From: Gary S. Gevisser []
Tuesday, September 09, 2003 5:14 PM
To: Chuck Gizoni
Cc: rest
Subject: Evenhandedness



Attention: Chuck Gizoni, confidant to Jim Gibson, Republican still thinking of running 4 the California State Assembly



Chuck – I like to take things one step at a time, working in most instances from the bottom up and you may have come across the expression, The Fish Rots From The Head Down, the “one step at a time” hyperlink” my most recent “broadcast” that was sent out just over 2 and a half hours ago, at precisely, 1:13PM PST and as you can tell I am “under the gun” to complete several emails before the end of the day having committed to our too dogs at least a 3 hour run first along the beach and then up Crest Canyon including one email to a Mr. Norman Lazarus that could possible wake up some of the “sleeping dead” as far away as Durban, South Africa, although folks like Cliff Benn could be getting up shortly 4 an early morning surf, nothing worse than running foul of the law, agree?


It is the way we go about justifying our actions or lack thereof that is, in my opinion, the root cause of all that is wrong in this world, what so-called religious folk refer to as “evil”, my focus these days examining closely what ingredients go in2 creating a “good conscience.”


I can understand you not quite following my communications with Michael Moore who in front of an audience of several hundred million perhaps a billion or more people considering the repeat airings of the most recent Oscars, made mincemeat out of President George “Shame on U” Bush, and the concern that I have is not the nincompoop Republicans or Democrats here in the United States but the effects of Mr. Moore’s “false & misleading” statements have on the rest of the world who are not all totally brain dead, at least not yet.


It is all about getting out the true facts, ridding ourselves of the disconnects including how it came to pass that George W. Bush was elected president of this great country, my now wanting to hold Mr. Moore’s “feet to the fire” to see whether he has the courage to meet with me with or without the cameras rolling 4 me to share with him the “smoking gun evidence” of political corruption at the highest levels of the Democratic Party.


At 1:30PM PST sum 17 minutes after I sent out the “one step at a time” email Ms. Iliana, referenced ad-nausea in that 1,576 word email, called me on my cell phone and although she says she was unaware that I had sent her an email it seems further evidence that there may be sumthing said for all the mental telepathy going on right now, not that Mr. Jeffrey R. Krinsk Esq. and I need further confirmation.


So if in fact Mr. Krinsk did “intimate” to the top dogs of the Democratic Party that sumthing rather important was coming down the pike, how what would u, assuming your head was still screwed on tight, be doing at this point?


In other words, why not stop scratching your ass, get on the horn to all your friends and relatives, blow a shofar if necessary without bringing down Jericho’s walls and tell them to do likewise which is to bombard the switchboards of both Senator Ted Kennedy and Senator John Kerry asking their assistants,


“So can you tell me exactly what Mr. Jeffrey R. Krinsk Esq. told either Senator Kerry or Kennedy either during the Friday night ‘leadership retreat’ or during the ‘clam bake’ which began the next day at 11:30AM EST [Eastern Standard Time] over at the Kennedy family compound?


It may be helpful to have your downline throw in the word “sharp” right after the Eastern Standard time, just for emphasis purposes, and perhaps it is worthwhile letting the person answering the phone know that you only have one question.


This which will then lead to Senator Kerry and Senator Kennedy both trying to get hold of one another and in the melee each one of them doubting the other, and without a doubt both of them suffering another series of strokes which could in fact register on the Richter scale and by night fall such sound waves could reach the shores of Durban, South Africa where Cliff Benn and his buddies could then enjoy sum incredible surfing conditions.


As u may know Bay of Plenty as it is called, is one of the great surfing spots along the east coast of southern Africa, not quite Jeffrey’s Bay, which was not named after Jeffrey Krinsk, Bay of Plenty used to be one of the “hot spots” when I last surfed there sum 30 odd years ago.


Suffice to say Michael Moore may possibly be a whole lot more handsome than me with my ugly “duck” looks but I would be willing to take my chances.


I can also understand if you have never heard of Michael “full of himself+a zillion pigs” Moore as well as never having seen any of his movies including the latest, Bowling For Columbine, butt I have this thing about people on the far left and far right who make a point of being incredibly selective, and please this would not be the time to go out and smoke a joint, when it comes time to doing their thing, their thing in this case meaning, how they go about making a living especially when they use the public airwaves to pitch their crap, mixing things up to the point that brain dead folks such as yourself and Professor Aaron “BrownNose” Brown don’t know what is “up or down” and why the need for me to take the likes of you on an educational journey.


You may not have heard of Selective 7 but it was a company tied in at one time with IMS [Insurance Marketing Services Inc.] not to suggest that I had the top executives “hog tied” before throwing them out on their ears, quite a lot of fun Amos Wright and I had when first he and I became acquainted, never forgetting though that at the end of day we had a whole bunch of employees with children at home waiting for a parent or too to bring home the bacon, quite different to Professor Aaron Brown who may like Ronald “The Finagle King” Perelman, keep kosher.


The jokers who ran Selector 7 which was just another insurance company scam cloaked themselves as being “men of the cloth” but simply didn’t have the follow through in deciding which “club” to use in trying to beat me to the punch and in the end with Amos’ support I sent these yoyos packing, no doubt though they would try their pitiful religious act on another sucker or too.


You know that there is a sucker born every day and although I like to give everyone I meet the benefit of the doubt and of course I have a sweet tooth it doesn’t take me more than a moment or too to suss them out and with the Digital Age, a “G-D Send” it makes my life so much easier as we now have things in “black & white” although you will have noticed from my other communications I can be rather colorful, so what do you think of the name Frost Bite for a kids’ soccer team although if I had my way I would spell it, “Frost Byte” and place a “sic” alongside?


It is not a simple belief that I have in a higher authority it is absolute, having painstakingly examined to the Nth degree all the evidence I could get my hands on both for the existence-non-existence of G-D as well as man having arrived in this pivotal position based on an incredible evolutionary path, always doing my level best in maintaining a stable coUrse.


I have never worn my Jewish religion on my lapels nor for that matter the incredible education I received not just from my parents but both sets of grandparents including my paternal grandmother who I never got to meet, a day doesn’t go by though, when I don’t think of Katy Gevisser who is today very much embodied not just in me but fortunately, unfortunately in my amazing sister Kathy.


I don’t happen to believe in luck unless one is interested in “rolling the dice” which is something I find incredibly stupid, very anti-Jewish, and worst of all it preys on those disaffected souls without the common sense not only incapable of working out that the odds are stacked against them but their meager earnings simply going to fill the coffers of the worst of the worst individuals who cloak themselves in the finest of garments having used a chunk of change to pay off legislators, passing laws that allow the biggest “pigs at the trough” to remain in the pound seats.


You knew perfectly well, well before our first conversation was over that I saw no purpose whatsoever being served in my meeting with you no matter how convincing you might be in converting me over to Roman Catholicism although I must be clear at this time that religion never entered into our conversations, at any time, but I don’t see why I shouldn’t introduce it now given the unadulterated nonsense you sent me late last night which I only received this morning as I was about to leave my wife’s house on another house-hunting expedition.


Suffice to say u and I have had now 3 conversations as best I recall which is very rare for me especially if I don’t know everything there is to know about the person when dealing with matters of such critical importance to all of us which is why I continue to copy the FBI et al on my communications.


Getting down to business.  Your comments, “my family…integrity” is something that others will have to decide in terms of what is the truth. It is my opinion though, that G-D would view things very differently from above. I certainly don’t have G-D’s vantage point but I do have G-D given skills to make sense out of what folks do and say and again, my opinion is that most Americans are honest, hard working, trying to make ends meet and no more than 4 paychecks from being out on the street.


Furthermore, I am sick of all the nonsense spilled out over the airwaves including the garbage you sent me.


It is all about the truth and who these days has the time especially those barely making ends meet who see their lifesavings going down the tubes to meet with “a great person” who “sounds” good “as well as your current guest” [sic]?


In our first conversation within the first 3 minutes after you explained your family’s personal situation it was quite apparent that the information I had on the “smoking gun evidence” of political corruption at the highest levels of the Democratic Party with very strong tie-ins to the French water conglomerate, Vivendi, would be little served by placing it in your hands which is why you brought up your friend and “mentor” Jim Gibson who you seem to have confirmed in writing remains of the mindset to become a Republican State Assemblyman, over my dead body.


My follow up call to you this past Friday that had me forwarding to you at the same time my email that I sent Jim Gibson on Thursday, September 04, 2003 12:05 PM PST, that read,



Jim hi – I am using my wife’s email account as my email system is down. Please let me know if I have the correct email address for you.


Gary S. Gevisser



was all geared toward having you get Jim Gibson to respond to this very simple request of confirming via an email response that I did in fact have his correct email address AND NOT as you suggest in your bullshit diatribe something about you speaking with “Jim Gibson last week and he said he would try and return your call.


Our rather lengthy conversation this past Friday at no time dealt with Jim Gibson returning anything other than responding to my email I sent him the day before.


The fact that you go on and on about,


I told Jim that you would like to meet with him with information that would help his position and possibly be news that would shine a light on the political problem and could help expose people that have been involved in the situation


tells me that you are possibly totally nuts, certainly fitting in with Professor “Idiot” Brown of the Yeshiva in New York City who at least has the sense to consult with his equally incompetent advisors before responding, since I have said from the very beginning that until I had the “ground rules” worked out ahead of time I was not willing to waste my time sitting with possibly another self-serving “dirty” politician and “dirty” in my mind includes someone that chooses to look the other way.


By the way, have u seen the latest surfing movie out on the circuit that apparently has Shaun Tomson making a comment or too but why they don’t show him surfing beats me, what about u? Shaun helped me get through Economics II at the University of Natal, South Africa that catered to mostly white idiot males who weren’t good looking enough to get the best looking women who mostly hung out at the beach and of course I think you would agree that there is nothing wrong with hanging with a great looking woman who is also absolutely brilliant, careful though, never to think your shit don’t stink, agree?


The other possibility, assuming you could get a psychiatrist from say Sharp Memorial Hospital in San Diego to deem you sane is that you are doing the bidding of Mr. Gibson who continues to “duck & dive”?


You should be long enough in the tooth, solid in your beliefs even if you are far less wealthier than say Jim Gibson to look him square in the eyes and tell him, “Your ‘Yes me’ will kill you”,something you should have picked up by now from my mentor Amos Wright, a retired Marine as well as Navy Officer who saw what it took up close to shoot down a bogie or too, a prayer or too along the way no doubt helping.


As difficult as this is for Amos, given the fact that you are a church buddy, I am comforted in the knowledge that Amos continues to have the intestinal fortitude to get over another “Selector 7” type.


As slow as I am to judge someone so am I very careful be4 “pigeon holing” anyone but when something looks like a duck


Again, as far as you are concerned my credibility comes from Amos Wright who has seen me very much in the “thick of things” and despite incredible odds stacked against us we all came out smelling like roses to mention little of George Nordhaus ending up in the “pound seats” with a pretty good address in London, new Bentley for himself, a far newer Rolls Royce for his first wife than the one George drove around in when I first came on the scene which was on its last legs; no doubt the first Mrs. Nordhaus’ “spanking new” Rolls Royce which was purchased from some Rajneesh who had a collection up in Oregon before he was busted, had its fair share of good looking women spreading themselves real thin; me always very weary of guys seemingly having the “luck of the draw” in getting the best looking women in the world to hang on to their hairy arms & legs, never afraid of anyone with the desire to chop off my legs below the knee.


In fact given the birth mark on my right thigh that extends from my ass to below my knee I would possibly ask a would-be assassin to consider doing me the favor and taking off my entire right leg leaving enough of my ass 4 my wife to hold on to, for dear life.


In the world of “workouts” one does need a rather thick skin because you are dealing with folks who have mastered the art of larceny, having got used to lifestyles built on the backs of those who toil the most who finally break down from exhaustion, but if given the chance for a breath of fresh air can rise above it all and deliver up quite a storm.


The exodus of the Jewish people is an incredible story of suffering, heartache, revelations and disappointments. How quickly we all tend to forget what I consider to be the most important commandment, “I am the Lord thy G-d who delivered thee out of Egypt, out of the house of bondage, never to return as slaves.”


I will over the course of the next 3 days be sending both you and Jim Gibson the “ground rules” now that I have it in “black & white” that you are in fact in touch with him which should bring a smile to Mr. Jeffrey R. Krinsk’s face who has undoubtedly been waiting for me to expose the underbelly of the Republican Party before he would be willing to drop his pants or should I say add more fuel to the fire that is currently burning in the lap of Senators John Kerry and Ted Kennedy, knowing that they are both up “shits creek” once word gets out how they have been so well “set up.”


And of course you are not yet really laughing nor is it likely you will be out of the woods for sum time, nothing quite like being a “chip off the old block” the likes of Jeffrey R. Krinsk so incredibly well grounded capable of handling anything I could possibly dream up, dark matter, matter and anti-matter central to understanding the need that we all be one.


So, Mr. Gizoni do you think Mr. Krinsk gave Senator Kerry a “heads up” of what to expect from me or do u think he simply said to Ted Kennedy,


Hey Ted, there is this guy that we sumtimes call The Pisser who thinks your daddy’s grave should be exhumed and what remains of his bones fed to his dog, Pypeetoe, not that The Pisser wishes you or your family any physical harm but as a gesture of good faith for the wrongs committed by your family over the past 10+ decades he hopes that come say 5 weeks from now, a month from September 11th to coincide with his daddy’s birthday, before you meet with your estate attorney you give serious consideration to making a sizable donation to which The Pisser promises me will be set up at sum point as a charitable trust, blah blah, please now is not the time to be upset, u should have thought about this a while back, at least at the time Schwarzenegger decided to marry in2 the family or did u think Arnold was both Jewish as well as Black.”


And please don’t be as pitiful as Professor Aaron “BrownNose” Brown, whose response to my post 658 on the, The Buck Stops Here message board included, “I have no reason to believe that Krinsk unloaded anything. Had a nuclear bomb gone off in the meeting, I assume it would have made the news.”


I must run now as I have a few other “housecleaning” matters to attend to before going to look at another possible rental property for the Gevisser-Dion household. We have committed to the buyers of “Grin & Bear” on Barbados Way that we will be out of my wife’s house no later than October 1st and I know that if worst comes to the worst Mr. and Mrs. Krinsk will allow us to pitch a tent on Cage Street, “5678 who do we appreciate?”


Now to keep you entertained while deciding your next move think about helping me out, having to now make up for lost time dealing with nincompoops like you and Jim Gibson.


Think about calling Mr. Krinsk’s wife who goes by the handle, Campbell Soup, and asking her what she thinks of having me nearby waking her up in the morning with my rendition of U2’s, “It’s a beautiful day”, her private telephone line begins with the numbers 22 and goes “up the ladder and down the ladder” and please don’t get confused with the “laddering” games played by the pigs on Wall Street who are just days away from being poked to death assuming Amos Wright et al in my inner circle are able to find someone with the courage to tell it the way it is.


Have a wonderful day,


Gary S. Gevisser

The Pisser



Ps – copied on this email is a representative sample of the world’s population including Professor Brown who may in fact know less about Socrates than me, most of my knowledge coming from the likes of my wife who could conceivably have a higher IQ than Marilyn vos Savant although I don’t know that Marie Dion Gevisser was ever tested which is quite surprising considering the fact that she skipped two classes of school as a result of her math, the aftermath of not paying attention these days to those of us who know a thing or too about how the system was designed to work and how in fact the richest and most powerful people in the world have continued for at least the past 200 years to accumulate ungodly fortunes, could be “Peeriless” [sic].


So if you had been on my email list going back to December 1st 2000 you probably wouldn’t be so beholden to the likes of Jim Gibson having taken say $250 out of your savings, no more than $500, spreading the bucks around 4 public companies I identified in 4 distinctly different industries, 2 winners and 2 losers, to mention little about two events that took place on January 3rd, 2002, the one being Vivendi stock “peaking” at $57.90 before plummeting sum $49 to a low of $8.90 224 days later, and the other my wife getting her will witnessed by our next door neighbor Jim McFarland, a practicing attorney who is also copied on this email.


That will I should add was later used as an exhibit by Mr. George G. Hurst Esq in a criminal proceeding on October 24th 2002 when a very fair judge in the form of Judge Hendrix in a Superior Courtroom setting asked my wife the question,


“How could you afford a fukukta rock cabin up in Pine Creek since I was led to believe by your at least twice divorced former husband, Dr. JBS, and his attorney Mr. George G. Hurst Esq that you were broke” [sic]?


Instead of Marie saying sumthing along the lines,


“Just because some dumb government bureaucrat chose to believe Dr. JBS when he pranced down to the courthouse on September 11th 2002 with my youngest son in tow, 3 days after trying to bait Gary S. Gevisser into a fist fight, and then committed perjury designed to have me ending up in a rat hole, losing custody of my two children who would then be raised exclusively by Dr. JBS and possibly his one girlfriend Ms. Dawn Killicut who lost custody of her own children in a custody battle with her former husband, the description of Mr. Gary S. Gevisser in Dr. JBS’ ‘false & misleading’ declaration signed ‘under penalty of perjury’ incredibly similar to that of Dawn Killicut, no where close to Mr. Gevisser who you can see is a pipsqueak, i.e. if he so much as opens his mouth I have told our attorney Mr. James C. Ashworth to take the bar of soap Mr. Gevisser brought back with him on his last trip to England and stuff it right down his throat, I am not only able to see with my own eyes, hear with my two ears, feel the sun shining down on me as opposed to a derelict like Ms. Kathryn Murray suffering from G-D only knows what, I have both the means and the will to drive the likes of Dr. JBS et al into the poor house and insane to boot without so much as raising my ever so sweet voice, vengeance is sweet to the heart of an Indian” [sic],


in a very clear voice she responded in the most perfect English, with a touch of her French accent, “I didn’t lose money in the stock market.”


Mr. Gizoni when those court proceedings are eventually played “over the air” you will be able to hear for yourself how incredibly articulate my wife is “in the flesh” and the only “unfortunate” thing is that there were no cameras in the courtroom on October 24th 2002 or when we first got acquainted several weeks before with Mr. George “Give me a break” Hurst Esq. trying as best he could to intimidate “my Marie” who very much has a mind of her own, 4 her to turn a blind eye to the reasons she divorced Dr. JBS in the first place, deciding to leave him in The Big House, not even waiting a few more months which would have granted her “tenure” forcing Dr. JBS under California law to support her financially the rest of her life; but not for one minute putting her interests ahead of her two children who had no choice in having Dr. JBS as their biological father, Marie understanding the need to stay centered as only the very best of athletes, healthy mind, healthy body, are capable of visualizing let alone grasping, Dr. JBS with each passing day coming to realize that few if anyone thinks he is in charge, no matter how much his attorney is charging him, nothing really served in pretending to be in charge, agree?


Now Mr. Gizoni, if you think for one picosecond that I have gone off track then may I suggest before you respond, do the smart thing and give Amos Wright a call and he will tell you at this time the best thing you can do is to keep your big mouth shut unless of course you decide to go to confession, first though take at least two aspirin no more than say a 100 and if you do eventually wake up from this nightmare that u have only yourself to blame 4, then consider giving your doctor a call using the other line in the house to make reservations at an old age home for you and Jim Gibson et al making certain that you disclose everything about you so that the rest of the folks don’t gang up on u, hire someone like Mr. Krinsk to file a class action lawsuit, although if u r able to “loop in” the likes of Dr. JBS, King Golden Esq., Kathy Murray, George G. Hurst Esq., Sammy Haim, Newell Starks, Vicky “Sticky” Schiff et al, it is very possible u could not only get an incredible group discount as well as take over the entire facility getting everyone and their heirs to signing a “hold harmless” provision when you all take occupancy, is September 11th too soon?  




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From: Chuck Gizoni
Sent: Monday, September 08, 2003 9:16 PM
To: Gary S. Gevisser
Subject: Re: FW: Follow up



I don't have a clue about what you are talking about in this email about comments to Amos.  I thought that you sound like a great person to meet and know on a personal level as well as your current quest.  My thoughts were more of a extreme interest in your views and personality and your strive to try and get the truth our.  If you choose to be paranoid or upset about a personal meeting to meet you face to face that is not politically connected I am sorry.

I spoke with Jim Gibson last week and he said he would try and return your call.  He has been getting home around 11:00 each evening.  If he chooses to continue his pursuit of campaigning and fund raising he is making a mistake in my opinion.  I told Jim that you would like to meet with him with information that would help his position and possibly be news that would shine a light on the political problem and could help expose people that have been involved in the situation.

My family is not wealthy or every well healed, but I am fair, honest and operate under the highest level of personal integrity.  If I could make sense of your comments in this email I could speak more to the point.  The information following your email which was a letter to a Mr. Moore made so sense to me what so every. 

Sorry about your problem with my actions and I do wish you well in your endeavor..