From: Gary S. Gevisser
Sent: Tuesday, September 09, 2003 1:13 PM
To: Mark E. c/o Iliana

Cc: rest
Subject: Time is of the essence



Mark, I got your cell phone message and feel that it best to respond in writing to your property manager who can then forward this email on to you.


The last words I recall of Iliana, “We are not used to people dealing directly with the owners” and demonstrating beyond a shadow of a doubt to be “ducking & diving” failing to return now several calls since we met last Thursday.


Iliana has demonstrated now on several occasions, in my opinion, a complete lack of understanding of both your as well as Marie’s needs which is to consummate a transaction, time being of the essence.


On each of the two occasions when Iliana was scheduled to show up at your property in Del Mar she arrived late, the last time one hour late letting us know that the delay in getting the contract concluded was because of delays on your end, to mention little of Marie having to call her back the first time they met, confirming the appointment at 9:30am for a meeting at 10:00am and the person who answered the phone saying, “There is no way Iliana can make it there by 10:00am, the earliest would be 10:30am”, Iliana eventually showing up no sooner than 10:45am, making “Mare click her heals” [sic].


While writing this email I am also responding to a gentleman who was letting me know, I believe, that he isn’t all that well healed although mostly what I heard him trying to say his 259 word diatribe was, “How in heaven’s name did I get myself in2 such a mess” [sic]?


Suffice to say as a result of Iliana not following through on getting back to us before the weekend as she had promised, Marie + I spent a good portion of Saturday, Sunday, Monday as well as this morning looking at alternatives where “middlemen-women” couldn’t necessary meddle.


I make it my business not to be a meddler unless I find folks playing things “fast & loose” and then I come out with my “left & writes” [non-sic] and it really doesn’t make a difference when one is typing whether one is left or right handed but possibly being ambidextrous allows me to type at “light speed” rarely beating down on the keyboard although I do have a tendency to go through more computers than the average Joe Blow with not that much education, never tho, letting my formal education interfere with my learning, sum folks perhaps thinking I push things to the limit, always aware that the universe is not only endless but that there is a guiding force out there that if one is properly centered can help one achieve the impossible, never to forget, “Can’t is not in my vocabulary, the impossible shall be done, miracles take a little longer.”


With that said, Marie has now found an alternative to your “birds eye view” overlooking both Torrey Pines as well as her at least twice divorced former husband, Dr. JBS, who lives a couple of streets down in a poorer section of old Del Mar, that last hyperlink showing a photo taken from the balcony of Rupa Wasi, a hostel Marie+I stayed at in Aqua Calientes which is situated at the base of Machu Picchu in Peru; my also using this email to communicate with Alvero one of the principals of Rupa Wasi hoping he will let me know how my investment in the two houses alongside Rupa Wasi is doing, the Condor Houses purchased from an archeologist credited with finding some rather significant human remains in the most sacred place at the very top where my dog, Pypeetoe who you c in the “Machu Picchu” hyperlink once took a leak, my understanding from Mr. Jeffrey R. Krinsk Esq. that it is a sign of respect to pee on someone’s grave, this last hyperlink showing the graveside of my very good friend, Anne L. Miller, who Mr. Krinsk visits on occasion when I am out of town trying to solve the problems of the “wor.d” [sic]. 


Pointing out just the negatives or just the positives is something we have come across quite often in dealing with real estate salespeople as opposed to giving a “balanced assessment” of the “ups & downs” which is at the heart of my once lucrative “risk assessment” business and why websites such as and are taking the world “by storm”, it all beginning with, Footsak is South African slang for giving someone a, “kick in the rear”.


And of course there isn’t a human being on this planet that explain probably better than me to the average Blow Joe Chaos Theory or for that matter why the markets haven’t already imploded and that includes someone like Warren “BO” Buffet who come April 11th is in for quite a rude awakening as telemarketers all over the world begin to implement Part 8 of the 8 part email series I began sending out a week ago yesterday to Diana Henriques of the New York X.


I am also preparing at this time an email to a Mr. Norman Lazarus who asked me on at least 2 separate occasions to remove him from my email list and my sense is that you like the other 360 odd people on my non-deleted email list representative of the world’s population will be most interested to hear not so much how Norman responds to the knuckleball I am about to send him but how the others not blind copied on that email deal with being placed in the “spotlight.”


Just a half hour ago, at precisely 12:17PM PST I got off the phone with Mr. Jeffrey R. Krinsk after a 5 minute and 26 second phone call, Mr. Krinsk this past week meeting with Senator John Kerry on at least two occasions, one on Friday evening for a “leadership retreat” and then the next day Saturday, which is the Jewish Sabbath at 11:30AM PST for a “clam bake” at the Kennedy family compound where Mr. Krinsk had the opportunity to “brief” [sic] Senator Ted Kennedy.


It is possible that Mr. Krinsk used the word “intimated” as opposed to using the word “brief” butt with the noise in the background most of it coming from Joseph “The multi-talented” assistant to Mr. Krinsk and his partner Mr. Howard Finkelstein I cannot be certain.


I spent the first 20 seconds of the call letting Joseph know that in a matter of days he could become world famous so much so that when the time came for his annual review he could look both Mr. Krinsk and Mr. Finkelstein squarely in the eyes, realizing that Joseph who I have yet to meet would have to be squint, telling them, “Cough up plenty or I am out of here!”


By the way it was my stepfather who introduced me to the expression of “Can’t…” as well as, “When I make a mistake I pay for it and when you make a mistake you pay for it.”


In a nutshell, Marie can now do a deal in possibly a better location in terms of the kids as well as from the standpoint of both dogs, Crest Canyon not more than a “hop-jump-and-a-skip” from the second story balcony, our Italian Greyhound Pypeetoe probably being able to jump on2 the concrete entrance to the garage and with just one leap could find himself another “dot” which assumes a garbage truck doesn’t run into him in full flight, although we both happen to prefer you and your partner’s private retreat.


The terms of the deal under consideration by the owner of the Crest Canyon house sum $200 per month less than what Marie had agreed to pay you without her having to worry about any outside cleanup that could be Iliana’s latest “stumbling block.”


For the life of me I cannot understand how Marie’s request that the outside of your house be cleaned up with not much more than a few paintbrush strokes and a gardener not on the take, agree?


We provided Iliana with the name and telephone number of a gentleman of Mexican descent who has provided both Marie and I with the most excellent service for going on a decade, Jose someone I believe you can also trust to be fair with taking care of your valuable asset, both friend and very hard worker.


The sweep up needed now as well as on an ongoing basis should be minimal and my sense is that if you were to reduce the monthly rental to $X per month I believe Marie would be willing to take care of all the cleanup from this point forward including planting appropriate vegetation that will prevent soil erosion and neither you nor Marie having to bother Iliana ever again.


Furthermore I believe you should be able, given what I understand to be you and your partner being left in the dark, to mitigate your loss or should I say “opportunity cost” by getting Iliana’s management company and/or their Professional Liability insurance carrier to make up for such pitiful misconduct; again this is all my opinion.


I will give you a phone call to let you know once I have hit the send button and from that point forward may I suggest we keep all our future communications tu email, this way nothing gets lost in the translation.


Sincerely yours,


Gary S. Gevisser