D - we all send our love and I assume Jake got Jonathan's postcard? I had them hold back the plane on departing London so that it would get mailed.


I don't expect fireworks this September 11th butt make no mistake the stuff that I will be putting out on this memorial day, including how a "rigged" industry like the one controlled by the likes of Warren "BO" Buffet and Donny Gordon of Liberty Life-Sun Life is all set to unravel, no captain of any ship riding the high seas or that of industry feeling quite as safe as he-she did on September 10th one day be4.


In many ways how folks will feel in 6 days from now is how I felt one year ago, September 11th of last year to be precise, when I came to terms with how one person, a medical doctor mind you, just on his own cognizance, clearly incapable of seeing the wood for the trees, not by any stretch of the imagination mindful of others far more in tune in what it takes to raise healthy independent children, was able to convince a member of court, probably a judge, to issue a court order against me from seeing his two biological, innocent and impressionable children who had no say in their choice of father or mother mind you, without though their incredibly talented and competent mother, my Marie, being consulted, not even a phone call to c whether Dr. JBS could see clearly given his Goliath description of me.


But of course it probably didn’t “hurt” Dr. JBS having "our" JoNathan tag along impressing the folks at the criminal court house of me being a danger to JoNathan and his sister, Danielle, who was at the time just 13-years-young to mention little of Marie owning the website www.willnext.com to match her telephone number 1-858-WIL-NEXT to mention just in passing her will once again, that her idiot, at least twice divorced former husband, Dr. JBS, and his "bought & paid 4" attorney George "God only knows how I am suffering now" Hurst felt so compelled to present as an exhibit in Judge Hendrix’s courtroom on October 24th 2002, just 43 days after they committed, in my opinion, nothing short of the most heinous crime, the attempted murder of two individuals’ very good reputations, my belief that only G-D can decide matters of life and death but everything else is our choice, each one of us having the free will to carry out his will.


4 just $63 dollars one can get both a marriage license [$50] along with a marriage certificate [$13] that then grants you the right to proudly call yourself married, sumhow now competent to have as many children as you want to mention little of how such a “privilege” might impact the neighbors should one or both parents have gone from “kid” skidding along at “light speed” saying things like “just kidding” whenever inappropriate be4 ending up a “dik” in the same space-time it takes a sperm, one of 300 million odd, to enter an egg.


Gg” you might say, “there are a whole lot of folks simply taking up rather precious space on this incredible earth without there being any test whatsoever in terms of their ‘poor conditioning’, in California they have even dispensed with doing blood tests, simply incredulous but very much par for the course with how ‘topsy turvy’ this world has become and yet who can disagree that this has to be the greatest time in recorded history to be alive?”


And of course, I would agree.


I for one have never felt better, getting the opportunity yesterday to watch JoNathan for the second day in a row, unaided in the ocean, without an adult yelling, "Let me show you how" altho it has been a while since I last saw Dr. JBS with his fat belly in tow, butt who now has JoNathan having just turned 11 taking scuba diving lessons, yet seemingly incapable of coming to terms with how better athletes than this very out of shape doctor consider swimming lessons just as necessary as I do in keeping the most despicable characters in check to mention little of when last did you look at the premiums insurance companies charge those in the scuba diving business?


Now for all I know Dr. JBS who has sum 3 months vacation per year to get in shape may have finally, given the pounding I have been giving him “in the press” got himself in2 “fighting-fit-shape” never to forget how on September 8th of last year, the one year anniversary coming up in 3 days, he tried to bait me in2 a “fist fight” while Pypeetoe with his beautiful set of teeth was ready to risk it all had just more piece of spit come out of Dr. JBS’ so very ugly mouth and to think Marie may have at one time kissed this monster is enough to make me want to vomit.


Nothing quite says it as well as,



Next tTOo

Breeding is everything.


And nothing will ever be resolved until Dr. JBS is forced one way or the other to pay big time penance and altho I have the utmost faith in G-D I also happen to know a thing or too about The Inner Workings of the Universe that it is up to each one of us to hold the other “in check” or face Our Maker who will download all the cuc we have inhaled and exhaled through our mouths, the hairs in our noses designed to act as both filters as well as reminders to watch what we say, just try talking through your nose and of course I am not making fun of your snoring.


Suffice to say The Lord, different to anything you would find in the House of Lords, possibly tho being comfortable at a dinner setting of Folly Farm located on the greatest piece of real estate I have yet to c in all of England other than of course Ccrest, has, in my opinion, a rather simple processing job of evaluating everything we have allowed into or exited from all of our body parts, our farts no doubt all collected in the upper atmosphere that get released into Deep Space when say a Space Shuttle or rocket exits “spaceship” earth, a fart, mind you, according to my eldest brother, is nothing more than airborne feces, Neil tho, not having the foggiest notion about the aftermath of The Big Bang, his limited grasp of mathematics, fortunately or unfortunately stopping him well short of being the smartest person on the planet, thank G-D, I have enough competition with those in my inner circle, most notably Marie who I am now hoping to market, and G-D only help me if she ever gets to read this email.


No doubt we are all in for a number of bouts without I believe the need to draw any blood, the court system as overburdened as it is still sumhow able to operate and of course my heart continues to go out to my attorney Mr. James C. Ashworth who I assume remains "hospitalized" folks like Dr. JBS et al very likely taking Mr. Ashworths "bout with his demons" as a positive sign that James although having been paid fully, in advance, to hold Dr. JBS et al "fully accountable" simply didn’t have the stomach for my "take no prisoner approach."


Marie is undoubtedly more understanding than me, her formal math-logic far superior than that of mine, knowing full well that the attack on me by Dr. JBS, again I find it necessary to say, “at least twice divorced” was all about “chopping her legs off below the knees” and I do have this thing about not only good looking women preferring to see them stand on their own two feet, a good sign, of a healthy mind which leads to a healthy body and vice versa which is why I continue to copy both the San Diego Police Department as well as the FBI on my emails.


Unlike Jewish people who have the guilt of "slavery" constantly hanging over our shoulders being raised Roman Catholic, although I should point out that Marie may have at one time actually sat through one entire church service and therefore certainly unaware of the pedophiles running rampant, there is this aspect a good deal of Roman Catholics have that makes them more understanding to a "kid" morphing in2 an adult "dik" having been allowed to get away with things like being rude to their parents, always having their way, never having to say they are sorry, and so this “love & forgiveness” nonsense supposedly "very Christian" has them constantly “forgiving” which in time leads to “forgetting” never wanting to put things in writing until it is often too late when at best “selective memory” kicks in, quite different to what I understand Jesus Christ was all about when he went about turning “apple carts” upside down outside his Jewish Temple which is all "part & parcel" of why we have generation after generation repeating the same mistakes saying childish things to the next generation like, "U will have your chance to screw things up!"


While typing away on this email I am also working on an email to Jim Gibson a Republican hoping to raise sum $700K to gain a seat in the California State Assembly and so if things look at first a little disjointed don’t despair, rest assured it will all come together at sum point, remember the universe is endless; it is just a matter of going “back & forth” best described in Quantum Mechanics altho today I am getting more in tune with Quantum Gravity having not that long ago come across an article in a 1983 article in Scientific American written by Bryce S. DeWitt that spelled out a number of things that have been floating around in my brain pertaining to Einstein’s “ironclad” General Relativity, including


…The Quantum world is never still. In the quantum field theory of electromagnetism, for example, the value of the electromagnetic field is continually fluctuating…Indeed, it is possible that the sequence of events in the world and the meaning of past and future would be susceptible to change…Special Relativity, however, the square of the hypotenuse is equal to the difference of the squares of the sides rather than to the sum [Pythagoras]…Because Einstein’s gravitational field theory is a generalization of special relativity, he called it general relativity. This is a misnomer. General relativity is actually less relativistic than special relativity…”


I happen to prefer doing U-turns rather than going around in circles even if others can master walking in the wild better than me saying things like, "always bear to your right!" not for a single solitary minute, perhaps a second or too, when “under the gun” believing in so-called, “luck”, nothing quite like the “Good Luck” you c in the previous hyperlink that had me thinking Seth Lubove of Forbes Magazine was “way over his head” his lack of understanding of the true nature and extent of the Hot Water Wars that were brewing in the so-called lower basin States in the western United States nothing short of alarming.


Marie's will, however, will, in time, become a rallying cry for all spouses, male or female who feel they have made the mistake of marrying an out-of-control individual, nothing quite like the Digital Age to keep track of things including those who have quite an “armoire” [sic] in The Big House, no doubt under Dr. JBS’ "lock & key", the date on that will written ever so clearly coming just 6 days or thereabouts after Governor "Ho Chi Min" Davis of California met with the top executives of U.S. Filter, whose "control persons" were non other than the French water conglomerate Vivendi.


Once courageous folks, particularly those in the major media start getting the word out of the "false hope" that has plagued man-women perhaps going back no further than the establishment of the New York Stock Exchange sum 200 years ago, that with the geni out, no man is an island, the likes of Warren "Body Odor" Buffet and Donny "Stinky" Gordon are anything but genii to have become in just one generation nothing short of "stinking rich" then, in my opinion, in 7 days or less, we can solve all the major problems of the world, most importantly, the insurance crisis knocking on each of our doors.


The “false hope” hyperlink shows a picture of me handing over a dollar bill to Rabbi “Schneersun” [sic] the deceased leader of a Black Hat movement in New York who I felt at the time needed more “sun in his life”; certainly if there were more blacks in the congregation I would have told Solly Krok who “encouraged” me to come along for this “epic ride” to be a little more generous with his “ill-gotten” gains and of course you know that I absolutely love Solly Krok, perhaps one of the greatest people I have known, not perfect, but who amongst us is?


We can all, if push came to shove and the municipal water services were to dry up, find a way to dig deep enough for water that would last throughout all of our lifetimes and God knows most of us have enough fat in our bodies to last us all through a 40+ year drought assuming we found a way to spread the fat around to those of us currently in "fighting shape" condition, sprinkling a bit of Somerset clottered cream and Margaret Moore's jam may help sumwhat, but without insurance we are all up "shits creek without a paddle" since who in their right mind would insure anything as dangerous as a canoe, let alone those who scuba dive to mention little the amount of time I wasted yesterday afternoon going on a “wild goose chase” looking for JoNathan’s soccer coach at the Carmel Creek School, just this minute JoNathan walked by the computer screen letting me know that the spelling of his name does not contain a “Capital N” which leads me to Z question which clearly needs an update, agree?


It is now going on 4:00PM PST and he and Marie just left for the beach and then I must try and head over to Radio Shack, my computer problems still needing to be sorted out.


It just takes one of us working one thing at a time, each of us eventually all getting in step and of course I am planning on still getting one dance routine down altho this is rather difficult since I don't have that much time to spare, no secretaries running around kowtowing, bowing as though I was some sort of Godly creature willing thou "tu call a spade a spade", getting for example one of the most famous Federal Judges in the United States to take me sumwhat seriously to mention little once again of what started the ball rolling having Judge Jack Weinstein overturn in his own courtroom a multimillion dollar jury that most experts in the workers compensation industry agreed would have opened the "floodgates" for unprecedented litigation, soft-tissue injuries aka Repetitive Stress Syndrome responsible for sum 75% of workers compensation claims, timing is everything which reminds me that there is very possibly an email waiting in my sellnext email account from the MTU boys suggesting a way to settle “our” Sunmed judgment.


When you can in less than 3 years look forward to going from receiving over $400 per week in workers compensation benefits to over $800 per week lying on your back, why work?


And I doubt that someone like Maurice "Hank" Greenberg, the CEO and chairman of AIG would consider it a fraudulent claim if you also from time to time had sex, as long as it was not with him or G-D forbid, one of his sons who happen to sit "in the wings" protecting his "underbelly", no one though quite like Warren "BO" Buffet and again, thank G-D, Buffet doesn't go around telling folks that he is Jewish otherwise come September 11th us Jewish folk could look forward to possibly another round of pogroms which you know are just government sponsored programs mostly begun by those on the far left working in concert with their blood brothers on the far right feeding off hard working folk caught dead center in their crosshairs, those with the biggest guns, today mostly wearing suits, making out like "banids" [sic].


Unless folks like Diana Henriques no matter how much she may feel beholden to her left wing comrades doesn't "seize the day" not a "hope and a prayer" of avoiding, at a minimum, the criticism leveled at her for "sitting on her hands", her excuse that she is a chronic sufferer of carpal tunnel syndrome falling on deaf ears, returning as nothing more than the bottom fishes she wrote about in her epic The White Sharks of Wall Street who I don't think all come equipped with good hearing, perhaps I should suggest carp for lunch, nothing quite like the call of carpe diem.


There is tho always the possibility that Diana Henriques did not receive the email I sent her last Monday evening, perhaps confused that it came from an unfamiliar email account which is why I will probably “broadcast” it on the eRaider.com website, perhaps tomorrow being the Jewish Sabbath?


Working class folks once they come to grips with insurance salesperson’s script contained in Part 8 of the 8 Part Mini Series will very likely prefer to simply stay home with the spouse and kids, boxed in, with the hatches battened down to mention little of that safety deposit box that once contained the original agreement between Ms. Vicky "Sticky" Schiff and I which I assumed by now would have allowed me to buy that vacant plot of land just west of Jeffrey Krinsk's estate in Point Loma, San Diego where Jeffrey hides out amongst the goyim, i.e. gentiles, believing perhaps, that he is on high enough ground as the wake from September 11th 2003 begins it inevitable journey toward land.


What I can tell you is that there are few folks, possibly no more than a handful who are now intimately familiar with the very "stinky" inner workings of the insurance industry as I was back in the very early days when I started playing klobbios with Alan Benn on Saturday afternoons in Durban, South Africa while sum snoozed and others surfed, that could place one of them possibly Jeffrey R. Krinsk Esq. in the "pound seats," King of all England, able to command very probably as many debenture seats at Lords cricket grounds as you "currantly" [sic] can, your family’s house not exactly a toilet, just a “hop-jump-and-a-scotch” [sic] or so away from the Benns, your folks so smart, taking you and the rest of the family out of that pitiful mess 2 days after your bartmizvah that allows you now "tu pitch, good & proper."


My "can do" approach is starting to “lighten” things up everywhere, particularly those not yet "brain dead" nothing like a "light journey" to even things up, hope tho for those being raised mostly in households who don't have the "big bucks" constantly flashed in front of them so common here in Del Mar, a Del Martian a rather pitiful sight, to mention little of how Marie is about to secure a rental property in "high ground" way above Dr. JBS' Big House at a price that should make all the property owners in the area including King Golden Jnr. beginning to feel a whole lot poorer, nothing like deficits needs driving the nouveau riche completely bonkers.


I am copying Jeffrey R. Krinsk et al on this email just in case he decides after next meeting with Senator John Kerry supposedly in a matter of minutes in Nantucket to seriously consider taking the next flight on the Concorde over to London with the one end of the rope tied to the Senator's head and the other to the left wing, right by the trailing edge of the plane allowing the Senator a bird's eye view of all the crap his liberal elitism has helped spread throughout the world and then as they fly over Folly Farm for the captain of the plane to lower the flaps just be4 heading in2 a vertical dive dropping the Senator in some of that cow dung that Marie and I trooped through when walking along the fields on an incredible moonlit evening much like a Chagall painting.[1]


Senator Kerry remains in the upcoming presidential race despite my making public "over my dead body" will he ever reside in the White House unless of course he finds himself out of work, in the outhouse of course, and George W. Bush decides to give him a handout with Theresa Heinz in tow replacing the wallpaper in the Lincoln bedroom and I bet given the “wow” ammunition I provided Jeffrey be4 embarking Senator John Kerry might even be able twist the arm of former President William Jefferson "semen letting" Clinton to lend a hand, our former President soon to get his full comeuppance.


And if you are feeling a hiccup coming perhaps it has to do with the Clinton's relationship with Yucaipa Capital to mention little of what Dan Weinstein of the Wetherly Capital Group [WCG] reported back to Yucaipa's main principal, Ron Burkle, about his meeting in the first week of 2002 with Andy Siedel the top dog of U.S. Filter, so can you explain why Seth Lubove of Forbes Magazine hasn’t yet come through with a followed up to his June 2002 article that would throw more light on how year end “deals” happen to occur right between Xmess Day and New Year, along with the greatest number of suicides, so I am told, my belief though is that the instant one starts “lying, stealing and cheating” disease takes hold, strokes a constant source of nourishment for folks continuously “in denial.”


D, there is, I must tell u, a whole lot going on in that last paragraph that could sink a battleship with every single corrupt politician on board, my understanding that some of these ships contain as much as 5,000 individuals?


Jeffrey manages to filter information perhaps better than anyone I know, other than you of course but then again I have only known Jeffrey 4 sum 4+ years, his ability to paint a bright picture is very likely the result of being so much in love with his wife, Campbell Soup, like those few of us truly in love with our wives, constantly thinking of ways to please her, fully aware, "when someone has loved you including your wife they will do anything for you except love u again."


I found it nothing short of an Act of God that someone as busy as Jeffrey, collecting receivables like no one else I know on the planet is still able to focus on business, his one assistant, Joseph "The multi-talented" letting me know the other day that the reason I was being placed on hold was, "Jeffrey is currently completing a brief" which defies all logic unless of course Jeffrey is telling an attorney for one of the insurance carriers,


"Of course I am willing to accept a settlement with you folks for 10 cents on the dollar today given the fact that in less than a week if The Pisser has his way the value of your stock won't be worth a dime which is not tu suggest that it is worth today more than the paper it is written on which I consider to be about a nickel, but, more importantly, as long as Rainwaters continues to take my dollars allowing me to feed The Pisser and his dog, Pypeetoe, the best cuts of steak under the son, then I would be a fool not to accept your gracious offer and don’t give me any bull about ‘Tis better tu keep quiet and let people think you to be a fool than to speak out and remove all doubt’" [sic].


D, please understand that I have no first hand knowledge that Jeffrey R. Krinsk was even born in the United States, possibly not even circumcised butt knowing a thing or too about “the angle of the dangle” not even certain his grandmother went by the name of Nana albeit him telling me she lived to the ripe old age of 99.


It is even conceivable that Jeffrey has never even met Senator John Kerry and may simply have had dreams at one time be4 he met Campbell Soup of making love to the Senator’s current wife who I happen to know for a fact was at one time married to another U.S. Senator, heir to the Heinz fortune, who died “mysteriously” in a plane crash which is not to suggest that Senator Bob Kerrey didn’t think Ms. Theresa Heinz was delicious unlikely tho, Bob “Can’t shoot straight” Kerrey had anything to do with this supposed accident nor for that matter would you believe for one instant that I buy into any of this conspiracy crap knowing as well as I do that if someone wanted to bump anyone off all they would need is to hire some deranged out-of-work pathologist say from The Sharp Medical Hospital in San Diego and for nothing more than a handout of peanuts, enough to fire up what remains of their brain, unlock the armory in their house, get on their BMW sports motorcycle, remember I own a Ducati ST4s, and if they are able to simply balance long enough to go up one block they could have me and my loved ones all bloodied up in a matter of tTOotTOos.


Suffice to say that during one of our “pong” sessions Jeffrey Krinsk suggested that Jonathan Pollard, the American-Israeli spy has been held the past two decades at one of Sol Kersner’s plush hotels, possibly in Barbados. Devin Standard, however, whose father was born over there assured me that I must have misheard what Jeffrey was saying, and you may recall that Devin’s father is the president of the New York Bar Association which reminds me of a rather important question I failed to ask Jeffrey about our buddy Bob Kaplan of Kilsheimer, Kaplan and Fox who was lead counsel with Jeffrey in the Revlon class action complaint that I would have thought has now been finally settled, giving me the opportunity to read old Bob who was supposedly with the United States Justice Department be4 wanting to die the richest SCAL in the grave, the riot act.


Everything is starting to look especially rosy for those who play it straight and for those who like dangling in the wind not knowing what leg to hold on to continuing to be “pigs at the trough” they may well end up losing their heads, certainly I think their spouses are going to find them a whole lot less attractive when the only way out of their depression is to unload boxes full of viagra, their wives-girlfriends thinking of folks like u and me, ugly “duck” looks to boot.[2]


Despite papers like The New York Times in lullaland so very much tied in2 the "status quo" totally oblivious to what is happening in the real world writing editorials praising the likes of Sandy "Squirrel" Weill caught up in believing all the bullshit written about them, no wonder when there is a negative article about "The Finagle King" as I came across in the August 28th edition of the New York X, the likes of Ronald "O. Ring" Perelman have this smile that says, "Give it to me one more time!" and then the likes of Diana Henriques say stuff like, "My article was all done with tongue in cheek."[3]


Oh how the educated English are so full of themselves now tho, finally getting caught in the twist of their "dirty dancing", the ANC ruling South Africa today with their “ironclad fist” controlling the media outlets just another example of how power corrupts, absolute power corrupts absolutely.


We each get, in my opinion, only one chance to do right, best expressed in Pythagoras’, Number is the essence of all things, good or evil, that the instant one chooses "evil" one is essentially "down & out", numbers never lie, no matter how many X you spit, superstition should have left our vocabulary the instant this very first scientist came up with, “This and this equals” taking all forms of mysticism and superstition out of the equation, which is why we should all be on our guard when someone one minute says , “I believe in G-D” and then the next minute starts running off at the mouth about wanting to reach their psychic and when breaking a mirror say the most incredibly stupid stuff like, “…7 years of bad luck” instead of simply saying, “Next time I will be more careful” or just how about, “I am sorry.”


One minute folks are into “G-D” spelling His name so many different ways, raising children as if the children where a “gift from God” and the next turning them in2 nothing more than “co-dependants” to do with “at will”, one minute “thanking the Lord” and then the next “blaspheming Him” for “cursing them with these bastards” and no wonder the world is such is mess, but the only hand I see in all of this is men-women behaving badly, and G-D looking down from above, saying, “Next” as He sends the likes of Dr. JBS et al back to earth as nothing more than ants and who other than my mother who debates only people who agree with her would argue differently that the ants are in fact taking over the earth?


Just like u can never rekindle that love Jeffrey so eloquently described so can u not turn back the tide once going down a path of recklessness and the need to hold everyone in check the instant they tell so much as a white lie, something again you were so well schooled in.


In the begging" [sic] a lot of things happened but clearly those in charge of interpreting things got a number of things mixed up including beginning the Old Testament with a preposition.


It is important to be brief when need be but when one consider that most of the folks are in fact brain dead, thanks to the likes of The New York X and CNN then it makes a whole lot of sense as well as dollars tu spell things out for the masses to take their time and when ready to speak out in one loud voice, "Enough is Enough" having the likes of the Clinton crowd who parse the English language thinking us to be all deaf, dumb and blind to boot.


Jeffrey can be exceedingly precise and few, given his good looks, different to the good looks of Penny Coelen and my mother that u c in the “world” hyperlink in your email to me taken on the steps of the Barbizon Hotel in New York City soon after Penny won the Miss World in 1958, would ever believe Jeffrey was at one time Jewish.


The reason for bringing up the Jewish thing is that despite the English having come a long way since the Jews were thrown out of York it is unlikely they would allow someone particularly a Jewish person from New York to head up the realm producing offspring to take over the wor.d.


So, if Jeffrey arrives without a dime to his name please be gentle with him, let him hang out in the guest house probably requiring no more than a month of “R & R” and please don’t bring up with him how all it is going to take to capture the world insurance in 7 days or less is a “grass roots” understanding of how insurance is sold, “Referrals, Renewals and Relatives” and it would be ok to let John the chauffer know he is another one of your cousins.


Good Shabbas, time to fly




[Word count 5,387]



[1] Please send me a photo of Folly Farm and let me know if I can place it on www.sellnext.com even if you would only part with it for a “King’s randsom” [sic].

[2] Please show Jake the photo of u, I took in Mexico City during the World Cup Final of 1986 where we only found out the score despite pretty decent seats only when we eventually got back to the United States.

[3] A “subscriber” to www.NextraTerresTrial.com sent me a photo of Diana Henriques who is I must say is rather good looking but I simply don’t have the means to hyperlink her photo at this time.