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Jodi, thank you for replying so promptly and were it not for my computer having crashed 4X due to overheating no doubt, the first “breakdown” occurring at the very moment your email came in, I would by now already be up at Stonehenge II enjoying a cocktail as the sun goes down having bypassed the law offices of Finkelstein & Krinsk to pick up a winning lottery ticket, altho you no all to well I don’t gamble.


Knowing tho who to trust in this day and age is pretty tough even for those of us financially independent who have more than a leg up on the momworker63s, widows, orphans, pensioners and never to forget the morons who still have their life savings in stock markets dotted all around the world as the walls come tumbling down.


And as Wall Street finally collapses under its own weight what will emerge is joy and celebration throughout the planet and why those very sick individuals who created just enuf havoc back on 911 to give the likes of Warren Buffet the signal to go cap in hand for a Federal bailout is beyond my comprehension, altho I should say, way beyond my mathematical computations.


A few minutes ago, at 5:02 PM PST to be precise, I sent an email to an attorney in Chicago representing a medical doctor wanting in “on the action” altho to be precise his client chose ignore “the record” and simply ride the coattails of my success which came with much assistance from the likes of “straight up & down” individuals like Derrick Beare.


As you may recall from my other communication which I had copied Mr. James C. Ashworth rather than fite Mr. Deluca who you can see was copied on that email to Mr. Jeremy Kurtenbach Esq., I decided to bide my time, letting the statue of limitations slip by and with it any claims I mite have against the company Mr. Deluca helped get off the ground and in the process you could say, piss away sum one half billion dollars that a rather smart man agreed with me not only on the valuation of my interest in Sunmed but that it would be worth both his time, retired that he was as an officer of Citicorp Ventures, as well as his money to invest in doing a “road show” that had him bringing one of the most stellar “top gun” executives in the form of Dennis Stanfil, the one time Chairman and CEO of MGM.


Now of course to folks like Newell Starks and I at sum point muni is no longer about keeping score because there really isn’t that much fun to adding zeros when you already have a big enuf pot to piss in, agree?


Yes, in other words it is possible and I would argue hily probable that if those anything but “brave” individuals had simply taken a time out of their very busy schedule of murdering innocent human beings then they would have likely seen the collapse of the western financial structure while enjoying an iced coffee watching their brothers hang out in places like Mecca and Medina which according to my buddy Peter should be converted into Disneyland.


You would need to have hyperlinked on to the “5:02 PM” hyperlink to have followed this drift in thout, to mention little of the “stout” you could only have caught a glimpse of that “win” hyperlink in the first paragraph and even then you would have been better off just sitting at the table next to Jeffrey Krinsk and I a week ago today to have followed the shifting sands of change, to mention little of the several emails I have now received saying that I got both the first name and last name wrong of the Chairman and CEO of Citicorp.


I agree that his first name is “Sandy” and I just happened to have my neighbor Sammy on my mind at the time. I don’t however, agree that his last name is spelled Weill with too Ls at the end for the simple reason that I am looking at Diana Henriques, The White Sharks of Wall Street and the name of the firm where I believe Mr. Sandy was a named principal was spelled, Carter, Berlind and Weill.


Make no mistake, the sum of money I had hoped to pick up from Mr. Krinsk today is not quite like the sum of money an idiot like Ted Turner would have made for his “Braves” winning the World Series but enuf tho to keep my head above water for at least one “more weak” [sic] unless of course there is a sneak attack and I will have to go back to the well and simply dig harder which reminds me that I still need to call the folks responsible for maintaining our well to let them no that we are not quite getting the volume of water we got when things were a hole lot drier.


No doubt there will be positives in abundance for me now cashing in sooner than I would have liked no thanks due to Mr. Ashworth and of course it saddens me to hear that my attorney who I love dearly “has been hospitalized” better late then never, agree?


And of course I am only referring to what caused the delay in my being notified about such important matters that affects more than just his and my well being, i.e. the “dog & pony show” that is currently underway in an effort to turn “spaceship earth” in the rite direction has been pretty much at a standstill since Mr. Ashworth went AWOL going back I believe it was on April Fools Day when by an Act of God he made it to the courthouse, afterwards thanking me ever so kindly for getting him out of a siC bed.


It is now 5:45PM PST and I have got to get a move on as my significant other who is only the second women of my dreams+++ waits for me in the wings. It really is neat to be around at dusk time as the bats come out, zigging and zagging and not having to worry about any of them “crashing & burning.”


And of course you have only met Marie. Earlier she had pulled to the side of the road to let me know that there is fire raging in the Julian area which is aways from our rock cabin but sad nevertheless to many, particularly the animals whose cries are lost on most in their quest to die the richest on earth.


Yesterday while contemplating my navel, not literally but figuratively as I walked by my deceased friend’s house I came across too transparent gloves lying on Maiden Lane, separated by about 30 meters, both tho appearing to give me “the finger.”


Anne L. Miller as you should know from having read an email or too of mine passed away at age 94 back on Xmess Day 2001 and a day doesn’t go by when I don’t think about how to address the fact that her home of sum 52 odd years eventually sold to a commercial developer for a rather good sum below market value, no doubt those tasked with getting less than what I was willing to pay for the property being somewhat “inciteful” [sic] about the downturn in the economy. You must now fully grasp the seriousness of the situation, that “risk assessment” is not simply my business it is a matter of life and death to me.


And to get in a position to call the shots that have sum of the hot shot plaintiff attorneys in the land not simply returning my calls but calling me up in time of need required that I travel quite a path, being not simply willing but capable of taking it on the chin, standing up to the likes of scoundrels like Milberg Weiss Bershad Hynes & Leroach” [sic] who you will have read in today’s headline news are in the midst of what is guaranteed to be a rather messy split once they start getting into the matters of muni.


Greed rather than muni is at the root of all evil and the fact that I am cashing in sum of chips ahead of schedule should not be taken litely. On the contrary it forces me to rethink several of the chess moves I currently have in play knowing full well that even the slightest delay places the momworker63s, orphans, widows and pensioners at even greater risk than they are currently at and to hell with morons who have obviously to much time on their hands unless of course they are good at playing pong and like Jeffrey Krinsk can be relied on in time of need.


The last time I sat down with Jim he commented on whether Jeffrey Krinsk was ever offended by what I had to say and when I reminded him that when dealing with the truth, when innocent individuals are not being harmed, Jim seemed to be satisfied but when I told him it was now time to step on the gas and go after Dr. John Ben Stew et al including the Medical Director of Sharp Hospital and possibly his attorney Mr. Hurst Esq. who we know violated our sense of human decency and possibly violated the law as well, Jim seemed to cringe.


My grammar is probably on a par with my spelling but there can be no mistake about my ability to communicate in numbers even if the smartest of the smart SCALs in the land don’t at first understand simple math. But then again I have been mostly dealing with brain dead men who don’t always appreciate my style as opposed to most if not all the women I have ever worked with who knew that they could count on me coming thru particularly when the chips were down.


It is all about “Dutch Sandwedges” [sic] and why when sum of the most successful industrialists in the world find themselves in a spot of bother they don’t hesitate to call on my services to mention little of why do you think it is that Roger Hedgecock has yet to return my Avenger Pitching Wedge?


There are sum on the far right in bed with the leftists hell bent on keeping the masses guessing as they “duck & dive”, the Digital Age tho a God send, lest we forget that E-mail Dr. Stew sent me on September 14th of last year which he attributed later on October 24th in Judge Hendrix’s courtroom in Superior Court, San Diego to his 13 year old daughter hitting by “mistake” a series of keyboard strokes aimed at giving me a stroke, agree?


The past couple of days have been somewhat of a blur as I prepare the spadework in responding to Diana Henriques’ email of May 14th sum 8 months + 91 minutes after Dr. Stew sent me his “dietribe” [sic] and yes it is just a matter of time before a new tribe emerges based on principles of always telling the truth, no matter what the cost.


No doubt Mr. Ashworth is a brilliant individual and someone I would have loved to teach me math at hischool but today I grasp a whole lot more than most “wrong angled” individuals hoping against all hope, the hopeless and pitiful specimens that they are, that it is just a matter of time before I jump off the deep end.


Once, however, you come to terms with the basic principles of math as in 90 degree, right-angled triangles, it really doesn’t take tu much to then comprehend that the universe is in fact endless, that if you remain on the right track you will undoubtedly end up at one; and yes there is a G-d and G-d is not only DNA but he is one.


Therefore there is nothing, not even death, to be afraid of and only those who have beaten up on others for no good cause end up going around in circles while the rest of us get to enjoy an endless fireworks display, up close.


Today is a rather important day in the scheme of things and of course it would have been nice to have “picked up” my “fair share” of the “winnings” in a battle of behemoths that first began with my going public 4 years ago yesterday, June 10th 1999 at 3:14PM EST, to be rather precise; atlho it was my post the next day, June 11th 1999 asking who had yet to get “foot & mouth disease” as in Where’s the Beef? that brout momworker63 out of the closet, never once tho to my knowledge reappearing not even to let me know that she was alerted to my “call tu arms” that on October 1st 1999, 5:41 PM PST had me being the first to announce to the world, particularly those who lie, steal and cheat, no matter how good you may be in mincing words, a new dawn is emerging and for the children who are all our futures to Take the world and make it yours again.


I immediately need my files in order to review the progress of the case and make decisions regarding the status of this matter.


I do not want the files tomorrow or the next day but I want them available by the conclusion of today’s business. If this is not possible, since it is now going on 6PM PST please return my communication and specify the date and time I can pick my files. As you are no doubt aware the State Bar has confirmed that client files are the property of the client.




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Wednesday, June 11, 2003 12:01 PM
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Gary:   I don't have your file here. Please direct your request in writing to Post Office Box 60008, San Diego, California 92166.  Please include your address and phone number.  You can also leave a message at (619) 865-8620.   Jim has been hospitalized.  However, someone will respond to your request.  


From: Gary S. Gevisser [mailto:]
Wednesday, June 11, 2003 11:29 AM
Jodi Ruiz

Jodie, when today would be a good time for me to pick up my files?