From: Gary S. Gevisser []
Sent: Friday, July 11, 2003 6:17 PM
To: Price (
Cc: rest
Subject: FW: Dark Matter continued.



Attention: Professor Kelly, Scripps Research and Professor Price, “John Hopkins Medical Institute 4 the blind, deaf and dumb” [sic].



Good day gentlemen, I seem tu have mislaid Professor Kelly’s email address so I would appreciate it if someone were tu forward this email tu him.


Right now I am sitting cross-legged typing away on the ground floor of Immigration & Naturalization Services located at 880 Front Street in downtown San Diego just a hop-jump-and-a-scotch from Superior Court where back on October 24th of last year the possibility existed u mite be interested tu c how well I faired against the likes of Mr. George G. Hurst Esq. and his client Dr. JBS et al and joined in the “fun & games.”


That “fair” hyperlink should allow u both tu catch up with what has taken place in my life since I first began dealing with u too back on July 15th of last year when I sent Dr. Kelly my “Dark Matter” email, everything all ultimately good, nothing bad,  never tho tu be indifferent, worst yet, don’t ignore me.


I just bought my way back intu line with a cup of Starbucks Coffee and now have several “Explorer windows” open looking forward tu a number of things including Professor Aaron “BrownNose” Brown of Yeshiva University in New York City reconsidering my offer tu debate him “in the flesh” when my wife + I visit New York next week assuming Lynna of JetBlue hasn’t placed me on the “black list” allowing me on board tu mention little of while getting this email out tu u yoyos I am also fine-tuning my pitch tu the Honorable Trevor Manuel, South Africa’s Minister of Finance.


Trevor thought back in 1995 after I got him tu sign a photo identical tu this photo he had seen the last of me and of course Sol Moshal, former Chairman-Managing Director of the Moshal Gevisser Group of Companies aka “The little King” is certainly not turning over in his grave, u by now up tu speed what happens tu folks who, “lie, steal and cheat” tu mention little of his favorite nephew, my uncle David Gevisser who while “slotting in tu position” tu become the executor of Charles Englehard’s world wide estate must “wether” [sic] have been wearing blinkers altho I don’t think David, who I actually care 4 a lot, altho somewhat naive, was a “pony” lover unlike my step-father, Alan Zulman, just 6 degrees of separation from Dr. Ruth, who was forced to grow a ponytail as a precondition of marrying my “mad” mother.


Alan Zulman’s good credit rating was not as important as his ability to converse in a dialect only he seems tu understand, altho a rather quiet man much like “Uncle David” which brings me tu possibly why when it came time 4 perhaps the powerful individual in the world tu “kick the bucket” he chose David Gevisser who happens tu have the worst stutter imaginable could be relied on tu keep his mouth shut, loose lips sink ships, 321.


The number 763 flashed on the ticket window and I am next in line.


I am now on Broadway waiting tu get photos needed 4 my citizenship certificate tu be developed having briefly stopped by the Edward Schwartz building where there is a Grand Jury investigation going on with camera people and reporters up the kazoo wanting tu c what will be the fate of a San Diego City Councilperson or too caught up in the “cheetah” scandal and of course I made a point of handing out my business cards letting the folks know that a far bigger story “brews”, WWIII fully underway that keeps the likes of Laurie Black, the daughter-in-law of the disgraced former Ambassador tu Switzerland, Larry “I wouldn’t trust him as far as I could throw him” Lawrence, a rather hi-profile public “hunkering down.”


One guy whose business card reads:


Mark Matthews

News Reporter


The Meek

With Teeth



The Earth” [sic]


This King Golden look-alike says he works 4 JW August, Managing Editor of the ABC Network Affiliate in San Diego, and of course the only way tu get any form of corroboration if this Mark Matthews is who he says he is, is tu email both him as well as Ms. Jimenez.


I won’t be including Laurie Black on this email who hopefully isn’t the reason why Jeffrey Krinsk Esq. decided tu stay away from the office today, but of course I will include King Golden Esq. who can then decide how much more he wants tu “stir the pot.”


My guess is that “OId Man” King isn’t feeling as “lucky” as he once felt using his good looks and intellect tu mention little of his “University of Virgin Law School” [sic] interfering with his learning tu gain “competitive advantage” going after “sure hits” as in “bar flies” versus taking on the monsters who fiddled little boys he knew “oh so well” [sic] as a Roman Catholic altar boy.


And there is always the possibility, actually lets call it 4 what it is, the high probability Mark Matthews’ “boss” the Big Kahuna, JW August will give the “green light” tu go after the “stink” story referenced in my E-mail tu Sebastian Capella’s son yesterday.


Tu facilitate the too of u who may very well be suffering from sum side effects associated with Aspartame or “Dark Matter” material mentioned ad-nausea, this “lite journey” is all geared tu get u fully up-tu-speed, i.e. 4 the latest in the “Back & Forth” saga that began with Professor and co-founder of looking 4 a “quickie” [sic] i.e. a shareholder, just click on here or go directly tu the “The Puck Stops Here” [sic] message board where I will make one more posting 4 the day.


As much as Dr. Kelly appeared to be on top of things when downing a beer last summer over at the Del Mar Plaza altho it is more likely Dr. Kelly was sipping wine when we first met whereas this surfer dude who captivated more of my interest had clearly consumed more than his fair fare of beer yet able to maintain my attention a hole lot longer than another intellectual midget having let his education interfere with his learning who showed his stripes in the heat of battle by losing control of his dog which is when I suggested tu Dr. Kelly he get back tu his laboratory, leave his black Labrador with me and check the math that could result in him being awarded the Nobel Prize, at least getting an A-grade 4 telling the truth and saving the world possibly a trillion or too dollars per year pissing money down the drain, dealing with the symptoms of degenerative diseases rather than the causes, u knuckleheads.


Folks like the surfer “kid” and Peter Noar who believes he didn’t stay as long in the Israeli Air force as he should have reaching the rank of “captain, no falafels” altho I have no real proof that Mr. Noar can even speak Hebrew given the fact that my Hebrew is probably no better than that of Adolph Eichman who tho managed tu impress enuf Jewish “capos” that he meant business, could pretty much “bum” anything off me, certainly a couple of beers as long as I get sumthing meaningful in return.


Both “The kid” and the likes of Peter Noar don’t simply have intellect but more importantly an understanding of all the factors that lead tu perfect balance even if they cannot execute perfectly every time tu the satisfaction of those that think they know them best, rarely if ever do biological parents contribute much more than genes, good or bad, i.e.



Next tTOo

Breeding is everything, agree?


Such individuals are content on the odd occasion tu run into someone like myself or an incredible athlete like Shaun Tomson who “The kid” considers as close as it gets tu godly and so it is now time 4 me tu get down tu business.


Given the “wave” treatment I received, it is now time for you to take a hardER look at the “wave-like” data which shouldn’t take a rocket scientist tu connect up the dots that draws a clear inference that there is a strong connection between folks with “less intelligence” in the same “bracket” as those more susceptible to degenerative diseases like Parkinsons which prompted me to send my July 23rd 2002 email to Jim Geddes over in the UK.


As sum would say LUK had it, that very same day, Mr. Geddes responded with what u c below altho I don’t recall making mention in my Perfect Storm XV email on August 9th either what Mr. Geddes commented or his quick response time, deafening silences best suited for vacuum environments, agree?


Currently I am getting my ducks lined up on track 4 a clean sweep, nothing quite like having the resources tu let the folks who play it “fast & loose” know that I mean business. As opposed tu well meaning folks like Greenpeace who risk “life & limb” without really providing practical solutions I, on the other hand, am right now all geared tu not simply putting my money where my mouth is but willing tu take it “on the chin” should any of my small band of detractors think I have overstepped the mark and think like Dr. JBS I haven’t got what it takes tu finish the task at hand.


I continue tu be hopeful that Mr. James C. Ashworth Esq., an enlightened gentleman, will with G-d seeing fit tu intervene, i.e. find it within himself tu stand tall alongside me and an incredible team I am currently putting together as we go “full throttle” against Dr. JBS et al.


Finding solutions tu the problems of the world is really not all that difficult when one considers that the biggest obstacles tu overcome other than the fact that there is so much hate in this world is the lack of a sustainable energy source to mention little of the need 4 quality drinking water, never, never, never, tu forget the wasted dollars being “granted” away tu the likes of u too.


Without boring most of my readers tu death with the viability of geothermal energy suffice tu say that water and hydrogen both on their own highly combustible but when combined make an “Almighty Pure” flow, different and world’s apart tu what Hitler offered the masses of Germans, an abundance of gold and beer, we are now a “good generation” apart from “heavy water.”


Most would agree that the opposite of hate is love and when one considers the number of divorced folk out there let alone the number of individuals who weren’t able tu get their “s-h-e-i-t” [sic] together a 2nd time round there is a need to change direction or at least slow down.


And of course anyone who makes the same mistake twice cannot really be taken all that seriously especially if they have produced offspring which is why I would be advocating that the next Governor of California seriously consider keeping individuals twice or more divorced from being a candidate 4 jury duty, agree?


And of course given my focus to assist folks in resolving conflicts without having tu “bear arms” let alone go the courtroom route who knows in time the need 4 jurors, let alone judges and executioners may dwindle tu nothing, altho zero is not a solution in my book, so then lets just agree on one?


I have committed tu my “wife-travel-companion” who has been with me on an endless 9+ year light journey through life that I will have the first draft of my book Manager Minute One completed prior to our trip next week tu New York while the too kids are off to “Misery” with their at least twice divorced biological father.


St. Louis, Missouri is a place I once visited while doing sum due diligence on Mr. Fred DeLuca, the co-founder of the 15,000 odd Subway Sandwich chain who Fortune Magazine considered around the time I visited with Dave Duree Esq., “The Biggest Problem in Franchising.”


Mr. Duree is an attorney who has spent a lifetime litigating against Mr. Deluca et al who if u were fortunate or unfortunate “depending on the case” tu meet, u would consider him both charismatic and “good looking.”


That last hyperlink contains a summary of the Fortune Magazine Article,


Talk about an entrepreneur's dream. Frederick DeLuca was 17 when he borrowed $1,000 from a family friend to open a submarine-sandwich shop in Bridgeport, Conn. It didn't do too well, so he opened a second one--'to create the image of success,' he recalls with a smile. Apparently it worked: By the fifth store he had a clear winner, and after nine years he started selling franchises. Today DeLuca's chain, Subway, sells sandwiches from 13,136 franchised stores in 64 countries, a number of outlets second only to McDonald's. More than 10,000 of them have opened in the U.S. in the past decade, a burst of development unmatched in franchising. Systemwide sales exceed $3 billion a year. And Fred DeLuca, now 50, is a billionaire.

It's an inspiring story. But look more closely and you'll see that Subway wasn't built in quite the same way as the other franchise empires--McDonald's, Kentucky Fried Chicken, Burger King, and the rest. DeLuca has used methods all his own, creating a corporate reflection of his own complicated personality. The result has been not just enormous wealth but also a set of problems unmatched in the business, including unhappy franchisees, disputes with landlords, and run-ins with regulators. Every big franchise operation has such problems, of course, but what sets Subway apart is scope: It faces so much more trouble than its competitors on all these fronts that it's simply in a league of its own.

Now conflict and rebellion greet DeLuca from every side:

--Legal disputes disclosed in an annual report required by the Federal Trade Commission total 160--more than the combined total listed by Subway's seven largest competitors (McDonald's, Burger King, KFC, Pizza Hut, Wendy's, Taco Bell, and Hardee's). The number has nearly doubled in four years and doesn't include 50 cases in Milford, Conn., the company's hometown, against various dummy entities DeLuca has used to conduct business.

--A growing number of Subway's development agents--the 220 salespeople who peddle these stores to first-time entrepreneurs--say Subway has broken contracts with them. Angry agents last summer organized a union to gain power against DeLuca. Earlier they had tried to get rid of him by offering around $1.5 billion to buy Subway in an LBO; he turned it down but acceded to their demand that he hire outside consultants to analyze company operations.”

This question of love-hate can be traced back to the time of Cain and Abel, and whether such a story of brother-sister-brother-internecine hatred is actually true is not as important as the historical proof of the battles throughout time that have been waged within the family in the battle tu become the “favorite.”


I don’t profess tu be much of a classical scholar despite having studied a thing or too in Latin about Plato and others like him such as Cato deemed important and it seems acceptance of homosexuality was more in vogue back then it is today, butt they certainly got a number of things right even if not as straight and crystal clear-cutting-stiletto-like as Pythagoras’ Right Angle Triangle Theorem that placed G-D-Nature, dead-center, in the middle of things, Number the essence of all things, good or evil.


At the time I was more fixated on understanding how underprivileged people who lived in a spot called Cato Manor just a hop-jump-and-a-scotch from our private school in Durban, South Africa had a “hope & a prayer” of getting up tu speed with the likes of most of my fellow students from Carmel College who were mostly brain dead having been fed, G-d only knows what from “slaves” sum of whom lived in this squalor of a place.


Even if one were able tu prove the existence of G-d not only in masterminding and executing the original plan but that he actually exists, 4 those needing an instant “fix” consumed with feeding their own obsessions the task is rather large. Fortunately, it seems more and more people, young as well as those young at heart are paying more and more attention tu not only what they eat but equally important how they interact with G-D-Nature.


And in time I will prove tu both u monkeys that G-d is DNA++, i.e. watch out, i.e. go real easy not only on the animals that come into your care but all the plants everywhere, i.e. the sooner u cum tu grips with the what’s in store 4 anyone who violates the rules governing “antitrust” that before throwing away your rusted parts, not just your rotting organs when u evacuate your bowls but your batteries, your vehicles etcetera etcetera know full well that they will likely contaminate the plant life bearing in mind that likes of u and King Golden Jnr Esq. will very likely, at least in my estimation, return tu earth as potted plants 4 my dog Pypeetoe tu pee on, and of course u know that I give a big round of applause each time my dog pees whether or not he lifts up his back leg in doing business #1 and when he backs up right against the shrubbery and does his business #2, I reward him with a range free chicken.


Anytime, anyone takes public funds, tries tu influence the public, tu mention little of exerting “unJew” [sic] influencing on elected officials I make it my business tu find out everything there is tu know about that person as long as it doesn’t interfere with my social life.


Now if u think the way tu throw me off your tail is tu get a “hit man” tu take out my dog, remember Jeffrey Krinsk Esq. loves my dog as much as I do and besides he too has a dog and I will let him tell u what will happen if his wife Campbell Soup were tu get pissed off and don’t forget my wife is not only a witch but 1/64thkiller” Indian.


In the end my plan is tu crystallize my thoughts into succinct verbiage assuming I have the time that will make sense of all this tu those who have not much more intelligence than that of my Italian Greyhound who is also known as the SIG as in Super Italian Greyhound who likes to get in his LICKS like no other “hound dog” altho he is a “sight hound” and enjoys the sights of Machu Picchu as much as I do which is how I got him tu the top of this most amazing spot telling airline security, “…why would I deprive my sight hound from seeing the sights of Machu Picchu?”


I think different tu most, obviously, listening perhaps better than I let on relying less these days on sight and more on intuition comforted in the knowledge that not only have I never been “bought” or ever once exploiting the labor of another, at least not directly, moreover certain given my command of mathematics that I am not exactly a turkey, very much into “turnkey operations” better yet “one shop operations” or “mom & pop” as a second alternative, never, never, never, has a single soul interfered with my sequencing, much perhaps like Pythagoras who I don’t know all that much about other than what I have breezed thru on a website or too and in must one book which took me almost too years tu finish who seems tu have made it his business tu have very colorful women in his inner circle and what odds would u give me that Pythagoras was better looking than some of the pigs that I have known in my life who 4 sum reason have managed tu surround themselves with incredibly good looking women.


It makes all the sense in the world that women should be better at the Sciences, Mathematics, Art than men given the multi-tasking needed 4 nurturing, raising a “balanced” household going back tu the beginning of time, not that men are completely useless, nevertheless, useless, in most disciplines other than in fighting wars, shooting themselves in the foot, blowing off other peoples’ ears, taking out the trash, mowing the lawn, harpooning a swordfish etcetera etcetera and why I remain fixated on proving that sex means everything, and nothing, technique and mystique all interwoven in a miracle thread, unless u r being bitten on the arse by a mosquito, or a moth is chewing away at your mohair sweater, the genius of technology bringing us all together in the end, as in SMART, never forgetting 4 a solitary second it is Religion that is the glue that keeps “she-he-it” altogether.


Now it is also important tu consider that the differences between the too sexes is becoming as difficult tu distinguish as it is to look at each one of us as anything other than one species, bearing in mind that men actually listen better than what most women give us credit 4, those of us that can still hear, and most important of all, never, never, never tu forget that it takes too tu tango and most important when the dialogue becomes too monologues it is the beginning of the end.


Keeping things on a track that I have no doubt u too intellectual pishers would be able tu follow, what do u think of the contention that sum of those in my inner circle have had to say about how sum of the most beautiful women in the world come from the most rotten, degenerative places on the planet where the men are stinkingly ugly such as in South Africa, Brazil, and Venezuela.


There are of course exceptions, i.e. Shawn Tomson, Derrick Downey, Ruben Spilken, Che Che Vidal and Bernard Nathan Gevisser. On the other hand take a look at the French Canadians, both the men and the women are beautiful as well as being incredibly bright & lite; I must now head 4 the head, at least that has been my experience going back tu the year dot.


In 1958 one year after I was born my mother’s model, Penny Coelen won the Miss World altho my mother, who engineered the “the win” right from the beginning, maintained the most beautiful entrant was Miss Canada who was a semi-finalist and saw tu it that “Marilyn Anne Keddie’sdaughter Ron-Lynne “married well” with a lot of help from her father Ron and me of course “towing the line” giving my pal, Cliff Benn, all the credit 4 having made such a fine choice.


My mother would never do anything dishonest, certainly she never “rigged” either the Miss World or Miss Universe competition or any of the myriad of competitions where her models took top prize while my mother made off like a “band-id” [sic], i.e. why cut corners when u have a head 4 figuring out exactly what it takes tu win the most votes, a politician of politicians, my mother, and honest tu boot.


So where do u think I am headed tu next?


And before that tu my mother’s brunette twin and if Marie, who has spent the past several days biking in the mountains gets wind of this it will be “chop chop” or “slice slice” 4 me, nothing like having tu face the music, agree?


At least spend part of the Sabbath listening tu Symbolist White Walls or if page 16 of my website, the “speech therapy” section is to clogged up just mouth the words or just go out and buy the CD and if your rabbi objects tu u traveling have him-her contact me which reminds me I am still waiting tu hear back from Rabbi Abner Weiss.


Jeffrey Krinsk and Devin Standard +++ will confirm that I am on the side of the sun.


All the best,


Gary S. Gevisser 



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From: Jim Geddes []
Tuesday, July 23, 2002 11:37 AM
To: 'pacbell'
Subject: RE:


Several studies have examined the possible link between education and

Alzheimer's disease (see below). The various studies come to slightly

different conclusions, but overall the results support the correlation

you describe. Less clear are the mechanisms involved. One hypothesis is

that the more educated individuals have more "brain reserve" and

therefore the disease must be more advanced before dementia is evident.

This is not my research area, I would suggest contacting the authors of

the articles listed below.


Jim Geddes





 1: J Gerontol B Psychol Sci Soc Sci  2001 Sep;56(5):P292-300


Education and the risk of Alzheimer's disease: findings from the study


dementia in Swedish twins.


Gatz M, Svedberg P, Pedersen NL, Mortimer JA, Berg S, Johansson B.


Department of Psychology, University of Southern California, Los

Angeles, CA

90089-1061, USA.


The association between dementia and education was studied in 143 twin


discordant for dementia, using a matched-pair design, and in 221

dementia cases

and 442 unrelated controls from the same twin registry, using a


design. Low education was defined as 6 years or less of schooling.


analyses with prevalent cases showed low education to be a risk for


disease but not dementia in general. Low education did not significantly


incident cases. In the matched-pairs analysis, which controls for

genetic and

other familial influences, differences in education between demented

twins and

twin partners were not statistically significant. However, for


disease, odds ratios resulting from matched pairs and case-control

analyses were

similar. Twins' comparative reports about intellectual involvement

earlier in

their lives suggest a long-standing difference on this dimension, with


involvement by the twin who became demented.


Publication Types:

Twin Study


PMID: 11522804 [PubMed - indexed for MEDLINE]




2: Neurology  1995 Sep;45(9):1707-12


The effect of education on the incidence of dementia and Alzheimer's

disease in

the Framingham Study.


Cobb JL, Wolf PA, Au R, White R, D'Agostino RB.


Department of Mathematics, Boston University, MA, USA.


OBJECTIVE: To evaluate whether low educational attainment is a risk

factor for

the incidence of dementia and Alzheimer's disease (AD) in the Framingham


and to determine whether age at onset of dementia is earlier in persons

with low

educational levels. DESIGN: A community-based cohort was studied


for the development of dementia. Diagnosis was made according to strict


by two neurologists and a neuropsychologist. Subtype of dementia and

year at

onset were determined. Incidence rates were compared in three education


< grade school, < high school, and > or = high school. PARTICIPANTS: A

total of

3,330 men and women aged 55 to 88 years. RESULTS: During 17 years of


258 incident cases of dementia, including 149 AD cases, were identified.

Unadjusted incidence rates were significantly elevated (p < 0.05) for


and non-AD dementia among the least educated. The age-adjusted relative

risk for

subjects with a grade school education or less compared with those who

earned a

high school diploma was 1.31 (95% confidence interval [CI], 0.90 to

1.90) for

dementia generally, 1.04 (95% CI, 0.62 to 1.74) for AD, and 1.75 (95%

CI, 1.03

to 2.98) for non-AD dementia. Age at onset of dementia did not vary by

educational attainment. CONCLUSIONS: After age adjustment, low


attainment was not a significant risk factor for the incidence of


generally or of AD. Low educational attainment was associated with


risk of non-AD dementia, perhaps because of deleterious smoking habits

and other

risk factors for stroke in the least-educated individuals. Adequately


for age and examining subtypes of dementia are important in assessing


influence of education on dementia incidence.


PMID: 7675231 [PubMed - indexed for MEDLINE]




3: Am J Epidemiol  2000 Jun 1;151(11):1064-71


Education and the risk for Alzheimer's disease: sex makes a difference.


pooled analyses. EURODEM Incidence Research Group.


Letenneur L, Launer LJ, Andersen K, Dewey ME, Ott A, Copeland JR,

Dartigues JF,

Kragh-Sorensen P, Baldereschi M, Brayne C, Lobo A, Martinez-Lage JM,

Stijnen T,

Hofman A.


INSERM Unit 330, Bordeaux, France.


The hypothesis that a low educational level increases the risk for


disease remains controversial. The authors studied the association of

years of

schooling with the risk for incident dementia and Alzheimer's disease by


pooled data from four European population-based follow-up studies.


cases were identified in a two-stage procedure that included a detailed

diagnostic assessment of screen-positive subjects. Dementia and


disease were diagnosed by using international research criteria.


level was categorized by years of schooling as low (< or =7), middle

(8-11), or

high (> or =12). Relative risks (95% confidence intervals) were

estimated by

using Poisson regression, adjusting for age, sex, study center, smoking


and self-reported myocardial infarction and stroke. There were 493 (328)

incident cases of dementia (Alzheimer's disease) and 28,061 (27,839)

person-years of follow-up. Compared with women with a high level of


those with low and middle levels of education had 4.3 (95% confidence


1.5, 11.9) and 2.6 (95% confidence interval: 1.0, 7.1) times increased


respectively, for Alzheimer's disease. The risk estimates for men were

close to

1.0. Finding an association of education with Alzheimer's disease for

women only

raises the possibility that unmeasured confounding explains the


reported increased risk for Alzheimer's disease for persons with low

levels of



PMID: 10873130 [PubMed - indexed for MEDLINE]




4: BMJ  1995 Apr 15;310(6985):970-3


Comment in:

 BMJ. 1995 Apr 15;310(6985):951-2.

 BMJ. 1995 Jul 8;311(6997):125-6.

 BMJ. 1995 Jul 8;311(6997):126.


Prevalence of Alzheimer's disease and vascular dementia: association


education. The Rotterdam study.


Ott A, Breteler MM, van Harskamp F, Claus JJ, van der Cammen TJ, Grobbee


Hofman A.


Erasmus University Medical School, Rotterdam, Netherlands.


OBJECTIVE--To estimate the prevalence of dementia and its subtypes in


general population and examine the relation of the disease to education.

DESIGN--Population based cross sectional study. SETTING--Ommoord, a

suburb of

Rotterdam. SUBJECTS--7528 participants of the Rotterdam study aged

55-106 years.

RESULTS--474 cases of dementia were detected, giving an overall

prevalence of

6.3%. Prevalence ranged from 0.4% (5/1181 subjects) at age 55-59 years

to 43.2%

(19/44) at 95 years and over. Alzheimer's disease was the main

subdiagnosis (339

cases; 72%); it was also the main cause of the pronounced increase in


with age. The relative proportion of vascular dementia (76 cases; 16%),

Parkinson's disease dementia (30; 6%), and other dementias (24; 5%)


with age. A substantially higher prevalence of dementia was found in


with a low level of education. The association with education was not

due to

confounding by cardiovascular disease. CONCLUSIONS--The prevalence of


increases exponentially with age. About one third of the population aged

85 and

over has dementia. Three quarters of all dementia is due to Alzheimer's


In this study an inverse dose-response relation was found between

education and

dementia--in particular, Alzheimer's disease.


PMID: 7728032 [PubMed - indexed for MEDLINE]






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From: pacbell []

Sent: Tuesday, July 23, 2002 2:08 PM




Based on a recent conversation I had with a researcher in the area of

degenerative diseases it seems to me that there may be very strong data


shows a positive correlation between such type diseases and those


groups most afflicted, namely the "less intelligent." As sad and

discomforting as this "finding" may at first appear it seems that if in


the data is accurate then you can start addressing the problem providing

kids with a an appropriate "head start."


Although I am a pretty good "problem solver" this is not exactly my area


expertise. I am, however, very keen to get some feedback from the

professionals in this field. The researcher I first discussed this with


grown very quiet, empty spaces to boot.





Gary S. Gevisser