mind, healthy body.


My dad is the person in the “get out” hyperlink standing on a rock, unquestionably far more athletic in every category at age 79 then Gov. Davis seen this summer at the Del Mar fair surfing up a storm while broadcasting,


I am the Vlaamsblok. Your kids can get hurt on these rides, byte my staff wont let me. I am getting paid tTOo much by V who are in a bit of a trough, nothing like being a pig ... Now who is this guy Gary Steven Gevisser with a god that has the belly of a gip-sy, Eq-yp-t-r-ians to boat along with kids of illegal aliens who invade our schools whose parents provide the cheap labor that keep folks like the Imperial Irrigation land owners above water as the water transfers begin…---… saved in time by the bell, shaped curves to embrace although credit must be given to Mr. Hertzberg 8 al. Hey Dan Weinstein I thought the Jews gave up that sort of horse shit meek calves long before Pythagoras came on the scene.” [sic].


South Africa these days is not exactly rock solid despite the Blombos Cave rock discovery referenced on the home page of Here in Del Mar we have had a lot of rock falls to mention little of the earth movements which combined make New Beginnings to mention little of The Cave I spend less and less time in these days. The man with me in “The Cave” photo is Sebastian Capella one of my very good artist-painter friends. My Dad was also there that night in December 2000 when I began “My Last peace” mini series aimed at attacking the indifference of “Wash-ing-ton-wo-men” by first taking to task the co-founder of AKAMai, which is “lucky” in Hawaiian.


Randall Kaplan may not have been responsible for the $40 odd billion drop in the company’s market value since he only worked for the company just a few months, nevertheless receiving as severance, no doubt for a job “well done” that on December 31st 1999 was worth in excess of $650 million. I assume he acted in his stated profession as lawyer although for all I know he could be a genius programmer although I know for a fact that the true genius of the company was killed on American flight 11 that crashed into the World Trade Center on 9-11.


Anyone, however, on my email list back then as well as folks like momworker-63 viewing the Yahoo Revlon message board who got a taste of my “mini-les miserables-wor.d series  and followed the 4 companies I had targeted as “good opportunities” would have generated a home run sufficient to be called more than a King’s Rand-sum, although Peer-I-leSs  Systems came later.


I don’t think I got one of picture of my Dad at that particular New Beginnings Party butt hopefully he tTOo will tag along and join us soon at our next party. The last hyperlink shows photos of some of us as we celebrated New Beginnings Party #2 which took place back in August of this year to coincide with the opening of an art exhibit of Sebastian Capella’s which was covered by the Fox Network.


G, I am giving you here as much of a full perspective of what I am all about including hyperlinks to what many would like to suggest is my “craziness.” You may be a little young to remember King Golden but he is someone pretty well known amongst the local 60s “c-h-ok-ed up” generation particularly folks like Roger Hedgecock who I referenced in an earlier email. The “Washington wo-men” hyperlink gives you another glimpse of where I have journeyed keeping pace with folks both on the far left, those centered, as well as those many would consider on the far right like Roger Robinson who was a member of the NSC during Reagan’s first term in office. Roger Robinson and King Golden who is very much a left of left leftist are very good friends, bosom buddies.


Today, the “Washington Bunch” know for certain I am anything butt a potted plant, no doubt very concerned that if I am right and those of us who have not done right end up coming back to earth in a pecking order starting out as plants and then having to work their way around and about, some species going back in to the oceans like whales other species of plant life being stuck out in the dessert all alone waiting for my dog Pypeetoe to come and do business #1 and #2 in no particular order. King Golden in particular had this thing about “a phat” women but like most of my former buddies he was very attracted to my “travel companions” and for that aspect of his good taste I give him all the credit in the world. There are though more than a number of debits that counter-balance his positive moves.


That last hyperlink shows Marie, “my travel companion” in one of her mad-e up outfits that gives a good sense of what I mean by healthy mind, healthy body and naturally I want to do my best to preserve all t-hat. Most of the time though she looks like “phat” as in cool.  I am needing additional time to get more of my ducks lined up so that before crossing the bridge into our rock cabin up in the mountains later today I have a life vest in place in the event Perfect Storm III reaches that neck of the woods. I not only want to avoid being swept up in the storm but nothing would bother me more than breaking my neck while trying to save my howling god. I am not one constantly looking over my shoulder but I do reflect on things of matter knowing for certain that the speed of light is not a constant.


As we approach the homestretch it is important that I adjust my stride, get insync never forgetting to stretch making certain my vocals chime with the conductor’s big stick, i.e. the powers that be be comfortable with me. The fact that your nephew and others on the ball like him will vouch for me should not overshadow the intensity of the counter attack that will undoubtedly come from those who have a vested interest in maintaining the status quo.


Not everyone is happy with me these days even my dog would prefer I play more with him than type on the computer. He is though constantly watching my back and make no mistake despite no teeth to his bark, all feet, afraid of the dark, he has Maggie who can deliver a punch if need be and then we have Franky the bird who can deliver the meanest byte. When we first took possession of the “2nd bird” which is sitting on top of Marie’s head, salvaged out of Marie’s ex-husband’s garage we began by calling him-her “Happy” but with all that’s been going on we haven’t yet fully built back the trust that was lost.


By the way, the “life vest” hyperlink is what is on the other side of the page in the June Forbes Magazine containing the Hot Water Wars article. My one close colleague who today is most familiar with my game plan although even he keeps me guessing believes that the “blow to the back of my head” will probably come from a “family member” as opposed to some “lone gunman.” The man playing the bagpipes is more than a good friend to me. Robert Anderson is perhaps the smartest man in the world, certainly based on the folks I have met. Alan Landry who went to Andover just a few years behind George W. Bush was “voted” the “second smartest person in the world.” Alan and Robert have yet to meet.


During yesterdays kids’ soccer games things got a little tense as my “travel companion” with the “kick butt” look, had just prior sent her ex-husband the “new rules of play” and later handed him a hard copy along the sidelines as I transported their daughter to another soccer game. This “travel companion” description is obviously something that has many confused to mention little of my wealth which did not come from the Moshal Gevisser “instant empire.” In fact had Dr. Stewart not committed such a “heinous act” on of all days September 11th I probably would have given away by now pretty much all of my estate. Of course I would have held on to my intellectual property rights including my good name and what I consider to be a rather healthy mind despite the brain damage education I was subejected to growing up in South Africa. Fortunately, the judge stood tall helped in so small measure by your nephew and my “travel-lodg-ing companion” looking him squarely in the eye.


Saturday’s sports games ended peacefully as both kids played exceptionally well. Today’s got off to an even better start with Danielle making it on to the “write volleyball team.” Jonathan, my 10-year-old “man” who wears number 13 scored a hatrick including a penalty kick in the last seconds of his game yesterday that resulted in a 6-5 victory. Later he and I celebrated quietly along the sidelines as we watched his sister, Danielle who is 13, wearing #2, help her team to a draw while I worked the sidelines as a linesman, the first time in my life despite growing up playing the game. I was never that great a soccer player often getting confused with what foot to kick with although compared to some parents who were never schooled in the game I come across as a “genius.”


This word is so incredibly misused although I think all folks who play sports professionally are genii other than those who play baseball which is for the lame although it does allow female spectators to use the bathroom without missing a beat. American football isn’t much different although once the timeouts end it can get interesting deciding who has the ball. I wore a tee-shirt with #33 on the back. Their mother has the identical tee-shirt with #34. The previous day Marie bought Pypeetoe an Izod sweeter with #37 covering his chest. Last night Jonathan went to Catilian where the young-upwardly-mobile learn to dance along while being taught proper etiquette such as looking people appropriately in the eye, never to stare but to stand one’s ground, helped in no small measure by never ly-ing.


Obviously it is time for me to now rest in order to make certain we all get to enjoy this coming Xmas at Cc:rest our bed and breaKfeast café in Minehead, England. The original name was Sea crest café but we thought it needed to be spoofed up a little to meet with the times. That ad you see in the last hyperlink was placed only once in the Sunday Times, a South African Newspaper. The response I got gave me more than a reality check which reminds me that since I am planning to ride the Ducati up to the mountains which does 0-60 in all of 3 seconds although the top end of the mini s is possibly higher, I had better pick up the pace. I haven’t though tested either vehicle to their limits. I am waiting for MS to get an “armor plated” jacket like I recently purchased.


I want to remind you again of my conversation late Friday afternoon with Rod Smith who is blind copied on this email. Another good friend of mine Dr. John Pollard, not to be confused with the Israeli spy, Jonathan Pollard, happened to be standing nearby during our more than 30 minute call. Actually Rod and I spoke twice. The first call was disconnected as Rod was passing by a truck on his way back home. A similar thing happened earlier this year when I was walking by the tracks in Del Mar although the signal was not interrupted. Back then he and I had been discussing matters pertaining to the “train having left the stati…”


I was at almost the exact spot where my former lawyer-pal King Golden once told me a biblical story about “The pelican and lion” that caused me not simply to take a deep breath but to start moving down a path that would sever my relationship with him and then sum. As you know there is a steep cliff to the right before one gets to the water. The see-me-a-nt truck which avoided me by a matter of feet in the space of no more than 3 seconds was headed down those cliffs if the driver hadn’t smartly decided to lay it down in the vacant parking space alongside my table.


While speaking with Rod there was quite a lot of noise from the waves crashing down but I continue to be certain that Rod can be counted on to tell the truth although I cannot speak for his “safety nest.” He happened to be present in that second meeting with Governor Davis on December 28th of last year where he presented his own white paper” on matters pertaining to the brewing “Hot Water Wars.” I understand that the gentleman, Joe Campos, who set up both meetings with Governor Davis, the first one involving the top executives of U.S. Filter and the subsequent meeting 10 minutes or so later with Rod Smith present, is now back working for U.S. Filter no doubt having impressed the powers that be that he is an honorable citizen and someone who should be gainfully employed. Why they couldn’t find a Frenchman to give the “Joe blow joe jo-ab tTOo” is beyond me. I understand that a guy by the name of Mess-ier is currently beating the sidewalk looking for work.


Workouts used to be my business but today I simply want to help folks from getting into trouble in the first place. First though we have to expose the fraud and corruption that drips down and impacts us all. Trickle down economics never really grabbed me as it wouldn’t anyone with half a brainne. The other evening I pointed out to Marie "Arthur Laugh-ing Curve" who I thought was sitting near us down at the Plaza where I often just hang out watching the madhatten crowd, giving away mostly business cards while holding most of what I do for a living very close to my chest.


I could very easily just live out the rest of my life leading the very good life but there is something inside of me that says I have to try and do more. When you consider what I have to lose most people on this planet would consider my actions, at a minimum, rather dumb. Not too many folks I know, however, have worn my shoes and I am reminded right now of one of the things Robert Anderson told me of how back in the “old days” folks knew that a business deal had been done when the two parties walked out of the room both hobbling with the back of the shoe turned in, no one ever knowing who had won and who had caved in, pride to be preserved by both parties.


It is not important that we know each other’s business especially when it involves private individuals but those in the public arena, those who are our elected officials and those who take the pub-lic’s monies and then treat it as their own piggy bank should be held accountable and we should know everything about their business dealings. It is the meek with teeth who shall inherit and protect the earth for the next generation. And if someone wants to call me meek so be it. I have been called far worse. Those who hid-e behind corporate veils in particular should become transparent from the time they get up in the morning until they brush their teeth in preparation to make love to their “travel companions.” There should not only be records of their meetings but they should be videotaped which in a nutshell would bring to an end, at a minimum, meetings simply to have meetings.


Mr. Joe Campos is the same individual who used to “re-nt” space from Wetherly Capital. It was Mr. Campos and the top dogs from Wetherly Capital who a week or so later after bearing “New Year gifts” to our Governor journeyed into the dessert with New Year resolutions to boot, hell bent on meeting with the same top dogs of U.S. Filter who had met privately with the Governor in the first meeting, back on December 28th although it could have been a day either side given my recent focus on what Martha Stewart was doing on December 27th. It is my understanding that Joe Campos was also present at the first meeting with the Governor. Unlike other folks in Wetherly Capital’s former offices Joe Campos’ walls were littered with photos of “road kills” and the most notable one was of him and Senator Kerry where the Senator is waring his Congressional Medal of Honor.


On their journey to the dessert Mr. Campos and the two Wetherly Capital co-managing directors, Dan Weinstein and Vicky Schiff contacted both Rod and myself but were not really interested in our input, letting us both know that they would be calling us back prior to the meeting which they never did. Later they described those meetings as simply “brainne storming.” Now for all I know they could have wanted to visit with the U.S. Filter folks to filter out some of the difficulties Dan Weinstein was having with his teenager who was hell bent on having a belly button ring implanted, although they could have simply gone to check out the camels while getting sum input from the U.S. Filter folks on how to hold their breath as they spilled their garbage in to the air while driving along our freeways in addition to doing things such as eating - reading the newspaper, changing CDs, putting on make-up, reading maps, spanking the kids etc etc.


At the time Rod was unaware of the Wetherly Capital folks’ connections to Mr. Bill Simon. I only became aware of the Wetherly Capital-Bill Simon, Special Situations Fund [SSF] after I had already been engaged during my meeting with Wetherly Capital’s board of directors where “bored chairman” Dick Ziman asked me, “So what do you bring to the table?” I had assumed my connections to the Bill Ler-aches of the world were already known.


The day that I first met Rod Smith was October 23rd of last year, a day of infamy at least as far as I am concerned. Many things occurred on that day including revelations by Joe Campos to Rod Smith, Seymor van Gundy, the dean of agriculture from UC Riverside, and myself of wrongdoings within the house U.S. Filter while the company was being run by Dick Heckman whose beach house is at the entrance to dogs beach in Del Mar, quite an eyesore although I like it’s color pink. I later met Dick Heckman at his hangar hangout in the dessert accompanied by Dan Weinstein who at the time thought that Dick, his and Joe Campos’ former boss would make a great front man.


That “inf-lam-ous” day was the only time I recall ever breaking bread with Rod at Wetherly Capital’s headquarters although later on February 8th of this year he and I both drank poison pill bottled water at their new headquarters in the World headquarters of Arden Realty located at the Wor.d Savings Center in west Los Angeles after Rod took a photo of Vicky Schiff of me in front of a plaque that read WORK HARD PLAY HARD something which I believe should be voted in as the 12th Commandment. Make no mistake Gaby one needs to tread very carefully when dealing with these folks and make no mistake I am fighting fit right now but I don’t want to find myself blindsided especially when accelerating through the corners at break neck speed.


I have made it clear to Rod that he should do a number of things to preserve the integrity of his “work product” including staying safe and dry and watching from behind when driving to and from. Rod Smith was involved to sum degree in this latest “round the clock” meetings involving the “stand still” agreement between the IID and the City of San Diego which is really nothing more than “breathing room” to get Governor Davis through November 5th and then sum, at least that is my opinion. By the way November 5th is “fire works” day in other parts of the world, commonly known as Guy Faulks Day when the British in particular celebrate an occasion when this crazy guy tried to blow up the Houses of Parliament.


There is going to be than a blow up of relationships to mention little of the Release and Confidentiality Agreements the Wetherly Capital folks would like me to sign. The Hot Water Wars are only going to get steamier and as we know the best defense the opposition are going to be able to put on is that I have blown my mind. They also know, however, that I am sitting on more than one keg of dynamite which means they have to be more than simply sharp shooters. That calculator is one that I got while at high school and it still works.


Taking pot shots is not my business, nor have I been smoking any dope and these folks know all of this about me including where I live. Quite frankly though the person I most fear these days is my “travel companion’s” ex-husband who as a result of his lies had got himself into very deep waters. In short order I will be filing a lawsuit against him but like with everyone I have a beef with I will be giving him and his lawyer an escape hatch of sorts, allowing light to come in while taking them on an educational journey that will limit the possibilities of them being able to come back time and again as has been done in the past, generation after generation, repeating the same mistakes, allowing despots to simply regain their footing.


Even in the event of my not getting low enough as I speed through the curves I have the utmost confidence in my close colleagues to continue the fight and quite frankly I believe in my heart of hearts they are not as “brain dead” as me. Remember I was raised in South Africa and fed garbage for most of my 21 years although as we told the kids today most of the blacks in South Africa would have given their left arm for what we fed our dogs.


One last thing before I call it a day and this pertains to Roger Hedgecock, a recovering lawyer and then some. I had provided Roger with somewhat of a “road-map” earlier this year that I thought would have got him sniffing in the right corners. Roger is, however, good friends with King Gold-CLUBen. Opposites are known to attract and make no mistake Mr. King Golden Esq. is not simply an adversary of mine he knows full well how good I am with numbers and remembering things including how he failed to act crazy when standing alongside Senator Muskie in 1972 when the Senator broke down crying because of some “innocuous” line of questions coming from the news media. King thought about acting crazy by throwing himself into the crowd but in the end because of “pride” he simply froze. “Pride Attack” is my preferred ax of choice; the sharper the ax, the less collateral damage, the more folks keep coming back for more.


King has never forgiven himself for not saving the world from Nixon and “Killinger” and I have never missed an opportunity to remind him of the fact that no matter how bad Nixon and Kissinger were on so many different levels it was during the Johnson Administration that the powers of the Federal Government were, perhaps, most usurped including how the folks back then went after Martin Luther King. So when I see liberal whites dishing out things to and from people of color I become very suspicious. Last night we rented the movie Muhammad Ali and there is a scene where Muhammad is in training, “back and forth, sideways..”


I nearly once got into the ring with Evander Holyfield while he was training for his comeback in the late 90s. Just before I stepped into the ring, his trainer, Don Turner put his right arm around my shoulder and walked me around the ring commenting on how “great” a boxer I could have been, “You are stocky, fast arms…” all while continuing to give Evander pointers as he shadow boxed inside the ring and without warning Don would turn me around and head in the opposite direction as if I was a dog in training. This is exactly how I was trained to keep my dog from driving me nuts. Don Turner had obviously been watching me warm up as I hit a punching bag.


It is important to have people around you who can guide you right and know when it makes sense to distract one from doing something incredibly stupid. Not only do I have rather short arms but as a kid I used to box in junior school a buddy of mine who was not only several inches taller than me but had the reach which he used with devastating effect. Although he never bloodied my nose I should have learned from that experience alone my shortcomings. Overall though I have a pretty good sense of my strengths and weaknesses and do a rather good job of mitigating the downside. I am my own best critic, never allowing the pride of others to rub off on me, choosing my friends ever so carefully. And folks know that once they step outside the bounds of “fair play” I can become their worst nightmare.


Dr. John Ben Stewart threatened me on September 8th with “I will hound you the rest of your life” when all I did was tell the truth and describe a beautiful day’s outing with his daughter. When, however, you are conditioned not to deal with the truth you become in a nutshell, “brain dead.” Once the white lies reach the esophagus to mention little of the thyroid gland you are essentially dead meat unless of course you find an alternative pathway to moderate your behavior.


Racism, bigotry is all taught and I have made it a point every step along the way from when I could first talk always to question. The first Hebrew lesson I can recall was the explanation given to what “Israel” translates to in English. If we are allowed to “struggle with god” which must also mean to question even our creator, than we must certainly question man and all his stupidity like thinking the color white makes a man.  The executor of my estate is a black man by the name of Devin Standard. Devin, like me, is probably not registered to any particular party but our interests are very much aligned. We are planning a motorcycle ride across the Baja Dessert sometime soon. You will be impressed with Devin to mention little of his wife and kids although I do want to meet his mother and father one of these days.


One last thing is that although I have many contacts around the world including in Israel, never once [as best I recall] have I done any work for any government organization let alone anyone involved with any military, no matter how righteous their cause. I have taken issue with the way Jonathan Pollard has been treated especially taking folks like Senator Lieberman and other Jewish leaders to task for being so tTOo fa-r-ced.


It is no secret that I voted for President Bush who could go down as the greatest president in living memory, perhaps as great as David Ben Gurion, the first prime minister of Israel who I met 30 years ago this past Friday afternoon, who had a vision of light. Now we simply need to get smart by bringing together the greatest artists, mathematicians, physicists in one big war room and wage a war against the biggest killer of all, those who are indifferent who allow the despots of the world, the corrupt politicians to get away time and again with murdering not just the old and decrepit and many young but worse the minds of all the young who are our future. Once we address people’s indifference and no one can be indifferent when it comes to water then getting everything else in order becomes easy pickings.


Enough said.




Ps – I will be copying you on perhaps 2, maybe 3 emails before I send you the “white paper.” I think you have enough here to chew on and since I know there is nothing really that can be accomplished between now and when the polls close tomorrow I think I will just take the afternoon off and head slowly to the hills. There were lots of interruptions including helping to load up “my travel companion’s” car with all the “write stuff.”



From: Gf
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Subject: Re: Perfect Storm III - Intro continues..


I have pased along this information to the NRCC's attorney for review. I had
already had given the team a heads up that I wanted this reviewed asap to
see if if could be of any use to the RNC. Thank you for including me.
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From: Gary S. Gevisser

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Subject: Perfect Storm III - Intro continues..

Gaby, this hyperlink below should be something for you to chew on right
now. You may be interested to know if you haven't already come across it in
my writings that there are only about 360 folks on my email address list and
rarely do I send emails out to my entire address book. Just today alone we
have had some 3,000 hits on the website and I have yet
to speak with any member of the media other than what I mentioned was a
chance meeting with Kimberly Hunt. And I am not certain that she can hunt
all that well. You should also know that back on November 8th 2000 I had a
hand in alerting conservative folks in Florida that something rotten was
occurring in the Democratic front-al attack, the NAB to boot. More on that

These communications above were to a journalist who never did respond to me.
They should, however, give you more of a glimpse of what the other side
already have for certain in their possession. You would need to click on the
10810 in "certain" to know what I mean by the certainty one gets from having
a clear conscience, a mind a terrible thing to lose, be mindful though only
to people who show they really care about you and " seperate" from the rest
especially the indifferent.