From: Gary S. Gevisser 
Sent: Tuesday, May 06, 2003 2:29 PM
To: FBI Agent Mark Culp
Cc: Kathy Murry; Jodi Ruiz; JRK
Subject: FW: Greetings


Attention: FBI Agent Mark Culp


Dear Agent Culp,


Earlier today, 11:43AM PST to be exact, I completed a cell phone conversation with Mr. Jeffrey Krinsk Esq. that lasted all of 3 minutes and 33 seconds. Mr. Krinsk has put off our meeting today scheduled for 1:30PM PST to discuss Shira A. Scheindlin’s “Opinion & Order” which was scripted just a few “weaks back” [sic].[1][1]


Judge Scheindlin is a United States District Judge in the Southern District of New York, a jurisdiction I am as familiar with as the Eastern District of New York where Judge Weinstein once complimented me on my prescient timing. Mr. Krinsk has rescheduled our chicken-pot-pie lunch for tomorrow 12 NOON PST at some fancy spot off “Ratner” just across from the law offices of “Milberg Weiss Bershad Hynes and Leroach” [sic].[2][2]


Before Mr. Krinsk became a heavy duty Shareholder Class Action Litigator [SCAL] he served time right out of law school working for folks like the Ratner family who owned amongst a number of garment related businesses the licensing company known as Hang Ten which disappeared during the 1990s just as our former President got intimate with the likes of Monica to mention little of the Chinese who acquired such Intellectual Property treasures as Hang Ten International Corporation, and in the wash gifted away our manufacturing base while smoking up a storm in the oval office, ash to boot, Mr. James Ashworth Esq. possibly in deep dudu.


Nothing like distraction to keep the masses guessing akin in so many ways to folks who haven’t quite got their acts together choosing to simply play offense forgetting that at some point the tide always shifts, nothing worse than having no defense, forget refrigeration, straight to the deep freeze, wouldn’t you agree?


Some folks might find it interesting that in all the years Mr. Krinsk and I have played “pong” I have yet to bill him one cent for my services let alone request reimbursement neither for any of my expenses nor for that matter has Mr. Krinsk or his partner Mr. Howard Finkelstein paid me even a dime “under the table.” Tomorrow though, there will be an exchange of some $32 as payment on a “double or quits” bet that I would survive through this past Passover. It goes almost without saying that I won the first bet which called for me to survive through last New Year.


So if you happen to be in the area feel free to come along and I can assure you that not only will Mr. Krinsk be happy to pick up the tab but you will enjoy the discourse that like all my emails will cover a wide range of topics, cancer, in my opinion, something that can be clearly avoided especially when it comes to that particular plague that attacks the area of the throat.


Thank you for calling and informing me that I am not on any FBI “watch list” which seems to suggest that you can go back to what you do best while allowing me to get back to what I do for a living which is holding folks in check before they get so reckless, taking the law into their own hands to mention little of those who I detest the most who seem hell bent on assisting me to cash in on my book, Manager Minute One.


Again, I cannot be certain that this Kathryn Murray who sent me the threatening email back on April 22nd is the same Kathryn Murray whose email address is What I do know is that the Kathryn Murray MDG and I know all too well was copied on the email I sent the FBI in San Diego on April 25th and for “sum” [sic] reason failed to let me know that someone was impersonating her to mention little of usurping their limited authority in misdirecting the already stretched resources of the FBI.


Ms. Murray once had a dog named Stretch who was on his last legs for quite some time before Ms. Murray finally decided to do the right thing and shoot him in the leg, although I think Stretch who had the most hideous cancer sores hanging out of his mouth stretching all the way back to only God know where for sure, may have eventually been taken out of his misery by a deadly injection. If one were, however, to have asked the dog which form of death he would prefer I suspect that his choice would have been the one that took him the quickest out of his misery than to have him suffer while watching his master have sex with all the fukukta strays Ms. Murray so commonly attracted to her living quarters.


Each of us are clearly entitled to sing to our own tune even if others see fit to cast us as completely out of touch with reality as long as our words happen to be the truth and don’t amount to shouting “fire” in a crowded theatre although I assume it is okay to shout whatever comes to mind if in fact the place is about to start burning down, wouldn’t you agree? When, however, one tortuously interferes with another person’s business, more importantly attempts to intimidate in an effort to avoid facing up to the truth then I think you would agree I would be rather dumb to just let things be, i.e. it should be up to each one of us to stand up to evil whenever he-she crosses our path and to punish such persons to the fullest extent of the law.


Ms. Murray is known to attend church fairly regularly which is something I do rather infrequently although I am very much a God fearing person, believing mostly, however, in human intervention in getting matters pertaining to man-made sins resolved as opposed to the incessant look toward God for divine intervention when what he has already gifted us with planet earth and divine scripture is nothing short of inspiring, providing us with all the proof of his existence and then sum.


And as you know as an officer of the law, the better the evidence the better the proof. Such is the nature of my business butt as with art to mention little of Quantum Mechanics there are no certainties just probabilities which come together in the form of reason best illustrated graphically in different shapes and sizes much like waves as the tide goes “back & forth” constantly improving or decreasing the odds creating eventually as close as it gets to a 360 degree perspective, knowing full well that there is no such thing as a perfect circle, at least mathematically speaking, i.e. that not everything can be reasoned but that shouldn’t stop us from trying to get to the bottom of the meaning of life and what is behind that which makes our species so special.


But as with particle accelerators where one cannot actually see the particles until such time as they are smashed to smithereens when it comes to resolving crimes it is a matter of gathering evidence having to decipher things like “dirty paws” that require a carefully trained eye, circumstantial evidence often times more reliable than eye witness accounts, corroboration though the key and of course this “bitch don’t hunt” [sic].


In the world of SCALs the establishment of a suitable state of mind approximating a certain level of intent is necessary to prevail which most attorneys, me not being one, would probably agree is more than simply the preponderance of the evidence which leads me to ask of you just one request; should you manage to communicate with Ms. Murray and/or anyone else that may have put her up to this sheer recklessness please let them know that in the event something were to say “misfire” even if it is simply one of my vehicles deciding to “bark up the wrong tree” let alone my computer networks “crashing & burning” that they might be the first ones on the “watch list.”


And please don’t forget to ask Ms. Murray if she has heard from “Graham” her one boy-toy who we eventually found out with prodding Ms. Murray in the right places was a gun totting “red neck” in the business of cultivating, harvesting and distributing “dagga” up and down Interstate 5. Why Kathryn Murray despite her not-so-good looks and penchant for playing it “fast and loose” would try and deceive someone like myself indefinitely given my better than the average “Joe Blow” comprehension to mention little of the numbers do not lie, is beyond me.


Nothing though like two wrongs turns to set the world ablaze, different and apart from two negatives when multiplied equal a positive; Number the essence of all things, good or evil. The “sum” hyperlink in paragraph 8 shows Ms. Murray with a “smiley face” plastered on to hide her “grimacing” look. Should you require a photo that shows both women in that photo with a “frontal look” I may have it somewhere although I would be hard-pressed to serve it up as a hyperlink in my one website pdf file directory.




Gary S. Gevisser



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From: Gary S. Gevisser []
Sent: Friday, April 25, 2003 3:08 PM
To: ''
Kenneth Standard Esq. (; Jeff (; Jodi Ruiz (; Jerry Phillips (; Kathy Murry (; ''
Subject: FW: Greetings


Attention: FBI Agent Dina Dewol


Dear Ms. Dewol,


Further below is the email I received from a “Kathryn Murray” this past Tuesday evening well after I assume a secretary for any Senator whether or not in “good standing” has gone home for the day. I did in fact reply immediately after noticing the email with the following:


Dear Ms. Hopkins,


I very much appreciate the fact that you are increasing the circle of those people dependant upon my communications for their insight and analysis of the events of the day. This is a very affirmative and positive step on your part that is highly appreciated.




Gary S. Gevisser



Ps – I will be leaving shortly for the local Ducati dealership up in Oceanside, California to have the battery for my STS4 replaced. There is a terrific café just across the street where I hope to enjoy my lunch in peace and quiet. Should you decide, however, to send a member of the FBI my way just have him-her look out “4 this” [sic] guy and of course my dog Pypeetoe will be alongside and then sum, i.e. thanks for taking the trouble to measure your words ever so carefully.



Cc: Marie Dion Gevisser et al.



Ms. Dewol, I hope you don’t think I am not “jumping the gun” but I think you would agree it is better to be safe than to later be sorrowful for not taking appropriate action especially when it comes to the possibility that one or more individuals may have simply usurped their limited authority by going so far as to suggest that the FBI who has it’s hands full going after real security threats to the United States should be blindsided by one or more of my “chess games” all aimed at getting folks to do the right thing and take more individual responsibility for their actions to mention little of the cost to each of one of us by the impact of being distracted.


In addition to the parties you see copied on this email there are more than a handful of other individuals blind copied including certain adversaries of mine who would prefer I keep quiet about a series of wrongdoings including the “smoking gun evidence” I have of political corruption at the highest levels of the California State Government.


A good place to start in checking me out in the event you think I might have possibly sent myself the email below in an effort to boost the future sales of my book Manager Minute One is to examine what Jack Weinstein, a Federal Court Judge in the eastern district of New York, had to say in terms of my being pivotal, i.e. in the right place at the right time, in helping to overturn a landmark, multi-million dollar jury award that had the distinct possibility of opening up the floodgates to several thousand class action lawsuits that were pending at the time which undoubtedly would have disrupted almost all of our lives, i.e. insurance companies are not in the business of absorbing the costs of litigation not even when the claims involve outright fraud, i.e. making false and misleading statements “under penalty of perjury.”


I am by nature a “problem solver” without all that much formal education. More recently, however, I have focused on going after white collar criminals specifically in the area of Shareholder Class Action Litigation [SCAL] and why you see a gentleman by the name of “Jeff” as in Jeffrey Krinsk of Finkelstein & Krinsk also copied on this email. Mr. Krinsk in fact knows me quite a lot better than Mr. Standard Snr who I have a conference call scheduled with mid morning tomorrow. I doubt Kenneth Standard would have any objection to you or any other interested parties participating in that phone call. Mr. Kenneth Standard Esq. is the President of the New York Bar Association and his son Mr. Devin Standard happens to be the chief executor of my estate should I possibly “slip & fall.”


Please take care in how you handle these rather important matters.


Gary S. Gevisser




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From: Kathryn Murray []
Tuesday, April 22, 2003 7:58 PM
Subject: Greetings


Greetings, Mr. G. Gevisser:


Please be advised, all future e-mail transmittals originating from any or all e-mail adresses created for your personal and/or business purposes, are being monitored by the Federal Bureau of Investigation. 



Due to numerous political references and deprecatory remarks directed towards elected officials and private citizens, you are now on a "Watch List" of certain individuals whom are considered a security risk.


You have been duly notified.





Florence Hopkins


Secretary to the Hon. Senator Davis

[1][1] I called my Bed & Breakfast managers in Minehead, England earlier this morning to let them know that I wasn’t altogether mad with them, expecting them, however, to “hold fort” while I went about slaying the dragons who had masterminded and executed the rigging the recent California Gubernatorial elections.

[2][2] I happened to “blow up” the last assignment I did for Milberg Weiss after they played it a little too “fast & loose” for my liking.