From: Gary S. Gevisser
Thursday, September 11, 2003 4:40 PM
To: Jim Gibson
Cc: rest
Subject: Ground Rules


Part 1 of an 8 Part series of emails setting the “ground rules” for a meeting with Jim Gibson, Republican candidate still considering running for the California State Assembly



Question: Jim, if I were to tell you that I could own the insurance market in 7 days or less without investing a single dime, would you think I was crazy and please don’t tell me as an attorney-colleague of mine shared with me as he went off in search of Mars, “Why pay a dime when it is worth a nickel?”


I was not quite certain as Mr. Jeffrey R. Krinsk made his way to Nantucket to meet with the likes of Senator John Kerry and Senator Ted Kennedy last week if he had even bothered to read a draft of my Part 8 of the 8 part mini series I began sending out a week ago this past Monday to Diana Henriques of the New York X, which begins in so many words with,


The following is a script an insurance salesperson targeting their “downline” would say:


I have been thinking 4 sum time now how it is possible that someone like Warren “BO” Buffet made it so rich in such a short period of time and he doesn’t seem, at least to me, by studying his physiognomy to be all that bright [pause].


And what I have found out about how he does business makes me want to take another look in the mirror and see if I could given the fact that I am very probably better looking than he, i.e. better luck with the [“chicks” if u r a guy, “the guys” if u r a woman] certainly I am far better looking than The Pisser with his ugly “duck” looks, maybe I still have the time to pick up, a thing or to about how tu get richer quicker than this bullshit artist given my ability to make friends and influence people [pause].


Alltho The Pisser doesn’t subscribe to the Dale Carnegie Charm School but nevertheless there is only so much I can read of The Pisser’s emails in a given day and besides he maintains that it is a good thing to live each day as tho it were your last and so after brushing my teeth, taking a crap, feeding the dogs and cats I still would need tu get in a couple of hours surfing and then of course there is the TV and maybe today is that day that an anchorwoman like Kimberley Hunt may have the courage tu allow The Pisser tu show her a way out of the hole she has dug 4 herself [pause and if necessary explain who Kimberly Hunt is].


And so today I have decided to stay home and tomorrow is another day, i.e. who has the time for all this, altho u should remember that it was Pythagoras’, “This + this = that” that “started the ball rolling”, nothing quite like being hit over the head by a ball breaker, agree? [longer pause than usual...]


Now Jim, given the disconnects I have had getting the “basics” established with you and your “go-between”, Chuck Gizoni, time has passed by and as u know it is all butt impossible to make up for lost time, but I am never one to get down for any length of time, size as Professor Aaron “BrownNose” Brown of the Yeshiva University in New York City will confirm simply isn’t what beautiful as well as intelligent women seek in a man.


Given the fact that Part 8 of the 8 part mini series will “in Jew course” [sic] hit the airwaves unless of course Mr. Krinsk falls off the face of this earth, his decision to take a 2 week “vacation in Paris” at this time is almost impossible to believe although I have a sense his one assistant Kim was just kidding around with me.


I did let Kim know that until Jeffrey returns, certainly I expect him back for our fairly regular Wednesday Chicken Pot Pie lunch over at Rainwaters in downtown San Diego, to visit every so often an Internet Café and click on to the The Buck Stops Here message board and go to the last posting and work backwards.


Come to think of it, even if Jeffrey does return to San Diego even if only for 90 minutes perhaps you would want to join us, but I only think it right that we go “Dutch”?


With all that said assuming u and I and the rest of our downlines wished to die the richest in the grave keep either the inbox to your email system open or keep your Internet browser pointed to the, either way you will be one of perhaps the first 10 million folks on the planet to read how we plan to capture the entire world insurance market in a matter of 7 days or less.


I can appreciate that a family man, running a business, trying to make ends meet with plans tu sit in the State Assembly of the 6th largest economy in the world has not that much time on his hands to smooze with any “Joe Blow” and like me agrees that the smartest way to "cut to the chase" without anyone becoming a "road kill" is to set the boundaries straight if such a meeting were to take place, not all that important that either one of us sit up straight at the table, sum folks clearly born in stables, critical tho to set the ground rules, in this rather unstable world, agree?


May I suggest you get yourself a comfortable seat and sit back and enjoy the show my having “set the cat amongst the pigeon” this past Monday evening with that Part 1 of that 8 part mini series to Diana Henriques of the New York X and if there is sum repetition in this communication please forgive me since at the current time I am involved in an “email fest” with a number of folks in my “inner circle” lapping things up like there is no tomorrow.


Family members as well as others included in this series of emails represent a statically valid sample of the world’s population.


After long deliberation over the “mother issue” we think we came up with the only reason why Zena-Ash-Gevisser-Zulman is not communicating with me directly has to be that she is becoming senile, what else could explain such childish behavior?


The other evening I happened to watch TV for the first time in months going “back & forth” between too shows, one on NBC Dateline about this man who chose “love and forgiveness” in dealing with a 19-year-old “punk” who used his automobile as a “weapon of mass destruction” on at least two occasions, the first time incinerating the man’s wife and adopted Vietnamese daughter, managing though at a very critical juncture just before possibly receiving a 30 year sentence to spit out the words, “I’m sorry”, the other a PBS documentary that showed the “connectivity” of the ant world where just one ant by touching another ant starts a chain reaction that has the entire ant colony working in harmony.


It took quite sum effort on my part to stay focused on what my once divorced wife, Marie Dion Gevisser [MdG] was saying, only opening her mouth when she has something worthwhile to say as in, “When the dialogue becomes too monologues it is the beginning of the end” [sic] while clicking from the one show to the other, both TV shows illustrating Chaos Theory in motion.


By joining together we can in fact find the right beat, beating a path to the right door not wasting one’s breath dealing with nincompoops is sumthing I will be addressing throughout your 8 part mini series as well as the Diana Henriques’ Special, set to conclude sumtime today, the one year anniversary of when Dr. JBS et al decided to go “to bat” with me and don’t worry about me bringing Dr. JBS’ “on-off” girlfriend along for a meal who far more closely resembles the vital statistics you see written in that previous hyperlink which along with the other baseless assertions which went well beyond, “false & misleading” all, however, signed “under penalty of perjury.


Despite winning “Big time” in Judge Hendrix’s Superior Courtroom, at the present time I remain at best, when at full stretch sum 5 foot 8 inches tall, sum 3 inches shorter than what Dr. JBS described me at to mention little of the pound I possibly put on as a result of the incredible Somerset clottered cream we inhaled on our recent trip to Ccrest in Minehead, England which would still put me at a good 40 pounds less than the 180 pounds “fatso” Dr. JBS described me at on that rather infamous day, no doubt believing that whoever signed off on the order would be distracted by other memorable events going on at the time to mention even less Dr. JBS describing me as 40 years of age at the time a good 5 years less than my biological age, to mention just one wee bit, once again, that his girlfriend “Dawn Killicat” [sic] is not only to the best of my knowledge exactly as what “they” described me to be, 5’11” in height, 180 pounds in weight and 40 years of age, but there is every possibility that you would find court documents pertaining to Ms. Dawn’s custody battle with her former husband that fit a similar description although instead of “X” in the “M” box you would find an “X” in the “W” box,.


4 sum reason these folks thinking me to be not only an idiot incapable of thinking outside of the box but so completely out of their minds that who in their right mind would have any of them including their attorney holding down any responsible position to mention little of Dr. JBS continuing “to practice the art of pathology”, and I say to his attorney, “Go ahead” Mr. George “Goodday” Hurst Esq., “make my day and file a brief that contains amongst a whole host of all the bullshit you have already put out there that only shows how incredibly out of control you, your client Dr. JBS et al are, “Your outrage of me using the word ‘art’ in describing the ‘Godly’ practice of medicine shouldn’t result in u or your client, Dr. JBS et al becoming even bigger drama queens.”


And of course u know Mr. Gibson doctors simply practice medicine.


Fortunately, our Italian Greyhound, Pypeetoe remains “KO”, exhausted from a late run last night alongside these tracks in Del Mar otherwise I would be now out and about.


Quite amazing how “opposites attract” which brings me back to Dr. JBS, MdG’s at least twice divorced former husband and his neighbor Mr. King “Pothead” Golden Esq. who once got just a glimpse of how incredibly smart my mother is, approaching 100 rather gracefully, as well, and of course both MdG+I only wish “mom” a speedy recovery.


And “mother” should not forget either one of us in her will, my mother at this time possibly on a spending frenzy, having indoctrinated my siblings and I from the time we were toddlers that we would never inherit a dime other than her good looks, brains and the stash of diamonds she has buried in her brazier.


To be continued…