From: Gary S. Gevisser
Friday, September 12, 2003 2:37 PM
Jim Gibson
Cc: rest
Part 3 of an 8 part series of emails setting the “ground rules” for a meeting with Jim Gibson, Republican candidate still considering running for the California State Assembly.


Subtitle: World War III continues unabated, butt ever so peacefully, considering.



Part 1


Part 2



Jim, I assume u got a good night rest and agree with the statement made by a member of my inner circle in response to having read thoroughly Parts 1 and 2, “You have to be nuts to think there are enough people with enough brain cells left to get the point.”


And I remain hopeful that u will find the courage to agree to my “ground rules” for a meeting that would allow me to go through with you all the “smoking gun evidence” of political corruption at the highest levels of the Democratic Party that led to the rigging of the last California Gubernatorial elections.


But of course as long as I can get one politician or would-be politician to do the right thing, blah blah.


Quite amazing isn’t it how many of you and your media allies are petrified to be placed in a position where u might in fact feel pressure from “above” as well as “below” to do the right thing, nothing quite like a Dutch sandwich?


And if you were thinking dark chocolate that is exactly the yogurt I purchased last night for our 14-year-old who continues to impress me with her ability to respond so well to some of my fast balls, Danielle fully aware that there are many things I have yet to learn, most of my enlightenment these days coming from watching her and her mom interact so well.


As you know copied on all my emails is a representative sample of the world’s population and Polie Pollack, a left wing liberal, whose day job has to do with selling fukukta municipal bonds on Wall Street is nearly always included.


It has been a while since Polie who just loves to see himself on television last had the guts to communicate with me directly but last night he met with Devin Standard, my business partner and co-executor of my estate, as well some other of their college mates in Denver.


I don’t quite have the mental telepathy bit going with Devin as I do with Mr. Jeffrey R. Krinsk Esq. the other co-executor of my estate who for all I know right now may in fact be visiting with my other close colleague Derrick Beare at Folly Farm in England, perhaps consulting with Derrick’s eldest son, Jake, how he might one day be reelected King of England.


Suffice to say I would be willing to bet my last dollar that Polie Pollack visited the Clintons in Devin’s home town last week and Devin’s father you may recall is the President of the New York Bar Association, trying to get a number of attorneys including Mr. Bob Kaplan to always do “the right thing” and Bob Kaplan u may recall, was co-lead counsel with Jeffrey Krinsk in the Revlon Shareholder Class Action Lawsuit [SCAL] that was filed with just too hours to go be4 the statute of limitations ran out on October 1st, 1999.


Those of us in the know, know only to well that we are all living on borrowed time, and even the best of the best it seems are getting sumwhat reckless, AIG [American International Group], “one of the biggest U.S. insurance companies, agreed yesterday to pay a $10 million civil fine to settle federal regulators' allegations that it fraudulently helped another company falsify its earnings report and hide losses.”


Now you should at least be asking yourself, “What exactly did Polie Pollack whisper in the ear of either Hilary or Bill Clinton unless of course Polie was just sticking his tongue in their daughter’s left ear measuring the vacuum of space before twirling his tongue back down towards his own ass? ” given Polie Pollack’s knowledge of my relationship with the Standard households, sitting on “smoking gun evidence” that has former president Bill Clinton’s current business partner, Ron Burkle, tied in very closely with the group responsible for the masterminding as well as execution of the “hijacking” of the Gubernatorial elections of the 6th largest economy in the world.


Perhaps when Devin and I get together next month Polie will have something more worthwhile to report.


Just to get you started this afternoon, the time now 1:03PM PST, why not poke your nose at my earlier communication to Professor “BrownNose” Brown of the Yeshiva University in New York City who by the way has not responded to my question about why the Pope looks so old.


So why should it come as a surprise to anyone trying to raise children that their attitude is,


“Might is right. It is only right that I should have it my way. Stop with your nonsense or I will simply get on to the superhighway, writing up a storm, if necessary, and if I need to lie, steal and cheat to get my ‘wants’ satisfied then just like Bill ‘Wallpaper’ Clinton as long as I don’t get caught who can judge me other than God assuming I don’t buy into The Pisser’s explanation that e=mc² is both proof of Evolution + the hand of G-D?”


which brings me to the point how more than a handful of parents who are nothing more than kids wearing bigger sized clothing under the disguise as adults raised to be “diks” getting everything they want thinking their parents, “Godly” interpreting the Commandment “Honor thy mother and father” as “bow down to thy mother and father” and then shoving it to them, “up the ass” when they find out that not only do their parents need to go shut the door when doing business#2 but like their the previous generation they are nothing short of hypocrites.


The only logical conclusion seems to me that it is all a matter of conditioning that gets passed down from one generation to the next just like DNA but unlike DNA that is quite difficult to change, if touched right a poorly conditioned kid can break the mold, change you would agree builds character.


And as you can read on the website my wife, Marie Dion Gevisser [MdG] disclosed everything she could think of in terms of what was wrong with her house before allowing a prospective buyer to seriously consider making an offer on her house perhaps not quite going into the detail I suggested about the “mildew” that pops up every 5 years or so in her bedroom closet, this website like my other 100 odd website all geared to “buck the system” and of course where in the 10 Commandments does it say anything about not making a buck or too tu mention little of what u c in the website, the homepage leading to the essence of the things I hold dear in addition to our “duty”,



Next tTOo

Breeding is everything.


as well as,





Built tTOo




Suffice tu say, MdG’s house is scheduled to close any day now, the buyers like others who have “†ed our paths” concluding that it makes sense “all the way around” not to have meddling “middlemen-women” in the process who add nothing more than creating at best, an inflationary bidding war.


Moreover the lack of full disclosure, the outright lies we heard from brokers wanting to make their commission “at any cost” all taking their toll on all parties to the transaction, even our kids, seeing perhaps for the first time, “in the flesh” proof of adults within their midst “lying, stealing and cheating.”


My wife, earlier today receiving a call from Marc Mirmer’s property manager, Iliana, who was still wanting to know if Marie was interested in renting the “Grimaledi house” [sic] and 4 all I knew Iliana may have been telling Marie who had this incredible smile from “ear tu ear” [sic],


“If u folks would like to bring in a elephant, or a kangaroo, or even a chimpanzee I think I can get Marc to go along with it as long as u tell The Pisser to stop emailing me” [sic].


Our JoNathan now has an ear infection, further evidence of our oceans being so polluted to mention little of what it takes to find yourself a seat on the all omnipotent California Coastal Commission, and “incredibly” his father, Dr. JBS has now waited, thinking no doubt it is smart to first consult with his ex-wife before deciding to place JoNathan on antibiotics.


I would very much like to hear your position as it relates to both the California Coastal Commission who don’t really seem to answer to anyone other than to those folks who help get the likes of the Governor and his cronies elected into public office as well as what measures you would introduce so that there would be an immediate alert sent out once a sewerage spill takes place, either inadvertently or part of the strategy not always spelled out in a developer’s business plan.


Once, however, the dust settles and folks are no longer “in a cloud” so will things begin to change for the better, dust bowls to be avoided but make no mistake the “pinch” has already begun to set in and only the very best of real estate brokers and agents as well as those who sell insurance have a hope of making it, the rest, in my opinion, will go in2 “deep hibernation” until such time as they get with the program wanting to be part of a new tribe, instead of looking for “lost tribes.”


Time that we started a “new nation” while keeping each of our own individual identities, those, however, who don’t have a conscience who have been allowed by their parents to get away with always having it their way will now have to make way as our “chew chew train” begins picking up the pace, agree?


The photo of a Wrigley chewing gum wrapper in the “chew chew train” hyperlink with graphics imprinted states clearly,


“First chew on your words and only if prepared to put them down on paper should u express yourself verbally, otherweiss toss the thoughts in2 the wastepaper basket” [sic].


The “weiss” hyperlink takes u to the first of 2 postings on the Shareholder Rights website that I contend were placed up there by none other than Melvyn Weiss of the 1,000 pound gorilla law firm of Milberg Weiss Bershad Hynes and Lerach, a law firm that predominantly specializes in SCALs although they have, I am told, on at least one occasion provided services in a child custody battle that took place in Family Court between my wife’s former husband, Dr. JBS who is at least twice divorced, and his “live-in-out” girlfriend, “Dawn Killicat” [sic], who possibly wanted Marie to get a taste of what it feels like being scratched by a porcupine, stung by bee, bitten to death by say a tarantula to eventually float to heaven on a carpet full of flax seed, since we can only wonder who prompted Dr. JBS to act so incredibly recklessly in deciding to go to war with his former wife, by taking a “pot shot” at me, agree?


Just moments ago I poured some flax seed oil into Pypeetoe’s mid day snack to help with his “vowel movements” [sic].


That “court” hyperlink shows a photo of me and my mother outside the Queens Tennis Club in London, my mother although not all that formally educated, no university degrees, is someone few, even the very best of attorneys, would think twice before being so bold as to take this rather articulate woman into court unless they were hell bent on making their client pay big time and then some.


25 odd years ago when she was not quite 50 my mother received quite the standing ovation when speaking before the Illinois Bar Association that resulted in me being made offers that the top graduates from law schools such as Stanford or the University of Virginia School of Law would have been willing to give up their “eye teeth.”


And although I didn’t have a law degree tucked under my belt nor was there any guarantee I could hold my own as well as my mother who also knew a thing or too about “dressing the part” I did have “The Name” that those in the know who knew a little about our family businesses in South Africa including my uncle David Gevisser being the sole executor of Charles Englehard’s worldwide estate, I could be quite “The rainmaker” hence the name The Pisser and why Mr. Krinsk so much enjoys our Wednesday outings at Rainwaters where I make the point of wearing sandals and jeans and only taking off my motorcycle helmet ten or so minutes after being seated in a booth after first walking around to every table where I see a good looking woman handing out my business cards like there was no tomorrow.


I don't believe there is anything more important right now than 4 u tu begin thinking about the matters I had at one point planned on placing on The Internet yesterday, September 11th, aimed at redressing the ills of the world that begin when we humans buy in2 so called "traditional" ways of getting the job accomplished best illustrated in the old saying, "If it ant broke don't try fixing it" [sic] butt certain things got in the way that I am not at liberty to discuss in public, but have no fear u and Diana Henriques are not the only folks eager to see the questions I have prepared that will help her do a terrific “make or break” job.


And of course I wouldn’t expect you to have heard of my Bottoms Up Schooling, my failings as a university tutor at the University of Natal mostly geared again, in my opinion, for retards, soon coming to a head, u shouldn't, however, be forgetful of the person most responsible for bringing us together.


Amos Wright sum 18 years ago, perhaps to the day, handed me “the hatchet” just a week or so after I had come on board as the "work out" guy at Insurance Marketing Services [IMS], a relatively small marketing-publishing company that carried quite a punch in the insurance world, particularly in the Property & Casualty arena where the average "Joe Blow" independent insurance agent altho under pressure from the so-called Independent Insurance Carriers such as AIG to get their "ship in order" made as best I can remember a “cool” $1million per year, working no more than 3 days per week, “on average, the “writing on the wall” stating very clearly,


"Get on the first stage out of town, the sooner the better, leaving more for the likes of WarrenBO’ Buffet whose one insurance company, GEICO, sells, ‘direct.’"


The straightest path is not necessarily a straight line or for that matter as "the crow flies" since there are all sorts of atmospheric conditions that could give someone who rides say a Ducati ST4s a significant advantage especially if they are able to accomplish more than one objective at a time baring in mind just one wrong move especially when approaching sound-barrier-speed and I won’t bother u right now with the speed of light not being a constant in a non-vacuum environment, can mean the difference between say a broken leg which I once accomplished riding a Harley Davidson at about 3 miles per hour right outside the offices of IMS that were at one time located on 11th Street and Broadway in the Peoples Republic of Santa Monica, and a broken neck.


That last hyperlink shows a photo of a long since dead Peruvian and I have yet to figure out what the rope was doing around his-her neck and you may be asking, "What the heck is all this about?"


Richard “Dick” Heckman, a name you may have heard of associated with the Small Business Administration during the Carter presidency, would have a pretty good idea where I am going with all this as he battens down the hatches.


I can assure you that Dick made out "like a bandit" when he completed his "rollup" of U.S. Filter, dumping a whole bunch of stuff on the French Conglomerate Vivendi including 42,000 odd acres in the Imperial Irrigation District, a “pimple on an elephant’s ass” considering the so-called “tangible assets” on Vivendi and Vivendi Environmental’s balance sheets, and of course why would you be surprised if my dog, Pypeetoe, takes such pleasure in pissing on Dick’s front yard over at Dogs Beach in Del Mar, near where the ponies run, although when these thoroughbreds fall they get the “humane euthanasia” treatment with the jockeys in the pound seats, courtesy of the paying public having quite a field day, full of fun, laughs and now there is me the porcupine to contend with.


You should also know that Dick Heckman and I have never had one “ word.” On the contrary, I found Dick to be quite forthright, telling it exactly the way it is, at no time whatsoever putting “his hand out”, in fact the only time he and I met which was to “break bread” Dick had Dan pick up the check, Dan, as in Dan Weinstein, the co-managing director of the Wetherly Capital Group [WCG], the “front man” in the conspiracy that first began when Richard Riorden, the former mayor of Los Angeles got “rear ended” by Bill “W.E. Simons and Son Special Situations Fund” Simon in the Republican Gubernatorial primaries making it like a day in a “water park” for Gray Davis being reelected top dog of the 6th largest economy in the world, wouldn’t you agree, Ms. Laurie Black who I have just recently added back to the list of those wanting to know more about “Gary, where are you going with all this?”


U should know that when riding my Ducati I ride it very much like a jockey rides a horse which has probably more to do with me being in shape right now as I get closer to the half century mark than the limited number of X I have played touch rugby down at Dogs Beach in recent months, just to the right of Dick Heckman’s “love that pink” summer house and at the same time this riding posture has probably contributed the most to my now having short hamstrings.


I am really looking forward to this Monday when the dogs can run unleashed in front of Dick’s house so much so that come Wednesday when I am scheduled to meet once again with Jeffrey R. Krinsk for “Chicken Pot Pie” lunch over at Rainswaters, Pypeetoe should have developed quite an appetite.


Given, however, the message I received yesterday from Jeffrey’s one assistant Kim I remain somewhat perplexed and you must know by now I just love resolving complex problems especially if I can apply just the minutest amount of math, and math as you know is the purest form of expression, other than of course an artist painter that knows what he-she is doing and why I am convinced given my wife’s ability to draw, her mathematics as good as anyone I have known, actually better, placing her one of the these days in the pound seats without me having to worry about selling my book to everyone I meet, in order to make ends meet which reminds me of this cripple who walks up and down Del Mar Heights road between too rather busy traffic lights being very possibly interested in flogging Manager Minute One as he coins it.


Obviously, I would need to make absolutely certain that this gentleman isn’t faking it, so let me know if u have any suggestions and don’t be so smart as to suggest that I get Jeffrey R. Krinsk to summon the 6th Fleet from the Gulf, having their F-16s leave ahead refueling en route to stay low until such time as they get above Carmel Creek Elementary School just east of Interstate 5 and then unload everything they’ve got and if that still doesn’t stir the man to sacrifice themselves by using their wings to knock him off balance.


It is possible that Kim was simply pulling my leg when I thought she said,


Jeffrey has decided to take 2 weeks vacation in Paris and please don’t tell him I told you this but I think it is simply to get away from you.”


I remain at this time in my briefs, the kids off to school, having spent already nearly 3 hours continuously in front of the computer screen mostly examining very carefully some of the responses to the last series of emails I “broadcasted” over The Internet, the responses to the one I sent to Norman Lazarus this past Wednesday at 8:21 PM PST rather interesting to mention little of Devin Standard now “frothing at the bit” as he, Jeffrey R. Krinsk Esq., assuming Jeffrey returns in “one peace” [sic] and I begin to show the yoyos running South Africa, specifically my pal, Trevor Manuel, the “currant” [sic] Minister of Finance, that granting a “reprieve” to those who have “stolen the most” is nothing short of lunacy and of course I include Trevor Manuel’s assistant, Patti Smith, on this email as well as the leader of the opposition, my very good Jewish friend, Tony Leon, as well as everyone initially copied on the email to Mr. Lazarus that contained the following question:


Do you ever recall an occasion in all the times you attended synagogue at the Orthodox Jewish Temple in Silverton Road, Durban, South Africa or when you attended Carmel College, our private Jewish day school, when there was either one banner or a single speech by one of the many leaders of our Jewish community, protesting the policies of the illegitimate government that ruled South Africa with an iron first from 1948 when the State of Israel was formed, longer than the 40 years our Jewish ancestors supposedly spent wandering in the desert?



Vivendi, while offloading Universal, doubtful they are ready to give up on the Culligan Man, the brand they so sought when acquiring U.S. Filter in exchange mostly, I believe, 4 stock, the Bass Brothers of Texas doing rather well considering what they paid for those 42,000 odd acres, albeit in Vivendi stock, which most experts would agree began its precipitous decline on December 28th 2001 where it closed at $53.26 spiking up ever so briefly on January 3rd, 2002, reaching as high as $57.90 before plummeting.


January 3rd, 2002 is the day Marie had her will witnessed by her neighbor Jim McFarland Esq. who later objected not only to his kid’s picture appearing as a hyperlink in my pdf file directory, Jim a “pal” of Dr. JBS, but later apparently told his kid who I get on with rather well although we don’t discuss anything pertaining to his conditioning, to return to his home the instant I walked into Marie’s house, perhaps thinking that after “murdering” Marie, running off with her crown jewels I would in a rage then slash everyone I came into contact with, kinda like what kids see on the X Box although I think Jim’s son has the Sony Playstation.


I was just handed the email address for Jeff Rabin of the Los Angeles X. Mr. Rabin back on February 7th, 2002.penned the article, “Ethics Inquiry Urged; Election: D.A. declines to file charges in probe of Hahn camp's role in hit ads paid for by Indian tribes, but suggests city might take civil action…



To be continued…