From: Gary S. Gevisser []
Monday, February 17, 2003 6:12 PM
Judith Regan (
Cc: rest


Dear Ms. Regan,


I just received word that Mr. O’Reilly is doing a segment on tonight’s broadcast relating to efforts to impeach Governor Davis of California. Whatever facts Mr. O Reilly might present this evening I would doubt it includes the “smoking gun” evidence I have that will most certainly lead to not only impeachment proceedings but the certainty that the Governor of one of the largest economies in the world will be found guilty of having “usurped the power of his authority” with ramifications that will begin to rock us all on to the right track.[1]


I thought I would get Mr. O’Reilly’s attention back in the summer of 2002, July 23rd to be exact, but it seems that folks, especially those long in the tooth are hell bent on holding on to the reigns of power even the so-called “free thinkers” like Mr. O’Reilly who apparently recognizes what Mr. Murdoch likes about him and certainly it is not the way he parts his hair, more likely that Mr. O’Reilly doesn’t say anything about my suggestion that we suspend trading of public companies until such time as Mr. Murdoch and his cronies have weaned themselves off the stock market, taking momworker63s, widows, orphans and pensioners in their wake.


Unlike most if not all members of the media I am beholden to no one other than protecting my “Golden Name.” A good friend of mine just returned from vacationing in South Africa and he tells me that word is spreading amongst the rank and file of those who have pillaged the most, especially over the past decade as what little that remained after the collapse of the former regime has pretty much gone up in flames, no doubt though while the rest of us here in the United States had a pretty good time, the best example was that of our president Clinton who chomped on cigars and whathaveyou?


Before we start telling the rest of the world what to do it seems only right and proper that we clean up the mess in our backyard and I started to do this myself beginning with members of my own family and before you know it we might suddenly wake up one day and realize that the only way out of this maze is to work together as one new tribe and to leave looking for lost tribes to the next generation of ants.


Now of course easier said than done but I have never taken the easiest of courses despite my Charm School teachings and of course we don’t get to choose our parents and that might be the only thing for which we can get pissed off at God.


Nothing though like a challenge to set the world on a new course and with the spectacular crash of the “Challenger” [sic] spacecraft this would seem as good a time as any to put our thinking caps on beginning with e=mc² and of course to hold our fire.


Although I referenced “Risk Assessment” as being my business in my email to your testosterone clad colleagues my real business is putting Chaos Theory in to practice. My track record is better than “above average” although like my father I was pretty much “average” at “hi-school” but rarely did I smoke pot. I consider though my Dad to be tops.


He, however, started at the top and relied on gravity to pull him down. I on the other hand started out here in the United States all alone but with a wing and prayer, literally my fathers fighter-bomber pilot wings and his logbooks, although I also had my barmitzvah prayer book and few other items to see me through a rough Chicago Winter.


The winter of 1978 brought with it many things besides for undressing a mayor obviously more focused on keeping her knickers dry while skating on thin ice hoping a Perfect Storm wouldn’t arrive.


Along with the realization that prayers for the dead made absolutely no sense especially if you believed in God which I do, I decided to keep my ears to the ground stone and make the most of anything nature had to offer.


My bottoms up schooling in the United States began within a few days of arriving on St. Patrick’s day during a visit to the offices of the Joseph Siegal one of the largest if not the largest commodity traders in the world. And I just happened to arrive when the Hunt Brothers decided to corner the silver market.


A lot has happened since and every so often I hold on something of interest just as a reminder of how rich I could have been if I had simply wanted to be another pig at the trough. I have written quite a bit about the “Pigs” I grew up with in South Africa although mostly I have written about just one despicable human being who not so long ago died of throat cancer and for that the world has no one to thank but God.


Ordinarily I would include his nephew Norman Lazarus on an email like this but since Norman has asked me ever so kindly to remove him from my email list I have obliged while placing him on my “delete list” which remains at 7; pretty good when you consider that my list consists of approximately 360 individuals which I believe represents a statistically valid sample of the world’s population that is proving out daily that remains on track to be the number one website on the planet.[2]


What you see in hyperlink to the “Fox Trot geriatrics” is a lot more colorful than what I originally sent but the message was identical. I used to have a denim coat of “many colors” but I have been slowly trimming everything including my sails and right now I am moving at breath-take speed.


The bottom line is that I doubt any testosterone clad person is willing to take on the challenges I believe need to be taken in order to bring this world into equilibrium and with that said I’m looking for a mainstream book publisher to assist me in getting what I am certain will be a “best seller” off the bookshelves using both proven strategies as well as my “Bottoms Up Schooling” [BUS] approach in my quest for bringing about positive change without disrupting the status quo.


I understand more than a wee-byte about the publishing industry never to end up shit’s creek without an OR never willing to sacrifice pawns, that the game of life is much like the game of chess, getting one’s opponent to play to your advantage and I am pretty good at math, understanding better than anyone has yet explained to me, Chaos Theory, and putting it in to practice to almost total perfection, recognizing that a perfect circle turns to infinite as the humans go around and around in circles without realizing that nature dissolved our tails a lifetime ago.


My email to the Fox Network chatter boxes had many on my email list turning around and wishing me kudos for telling it the way it is. Not everyone obviously wants to hear the truth including the group of 7 made up of Professor Black of Stanford University who I will be communicating with in due course.


I am in the process of selling my one remaining property here in the United States that happens to be on Stanford Street in Santa Monica, California and were it not for today being a holiday and my email system having shut down this past Friday it would have already been sold.


I am in fact prepared to take a significant discount on the fair market value of this property for the simple reason that I batting down the hatches as I prepare for war although I am very optimistic war can be avoided as long as level headedness prevails. I am not, however, counting on my fellow brothers and sisters to wake up tomorrow morning and start thinking differently but I remain hopeful.


I rarely if ever make suggestions sticking to my time tested ways of making folks pay through the nose and with that said let me direct you to an email I sent to a South African earlier today. Marius van Wyk is an individual my “travel companion” and I met on Valentines Day, a year to the day when we celebrated both her Birthday which is February 13th and Valentine’s Day just up the street at Roger Hedgecock where I laid out for Roger a “road map” that could have short-circuited a lot of trouble for the citizens of California but for “sum” [sic] reason Roger decided to sit on his laurels hoping I would disappear and perhaps take off with my queen-bee. This E-mail constitutes stage 1 of the sting.


On April 6th 2002 after returning from my first trip to Machu Picchu in mid March with the Avenger Pitching Wedge I used as leash for my dog I handed both golf club as well as all the information Roger would have needed to launch an investigation into how it came to pass that a former Mayor of Los Angeles with all his Wall Street connections could get blindsided by one hellava ugly guy who it seems couldn’t yet afford laser eye surgery.


I also gave Roger a gift from a old time listener of his who died on Christmas Day 2001. Anne L. Miller was a very special lady.


That information was enough I would have thought to compensate Roger for any “whet dreams” [sic] he might have about my “travel companion” to mention little of the “Settlement” proposal which arrived by FEDEX 2 days prior, April 4th 2002 to be precise from the Wetherly Capital folks a “fly-by-night” investment group operating out of west Los Angeles.


Eventually I got everything back from Roger with the exception of that Avenger Pitching Wedge. Despite repeated efforts to get him to return this commemorative piece which demonstrates a whole lot of other issues he has continued to resist my pleas. That golf club is an excellent example of how easily the masses are distracted to mention little of the fact that neither the dog aka SIG for Super Italian Greyhound nor the “leash head” which was manufactured by a third world military contactor were never once checked by security throughout the 3+ weeks I flew in and out of international airports like Los Angles International as well as George W Bush International in Houston, warnings signs everywhere to boot.


Last night I watched TV for the first time in many months catching the tail end of 60 Minutes and then seeing parts of Law and Order where the main character was drawing stuff on a map that looked very similar indeed to the “road map” I provided Mr. Hedgecock who I think I will now name Mr. “Hedgehog.” My mother loves hedgehogs.


I am now going to speed things up a little as I need to travel back to our mountain retreat for dinner with the family. Suffice to say if you go click back through “Mice and Men” you should get a pretty good overview of why my book Manager Minute One will be quite appealing to geriatrics like my mother and stepfather who are more than 10 years younger than my great friend and mentor who continues to teach me mental gymnastics and of course mixed in is the “smoking gun evidence” which I will reveal in its entirety once I know I have the ear of someone like Howard Stern.


Time is though running out and I can provide you with all the mathematical proof although all you would need to do is simply listen to the genii like Kimberly Hunt a local anchorwoman who I ran into at a local pet shore who read the news looking so serious one minute and then batting eyelids as the camera lights rip into their brains. Of course I love Kimberly but I would like her even more if she only knew how to hunt. I am still hopeful she will come out to our retreat and partake at least in a dog hunt, snakes to avoid at all cost, especially as spring approaches.


You wouldnt though need to be a math wizard to grasp the essence of my “findings” which first appeared at the website back in the summer of 1999.


I believe that the solutions to solving the problems of the world require focusing on the positive while paying careful attention to the negatives realizing that it takes just one negative move to make the entire equation topsy turvy and of course two negatives make a positive, first impressions often misleading and why it is important to examine ones subject under moonlight or in the rain where the “values” which remain constant from one day to the next always stand out.


It is my search for standout folks examining in detail those on the peripheral, in the area commonly referred to as being in “negative space” where the standard deviations bring out the best as well as the worst realizing that there is probably no more than 15 standard deviation points that separate the brightest and the dumbest at least at the moment of conception.


History has shown that it is safest not being the tallest tree that attracts the most wind and why it pays to stay off most people’s radar screen while most seem attracted to the limelight. People like Nelson Mandela may have suffered more than simply losing his eyesight while being forced on Robin Island to chip away at limestone.


The reason I get to you has a lot to do with Robin Quivers and Howard Stern who happen to be one perfect match that has folks from all walks of life following them. Earlier this morning I sent Howard an E-mail that talks to the “smoking gun” evidence that is liable to have folks in position of power particularly those sitting on ill-gotten gains making their way right now to the bathroom but not before radiating the place with their farts which may in fact be as damaging as airborne rat feces, the proof being in the pudding, the better the evidence the better the proof. This is though no spoof.


My success rate has been pretty awesome but now I have figured out a number of things including how to “write things” [sic] by coming up with a way to hold folks in check preventing them from wrecking havoc on those who do the most toiling, never though to be a spoilsport.


I nearly “blew it” back in the spring of 1997 when my name hit the headlines in the landmark soft-tissue case in Judge Jack Weinstein’s courtroom. I have never been one to blow smoke nor do I seek the limelight but I have got more than a number of things figured out realizing that we have a way out of this mess by applying win-win techniques that fit in perfectly with the Digital Age that is a direct outgrowth of Quantum Mechanics being able to do things backwards and forwards ever so careful when driving in reverse.


For the first time in history there is opportunity for the masses to have at it without the bloodshed so often attributed to mass uprisings but I also know that no man is a superman and those who feel they are omnipotent are not only a danger to themselves but those who rally behind them.


The executor of my estate, Devin Standard, happens to be a Black gentleman and his father Kenneth Standard is the president of the New York Bar Association. I will in due course share with Mr. Standard Senior the “smoking gun evidence” that demonstrates beyond a shadow of a doubt that the last gubernatorial elections held here in California were in fact rigged by a bunch of rapacious business people allied with the French Conglomerate Vivendi.


In watching the tail end of 60 Minutes last night I saw a number of items of interest particularly Andy Rooney’s straight talk on the French followed by the man who produced the movie, “Roger and Me” and who now has a book out about “white men” and his great interview with Charleton Heston who said something about our racial diversity being at the root cause of some 11,000 people each year dying from gun shots.


I thought this guy telling his story was pretty cool but unfortunately he like most caught up in this topsy turvy world is only addressing the symptoms and not the problems. Until such time as we begin to know exactly who our neighbor is beginning with each member of our own immediate family then we are doomed to repeat the same mistakes of blaming just the guy in power who inherited a lot of poop from the previous moron sitting in the white house.


And yes the biggest mistake the Republicans did was not prosecuting Clinton to the fullest extent of the law. Trent Lott will rot in hell along with his counterparts on the far left like Byrd and the centennial mental midget he succumbed to. Who is to say what became of all that cigar smoke that went up the rear end of “that woman” when she decided to exhale.


What exactly is pornographic makes for good intellectual conversations for folks who are mostly brain dead but when one considers the total chaos that is enveloping the world as we speak perhaps it is time for everyone to get a new life and stop playing the blame game in what amounts to convoluted Pig Latin, English simply being ripped out of the Latin. 


Manager Minute One is a takeoff of the best-selling business book, One Minute Manager, with a twist that calls for each of us to take charge of our lives, keeping one another in check from the get-go as in;



Next tTOo

Breeding is everything


which in turn is geared to the launching of a series of websites aimed at getting folks to think differently as in,





Built tTOo




all the while trying to pull together the terms that sum up the meaning of each of our lives as in Zquestion for Albert Einstein which is a WIP [Work-In-Progress]; that unless we end the machinations that first come to light when we are allowed to chew and speak at the same time without thinking we will likely end up as someone else’s Dutch Sandwich[3] with us all eventually abandoning ship leaving the kitchen sink to be picked up for cents on the dollar by bottom fishers who then make mince meat with the leftovers using whatever remains of the mayo and tomato source “spread”, catch-up to boot[4].


The book will be geared to help “engineer” folks on to the same wavelength embracing proven techniques executed with pinpoint accuracy on the Footsak[5].com website to help avoid the currant trend which indicates that we are likely to be rubbed out well ahead of any Extraterrestrial being dumb enough to pay us a visit on their time machine.


With that said, I am looking for the write person to help me pull all this together in time to celebrate this coming Passover with Mr. Jeffrey Krinsk of the awesome law firm of Finkelstein and Krinsk who had the backbone to take on the “Finagle King” Perelman who continues to think the odds of me surviving through Passover as pretty slim although I won the last “1 in 4” bet that had me beat the Christmess rush by one week.


My new year’s gift[6] came in the form of a settlement with Perelman and his henchmen the direct result of a deposition taken of a former senior executive of Revlon Corporation, the Make Up company, “owned” by Ronald “The Finagle King” Perelman whose masquera is currently running creating a watershed of opportunity to end all masquerades including the reign of Melvyn Weiss' boys from who whine a little too much while protesting their naiveté and their lack of competency.


The 1000lb snake oil law firm of “Milberg Weiss Bershad Hynes and Leroach” [sic] although at times very much on the ball are often nothing more than cockroaches who pray on those corporate executives least able to defend themselves, Jameson Inn Motels [JIM], not however, tTOo easily entrapped thanks to you know who?


I do know a thing or two about skating on thin ice as well as understanding why Milberg Weiss et al declined an invitation to take on Mr. Perelman and his cronies who fund the benefit packages of the ruling elite particularly those who dont want to keep trial lawyers in check safe in the pound seats, although some of my closest friends and colleagues are SCAL lawyers, perhaps much like I make it a has-id of keeping my Jewish friends and family close, though beyond arms reach, arms length transactions the safest bet assuming one has the right DNA at the start, harms way to avoid at just about any cost, but someone has to got to start at least calling it straight, wouldn’t you agree? [7]


While some might decide to look under Hilary Clinton’s dress to see what goods she has on the ex-President which have yet to be revealed, I prefer a different approach, starting at the bottom and then working my way up as in my designer-patented BUS which doesn’t require my having to rip anyone’s clothes off although I do have a thing about G-string panties bearing in mind the clothes-horse who also belongs in the record books, quite different butt very much attached to my seahorse dog Pypeetoe.


In due course we at will be unleashing quite a load of material that will have Clinton and his Californian buddies who rigged the last elections waving his hands like there is no tomorrow creating so much wind that he might eventually fly off the planet, unlikely though he will have the guts to land on Venus.


Mr. Perelman and I have yet to be formally introduced although we rode at least once in an elevator together. In my “pink sidebar notes” to the attorney conducting the deposition for the eventual slaying of the “Capo di capi” of Wall Street I commented how some 9 years back, December 1993 to be precise, I once rode up an elevator with Mr. “Short” where I rang his bell for the first time and don’t plan to quit until his pays up and then some.


This both competent and experienced attorney, despite putting on quite a stellar performance which has to have even the Scud-den Ape boys wondering what comes Next, had me at times believing he was the Nextcoming although he has not been very precise as to the time and hour of my receiving a blow from behind the head although he believes it will be quick and without pain.


When I am next up roaming the mountainsides east of San Diego I will be deciding on a number of things while gathering more research by the minute as folks tuned in to my website expand my horizons at breakneck speed. The bends in these parts have to rank with some of the best anywhere in the world and with the temperature still cool in the evenings one has to be ever so cautious. The snow has yet to arrive but the frost can byte.


My plan is to reach out to every chapter whether they be bikers, women groups or men just hoping to hitch a ride but willing to pull their weight and donate their excess monies as we turn the world upside and begin one great honeymoon embrace, but it is not for the feint hearted.


Our motto, The Meek With Teeth Shall Inherit The Earth says it all. We will show the youth who are our future that that some of us old “foggies” are willing to not simply fight the right fight but if necessary we can still compete head-to-head with the most rapacious to mention little of the need to do our pull ups each day and in the end it is all about love.


Healthy mind translates into healthy body which constitutes more than simply pulling up our socks, paying careful attention to the pumps and valves purifying our polluted blood and water the result of our overconsumptuous nature as though there is no end in sight, oblivious to our daily, hourly, minute by minute warning signals, i.e. The fish rots from the head down, the rot comes out traveling on any bus, just ask the kids who are dumb enough to sit in the back.


What causes the brainne to misfire at an early age has plagued me right from the very start perhaps going back to when I was tree when I first began to talk.


Soon it will be time to start drawing from our “wells” protecting especially the youth with proper nutrition and one’s formal education to keep in check and start putting a damper on the degenerative diseases which should begin easing up as the lost generation of the 60s gets put aside, monies to got toward head start programs, first though to make certain those in charge have their shit together and not simply about practicing their witchcraft on the young.


The hub of the wheel I am putting together at is right now in low gear, establishing credibility first with the youth who are our future by empowering them to parent the parents who need the most help especially those folks who hadn’t worked out the wrinkles of what caused their parents’ frowning faces, h-ell-ow plastic chairs now back in vogue, shaming those who grabbed more than their fair share as opposed to giving them the electric chair.


There are in my opinion a number of aces the next generation has to ward off the impending hell including getting the medical community to get with the program and off with dependency including standing up on their own two feet and saying “Enough is Enough.”


The lawsuit against Mr. Perelman and his flagship company that is simply there to put a good face on his rascal behavior was eventually filed with less than 2 hours to go before the statute of limitations ran out. Timing is everything and maintaining pace is key to our survival on this terrific journey through the universe. The more worms get returned to earth the more oxygen will be released which will allow those relatively few remaining to breath better.


In “Jew course” I will be following up with Professors Kelly and Price to see what is holding them up in getting back to me on those who are most susceptible to degenerative diseases and how we can now start to get the ball rolling as we make our way out of the train station that has got clogged up with tTOo much huffing and puffing. Do not forget that time is running out and the cliffs overlooking the Pacific are getting ever more unSTABLE. [8]


I wasn’t exactly brought up in a stable but I understand perhaps more than the average Jo Blow raised in a degenerate society like South Africa where the ruling white elite used “capos” to keep the white masses in check to mention little of the check mate moves I have in store for South Africa’s current Minister of Finance who obviously didnt study hard enough despite his “street education” which should have had him properly equipped to respond to fast balls thrown at or near head by many of the same whites who continue to run circles around the blacks while cleaning up in what is nothing more than a casino environment, to mention little of the headaches I am now causing for the previous white supporters of the Nazi regime who are ducking for cover hoping that others will construe my behavior as that of a madman as opposed to someone who is simply polishing his assets, who knows a thing or tTOo about diamonds in the rough and what it takes to bring a perfectly cut diamond made of 58 facets to sparkle brightly in the sun, and of course I havent given away my most treasured assets, putting my brain to its highest and best use, as in location, location, location.


Naturally I want to avoid any more train smashes as there has been a lot of progress made throughout the world to the point that few if any Chinese peasants continue to carry dynamite on the trains that lead to no mans land. And soon I will be putting forth an economic plan that will have folks questioning the ownership of land which is what is perhaps contributing most to the rot that develops within our brains as the youth of rich folks simply wait in line for their parents to die to grab hold of that so-called right in perpetuity that mostly upsets the divine within each one of us.


I am in the process of lining up my ducks preparing trophies only for those truly deserving made of the finest pewter for those who excel giving those in support all the necessary nourishment to feed the brain, the heart and then the soul which like waves are the essence of the perpetual motion machine.


“Risk Assessment” is clearly my main order of business these days spending most of my time alone contemplating the bottom line including the important questions since time in memorial along the lines of Z Question. Time is, however, of the essence and along my almost 46 year journey I have not only held down a job or tTOo but I have been fortunate enough to become acquainted with both the very best and worst in our society, tombstones to boot all the way to Timpucktu.


Many of the principles I have picked up, and some I have chewed on more than once will be covered in the book including the distractions of crossing our Ts, going around in circles, never knowing whether we are headed for a figure 8, celebrating what came before as in 5,6,7, without even bothering to revisit the principles of right angle rotates, Pythagoras theorem lost on most, as in 1,2,3,4=10 a nice round number that has caused many to be eaten alive as in 10810=10.


It is the accumulation of both positive and negative experiences that have kept me buoyant doing everything possible to avoid coming back as an ant, never blaming anyone but myself for any misstep and wishing those who did me wrong all the luk in the world while holding their feet to the fire every step along the road, never once even dreaming that God was to blame for any of my misadventures since despite my horrific day-time schooling I was able to grasp hold of the essence of the light-teachings each and every Friday night, that God gave of his inheritance for each of us to do as we see fit, incumbent upon each of us in order to keep the world in balance and not succumb to black holes, that we turn negatives into positives, give to those in need without however, going broke in the process. And never to suck up to anyone unless of course they taste delicious, mother’s milk as well as nanny’s milk of the highest order.


My life has been rather exceptional, born into a rather worldly family, with parents who rubbed shoulders not just with the ruling elite, my mother, in particular having more than just a hand to play in the world of fashion including tucking a Miss World and Ms. Universe under her belt although to be precise it was her models who won the titles but it was my mother who deserved the credit and to her credit ever so carefully banked the proceeds, never though one to invest in say Chagall who painted bright, who was not very precise; butt was Jewish and burdened with only God knows what.


It may be not be easy to see the similarity of the Sugar Mogul Huletts, “Still as gorgeous as ever” with Mr. Warren “Bail me Out who needs at least a new suit and by the time I am done playing chess with him he is going to wish he spent less time playing bridge with “Pee head” brain Gates and more time on things that matter, no doubt tTOo much sugar entering his bloodstream causing him to be as much confused as the general public who continue to buy into his absolute nonsense, sugar though a whole lot healthier than aspartame.


Life is a chess game and having a good grasp of numbers helps in appreciating the acid tipped moves of those not necessarily all the “well equipped” in their quest to die the richest on earth. Number is the essence of all things, good or evil but where I differ with Pythagoras, who is to me much more than a chip-off-the-old-block, is that there is no time left to simply walk away in to the wilderness, given its rampant depletion, but to begin to hold our elected leaders accountable, impressing upon them some of the truisms I consider sacrosanct, i.e. It is The Meek With Teeth Who Shall Inherit The Earth.


I have waited patiently now for sum 3 years perfecting the game plan I first began testing in earnest back in the summer of 1999 when I launched the website I began with the Revlon Make Up cartoon which created enough pressure to have some of the better SCALLYs [Shareholder Class Action Lawsuit Lawyers] grab the bull by the horns and file a complaint against Wall Street’s lead gangster, Ronald “The Finagle King” Perelman.


Knowing full well that these type of lawsuits result in little gain for the workers to mention little of who really ends up paying when folks like Warren “BO” Buffet have their actuaries place their slant on the slide rule while showering their lovers with perfume, I then went to bat against another New York Stock Exchange company by the name of Chase Brass Industries.


CSI is not quite the household name of its namesake TV show but what my Perfect Storm II represented was the makings of something rather unique, that one person operating pretty much alone with just a laptop computer can bring about positive change without having to go the lawsuit route. There were no hyperlinks in that story but the message was received very loud and clear by the top dog to mention little of the smiles it brought to the faces of the rank and file who found ways to keep me on the right track.


Pictures tell a thousand words but so often the camera doesn’t pick up that “Just say cheese” different to the real thing, just ask Matthew the Mighty Mountain Mouse which is a Perfect Storm still in progress.


Man has been chasing his tail since the beginning of time rarely stopping to think why it was that nature got rid of our tails that perhaps our sedentary lives should give rise for even more heightened sensitivity than those species that came before us.


Over the past several months I have been “stacking the deck” preparing to launch another series of Perfect Storms much akin to the way a master chess player is lined up against a bank of other players. My opponents though are not your average Joe Blow with hi-school educations, rather they represent a rather diverse group of individuals who on the surface have little in common with one another other than believing that they are right, in the so-called “collective good” where the end justifies the means.


Although I dont have all that much formal education my Bottoms Up Schooling [BUS] seems to have caught on with many along all spectrums of the color wheel which accounts for the rather incredible number of “hits” the website has been getting ever since it went “live” some 6 months back. Since then we have turned the counter back 4 times or so as to keep my opponents guessing as to what to expect next.


Perfect Storm III is what I believe will captivate the entire population not just here in the United States but throughout the world for it will present things in black and white as to how lucky we all are to still be ticking when one considers all the fiddling that has been going on since the beginning of time all the way up to the current period when this foreign water conglomerate played its hand in the rigging of the Californian gubernatorial elections.


The “smoking gun” evidence of the “hi-jacking” which given the right exposure will strike not just a cord with the masses but in lighting up the faces of hypocrisy in a crystal clear fashion it will cause every single free-thinking individual to begin holding the feet to the fire of those radicals on both the far left and the far right to take a deep breath and “stand still.” No doubt my moves require me to be on my guard at all times which will require “special forces” to keep up with those who have “Special Situation Funds” at their disposal to do as they see fit.


I don’t plan on engaging anyone to protect my flank for I have pretty much figured out everything I am going to need in order to combat the folks who will soon be walking around as blind as a bat as the I unleash the forces of the common man and of course it is my hope that the next president of the United States is in fact a Black Man or woman grounded in the traditions of right and wrong.


There are few if any out there who understand playing the odds as well as me and my track record over the past two + years in particular in choosing just 4 publicly traded companies, two winners and two losers in 4 different industries, picking the winners at their lows and the losers at their highs would be proof enough that I have little in life to prove other than to impress upon the youth the need to take charge and there is no time like today.


In “Jew course” you will see our “burnt offerings” and lamps to boot including all types of solutions to our ruling elite so that they dont do anything stupid like simply deciding to turn the lights off in the middle of the broadcast. My plan is to offer all the rapacious, those who have wrecked the most havoc on society a soft landing, providing them with a horse shoe of sorts, not however simply giving them a “free pass” to come back time and again to wreck havoc on the masses but to take them on an educational journey of a different sort much akin to a roller coaster ride where at some point they will decide to simply call it quits.


Granting folks escape hatches only serves to reinforce that they were in fact placed in our universe to be masters of us all, masters of the force of darkness while blocking out the sunlight for the rest, that those with the biggest guns take all and consequently my plan is to simply to turn things around a little throwing them off their center of gravity, opening up the hatch just enough to let some light into their lives in the hope it will be enough to guide them out of their darkness brought on by man fearful of dying ignorant of what comes next and thereby accumulating more than what I believe God intended when he set forth Adam and Eve on the earth.


Spirituality has always been a big part of my life as it is with the vast majority of those who currently reside alongside you and me here in the United States although today it is looking more like when President Bush next gets up before Congress he will be talking not so much about the State of the Union which is on a backburner as the Water Wars heat up to mention little of the collateral damage that could emerge out of war aided and abetted by the French whose dirty hands go back to time in memorial, Vivendi more about destroying the id in each one of us than in bringing clean water out of places like the Imperial Valley in southern California that somehow gave Governor Davis his little boost during his recent trot in gathering up all the gold.


For some reason deposited deep within the veins of the earth the golden treasures have tended to harden the hearts and souls of what amounts to no more than a handful of rapacious folks hell bent on having things their way. It is now time for us to send them the clearest signal, “Choose which hi-way you wish to travel on and let us know when you want a hand in building a bridge to where the rest of us are having one jolly good time.”


No one really likes to be left out in the cold. How about you?  


Gary S. Gevisser


PS - If you prefer to chat, just call me at 1-858-SEL-NEXT.





[1] Those within my inner circle believe that my adversaries hope that the masses out there will mostly want to know what I may have been smoking than be bothered with something that will make Watergate much like a sink leak versus an epic flood. I know my supporters happen to be 100% correct.


[2] The 7th letter in the English language is the letter G. I assume these folks on the list consider themselves Godly. I happen to agree with them in large measure because I believe God resides within each one of us.


[3] The Dutch Sandwich is one of the most popular international tax arbitrages, albeit outrageous, available in the offshore market today. The Dutch Sandwich works as follows, Rev your engines market makers, Last In the market First Out picked up for nickels on the dime by bottom fishers like Ronald “O. Ring” Perelman whose time has finally run out, caught in the “slips” by a first division “fast ball” team, applying “Love That Pink” lipstick to all his schtick crickets, ticks to boot, momworker63s soon on to safe bases, free at last, Thank God almighty.


[4] People don’t make doormats out of you; only you can make a doormat out of yourself. The rights of passage, to mention little of what clogs up the passage ways, get passed down from one generation to the next. Time to think of the next very important steps as we contemplate our navels while spending so much time on the toilet.


[5] Footsak is South African slang for giving a person, also known as an “owe” a “kick in the rear.” It is also helpful to know for text messaging purposes that the numbers 10810 can be used to convey two possible thoughts. The first is “one person ate one person” the sort of thing that is common place amongst cannibals when cannabis runs short  or “lets do dinner and then break the fast.”


[6] Never one to kick a gifted horse in the mouth without knowing full well who is not only holding on to the reins but who has a hand on the tail.


[7] I subscribe to the notion that we are all born not that distant apart from the next person in terms of intelligence and only as a result of poor nutrition and conditioning do we become as part of the aging process more than a hair apart especially, multiplied in part by all the split hairs we get to chew on once we reach puberty and once we reach 21 we hit the liberty bell, whose founding fathers probably didn’t exactly fit into the Bell Shaped Curve. I came to the United States one week before I turned 21 and never looked back. As you know U is the 21st letter in the English Alphabet.


[8] Adrianna Huffington is my next choice should you for some reason get sidetracked