From: Gary S. Gevisser
Wednesday, September 17, 2003 7:57 PM
To: Laurie Black
Cc: rest
Subject: RE: Leave me ALONE Gary!!!!! ...---...Do u need extra butt..? Spin-Spineless?



Laurie, if absolution is what you are looking for I know of a few Roman Catholic priests as well as a couple of former altar boys such as King Golden Jnr Esq that will listen to your confession and surely commiserate providing all the answers.


As u know I was raised Jewish Orthodox where action in search of truth speaks louder than false promises, transparency king.


You shouldn’t be afraid of being questioned on your actions if u have actually made all the efforts to seek out the truth.


Devin Standard, who u also chose to duck when I was simply returning the favor u have given me on numerous occasions to “cuddle up close” with “movers & shakers” responded with the following in reference to an E-mail I sent out to a whole bunch of Jewish South Africans who attended our private Jewish day school:


Any, and all moral highground is undermined if the minute one's proprietary

skin has been saved, one turns a blind eye to lesser, equivalent, or

greater evil. The fact that the gift of one's life has been spared

obligates one to, if not ruthlessly wield the sword of righteousness, to

at the very least, least shine a light into the dark corners where evil

manifests. Otherwise you are abetting the Devil you've recently dodged. Cheers…


Laurie, hiding in a confessional booth, now seeking to avoid public scrutiny, remaining in denial, wanting me to say u r a good person is nothing short of a pipe dream.


Better if u would act in a different way than trying to justify your poor actions, examining carefully why it is that folks who feel so desperate eventually fall under the influence of “snaked-tongue” leaders making themselves weapons of mass destruction to mention little of those within our own borders who feel “so left out in the cold” choosing to manufacture and place pipe bombs aimed at “soft-targets” nothing short of suicidal, u wud agree?


May I suggest u take the time out of your so very busy schedule, no doubt u r still able to afford a nurse or too for your mother and examine the “action” hyperlink and when u get to the bottom of the page click on the “action” hyperlink contained within your “CONFIDENTIALITY NOTICE” which is a carbon copy of a statement taken from Nelson Mandela when he was imprisoned sum 27 odd years for so-called crimes against “soft targets.”


One of the houses we are still considering is located on 27th street in Del Mar and of course u couldn’t resist looking at my “Goodbye beat” hyperlink, 45 not a “bad” number in the scheme of things and even though mathematics clearly isn’t your “bailey wig”, u know enough about Pythagoras and his teachings that, “Number is the essence of all things, good or evil”, our choices in life made so much easier for those of us capable of counting our blessings, agree?


The “wig” hyperlink contains a photo of my mother, perhaps the only “bad” photo ever taken.


Like my wife, Zena Gevisser, most would agree, looked better “in the flesh” never once going under the knife 4 plastic surgery perhaps concerned that if they pulled the skin to tight she could find her anus in her mouth which is what probably happened to a real estate neighbor of Marie’s who knocked on the door the other day and accused “us” of placing red warning beacons next to the ugly massive blue dumpster that has been parked in the street in front of her house for more than a year.


Thank G-D, is all I can say, the Lord sparing us from looking at this woman’s wretched face, and u get bet your bottom dollar I dumped on this realtor like no one has ever seen, even Pypeetoe was whimping despite not once raising my voice, the demented woman clearly upset about a lot things including having to compete with young, blonde bimbos not getting the listing on Marie’s house probably didn’t help the tail spin she was already in butt nothing, I can assure u, quite as upsetting as the proof she now has that is the wave of the future.


And when folks come to grips with the same things I have known a lifetime about the extent of the rigging that has gone on for ions in both the insurance and real estate industry they will begin to c light at the end of the day, like never be4.


I learned a few things from “mom” including what it took not simply to “sell newpapers” but to “control” the media without being stupid enough to own a newspaper and worry about things such as payroll, filling out payroll tax reports, blah blah, nothing quite like having 4 happy faces to come home to every night, the 4 of us knowing not only how hard both our parents worked but the odds of them doing anything “illegal” being “slim & none” but then again u may have a better idea of why “mom” has stopped communicating directly with her youngest, me.


Quoting from Part 1 of the 8 Part mini series I am sending to Mr. Jim Gibson, a Republican, who is apparently still in the running for the California State Assembly, “After long deliberation over the “mother issue” we think we came up with the only reason why Zena-Ash-Gevisser-Zulman is not communicating with me directly has to be that she is becoming senile, what else could explain such childish behavior?”


And be4 u start suggesting that I follow Mr. Mandela’s approach to “balancing out” the wreckage caused in the wake of the Apartheid Nazi regime in South Africa make certain young lady u have not only all your faculties in place but a sense of what has taken place in South Africa under the ANC Government that has allowed folks who wrote letters to the community, such as Norman Lazarus’ father, Bernard Lazarus, condemning Mr. Mandela as a “terrorist” although the word he may have used was “communist” supporting his imprisonment.


No doubt many Jewish families benefited from the “slave labor” camps spotted all around South Africa having got away with nothing short of “murder”, one thing to have to work “within the system” as my immediate family did, but another thing altogether to provide not just vocal support for these WWII Nazi remnants but helping to raise monies to boot; worst of all intimidating both young and old to the point that it is not all that surprising that so many have “spotted memories.”


Nothing like a good jog to refresh the soul?


While communicating this brief to u I continue to send out to very carefully selected “targets” the following:



Subject: ?If I am not for myself who is 4 me? And if I am only 4 myself, who am I? If not now, then when?


“So in So…---…,” question:


Do you ever recall an occasion in all the times you attended synagogue at the Orthodox Jewish Temple in Silverton Road, Durban, South Africa or when you attended Carmel College, our private Jewish day school, when there was either one banner or a single speech by one of the many leaders of our Jewish community, protesting the policies of the illegitimate [NAZI] government that ruled South Africa with an iron first from 1948 when the State of Israel was formed, longer than the 40 years our Jewish ancestors supposedly spent wandering in the desert?



If u do recall such an occasion-s, can u tell me as best u can recall when such happening-s occurred and what came of such protest? Second, what, if anything, do u think we as a community or just a handful of us individually should do about it?




Gary S. Gevisser



Ps – Please feel free to share this email with everyone on your email list. Your name along with everyone else who has received a similar email will be in “Jew course” [sic] displayed on the website



I began sending these emails out at exactly Mon 9/15/2003 9:26 AM, going back and forth on a list of Carmel College kids who attended our private day school from when it first opened its doors back I would guess in the 1960s.


And while I remember, in the email I sent u which is contained within “action” hyperlink above which begins, “When you steal an election…” there is a reference to Eugeneo who I thought with all your powerful connections u would be able to help and at the same time get a little bit of an education of how one can accumulate a significant real estate portfolio in short order and then when it no longer suits u to have anyone around who may be able to “pick up” on your shenanigans u don’t think twice about threatening to “trump up charges” nothing quite as intimidating as a former prosecutor, wouldn’t you agree?


Yesterday, at precisely 11:22AM PST I placed a call on my cell phone to Beacon Self-Storage, the facility which the former governor of California and now mayor of Oakland, Jerry Brown, once in a conversation with Mark Weinstein, a mini real estate mogul, apparently referred to as “That ugly building?” to find out if you had followed up, u of course remember it was u who corrected me on my read of Hillel’s, “If I am not 4 myself, who is 4 me. And if I am only 4 for myself, who am I? If not now then when?


Of course I assume it was a question given the gist of the conversation as told to me by Mark Weinstein who when severing his relationship with Ms. Vicky “Sticky” Schiff, now co-managing director of the Wetherly Capital Group, the organization responsible for masterminding and executing the rigging of the most recent California Gubernatorial elections that were held last November 8th had a provision within the “Settlement Agreement” very similar to the one the Wetherly Capital Group tried to get me to sign back on April 3rd of 2002 when they came to grips that I couldn’t be “relied on” to go along with their shenanigans, nothing quiet like a “hold harmless” provision on all parties, wouldn’t you agree, more surprising when u consider the fact that I was never a party to any agreement between Mark Weinstein and Vicky “Sticky” Schiff, agree?


And of course if any of what I wrote above is above your head then further proof that you are in fact “way over your head” and why Californian voters to mention little of the electorate all over the world should now begin with of course my help to question “What the hell is going on?”


And hell, once again, is only here on planet earth.


It is time for u to figure out who exactly are you trying to please, i.e. What and who do u represent?


Since u have chosen to email me once again u leave me, despite the limited time I have available, no choice butt to respond, in kind, and of course I am being kind, since I could very possibly initiate an investigation right this very moment given the access u have to “highest” members of the Democratic Party who could be using you as nothing more than a pawn, or a sacrificial lamb in biblical terms.


By the way we had lamb for dinner on Saturday evening and fish on Sunday. Marie+I ate Italian last night where the bill came to $66.99 with a tip, just in case u r interested. I am not exactly certain what stimulates everyone these days and remember my goal is for everyone on this planet to visit the website at least once a day.


Have u ever wondered whether young Roman Catholic Children who make up stories during confession like, “I hit my sister” or “I lied to my mother” just because they may be too embarrassed to say, “I have not sinned father” and what the implications might be to say a boy in the age group 7 to 11 who battles to remember what he did the day before when faced once a week with having to hear this “Godly” voice in a booth saying, “So tell me Mr. Golden what is it exactly u failed to disclose, blah blah?” and why do u think the Pope looks so old?


Naturally, the likes of Mr. Golden eventually worked out that perhaps he and his buddies might as well break, say a window and mitigate all their anxiety during the rituals that tend to overshadow the good messages of Jesus Christ, nothing quite like being “forced” to make such ridiculous choices between being embarrassed and forced to lie, the net result being when they are finally given a voice, a platform to speak out, as Mr. King Golden did back in the fall of 1972 when standing alongside Senator Muskie on the flat bed trailer as a storm developed which was anything butt a tempest in a tea pot, instead of throwing himself in to the crowd to distract the media who were asking Senator Muskie the most pitiful of questions apparently about his wife’s spending habit, King Golden, one of your heroes, froze in his tracks, from pure embarrassment.


Moreover, when his-your hero Bill “Wallpaper” Clinton got placed” in the “Buck Stops Here” seat supposedly the most powerful seat in the land thanks to folks like me who have no one more than Norma Essakow, King Golden and Valerie Schulte to thank for my “wake up” call 8 years later, and again in the early 1990s now approaching middle age with a big stomach and bad knees, King Golden cannot find it within himself despite his wife being a bigwig with Head Start, geared toward removing the head trips from poor parenting, schools mostly catering as poor day care centers 4 parents “on the go”, to rise above all the political rhetoric going on at the time, and be one of the first to scream into Bill Clinton’s ear, “Now is the time for us to first confront our past before we can expect the people to follow us blindly, and lets start at home base, where a whole lot of pedophiles congregate.”


Which is why I am painstakingly asking that very important question to everyone I knew growing up whose email address I have managed to get hold of pretty much the same question I posed to Norman Lazarus, namely




Subject: “If I am not for myself who is for me? And if I am only for myself, who am I? If not now then when?


“So and So…” question:


Do you ever recall an occasion in all the times you attended synagogue at the Orthodox Jewish Temple in Silverton Road, Durban, South Africa or when you attended Carmel College, our private Jewish day school, when there was either one banner or a single speech by one of the many leaders of our Jewish community, protesting the policies of the illegitimate [NAZI] government that ruled South Africa with an iron first from 1948 when the State of Israel was formed, longer than the 40 years our Jewish ancestors supposedly spent wandering in the desert?



If u do recall such an occasion-s, can u tell me as best u can recall when such happening-s occurred and what came of such protest? Second, what, if anything, do u think we as a community or just a handful of us individually should do about it?




Gary S. Gevisser



Ps – Please feel free to share this email with everyone on your email list. Your name along with everyone else who has received a similar email will be in “Jew course” [sic] displayed on the website.



Whenever I see someone who never played sports at a really competitive level hobble around as King Golden and his neighbor Dr. JBS with their bad knees I not only wonder about how unfortunate they must be having such poor DNA but more importantly how dangerous could they have been to society if they were really able to impress the girls with their fast moves, i.e. if they were more like Devin Standard.


Again, I found it interesting that u chose tu copy Devin Standard in your tirade but yet when he and I tried to set up a meeting between the two of you just like when I tried calling you after once meeting with my attorney James C. Ashworth just a “hop-jump-and-a-scotch” from your offices on 5th Street, u “ducked” the meeting and of course it had nothing to do with your husband Robert Lawrence thinking that u would run off with Devin who happens to be very happily married to a woman whose skin is a whole lot fairer than yours, not that u r any less beautiful but I think it is time as King Golden would say, “to come to terms with Jesus” and face your demons.


U shouldn’t need approval from anyone let alone a meaningless conscience questioning Jew such as me who is looking for answers, truthful answers.


If your conscience is clear, which means that u have searched for the truth for the overall good, why bother and therefore u shouldn’t need approval because your actions will speak for themselves – basic law of living, a happy life.


U shouldn’t be unhappy if u have done good, searching not just to please a segment of the population that has helped land u in the “pound seats”.


Your reactions seem at least to me, a wondering suitcase Jew with the gas tank to my Ducati ST4s always full, that u are being buttered up sumwhat.


So who butters your bread in the morning?


Do u need extra butter?


Think sum more about why u keep responding, “stunned to find myself so angry” albeit to let me know in the end that I should find “help.”


When u have been in my shoes, traveled to as many far off places as I have, met more people than the average “Joe Blow” who in a place like America can succeed to the highest offices, smoke their cigars with the mouth end dipped into young interns’ private parts and the likes of u have a problem when I use the word “ass” then all I can say is “shame on u, time to get a life.”


At least look for more meaning in your life, examine very carefully how folks like your husband and his father, both attorneys, decided that the real estate game is what gives them the “biggest erection” because as King Golden knows only too well I am, despite a rather poor, formally educated Jew boy, bearing in mind that I knew from a very young age not only was the system rigged but the teachers we had were mostly up to “know good” [sic] for the simple reason that they were “co-opted” and the instant u allow anyone to interfere with your sequencing u begin spiraling down toward a bottomless pit, hence why I invite u as well to one of my Bottoms Up Schooling courses I plan to put all over the world, as soon as u can just give me a break and shut up.


There is no doubt I have been incredibly blessed with pretty terrific parents considering the choices G-D had to choose from but I have always made the most of every opportunity good and bad never once can I recall opting for the “easy way out” never really caring for the movies especially scary, ones, paying very careful attention to those that had “made it” versus those left standing on the side of the roads, especially the “road kills” having to make the most of their pitiful lives and thinking to myself not by “the grace of G-D go I” but what I could do tu make things balance out more evenly since I knew that those that got the “royal treatment” certainly didn’t have the IQ to support more than the head on their shoulders whereas the meek seemed at least to me to be simply “shell shocked” butt for me to begin explaining how I came up with,


The Meek With Teeth Shell Inherit the earth” [sic] would be as difficult as me explaining to someone like yourself what was meant by the $64,000 question?


I have all the proof, I need, and remember proof is a function of evidence, the better the evidence the better the proof, that there are no such things as coincidences that one needs to pay very careful attention to one’s surroundings and the basic animal instincts to ferret things out, to use one’s skills to the best of one’s ability, never to dwell on “what could have been should have been” since if there are no such things as coincidences then the logical conclusion is that there is in fact a universal design and why the question, “How many coincidence does it take before it is no longer a coincidence?” is so profound.


There is “fiction” and “no fiction” just like friction, constantly around us and the need for us to get with the program and understand that going around in circles is not part of G-D-Nature’s design but that we should all embrace “change” the symbol being ▲, and to examine things “backwards & forwards” not be put off by folks especially the older generation who keep saying, “U will have your chance to screw up!” or


“There are certain things we can discuss and sum things we as your parents think is best swept under the carpet including how your grandfather Larry Lawrence, despite having everything going for him, a new wife when the old one wore out, one of the most famous if not the most famous hotel in the world with his smiling face adorning the lobby, got tripped up just by one careless ‘error’ that allowed all his detractors to have a field day.”


The truth does set you free and that is my interpretation of your calls for help.


The likes of Larry Lawrence lived “fictitious” lives from beginning to end and simply got caught because like most people who think their shit doesn’t stink they end up eventually making big time mistakes, most big time crooks rarely get caught, Senator Ted Kennedy’s father, is one that comes to mind, and if I am not mistaken the Kennedys are not Orthodox Jewish; so just take swig, make sure though it is not mouthwash.


It is up to each one of us not G-D to hold our fellow man in check and of course those who lie, steal and cheat get their comeuppance but I just happen to believe in giving them an earlier than usual send off message, i.e. business no longer as usual.


Hitler had in fact pulled off the unbelievable by getting Jewish people to ride roughshod over their fellow Jews, the so-called Capos.  


Quite an amazing man this Hitler who was probably shorter than me, dark hair, dark eyes, sickly complexion not quite Aryan, but somehow he not only managed to fool a good number of Jews who thought he was simply a nut but would later co-opt sum 100 million Germans to do his bidding and I truly wouldn’t be at all surprised if Hitler like my father and I hate the sight of blood.


I promise not to mention in any further emails to u the word “co-opt” unless u and your husband Robert own a co-op say in the building overlooking Central Park in New York City, say on 64th street where Ronald “The Finagle King” Perelman and I once took an elevator ride at a time when this “fictitious” Jewish person not only got “dissed”, i.e. the gentiles in the building were not swayed by the fact that he kept a kosher household although Mr. Hearst probably thought Perelman’s latest wife was “good-looking” to mention little of me ringing Ronald “O. Ring” Perelman’s bells to high heaven in the short elevator ride we shared to the Hearst’s “3rd floor castle” [sic] although by the time I was done with Perelman he knew better, than to step out, of the elevator.


So, how much money would u say, u and your family, both the Blacks of Los Angeles, i.e. Stanley Black as well as the Lawrences, i.e. Larry Lawrence have helped raise for Democratic Party candidates since WWII and of course we know that Larry Lawrence didn’t become the ambassador to Switzerland because he had a good looking wife, at the time, who very likely may have pushed really hard to get Clinton to absolve Jonathan Pollard of his sins as opposed to all the other Jewish folk who pushed harder, it seems, on the womanizer of womanizers, i.e. Bill “Give it tu me baby” Clinton, other than of course King Golden Jnr, in granting Roy Essakow’s former boss, Marc Rich, another despicable person embracing himself in Yiddishkeit, a presidential pardon.


The time is now, just after 7:15PM PST and I am about to head to the beach after just a partial day of house hunting having though taken a mid morning exercise alongside the Sorrento Valley water purification facility which the Regional Water Quality Control Board you sit on may have jurisdiction, because, there have been a number of times when we have noticed raw sewerage odors in and around facility 67 that is on the edge of the lagoon that separates Del Mar from the La Jollans trying to get away from their parents and/or those who smell rather awful.


As a member of the Regional Water Quality Control Board u would have, I presume, received the same briefing as the “White Paper” briefing Governor Davis received on or around December 28th 2001 and if not, why not?


As anyone in the real estate business knows only to well just like getting roads and freeways built, most at taxpayers expense, as soon as one builds the “highway” folks will come just like the superhighway, folks are hooked “on speed” and rarely does one consider the pollution and other negative side effects especially when one can so easily “close shop”, hide behind “corporate veils” threaten would-be victims with, “sue me if u please but please understand if push comes to shove I will simply declare bankruptcy.”


Just ask the likes of Fred DeLuca of Subway or better yet educate yourself on how it came about that a 6 year investigation by The House got “railroaded” when the Clintons’ buddy from Little Rock Arkansas, Rose Law firm, I believe, suddenly found himself in the “pound seat”, u of course remember Mr. Hubble of the Justice Department who may have even spent a few months in jail, do u think he got served Subway sandwiches, more importantly do u think the bread rolls were fresh?


Not to suggest that I am coming on to u, even though I happen to think u r one of the most beautiful women in the world and of course had u shown the slightest interest in me my mother would have arranged everything including getting u “the get”, now please don’t use the “f” word, remember if I am right about Einstein’s equation being proof positive of both evolution and the “hand of God” every movement you make, even the slightest sound wave, farts included, could create more instability within spaceship earth and God only knows my objective right now is to bring stability, back again.


But there are a few things that need fixing, including the population growth and I won’t bother anymore with my customary “fix” hyperlink since u may already know it by heart, right now I feel that Marie is wondering, “what is happening with u Gary” since we haven’t spoken all day.


Suffice to say, I don’t recall hearing anything about Clinton opening up that investigation in to Subway being the “Biggest Problem in Franchising” and yet u folks feel so indignant about the connections between the Enron folks and the current Administration.


So how much fat is there in your diet and why is it do u think that there are not more people like me out there picking on those who make a point of getting their names in the headlines, a website with their picture et al that talks about all the great things happening in the world and we close in on the biggest gangsters which u know includes a media “bought & paid 4” at taxpayer’s expense?


Now that I am gaining ground “at light speed” mustering support from all over the world including places like Machu Picchu in Peru and further south such as Igazu Falls, give sum thought to joining in, be4 it is to late.


I not only know a name or two out there and why folks such as Hank Greenberg take my calls, certainly in the past, probably not that many individuals on the face of the earth who can get thru to the top dog of perhaps the most diversified, certainly in my opinion the most solvent insurance company in the world, being placed on hold no more than 15 seconds, me taking no more than another 15 seconds to make a good enough impression to have Mr. Greenberg’s right hand person Mr. Tizzio be brought into “my briefing” to mention little of were it not for the fact that my travel plans in late December 1996 called for me to be in Florida for an “unscheduled” meeting with Mr. Fred DeLuca where Fred and I spent both New Years Eve and the entire next day getting to know one other, the top dog of AIG’s Merger & Acquisition team and his top lieutenant would have met with me within a matter of days if not hours.


I cannot remember if my telephone conversation with Hank Greenberg and Thomas Tizzio was on December 11th or 12th, 1996 but you have to believe that my continued relationship with Ron Bellows has little or nothing to do with my ugly “duck” looks.


This past Sunday I sent an E-mail to a real estate broker at one point very eager to rent Marie a townhouse with a pretty decent view of the Pacific Ocean just a “hop-jump-and-a-skip” from north Torrey Pines State Reserve impressing upon us as we met how be4 becoming one of the top real estate brokers for Jelly Properties he was both a successful businessman with an MBA as well as a skipper of a fishing boat.


I will only keep u informed in terms of how this particular Perfect Storm resolves it as well as whether Jim Gibson decides to my “ground rules” for a meeting to mention little of all the media folk including Diana Henriques of the New York X caught between the “rock and the hard plate” not sure whether I am going to be taken out before having to deal with a “make or break” career move.


Suffice to say George Humphreys of Jelly Properties has not yet responded to my email of September 14, 2003 8:57 AM but I will include him on this email. And of course should u have suggestions in terms of how I should follow up with George don’t hesitate to let me know.


As u well know, I have 4 sum time been trying to find someone with the courage, perhaps a former “whistle blowing” attorney like your best pal, Lisa Foster, who is now a Superior Court Judge, to take the “bull by the horns” and get into the knitty gritty of how the rigging of the gubernatorial elections of the 6th largest economy in the world came about, i.e. how come the Republicans were caught so “flat footed” to the point that the Republican National Committee like u prefers to look the other way, to mention little once again of me being in a pivotal position to do something about it.


As much as u may think your protestations have a positive impact on you receiving sympathy at this hour, the lack of veracity in your arguments as contained in the chronology of events that led to you deciding to “bury your head in the sand” once I made it crystal clear who was involved in the “hijacking” of our political process, is self evident and please notice I replaced, “up your ass” with “in the sand.”


I am very eager to find out who exactly could be behind this effort to have you deflect your own misgivings on to me, the Lord knows u r not the only person who would have me keep quiet at this time, i.e. prevent Manager Minute One being the biggest bloc-buster success of all time.


And the more u keep it up, suggesting that I am the insensitive one, insane to boot, while the masses of folk look on, not the King “Pothead” Goldens et al, more and more of them asking, “What exactly does Laurie Black have to hide?” folks who cannot afford the luxuries u know doubt are making available to your mom at her time of need, the greater the likelihood the success of MM1 is not going to be a pipe dream.


So go smoke that in your pipe!


On the other hand u may have simply taken my advice and contacted my “mom” who u met for the first time in the lobby of the Hotel Del Coronado, to repeat, for the brain dead, once owned by your in-laws and of course I could have said “outlaws” and placed a “sic” after it but I will try and keep that promise, as best, I can.


Despite my mother being a prolific and rather good writer, mostly using pseudo names, she has become deafening silent of late as she sees the issues I raised with her and my stepfather Alan Zulman back in late December 2001 about the lack of “protest” amongst the Durban Jewish community of South Africa during the 40+ year rein of the Nationalist Nazi Party take form, substance not image, everything.


Moreover, these rather heated discussions took place in the cold of winter over in England just 2 weeks before Governor Davis first met with Andy Seidel, CEO of U.S. Filter and a Steve Stanzac? followed up about 10 minutes later with a meeting with Rod Smith who presented the Governor with a “White Paper” on sum rather important water related issues, which for argument sake lets refer to as The Hot Water Wars, and come to think of it maybe the Governor was simply drunk at the time, and thought that Rod Smith who I believe has a doctorate in economics, could medicate him with some antibiotics; I just caught a glimpse of the news today that the Federal Government is looking in to the overmedication of antibiotics, something we managed to resolve with Dr. JBS without going the lawsuit route, and of course I include Dr. JBS’ attorney, Mr. George G. Hurst in this email.


At sum point in the future all the facts are going to come out including who exactly has been contacting the likes of you, and their agenda just like mine, will be flushed out for the entire world to see with their own eyes and remember u don’t need to be a rocket scientist to understand evidence but choosing to debate only those who agree with you is pure folly.


Sum people can rarely get their message across so if u think I am bad person think again. In the future I could start using this type of communication… u think I am bad, listen to this and don’t forget to turn up the volume.


Life is the infinite repetition of the cycle birth - reproduction - death. The rest is detail. 


If nothing else what do u think of the thought that every worker in the United States reduces their hourly rate to $5 per hour to compete with the rest of the world, remembering u cannot compete earning say $25 per hour when people across the ocean are making 50 cents per hour, at times a whole less, allowing prices to come within reason?


Right now a number of things are out of control, no one can afford anything & everything. The best things in life are free, assuming of course u don’t have to pay to have sex.


One for all, all for one, the alternative is the world goes to the dogs.


But of course u would argue, “Everyone’s greedy, no one in America is going to stand for that, just wishful thinking…”


Point being I am trying to find “common ground” to get u out of this slump.


And if that “dialogue” doesn’t do it perhaps we can start off “afresh” by u trying to recall what u were doing on January 3rd 2002, as Vivendi imploded.


Remember now, u sit on sum fukukta Regional Water Quality Control Board and Vivendi, the French water conglomerate have a 63% ownership interest in Vivendi Environmental who have 100% ownership of U.S. Filter whose top dogs met with your hero Governor Gray Davis on or around December 28th, 2001; Vivendi’s stock rising just a wee bit to $57.90 on January 3rd, 2002 when Marie’s will was witnessed by a certified, attorney, before, beginning a plunge, lasting sum 224 days, wiping out sum $52.43 billion in market cap.


Now these numbers may not be all that meaningful to u or even Professor Aaron “BrownNose” Brown but lets say u were privy to what was going on both in the first meeting that took place on that day just before the New Year bells rang in as well as the meeting with Mr. Rod Smith, a close business associate of mine, what could possibly have gone through your mind?


Now let me add one other element to the equation.


If say on January 3rd, 2002 u were apprised of the fact that The Pisser, i.e. me, was not going to do along with your shenanigans, i.e. he was going to piss all over your “love fest”, wouldn’t u soon after taking the biggest dump in the world begin offloading your stock?


Now, again, this would not be the time to begin testing out my innovative way to uncork a wine bottle or champagne bottle for that matter, but if u would like to join Michael Sagorin and me for an earlier than usual sundowner in Marie’s house tomorrow, there always the possibility not only that Marie will show up butt I could possibly twist her arm and have her do a fashion show; its been at least 3 days now, since I was gifted, such godliness, demonstrated in human form, I could die, 4.


Would u at least, agree, that the number 4, is the perhaps the half-way point for the infinity sign, and while u r at it take a look at the Star of David and then go “backwards & forwards” through all my communications and then give sum thought to those nails marked 42 which we found on the inside walls of Stonehenge II, nothing quite like having a “good name” but if in fact someone within the family has disgraced that name then the only question should be when should the children be told that they have the right, at sum point, to change their name, careful though, should we all be, to point a finger at anyone, unless we have a great deal of evidence that a wrong has been committed, agree?


At least let us know who u r going to be supporting should the recall of Governor “Ho Chi Min” Davis go thru.


And it goes without saying but just in case u r thinking of calling the authorities on me and remember I consider the likes of Doug Royer even more dangerous than those good men and women trying their level best to uphold a laws that were built on the backs of those who toil the most, licensed to kill.


The fact that Doug Royer, who on the surface is one hell of a sweet guy, which is exactly what people like Larry Lawrence look for in doing their bidding that get them not in to some White House job but where the real deals are made, behind closed doors, deals within deals, in places like Zug, Switzerland.


I have taken all the necessary precautions including copying members of the FBI and the San Diego Police Department and u may noticed that Professor Brown of the Yeshiva in New York City is taking his time in getting back to me; browsing through his website u will see he really has a lot of time on his hands, now perhaps more so than ever, as he combs through my communications hoping to find just the weeniest piece of dirt that will allow him and his benefactors such as Melvyn “bulldog” Weiss to unleash a barrage, of innuendos, contained in, briefs.


Butt of course they are also thinking of the impact if they were to do something so dumb as to have me bumped off, i.e. that I am right, that there are in fact no coincidences in life, that there is not only design, but a master designer, who will unleash his-her vengeance in the event just one more innocent victim were to suffer at the hand of man-woman.


I fear only God, pissed off, that I didn’t throw enough knuckleballs given all the incredible amount of time he-she allowed me to enjoy this G-D-Nature, garden of Eden, so to start out just chew on this a while.


Aoccdrnig to a rscheearch at Cmabrigde Uinervtisy, it deosn't mttaer In waht oredr the ltteers in a wrod are, the olny iprmoetnt tihng is taht the frist and lsat ltteer be at the rghit pclae. The rset can be a total mses and you can sitll raed it wouthit a porbelm. Tihs is bcuseae the huamn mind deos not raed ervey lteter by istlef, but the wrod as a wlohe.

amzanig, huh?


Take care,




Ps – let me and/or Devin know if u want to be included in the conference call we are planning with Polie Pollak next Wednesday. Also, Ps – I will check this email tomorrow and if there are any changes I will highlight them in green


[word count 7080, did u know that the earth is moving thru space at around 178,000 miles per hour?]



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I have emailed to ALL..will someone please tell Gary to stop e mailing me and leave me alone and stop putting my name in e mails.  He needs help!!! him.  To have e mailed me such a horrible e mail, with my head "entrenched up my ass"... when I am dealing with my mother's brain surgery...While I usually delete...I am unable to with all the things he is writing and people are contacting me regarding his fantatial writings about me and my family.  PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! LEAVE ME AND MY FAMILY ALONE!!!!!!!!!

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