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Subject: FW: Number is the essence of everything, good or evil.


Ms. Murray, there appears to have been a problem with the transmission of the email I tried sending you a little earlier. It could have been caused by my batteries running out just as I hit the ¡°send¡± button.


A second ago I almost got hit by a baseball.


I ended up running back to the car to get the battery charger while getting a scarf for Marie who in order to stay warm did a quick trot around the field to the roar of the crowd.


The place is rocking right now. Pirates just this second won 12-7.


Time to fly.






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Subject: Number is the essence of everything, good or evil.


Mrs. Murray, so as to avoid any confusion in the future please let me know whether u had anything to do with the email that was sent tu me on Tuesday, April 22, 2003 7:58 PM PST, Subject: Greetings which I then forwarded to the FBI.


No doubt u recall Marie Dion Gevisser responding to your ¡°.Ay there¡± with ¡°Don¡¯t even try!¡±


Had u been in court on October 24th 2002 a short time before that classic expression of Marie¡¯s was caught on camera telling u ¡°once and for all¡± tu get lost, u would have seen in the flesh how incredibly articulate my ¡°significant other¡± can be when ¡°push comes tu shove¡± in addition to being so perfectly dressed for every occasion, an incredible mind a terrible thing to waste on the likes of those who have yet to get a life, agree?


Don¡¯t take my word on it, simply ask Mr. George G. Hurst Esq., your buddy ¡°Dr. John Ben¡¯s Stew-art¡¯s¡± [sic] attorney who in my opinion failed on a number of levels, non more evident you would agree than not ferreting out of u exactly what ¡°dirt¡± I had on u which was contained in your declaration in support of JBS signed ¡°under penalty of perjury¡±?


Better yet why not call for a transcript of the court proceedings to the get the full flavor of what it meant to feel, hear, and c justice prevailing in Superior Court.


So how little do you feel these days bearing in mind the lengths you went tu in order to assist JBS in subverting justice, to mention little of those who usurp their limited authority who not only consider themselves above the law but will stoop tu nothing even abuse the court system to mention little of abusing those branches of government tasked with enforcing the rule of law, to get what they want?


Today as u know is the last day of school for Danielle and there is a lot that can happen between now and when Jonathan¡¯s baseball game ends, to mention little of how poorly his biological father behaved the second to last time I saw ¡°our¡± 10 year-old play what I happen to consider a rather boring game and of course I am not alone in this particular point of view just ask any of your black friends better yet check out what the Laker kid once had to say and of course if u keep clicking thru all my hyperlinks u will hear not only what ¡°Kobe Bryant¡± [sic] so articulately professed but ¡°Shaq O¡¯Neal¡± [sic] who could possibly be even briter.


U and I never really got into much of a discussion about intelligence certainly not to the same extent I once got down and dirty with Paul Hervieux. Just minutes ago I sent Paul an email and just like this email it will have to wait until we get back from the mountain retreat.


The score is now 7-5 and The Pirates are leading and the music has now started, the best of ACDC.


On average ¡°Blacks¡± if one were to really be so bold as to suggest any group of us should fit into any broad categories let alone make a clear distinction of the too genders where man & woman have all butt morphed into one, u would find that ¡°Colored¡± folk may not fair all that well on IQ tests when compared to say the average White ¡°Wheaty¡± eater but u would have enuf formal schooling to no that averages can in fact be very misleading, that not only have the britest sparks come from out in left field, Standard Deviations oh so important, running circles around the folks who simply had the bigger guns but when push came to shove even the mass murderers amongst ¡°Blacks¡± are not quite as messy as their inbred cousins such as u & me.


And of course my source of information on this ¡°messy¡± business came last night on Prime Time TV that I caut a glimpse of be4 saying ¡°nitie nite¡± to my sweety.


And were it not for JBS later apologizing for berating his son in public for simply removing his ¡°CAP¡± in order to swat the flies that were buzzing him in the outfield the days of me ever again sitting in the ¡°nose bleed¡± seats would be over.


Cricket is as close as it gets to baseball but in all the years I played and on the few occasions over the past quarter century when I have watched this rather brilliant game have [I] ever seen an overweit player other than of course David Levy who was the captain of our hi-school team and is today the President of sum fukukta Orthodox Jewish synagogue in La Jolla and of course time doesn¡¯t permit for me to expand on a series of issues contained in the last sentence, best of all the word, ¡°fukukta.¡±


More importantly, by the time I am finished redressing the wrongs perpetrated by Dr. ¡°John Ben Stew-art¡± [sic] et al, having to walk naked thru the streets of Del Mar will be pale in comparison to the indignity I will be seeking from the courts altho consideration should be given to the general public for having to be subjected to such an i-sor.


Earlier after dropping off Danielle at the beach I was sitting in the exact same spot in downtown Del Mar on the south-west corner of Hwy 101 and 15th where on October 21st of last year I was almost run over by a cement truck.


Another thing that I cannot get off my mind and hence the repeat of the word ¡°pale¡± is the Hot Water Wars which are brewing in the western part of the United States, central tho to the ¡°hi-jacking¡± of the California Gubernatorial elections by rapacious businesspeople with very strong ties to the highest echelons of the ¡°Democatic Party¡± [sic], the French water conglomerate Vivendi, to boot.


And make no mistake if during the discovery process I happen to come across anyone else who conspired to ruin my good name when the record shows so very clearly how all that I had said and written prior to the declaration of all out war on the Gevisser-Dion household to mention little of my actions in being a ¡°good neighbor¡± was pale in comparison to what the court records yet to be placed under seal say about the bunch of u, rats to boot, ¡°watch out¡± is all I can say.


And no I don¡¯t think u will return as a mammal, at best a red ant, probably an oak tree tasked with keeping the shade on our driveway over at Stonehenge II.


It never ceases to amaze me how there are so many church and synagogue going folk who remain in denial while putting on this show that they are helping solve the problems of the world, agree?


By the way I ran into your first ex-husband at the sushi bar the other evening, the second time now I have seen him with this incredible blonde haired beauty and he seemed genuinely shocked to hear that my ¡°travel companion¡± of sum 9+ years on an incredible journey thru life not only has nothing to do with u but hasn¡¯t said a word to u ever since u approached her on the sidelines of Jonathan¡¯s soccer [game] where she was wearing her too striped t-shirt just as it was ending within a matter of days after our incredible cum from behind victory in Superior Court that in time I believe will go down as landmark case for not only ¡°fixing¡± out of control rapacious spouses but will serve as a testament to all women who haven¡¯t let their testosterone get the better of them that it pays to always tell the truth, that standing up for one¡¯s rights doesn¡¯t mean getting on all 4s and sucking up.


Time for a quick stretch.


There may be sum who would prefer I tone down sum of my language, that the important message I am spreading could get lost in the shuffle but when u cum to grips with the fact that as good a card player as any one human being can be given the ¡°luck of the draw¡± I can play it up good enough to sit straight up using a knife and fork and engage in conversation without ever so much as having to move more than my eyebrows in making sense of the likes of your nonsense.


I am, however, far better at chess, with a command of mathematics that led me to a profound belief in G-d-Nature with a thirst for the truth that began quite sum time before I was fortunate-unfortunate to run into u and of course during the discovery process we will in fact find out for certain how many times the likes of u have played a straight hand or whether it is only in your repertoire to ¡°duck & dive¡± much like your father and why I consider it of critical importance that those who don¡¯t know any better having been raised in dysfunctional households who feel the need to engage in communications with the likes of those who murder their family members be taught immediately upon a crime being committed that there are others out there who care who have a vested interested in the cycle of violence ending, agree?


And so u may say I have a debt of gratitude toward u for in no small measure leading me and my ¡°SIGnificant other¡±+¡±travel companion¡±=¡±Marriage Counseling¡± [sic].


Those who knew me from a decade or so before encountering a ¡°train smash¡± as yourself rarely if ever heard me use a four letter word let alone talk, letting my actions speak loudest always putting the interests of those responsible for making me look good ahead of my own. When u give right it comes back in spades.


¡¡The loneliness of the long distance runner


Man serves his master

in pursuit of mass harmony

his rewards correlate his non-threatening stature


Man serves himself

in pursuit of integrity

competency breeds integrity


The loneliness of the long distance runner



The oarsman who picks up the pace



GG – October 19th 1987


When, however, u are simply on the take then it could come back much like a boomerang and smack u on the back of the head.


Some including Mr. George G. Hurst Esq. have tried to make fun of me, not in as many words as the knuckleball I threw back on July 25th of last year aimed at doing nothing more than paralyzing those individuals who both masterminded and executed the rigging of the most recent California Gubernatorial elections, while most have chosen to ignore me.


If in fact u had nothing whatsoever to do with that email on April 22nd which so happens was the day Marie and I were married, several hours tho after quite an incredible ceremony to mention little of the wonderful reception we had a few days later where quite a good sampling [of] our eclectic friends showed up including several neighbors quite genuinely happy that Marie had not yet sold her house, then I will assume u will support all efforts to trace the individual/s 4 using the nom de plume Kathryn Murray¡ê aka Florence Hopkins.


And of course it is always possible that Professor Price of John Hopkins came to realize that I was not going let go of his tail as in Ghandi¡¯s ¡°ignore¡±, to mention little of my knowledge about ¡°insurance tails¡± and of course with your hi-pedigree dogs, alto Stretch could have been a bitch, u fully appreciate how much one can tell about someone by how well behaved their dog is around other people as difficult as it is tu get their fleas to ¡°up & leave¡± the bed on command, speaking less of when it is time to put a very sick puppy to sleep, ¡°cancer sours et al¡± [sic] and why the need I believe for us to reconsider the leashing laws, i.e. leash human beings who usurp their limited authority, agree?


My dog, Pypeetoe, is pretty much hair-less.


So how much is Marie worth to me since this must at sum point be going thru at least sum people¡¯s mind, the trader that I am?


I saw a movie the other week with ¡°Debbi Moore¡± [sic] and Robert Redford who paid sum 1 million bucks to check out all the scar tissue that comes from, in my opinion, leading a rather unproductive and pathetic life. I happen to agree with Howard Stern that ¡°Debbi Moore¡± [sic] had as good a face lift as that actor Michael Douglas who once played a Wall Street stereotype advocating, ¡°Greed is good¡± altho I could be wrong about either actor having cum under the nife.


Like much of my art I consider Marie priceless and just like if any piece were to be stolen or destroyed in say a fire I would not miss the love of my life for not even a pico-second because I am absolutely certain she would be waiting for me in heaven altho I have yet to figure out ¡°in witch¡± [sic] constellation.


Rick Rick is one of Sebastian Capella¡¯s too sons who like his father is incredibly gifted and the day will arrive when both these individuals will stand as one when the artists everywhere will begin using an outdoor easel designed by Sebastian and built with good input from Rick.


I am never one tu ¡°kick a gift horse in the mouth¡± and I do count my blessing each and every day recognizing that the only way to get a peaceful night sleep besides for having good cross air ventilation is to have lived the day prior as tho it were my last which in a nutshell means confronting evil every step of the way, never allowing anyone not even one¡¯s ¡°little monsters¡± to get inside of my head.


One other thing, even if u didn¡¯t in fact have anything to do with that email, that it was not a follow up to the declaration u provided in support of Dr. John Ben Stewart, tu repeat, that was signed ¡°under penalty of perjury¡±¡¡ which undoubtedly increased the circle of those people dependant upon my communications for their insite and analysis of the events of the day, I do believe u should be placed on a ¡°watch list¡± to mention little of my next communication to Mr. George Hurst Esq. who earlier today was copied on an E-mail sent by my wife, Marie Dion Gevisser to her first husband and again nothing more in my opinion than the biological father of her too children letting all parties know that it is no longer business as usual.


It is my hope that Mr. James C. Ashworth Esq. fully recovers and even if Mr. Krinsk and his partner Mr. Howard Finkelstein, a former U.S. Attorney are not in a position to serve as co-counsel by the time trial is over there will be no mistaking that when I mean business I mean business and u can go to your bank manager and tell him-her that the Pisser is very much alive and is looking for a good spot to make his daily deposits altho none of the tellers should be surprised if Mr. Amos Wright shows up in my place.


A somewhat older version of Mr. Wright dressed as a southern gentleman can be seen in the previous ¡°Amos¡± hyperlink, just scroll down to the 3rd photo taken back in December of 2000 at my New Beginnings Party.


Time is very much running out for those who have made it a habit of playing it ¡°fast & loose¡±, game, ¡°set & math¡± [sic] is where it is all at, away with folks who wear to many hats, Martha Stewart just the first in a relatively small line up of out of control rapacious women and of course u, as ¡°brain dead¡± [sic] as u are, understand that not only am I quite STABLE but with my command of Queuing Theory I am rather good not only in terms of avoiding lines since Chaos Theory doesn¡¯t carry any weight in gauging the nonsensical behavior of individuals in a non statistically valid setting, but in fine tuning the pitch needed to get the average Joe Blow¡¯s attention in promoting Manager Minute One [MM1].


U will notice in the ¡°Queuing Theory¡± hyperlink ¡°M/M/1¡± and so I put it to u Ms. ¡°Butter fingers¡± Murray, who better continue to keep her distance from me or any of my loved ones and that applies to your drug dealing, gun totting buddies, ¡°How many coincidences does it take before it is no longer a coincidence?¡±


And while u are at it u can tell your English transplant friend who seemed to celebrate with Devin Standard, an executor of my estate, as he and I partied in the Vons parking lot soon after a very fair minded Judge Hendrix sent your ¡°on the very spot sofa¡± [sic] buddy packing with his tail between his legs, that in the future if she has a message to give to either Marie and/or me to have the courage to contact us directly and not use her young teenage daughter to shoot her poison tipped arrows.


And don¡¯t hesitate to let me know if u need more amplification on this point. Jo is tho copied on this email as well as a statistically valid sampling of the world¡¯s population.


Revolution is in the air, G-d bless our great President George W. Bush and his incredible wife, agree?


I just heard there was a crash in the parking lot of Torrey Pines Hi-school.


Time to fly. Score 7-7.


Gary S. Gevisser


Ps – ¡°Risk Assessment¡± is my business, the better the evidence the better the proof.


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